Having a crush is a wonderful feeling. They are always on your mind. You could feel inspired with just the mere sight or thought of that person. Even a tiring day would feel great with just a short interaction between the two of you. You probably saw your crush in a dream one night and thought it could be a sign that you are heading to the next level. But what does it really mean when you dream about your crush?

Besides the fact that you probably keep thinking of that person the entire day, seeing your crush in a dream has multiple meanings depending on the context of the dream and the symbolism in it. One could dream of getting along with their crush and having "something" only to be disappointed that it did not materialize in the waking world. But don't fret! Once a dream of your crush starts feeling like seeing a sign, its manifestation is drawing near.

It is common to dream of our crush or the people we love, and these dreams are symbolic. Dreaming of a crush hugging or kissing you means good news in real life. Some sort of development in your relationship may happen soon. So, pay attention to the details in the dream world as well as in the waking life. You wouldn't want to miss your chance! On the flip side, if you dream that someone has a crush on you, it does not mean that a person around you has a secret admiration toward you. It might be your intuition revealing that despite the subtle signs of mutual attraction from your crush, you would not hit it off with him or her. Additionally, if you suddenly dream of having a crush on someone you don't actually like in real life, this could imply that you need to take note of his or her admirable qualities in real life. You might be missing out a lot on getting to know that person well.

Dreams give an insight into the human psyche. More often than not, our dreams manifest our desires and emotions hidden deep in the subconscious. That said, you might find yourself in a dream with your celebrity crush. While this might be because you read about this person or watched him or her on TV, to dream about a celebrity crush is a representation of your current conscious state. You might be longing for a deeper connection with someone but couldn’t seem to make it happen. Likewise, dreaming of having a crush on someone of the same gender does not mean it would transpire in reality. It is your inner self telling you that you are on your way toward self-acceptance. Similarly, when you find yourself in a dream about an old crush, you might want to assess your current emotions. Generally, something from the past symbolizes an “excess baggage.” It might be time to let go of the things that are holding you back and move forward.

Oftentimes, we believe that our dreams are powerful and that they are a reflection of reality. Yet, it's surprising that most death-related dreams don't hold a frightening interpretation. The truth is, most of them have positive connotations. So, the next time you dream about your crush dying, there is no need to be scared. It only implies that your bond will become stronger in the real world.

You might have also found yourself with a stranger in a dream and developed feelings for him or her. As a dreamer, you might think this "stranger" is your "soul mate," and your serendipitous encounter would soon happen. Yet, having a crush on a stranger simply means that you can get along with different groups of people in all situations.

Heartbreaks don't only happen in reality - they also happen in the dream world. Getting rejected or ignored by your crush is an awful feeling. Though you might be on guard thinking it could happen in real life, this kind of dream actually signifies your loneliness and dissatisfaction in life. Take time to reflect. It is probably high time to take a break and find things that would motivate you. Self-care is how you take your power back.

We all want to make a true and deep connection with the people we like - be it in a dream or in real life. Yet, it will not happen unless we take a step forward. So the next time you dream of that person, take the leap of faith and see where it goes.



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