Getting pregnant in real life is mostly seen as a blessing. Nurturing a new life to be born into this world brings a lot of hope to humanity. In the dream world, these positive attributes and auspicious implications also ring true whether you dream about pregnancy test or pregnancy labor and birth.

Pregnancy in dreams covers a lot of stages, from missing your period or menstruation blood to the moments before giving birth to a child. If you’re dreaming that you just conceived or gotten pregnant, it means you are dissatisfied with your current relationship. Meanwhile, a dream about announcing pregnancy news represents a plan to shake things up.

The different stages of pregnancy will have different dream interpretations. This also includes prenatal care and tests like a dream about pregnancy ultrasound scan as well as symptoms commonly associated with being pregnant. If you dream of having “morning” sickness, then you are beginning to feel discontent in your home life or your workplace. You can either find an outlet for your excess energy or search for better opportunities.

If you’re dreaming that you’re in the third trimester, you are just about ready to take an important step. You could be gearing up for a break up, about to open up a new business or resign. If you dream about pregnancy and water breaking, it means you have no time. You will be forced to make a decision on something you have been putting off.

Not all pregnancies are carried to term, and this can have grave implications when these complications are experienced in the dream world. A dream about pregnancy miscarriage and abortion refers to a bad decision, foiled plan or a futile attempt to solve a problem. When this dream symbol occurs, it is best to rethink your options or delay your decisions until the circumstances are more favorable.

In instances when you dream about pregnancy of another person, It is important to remember the identity of the pregnant person. A pregnant loved one could mean wealth and profit, but a pregnant stranger could predict failure and legal battles.

It is also common to dream about pregnancy with ex’s baby, such as with an ex boyfriend or ex husband. Dreaming of the ex often reveals unresolved issues and a tendency to cling to the past. If you dream your ex got you pregnant, then you probably feel like your previous relationship changed you for better or worse. You either like who you have become or you feel broken after getting out of a bad relationship.

If you dream you’re pregnant with twins or triplets, there is a happy occasion ahead which will bring loved ones together. You could attend a wedding, reunion or go on a family vacation for quality time. While a dream about pregnancy baby girl or boy means your plans are slowly taking shape. The gender could refer to the nature of your undertaking, such as a female-centric business venture or joining a male-dominated industry.

Scientific breakthroughs have made pregnancy possible for people with fertility issues and this can have important connotations in dreams. A dream about surrogate pregnancy is an auspicious symbol for upcoming blessings. A project you were initially reluctant to accept will have a big pay off.

Dreaming about miraculous pregnancies or at least unconventional ones gives you a peek of your current motivations. A dream about virgin pregnancy, for instance, means you could be taking an unnecessary risk. You could go into business without proper funding or making morally questionable actions. Meanwhile, a dream about male pregnancy represents conflicts in romance or close relations and the subsequent problems this will cause.

Even though pregnancy dreams are oftentimes positive, the presence of fear in these dream scenarios can be an ominous message. In some cases, pregnancy can be the stuff of nightmares, like having a demon growing inside you.

If you dream that you’re pregnant with an inhuman baby, such as an alien or a vampire, you are at risk of being scammed or conned. A person with seemingly good intentions is playing the long game with the intent of using you for their wicked intentions. Be sure to scrutinize important transactions before you find yourself in serious financial trouble.



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