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Chaos in the sky and trying to save people I dreamt of seeing a fighter jet flying in loops and waywardly in the sky as if to warn people below that something was about to happen. Suddenly, I see the pilot eject himself from the plane, and then all sorts of planes, cars, tanks and other objects begin falling on the earth below. People wanted to hide inside buildings from the objects, but I didn't because I needed to see the direction the objects were falling to best avoid getting injured. I wasn't afraid because I kept a lot of people safe from harm. The image of the sky is a reflection of your mentality and inner works of the mind. Seeing chaos and objects falling from the sky could therefore be a reflection of some strong mechanistic influences in your everyday life, feeling uncomfortable around certain environments or settings, even inside your own home, or floundering about in extraordinary situations forced upon you. The anticipation of jet crash in this dream means that you need to keep a good eye and a good grasp on your current situation to overcome it successfully or simply live through it when you cannot do much else about it.
Planets colliding with Earth and running for life Planets started appearing in the sky and crashing to earth! They were huge but not life-size planets! I needed to get my children and drove to get them and they were little again, a workmate was with me and started to walk home but I told her I'd drive her. Then my car turned into a small toy car like on a cartoon! She jumped on the back and I drove her home where she got out and left to be with her family. Not knowing if any of us would survive, I drove home with the kids whom I couldn't see, but knew they were with me and several people showed up for salvation. This dream vision you had about planets appearing in the sky and then crashing into earth means that you are about to start having long periods of time filled with senseless and useless duties and responsibilities which would take a lot of time and effort to complete. Seeing objects turning small from what they usually look like in real life in this dream could also mean that you are willingly accepting these tasks or obligations because even though they may seem small, they are very important to you and, perhaps, your family.
Schools of fish in the sky I enjoyed watching schools of fishes in the sky. Varying sizes in each group. Every group has a specific color. The sky is blue and clear. Seeing fish of different colors and sizes in your dream means aggravation of disease or illness if you have such a condition in reality. If you are not affected by such physical conditions, it can mean conflicts, quarrels or periods of unrest starting to appear in your life. The image of the blue and clear sky and the fact that you liked watching the schools of fish floating by could also indicate that you are currently making multiple encounters with new people, who seem to be interesting and engaging to you. However, be careful while dealing with them because they may become the source of issues and problems for you down the road.
Interacting with moon and sun and being saved I had a dream in which I saw a sun. Someone was telling me that the sun touches the earth on that place, so I decided to see it. Me and my brother were going to see that place.. Suddenly we slipped from a snow mountain and a huge bright white moon came and we fall on that moon. Me and my brother were standing on it. Moon saved us.. and it returned on sky. And moon said to me that it had been long time to see such pretty eyes. What is meaning of this dream, can you please tell me? This dream vision you had about celestial bodies appearing in the sky and interacting with them means that you are about to start having long periods of time filled with senseless and useless duties and responsibilities which would take a lot of time and effort to complete. Dreaming about the moon in general, for instance observing its shape, brightness and motion patterns, symbolizes an invisible power or force which holds significant control over your life. It could be your parents whose principles and values you have followed throughout your entire life or someone of great authority to you. At the same time, the vision of talking to the moon and being complimented on your appearance, indicates your strong resolve and persistence which, combined with those who stand by you, would help you overcome anything appearing in your way, big or small.
Bouncing into the sky and falling on land I dreamt of jumping from land to sky, bouncing higher and higher. I was a little nervous, somewhat a mixed feeling. I was coming down due to the gravitational pull and fell, but it was a soft fall... I fell on my face, but it didn't hurt. Despite your lack of outright fear, this vision is actually a very ominous sign predicting misfortune and disgrace. Specifically, envisioning yourself going higher and higher into the sky is similar to the story of Icarus, meaning you may see some success in your work, but overconfidence and happiness at these small successes may blind you to areas of your work which require care and concentration. The results of your folly are likely to be disastrous, with your current projects doomed to failure or reassignment to other, more cautious individuals.
Sun coming out during night time It was night time and the moon was bright as ever, my siblings and I went out when suddenly the sun came up, upon seeing this my siblings and I run back inside only to meet my mum, who we told about what just happened outside, but when she came out the sun was hidden by this dark cloud, but eventually the sun came out of the cloud, and the stars started falling. The most significant part of this dream was that you saw the sun and the moon in the sky at the same time, or very quickly one after the other. This could predict that you are about to meet a romantic partner very soon. The sun and moon represent two halves of one whole in this case. The first part of your dream, just looking at the moon, also symbolizes that you could soon receive an invitation to go on a date with someone you would find very likable and interesting as a person.
Getting sensations from a falling star There are 7 stars called Sisters stars, in my dream they are so bright, and then one of the stars blasts and falls on earth. The dust of the star falls on whole of Earth, when I watch a falling star I pray and then when the dust of star is on the ground I touch it and get an electric shock. The Pleiades or Sister Stars are so named from Greek mythology's Seven Sisters: Sterope, Merope, Electra, Maia, Taygeta, Celaeno, and Alcyone. This bright cluster of stars in dream interpretation is often associated with mourning and coping with sorrow. The falling star that spreads its dust on earth suggests a birth or a blessing. Your dream implies that a blessing follows death and destruction to create balance in the world. The electric shock indicates a spiritual connection to rebirth after undergoing a period of loss.
The moon colliding with the hotel window On Monday night I dreamt that I was booked at a hotel and I had a full moon outside my bedroom window. I was excited to have such a view, as you can imagine. As I was about to put my son to bed, I noticed that the weather had changed outside, as there was a huge wind which caused the moon to shake around. The wind blew so hard that the moon bumped on my window, but the window didn't break. When I peeped through the curtain again, the moon had drifted away from the window, what does this mean? The moon which seems to have blown straight into your window might suggest an upcoming conflict between you and your partner or inside your household in general. This unusual situation is likely brought about by a surprising, unexpected event, causing those involved to act on emotion rather than rational thought when they react. While they may be hurt or in a bad mood for some time, the fact that the moon moved away from the window (and presumably back to its original position) indicates this situation is unlikely to last long or cause any permanent damage.
Flying planes in the sky and shooting someone down I was in the middle of the sky and everywhere I looked all I seen was sky. Only me and another black man, he was operating an airplane and I was operating a helicopter. I shot down his airplane and my helicopter somehow left, and we were just floating around and he said to me all I wanna know is why and I pushed him back because I was afraid not just of him, but where we were at, it looked as if we were in the middle of the universe because all I could see was the sky all around. This high-altitude dream reveals your ambitious side. The helicopter represents lofty ideals and extravagance. Flying a helicopter and then shooting down the plane with a stranger inside indicates your drive to get to the next level no matter the cost, even if it means trampling someone else's dream. While this seems like a heartless thing to do, there are also hints of regret and uncertainty in your vision. For instance, after you attack the person's plane and he confronts you about it, you push him out of fear not just of what he can do, but also of the situation you find yourself in. In real life you may be scared of the consequences of your actions and what they reveal about who you are as a person. As you push yourself to attain greater heights, you are fearful of confronting your inner demons or realizing what kind of person you have become. This is not to say that this is already happening, perhaps this is a vision of things to come, or your conscience kicking in as opportunities present themselves to you.
Falling into space while flying a plane I fell out of a plane into space. Black space dotted with stars. Panicked about leaving my children. Awareness of not being able to correct this accident. Woke up. There are two interpretations to this dream, both positive and negative. The positive interpretation is that space could mean creativity and independent thinking. You are thinking out of the box, possibly even in work-related tasks or responsibilities. The negative aspect of this vision has to do with the more unsavory connotations of space, including detaching yourself from your loved ones and spacing out or being too preoccupied with daydreams and striving to outperform. Maybe you are getting consumed by the process of producing your outputs to the point when you lose touch with your family and your other responsibilities. Perhaps you need to balance your priorities and become more grounded.
Observing a strange lightning while at a party In my dream a few friends and family were hanging out for some event (we have been having a lot of kids bday parties lately, so it felt like one of those), and I kept noticing lightning in the clouds, but the lightning was traveling sideways, between the clouds, never down to the ground. I kept remarking how odd and beautiful it was and just wanted to stand and admire the show. Attending a party, especially a birthday party, in your dream suggests coming to terms with who you are as a person. Alternatively, you could also be self-conscious and afraid of getting old. The lightning in the sky, however, seems to be a good sign of upcoming happiness and prosperity. Try not to be complacent though, as the good tidings may not last for a long time afterwards. It may take a while before lightning strikes the ground or for blessings to come your way. Other sources of dream interpretation attribute the visions of lightning in a dream as some upcoming realizations, spiritual awakenings or intellectual transformations.
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Finding a fashionable watch I found a lost Movado watch, but there was no owner. Dreaming about coming across or accidentally finding someone's watch, for example while walking on the street or inside your house after someone's visit, could serve as a hint of not being punctual. You could be the type of person who makes others wait for your arrival, which renders them very annoyed, if not angry.
Shopping for a handbag Dreaming about buying a handbag and there was a choice of two blue handbags and my friend suggested one, the smaller one, which I tried on and wanted to buy. Buying a bag in your dream can be interpreted as a sign of falling on financially hard times. The color blue gives this meaning even more ominous undertones given that blue clothing and accessories often suggest the signs you see in dreams are even more likely to affect your waking life. You may want to prioritize your more immediate needs over less relevant expenditures for the time being.
Son stealing a purse and being shot My hand bag was stolen through a window of my bedroom that was opened. I chased the thief down and he finally let go the bag. I recovered my bag with nothing stolen. And the thief was shot twice in the back. As I looked at the thief I realized it was my son. So I wept heavily. Your handbag represents your hopes, dreams and aspirations, so having it stolen in your dream indicates a failure to achieve your goals or more likely a feeling that you have been robbed of opportunities that could have elevated your status or pushed your career forward. The revelation that the thief is in fact your son alludes to a possible belief that your son is holding you back. On the other hand, you could also be worried that he is throwing away his future and straying from the path that you have set him on. There is a need to re-examine your relationship with your son in order to tackle issues that are holding one, or both of you back.
A purse with money stolen Several dreams of me leaving my purse or wallet in my house or on a table somewhere and going back to get it realizing that someone could have stolen it, only to realize money and credit cards have been stolen. I usually find someone who knows who did it or they only know what they look like. But wake up before it is returned. Losing a purse in a dream vision is usually interpreted as a negative sign predicting owing someone a debt but being unable to repay them when asked to. This could be related to money, such as loans or credit, which means you may not be able to fulfill your obligation to the lender, or this could be related to a favor someone performed for you that you feel unable to return for some reason. In either case, your difficulty apprehending the thief in your vision suggests this situation may persist for some time.
Keeping a silver ring inside a shoe I dreamed about seeing myself keeping a silver ring in my black full shoe when I was walking. Please help interpret that kind of dream. Thanks. Taken separately, the symbols cancel each other out. Black shoes signify good luck. Having black shoes on represents improvements in your life as well as the possibility of a venture which vastly enhances your personal satisfaction and happiness. On the other hand, the silver ring conveys a negative message. Owning a silver ring is indicative of sadness or depression that you are hiding from the people close to you in an effort to prevent adding to their problems. As a result, you are battling emotional issues on your own. Overall, your vision could reveal that behind the facade of success lies personal turmoil. Perhaps you are realizing that the downside of having wealth and power is the isolation from the people who love you.
Unwilling to sell a custom-made bag Recurring dream about the reluctant sale of a white pack. The bag was made for me custom. Backpacks can be interpreted as something that is weighing you down, such as emotional baggage or unwanted responsibilities. You could be carrying too much load and feel the need to let go of a few things or relationships, whether or not you are ready to do so. However, selling the whole custom-made white pack indicates more than just unburdening yourself of some stuff, but an entire lifestyle change. Perhaps you are now entering a new phase in your life and a new pack, so to speak, is needed for a smoother journey going forward.
A purse placed on the head by an older lady I had a dream that I was with my bbf and we were sitting down in a club where we're at and an older woman put her purse on my head and I took it off. It was laid on its side on my head for a few secs. I was so upset. A woman's purse, in the context of a dream vision, often represents mystery and intrigue. To see a purse placed on your head, then, could suggest that a problem has been nagging at the back of your mind, although you may not have had the time, energy or knowledge to realize what it is exactly. Knocking that bag over can then be interpreted to mean that, upon discovering the nature of this issue, anger or confusion may make it difficult to find a way to solve it. This is further seen in your own reaction to the lady and her purse.
Acquiring leather bags I was leaving a store holding two (2) leather bags. I chose them from among several bags, though I don't remember paying for them. I remember feeling good, because I knew they were really good leather bags. Coming into possession of leather bags during the course of a dream vision suggests you may find yourself in a desperate situation in the near future, such as being unable to meet basic necessities or being far behind on a task that could have grave consequences if left unfinished. However, recognizing these bags as being high quality could be the manifestation of your creative thinking and skills which could come in handy when you are under pressure.
Finding a lost ring and giving nice clothes away I dreamt that I'm in a wedding and found my lost ring. I immediately picked it up and wore it. Same night, I have also dreamt that I was giving my very nice, ironed and well folded white clothes (with yellow embroidered flowers on it) to my friend as she was wearing tight and unreasonable clothes. Finding a lost ring during a wedding ceremony alludes to the revival of a bond or a commitment. You may have been experiencing some doubts or trust issues in relation to someone you love, but this dream contains a promise of a positive resolution which is about to happen. This test of your commitment to the person in question is destined to pass without any complications. The other part of your dream, in which you give away well-kept white clothes, reveals your generosity, not only in tangible matters, but also in giving advice and in projecting good vibes. As your emotional and spiritual well-being becomes more stable, you are more likely able to extend even more help and kindness onto others.
Embroidery rose being lost and found Red embroidery rose about 2 cm square or radius, texture of the rose was sparse rather than dense, a cobweb of red strings, for a designer black dress. I must have been wearing it, but the rose came separately - which should have been sewn on the dress. I lost the rose while eating a meal with friends, but eventually found the rose, laundry lady kept it at the hotel? No idea. Black dresses are usually considered ominous symbols in dream visions, as they tend to represent receiving sad news, such as the passing of someone you love dearly or not succeeding in some task. Because red is associated with passion and strong emotions, this vision could also predict a large outburst or some strong response from you at the time you find out when something negative happens. However, the fact that the rose was separated from the dress could suggest a disconnect at the time of receiving the news, meaning you may not react at all until some time after you have learned the truth.
Receiving handbags for a birthday It was my birthday, I was turning 17. My boyfriend gave me three beautiful handbags, they were blue, purple and black. I wore these three bags everywhere I went. Receiving handbags as gifts from your boyfriend for any reason portends financial troubles. The color blue, in particular, gives this meaning even more ominous undertones given that blue clothing and accessories often suggest that the signs you see in dreams are even more likely to affect your waking life. Alternatively, the bags could symbolize the burden you think you may be carrying as a result of being in a relationship.
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Sister getting thrown out of the car I dreamed about an accident together with my sister and my co-worker and her kids. Me and my sister fell out of the vehicle before the vehicle was totaled by another vehicle and dropped out. Dreaming about your sister falling out of the vehicle as a result of a car accident can mean she will be able to avoid confrontation with someone who is actively attempting to contradict her or persuade her to do things according to what they they think is best for her, which is not necessarily true. She may become able to pursue her plans on her own without these people or a person standing in her way.
Plane crash and son surviving, lying on the ground A plane crashes into a my father- in-law's building and my son is unhurt and lying on ground. Finding yourself in the aftermath of an airplane crash means that you should single-handedly complete your tasks or projects without relying much on others because their help will most likely be counterproductive. The vision of your son lying on the ground in the same dream suggests you may be trying to ask him to help you out, but it may not benefit you in any significant way or will not be something he will be overly interested in doing.
Father falling off the bridge 3 people including me and my father standing very high under some under-construction bridge. It was early morning within the dream. In getting to the top of the bridge his hand slips and father falls on the ground from where we were standing. Where we were standing was very high from the ground. After falling my father gets injured and is asking for help. Then I woke up. The time of the dream was 6.30-7.00AM. This dream has some negative connotations. The symbol of a bridge is usually a representation of connection or relationship between two people, when you mention the bridge being under construction it symbolizes some difficulties or unsolved issues in your relationship with your father. Falling off the bridge is a sign of some unwanted or unfavorable (not necessarily negative) changes either in your or your father's life which may significantly affect your relationship. You may start experiencing adversity coming from other people while dealing with these upcoming changes or while rebuilding this relationship with your father.
Big black car turning in an opposite direction I saw in my dream that there is black car which was going and suddenly turned back opposite on the same track and I am thinking how come it is turned back in wrong direction. And I see that big huge black luxurious car and I am seeing that from very close distance at the moment the car turned back and I saw I got up. What could be meaning of this dream? This dream about a luxury car going in an opposite direction is indicative of chance encounters with people who are more affluent or well-off than you. On the other hand such a vision could symbolize that you feel ambiguous or vague about certain aspects of your life. This might in fact be making you wonder what these specific turns of events in your life might be signifying. All in all, it is a merely a symbol of the indecisiveness which you feel when particular events in your life make you feel confused.
Falling, something protruding from the stomach Hi! In my dream I was in my aunt village, and I was with my dad, two of my aunt daughters and my daughter. We decided to take a toll of the village and as soon as I step out of the house I fell on the ground. It was slippery and wet and muddy. I just lied on the ground and they watched me. After sometime since I couldn't get up they were trying to take me to hospital. I started feeling something hard on my stomach on my right. I panicked and some nurses attended me. Something was pointed from inside of my stomach makes me scared. And I screamed and cried and my daughter I believe was also crying. Dreaming about falling over and being unable to recuperate from it has negative connotations. It could portend interludes of hardships and melancholy, sadness or anger. In particular, you could be unable to turn some difficult circumstance to your favor or benefit. As a consequence, you could go through a depressive state that would aggravate the situation. You further had a vision in your dream about having something sticking out of your stomach. This could be an indication of subconscious concerns about your health. The health issues would not necessarily be related to gastrointestinal ailments. Rather, these could relate to some physical symptoms that you already have or would start noticing. Alternatively, these would relate to some unwanted, undesirable or conflictual feelings that you could be about to experience.
Watching a plane crash Ek plane is turning 3,4 rounds then crash into the sea. Finding yourself being a witness of an airplane crash in a dream means that you should single-handedly complete your tasks or projects without relying much on others because their help will most likely be counterproductive. The sea in this dream is most likely a reflection of you being overwhelmed by the number or complexity of tasks or projects you have been working on recently.
Totaling a car and unable to find a cell phone My car was in a parking lot and someone crashed into it and pretty much totaled it. I also couldn't find my cell phone to call for help. There were some people around who found my phone but had no info on the car accident. Then later I was able to get into the car and drive home but it was still in very bad shape with both headlights broken out. Dreaming about seeing your car totaled by someone often is not a very positive symbol. It could represent repeated and unsuccessful attempts to start a new relationship, or to make some particular relationship work. However, eventually, your heart would be broken. You would be grieving and you would feel lost, stuck or alone.That is, the dream suggests that you could experience some major disappointment because of your inability to start or maintain a relationship with someone with whom you want to be. The useless phone incident accentuates the idea that you would feel alone. This would partly result from your difficulties in discussing your relationship affairs with others. It is possible that you would be the one responsible for such misdirection. Specifically, you could have engaged in reproachful or undignified acts. This behavior would have the consequence of increasing the distance between you and the other person.
An airplane crash An airplane crash Seeing yourself being present inside the plane when it is going down could be indicative of lurking suicidal thoughts or possible suicidal tendencies. If you happened to be an observer of an airplane crush, this could mean that your subconsciousness could be hosting thoughts of committing homicide. Finding yourself in the aftermath of an airplane crash means that you should single-handedly complete your tasks without relying much on others because their help will most likely be counterproductive.
Driving off a bridge with daughter in the car My daughter dreamed that we were driving on a bridge in my car. The car I am currently driving. When the bridge was out, she warned me to slow down but I kept going, driving off into water. She said it was very high. She saw me very pale with a number around my neck in the water. She was able to get out. A very scary dream for her! This dream your daughter told you about when you were together in a car traveling means that she is concerned about the situation you and her are currently in. The bridge in dream interpretation signifies the connection of the dreamer with someone important in their life, in this case you. It could be that two of you cannot find a compromise or reach an agreement in some serious matter which impacts you both. It could also be that you always try to take control of the situation without letting her to make her input in decisions the outcomes of which would affect you both. She subconsciously tries to find ways to resolve this problem, and the fact that she was sharing the entire dream story with you means that she's even making obvious attempts to do it in real life. Finally, the vision of a number appearing on your neck in this dream, and if the number was indiscernible, means that she is quite uncertain in regards to what to do next in the situation and needs your participation in order to improve the situation you are both in at the moment.
Father under a truck and catching on fire My dad was under a truck and I was screaming at him. Then, all of a sudden I could see through the hood and it was red. Then I backed away and it caught on fire with him under it. Please help me as I am scared and worried. This dream vision of seeing your father under a truck which later caught on fire could be a reflection of your past experience when you witnessed an accident either live or read or watched about it in the media which had left a lasting imprint in your memory ever since. At the same time, the symbol of fire in dream interpretation relevant to this dream could also be associated with the power, ability and willingness to re-focus and strengthen your outlook on life which would result in more positive or rewarding life experiences for you. Think of the end of this dream about the fire engulfing the truck as your subconscious striving to transform memories of someone's misfortune and suffering into something more serene, sensible and balanced.
A truck rolling into a lake and someone helping My truck rolls into a calm but dark-looking lake and I am trying to hold on to it so it doesn't fall in. But I can't, the front is half-way in with the back end only sticking straight up out of the water and I am yelling for help watching it sink. And 2 girls run over and help me pull it back out of the water. The symbolic vision of the calm and dark lake in this dream could be a subconscious representation of a problem or issue you have been facing lately. You could be struggling to resolve it, but unsure which direction you need to take (perceived as distinct images of the opposite ends of the truck in this dream). Even though you were helped by other people in the dream, in reality you could be left alone while trying to take appropriate steps needed to improve the situation affecting your life. It is also possible that your ability to deal with the issue is greatly affected by the things you cannot control or manage on your own. Some external forces make it difficult, if not impossible, to get through. These visions are most likely connected to your personal life, something private and personal you cannot easily share with others to get help, therefore you could be struggling to find a way out on your own.
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Dancing and wearing a diamond ring I saw myself dancing and wearing shining big diamond rings in dream Dreaming about dancing is a favorable sign. All of the everyday issues or troubles you may have been experiencing will disappear in a short period of time. You will feel much more comfortable and at ease while communicating with the opposite sex. However, this dream can also be a warning not to go to extremes because you may end up having issues with newly acquired admirers. Seeing yourself wearing a diamond ring symbolizes that you will achieve success in all your endeavours and projects which you are trying to pursue. It could also signify favorable changes occurring in your life, maybe meeting a new acquaintance who might prove to be very important for you or achieving some of the goals you have set for yourself.
Wandering inside a castle and wearing a pink dress I am a female.. that was in a castle very high up and I travel through various parts of the castle during my dream... Also I had on a very beautiful pink dress. Dream visions about wandering around a castle or trying to find your way in its hallways is a reflection of possible karmic issues and resulting emotional angst. You could have done something wrong, in your own eyes, in the recent or remote past and it bothers you. The notion of the castle being situated at a great height signifies either the importance of these issues to you personally or they way you try to hide it from others. Wearing a pink dress in the same dream could indicate your outstanding personal traits and character seen by others, but not so good emotional state on the inside.
Being on the bus and given worms to eat I had a dream that I was in a strange house with a lot of extended family. I dreamed that they left and I had to go find some food for my self and my younger cousins. I ended up getting on a bus. I dropped one of my unlit cigarettes through a hole in the floor on the bus which prompted me to get off and look for it. I couldn't find it and then I realized I was lost. I started walking in the direction I thought was homeward. I met three Hispanic guys on the way and they gave me a Styrofoam plate of worms to eat. When I got home ate one and I grabbed another to eat but it stung me. This dream contains numerous symbols which both combine and conflict with each other, making the interpretation difficult. One image that stands out is that of getting on a bus, which is often associated with beginning new projects or going on some sort of adventure. However, because you exited the vehicle before reaching your destination, it might predict the plan either not being completed or falling short of your expectations. This is also seen in your getting lost within the dream, which can also point to not moving forward with some aspect of your life. Stagnation is likely to leave you feeling dissatisfied or unfulfilled, which is further supported by your eating of the worms but continuing to eat when you returned home as well. In summary, being unable to achieve your goals may prevent you from growing as a person or challenging yourself, which in turn may cause feelings of frustration.
Catching fish in muddy waters I dreamt of catching fish in a muddy, grassy pool. We were catching and killing the fish with our bare hands. Some of the fish I was catching I could not see where they were coming from, some were even moving up my trousers. The muddy and grassy pool where you were catching fish is a reflection of your social circle, which either includes people (most likely women) who make you feel uncomfortable and under constant pressure, or individuals whose motivations and attitude you do not fully understand. The visions of you and other people catching fish with your bare hands is symbolic of a lot of activity and communication going on inside this circle, but it is mostly meaningless and does not benefit you in any way. It could be that you are looking for a mate or romantic partner in this crowd (as depicted by the fish going up your pants), but it seems to us to be the wrong place.
Being on a wooden boat which becomes a floatie There was a man near the water and me and my grandma were holding his hand while he almost fell in the dirty water and we helped him up. Then we got on a boat and went underground while other elderly people went on a boat made out of wood like you'd see in the children's program which was about to break and I had a whole boat to myself that I steered by my moving my body. And then half way through my boat became a children's water ring that they use to not sink. I've had this dream before when I was young and now again, please let me know what it means. Water is very prominent in this vision, though the meaning differs greatly depending on the situation. Being on a boat in water implies moving through the course of your life. You do not mention any particular difficulties with this journey, suggesting things are currently calm for you, at least on the surface. Having the boat change into a water ring can be interpreted as a sign of things becoming more challenging, like having to do more work with less resources, but because you do not mention feeling troubled by this transformation in the dream, it is likely you feel confident meeting the challenges presented to you. Finally, helping the man out of the water at the beginning of your dream indicates you are a team player. This can mean you are willing to help others while making your own way, or it may suggest you are comfortable asking others for help when you need it.
Dancing as a ballerina I am a female, age 22, and I was dancing as a ballerina in another person's house, a person I know, my sister's best friend. It was filled with furniture going from room to room dancing as a ballerina by myself. You do not mention whether you are a dancer in real life or not. If you are a dancer, this dream may represent feelings of apprehension about an upcoming performance or audition. You may feel more comfortable if you practice more or talk with others about your concerns. If you are not a dancer in real life, this vision suggests you have not been utilizing your artistic talents to the best of your ability. You may be working on a project which could be made better or easier with a bit of creativity and imagination.
Riding a bicycle I always dream of riding a bicycle and I would like to know what is the meaning? Seeing yourself riding a bicycle in a dream vision represents an aspect of your personality that is lively, energetic, and youthful. You may still have a childlike sense of wonder or are persistently optimistic. This vision suggests that either these traits are dominant in your personality now or that your subconscious is trying to remind you of these qualities in case you have forgotten them. If you have forgotten or hidden this part of yourself, returning to your true nature may help you to find more balance and peace in your life.
Plowing maze in the garden I want to know what is the meaning of my dream about: I saw my self plowing maize in the garden. This dream serves as a hint that the time to prepare things in your personal life to make your dreams come true has finally arrived. If you have been making plans to undertake a project or take steps towards bettering your life, you may consider making efforts to move forward. Another interpretation source refers to visions of plowing soil as an indication of prosperity, peace of mind and happiness you are presently experiencing within your family or domestic circle.
Fetching water Dreaming about fetching water. Dreaming of fetching water is an auspicious sign which means you are soon to be triumphant over problems that have been bothering you for some time. You may suddenly find an answer that was not apparent before or learn a skill which changes the situation in your favor. You should take advantage of this success to make as much progress as you can.
Filling containers with water I found myself filling jars with water. I always dream about this repeatedly. I'm a female... Thanks. A jar being filled with water in a dream represents the skills and experience you have that help you accomplish work-related projects and personal endeavors quickly and efficiently. With this interpretation in mind, your dream vision seems to suggest you are currently working toward or should be putting more effort into improving yourself, either by learning new job skills, quitting bad habits, or doing activities that expand your horizons. By working hard at these things you can achieve success in the future.
Delivering items and unable to contact the receiver Female 30. My mother was driving me to deliver a man that I've known for years his stuff. I'm not exactly sure what the stuff is, but I had a car trunk full and I was delivering it. When I arrive he's not there, but his cousin is. I try calling him, but I misplaced my cell phone. On the ride to deliver the stuff I'm OK and at peace. I get a little worked up when I can't find my phone. This dream vision you have experienced contains notions of you being unable to share some important information you may be in possession of with those it is intended to be delivered to, you could be running out of time too. You may be in a situation when you intentionally conceal an issue or build a wall around yourself to stay safe and comfortable, but the longer you keep it to yourself, the higher the probability you will alienate yourself from people who matter and play an important part in your waking life.
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A black horse in the garden turning into a woman I stood at my back door and saw a big black horse in my back garden. I unlocked and opened the door to pet it. When I closed the door after several attempts, the horse opened the door. It didn't mean any harm but I remember feeling interrogated. It then walked through the door but transformed into an oldish woman with dark wavy hair. The black horse in the garden is representative of a mysterious force in your life. It attempting to enter your house and successfully doing so is in a sense you allowing something you are unfamiliar with to enter your life, though there's some fear of it, you know it's just that you are accepting change. Traditionally, horses are not allowed in your home. The transformation into a dark haired older woman is a direct relation to family. It would seem that you are going through some unexpected changes in your family life, but do not be afraid. It's important to embrace the mystery and accept the simple fact that change is an extremely important and vital experience.
Cats in an old photograph I had a dream of my two cats who have passed away in a black and white photo. There names are bast and angel. Bast was sitting, angel was standing with her tail up and hooked at the top. Both were looking to the left. The background was blurred kinda flowers. The feeling I had after was there together and happy. The black and white photo is a symbol of what once was. Your cats, clearly happy and looking after you brings you joy even after their passing. The field of flowers in the picture is your peace. Though they may be gone, they haven't left you.
Bitten by an unknown creature I got bitten hard on my right hand's index finger by some flying creature. Most likely a small bird. The index finger is supposed to represent your intelligence and wisdom. Being attacked by a flying unknown creature indicates that you may be prone to a physically harmful attack, quite possibly something that you're causing to yourself knowingly. The attack on that specific part means it's avoidable but you need to be smart and look to your past experiences for your answers.
Many dogs in one room I had this dream that there are many types of dogs in one room. Dreaming of seeing many dogs means you will live a life with beneficial outcomes. It also means you will be able to enjoy the direction your life is taking because it will be filled with ease and little or no hardships.Playing with a bunch of dogs in your dreams means you are thrifty, and your frugal nature causes you to sometimes act selfish towards other people.
White oxens running in a corridor A lot of running white oxen in a long corridor. This dream about white oxen in a small corridor is a subconscious reflection of your relationship with your friends. Recently you have been exposed to some event or circumstance where you had to prove your loyalty to them or lend them a helping hand. You tend to receive a great deal of respect and admiration from your friends because of your availability and readiness to support them whenever they need your help.
A white flying horse killing hanging bats A white flying horse killing bats that is hanging upside down from a tree. This dream can be interpreted as solving problems or issues related to people you are trying to impress or get attention of (could be work-related or personal matters) and who are likely rejecting your attempts to establish a dialogue (symbols of bats hanging upside down on a tree). The flying horse represents the way you may succeed in these trials, this communication or dialogue will take place in writing (paper or electronic). When you mention a tree in this dream, it is usually an indication of your shyness or lack of confidence (to some extent) when getting your messages across.
Handling turtles I have had a dream that I had 3 turtles in my hand and I gave 2 turtles to someone and kept 1 and I put him into an aquarium. Dreaming about turtles can be an indication of your worries and concerns related to someone who is very close to you, such as your spouse or someone you are currently dating. The vision of giving a turtle to someone signifies your possible doubts regarding this person's loyalty and devotion. Putting a turtle into an aquarium could be a sign of your desire to keep this person close to you, but be careful not to express too much jealousy or place unnecessary blame.
Snails and cats I am seeing snails in my dreams off n on since march 2014. Now I saw snails stuck to my feet, which is annoying for me although I removed them later and then I saw centipede that transform into a black cat. And I am seeing cats off and on too in my dreams. Dreaming about snails is usually considered a bad sign, it portends that you will be annoyed and bothered by people who may have evil or selfish intentions and might want to take advantage of you to fulfill their own plans. You must exercise caution and be watchful of people who are currently trying to get your attention or initiate a contact with you. Seeing a cat or having it try to follow you in your dreams is a sign of misfortune entering your life soon. However, if you got rid of the cat by scaring it off or killing it in your dream, then this means the misfortune can be decreased or even managed by you.
Giving birth to turtles I dreamed that I gave birth to many small tortoise that came out of small eggs and I was happy looking at them. Dreaming about turtles can be an indication of your worries and concerns related to someone who is very close to you, such as your spouse or someone you are currently dating. The vision of giving birth to turtles could signify your self-reassurance and trust in the other person's continual loyalty and devotion.
Turtles in a well Tortoises swimming in a well A dream about turtles is indicative of the inner qualms and uncertainties which you feel for someone with whom you are currently involved with, either your spouse or your lover. You are anxious or apprehensive regarding their current status in life, or the fact that they are involved in circumstances which put them under a great deal of emotional stress and dilemmas. These situations test the patience and endurance of your better half and because of your involvement with this person you also become a part of this stressful situation.
A tiger and snakes under the house My dream is of large snakes and tigers on a ledge under a house, just watching me as I try to clean up under this house which I believe is my home. There are blue metal steps you can climb to get into the house from underneath. All is soil under the house. There is a girlfriend with me helping to clean up. We are preparing for a dinner party that evening. Although this is a somewhat complicated dream to interpret, we would like to offer the following pieces of information which you may want to try putting together by yourself. The presence of large snakes under the house, especially those that looked menacing, could be a sign of being the subject of a stalker or being intimidated by someone. This may create some threats for you but you will be protected both by the law and by friends who are concerned about your safety. They will help ensure that nothing harms you and disrupt the peace. Seeing a tiger can be considered a positive sign, an indication of an upcoming promotion in the workplace or advancements in something you are trying to accomplish. Since you are mentioning these two symbols together, the circumstances described here could be intertwined or closely connected. Although this dream may suggest relying on others for help, it is not suggesting you should start counting on these people entirely. You must take steps to achieve your own goals and avoid shortfalls. You should rely on your own skills and resources.
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Sitting in a bathroom I am seeing myself in a dream sitting in the bathroom. Dreaming about being in a bathroom indicates you will successfully eliminate false beliefs or opinions about things around you. Usually this involves reshaping your outlook on life and learning to deal with the world in a completely new and different way.
Animals around the bed For the past 2-3 days, I am having dreams which are disturbing me. One night I dreamt of a cat moving around my bed and I was panicked to see that. Next night I had a dream of a dog around my bed with a bed corner eaten. Also my husband had a dream that he saw some known face (lady), invited her over but vaguely remembers that her face started resembling something evil. These dreams you are describing DO have something in common and carry negative emotional connotations. To dream about a cat near your bed means that you are about to experience a sudden event affecting your family member and involving behavior or actions coming from a female. The vision of a dog near your bed means there may be periods of personal havoc and devastation related to someone whom you cannot distance yourself from due to emotional attachment to this person. Torn or broken off piece of your bed signifies death event (one of our sources states “spouse”). Finally, if your husband experienced a dream about a face showing evil expressions - he may be going through events or circumstances he does not want to happen to him.
Laundry on a clothesline What does this dream mean: there was white big clothes hanged in about 1O lines, then came the wind. I was trying to take it out and I pulled 2 lines then a heavy wind came took away the clothes in my hands. I looked worried then came a word look up. I saw white and blue clouds opened. Dreaming about collecting clothes or laundry drying on a clothesline means that you may be presented with an opportunity to receive (inherit) some money or material benefits. In your dream you said the clothes were blown away by the wind, which means you might be prevented from taking advantage of this chance by some circumstances beyond your control. The vision of skies opening above you represents the possibility of other favorable circumstances you may encounter in the future, so if you do not benefit in the first place, it should not concern or disappoint you because there are more opportunities coming your way.
Stuff inside the house destroyed In my dream I was in a big house with people I didn't know. They destroyed all of my stuff and this one woman ran over my laptop on her motorbike. I screamed and shouted at them, but it was like it wasn't there. I then went into another room and screamed and broke down. Dreaming of having a house (or its contents) being partially or completely destroyed can be a sign of moving to a new location, having financial troubles, experiencing a death in the family, or getting a divorce. The notion of you breaking down in the dream could also mean it might take some time for you to recover from these losses or unexpected changes.
Stuck in a house with a witch chasing I am stuck in a house that has a lot of traps and secret places and in the meantime of trying to find my way around I am trying to get killed by a witch, but I find an escape route. To dream of seeing yourself being stuck in the house and not being able to get out for some reason is a sign of negative circumstances happening soon, or it could be a sign of an unhappy life because of the rumors and slandering being deceitfully done behind your back. Dreaming about being chased by a witch is a sign of not being able to succeed in business plans or it could also mean some minor issues happening around your household.
A swimming pool with clear water I dreamed that I was swimming in a very clear water in the swimming pool. Dreaming about swimming in the limpid waters of a swimming pool often is a positive sign. Namely, you could soon fall head-over-heels for someone or start a remarkably intense romantic affair. These romantic feelings would make you forget your daily responsibilities and duties. Moreover, crystal clear waters suggest that the relationship would be beneficial and rewarding for both of you. Alternatively, this dream could mean that you could soon meet or re-unite with an old acquaintance for whom you used to have feelings. This encounter could re-ignite these past emotions and you could end up subconsciously wishing to get back together with this person. Overall, the dream speaks of experiencing positive and most probably romantic emotions.
A knock on the door Hard knock on a wooden door, that woke me. Dreaming about hearing a knock on the door is a positive sign of receiving some pleasant and delightful news in the nearest future. If this knocking noise in your dream caused you to wake up, this means that this news or announcement will be quite unexpected or take you by a great surprise.
An old and untidy house I saw my house as very old and untidy in my dream. To dream of seeing your house being old or discovering it is in a bad condition because it needs repairs is a sign that unfavorable occurrences or situations are about to occur which you will have to face and resolve. Dreaming that your house is unclean could represent a possibility of moving to a new location, having financial troubles, experiencing a death in the family or getting a divorce. It is also a warning that advises you to take some time and re-assess the aspects of your life which might eventually be causing these possible problematic outcomes.
House flooded I dreamt that I arrived home to find my kitchen faucet running. I turned off the water to find that the first floor was flooded, but the flood did not damage the furniture only the floor and while I was dreaming I realized I was just dreaming and that my house in real life was not flooded. I started to clean away the water. The water flooding your house in your dream signifies there is a battle going on between good and evil in your life, whether in you internally or around you. Receding flood water symbolizes you could lose in the fight against a powerful, dangerous influence or an undesirable circumstance. Cleaning the water after this event could represent the fact that you are already struggling to overcome these undesirable circumstances or occurrences.
A house with no door and helping to hide people inside I was staying in a house without a door and a small store room with door. Suddenly communal riots began and few of my relatives and their known people came for shelter. I give them my store room with door to hide and remain in outer hall of the house without the door. Few men with weapons in their hands come for checking, but leave without harming me. Dreaming of being inside a house without doors or windows could contain a warning. Someone close to you, such as a close friend or family member, might pass away. The death would have a profound impact on their family. Alternatively, the dream could reveal that you tend to feel isolated and avoid dealing with the outside world and other people directly. Nevertheless, you might be forced to start doing this due to some external circumstances. This is suggested by the image of the riot and of having the family and the strangers inside the house due to some emergency. The strangers entering the house could further reveal the possible need to contact or deal with authorities or social agencies for some personal issues or concerns. In the dream, you were not affected by the visitors. This could mean that the mentioned organizations might not be of help in resolving your personal issues or concerns. You would be responsible for solving these issues completely on your own. Still, being sheltered inside the house and barricading yourself translates the ability to ward off any negative circumstances appearing in your life. Overall, the dream speaks of how some external events might force you to deal with displeasing matters. You would have little help, but you would not be exposed to danger or menace.
Walking barefoot on a dirty floor I was walking barefoot on a very dirty wet floor and in the end I met my husband and some friends. Being barefoot in a dream while walking on dirty dump floor could symbolize the existence of uncertainties or concerns. It is possible that you currently face some dubious, unfamiliar, displeasing or frightful situation. This specially applies if you were not enjoying the walk. Moreover, the situation might involve people that are close to you, such as your family or close friends. Alternatively, you would feel the need of seeking their support and comfort. You might benefit from trying to prioritize your everyday routines and avoiding any extraordinary, new or irregular behaviors and circumstances. This strategy could prevent you from experiencing unexpected or negative complications.
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Finding an old book I found the original copy of the book Homer in a library behind the bible. Dreams containing images of an old manuscript you accidentally found or discovered at a library portend periods of time in your life filled with deep sadness, feeling down and abandoned. The symbolic vision of the Bible in the context of the dream you had speaks of a bleak and uneventful everyday existence you have, which could be either the source or the consequence of the mind states mentioned above.
Buying artwork and questioning the deal I had a dream that I was buying artwork from a cheapskate and I worked for him. I had maybe 7-10 paintings and some ceramic pieces that I picked out from the shop. I was going to pay him cash and he was trying to overcharge me. The image of art stands out very prominently in this vision, but, unfortunately, the interpretation is rather unlucky. Buying artwork within the context of a dream suggests you are currently involved in a project or business endeavor that is not going to turn out well. Either the funding for the plan is drying up (along with the support that was once behind it) or, if the task is completed, it is likely to fall far short of expected profits. Additionally, knowing that you already had pieces of art from this store in your collection, particularly paintings, predicts being in a risky situation that is probably connected to the current plan you are working on. You should look for specific trouble areas in your work and try to fix them in order to mitigate the damage their development may cause. It might also be a good idea to avoid new, innovative ways of doing things in favor of safer, well-tested methods that guarantee at least some measure of success.
Drawing a picture of blue ocean I had a dream that I was drawing the sea with blue-color waves, sunshine and also with a boat. What is the meaning of it? Drawing the image of a boat sailing the sea with the sun shining points to your optimistic nature. Even though the depiction of this scene contains blue waves, meaning disturbance or change, the sunshine reveals your hopeful view that no matter what happens, it would still be a smooth sailing journey overall. Alternatively, this could be a reflection of your yearning for a calm and peaceful existence. Perhaps your reality is a little problematic and you are drawing this ideal scene in the dream to represent your desire to have less complicated proceedings in the real world. Nevertheless, both possibilities still have nuances of optimistic thinking, which may help you weather the challenges ahead.
A glass figurine of a dog I dreamed that my mother and I were in a store and she bought a glass figurine of a mother poodle with 2 pups that she had owned prior. About a month later while on vacation after this dream I found the same figurine in a antique shop. Dreams can often influence our reality. Perhaps there are some mystical powers at play. Maybe this dream helped guide you into that antique shop to find the very same glass figurine seen in your dream. On the other hand, you may have caught sight of this item previously and your memory stored it for some reason or another. Whichever it is, the symbol depicted by the glass figurine seems to hold a personal significance for you to see it both in a dream and in reality. The material, glass, alludes to fragile bonds with others. The poodle, meanwhile, represents class and sophistication. The circumstances may be an allusion to your upper-class aspirations. It may be advising you to take care of powerful and influential connections if you want to get further and achieve a higher standing in the social strata.
A tattoo of a lit candle This is actually my boyfriend's dream he's had it over the past fortnight. Basically, all that happens is he looks down at his arm and there is a tattoo of a candle on his forearm (with the base of the candle closer to the hand). The candle is wrapped with some sort or wire and is lit, he wakes up shortly after that and remembers thinking the beforehand "The positivity is off". What does this mean? Please help. Dreaming about having a tattoo is symbolic of a person possessing some special abilities or powers. Perhaps your boyfriend may not be aware of hidden abilities or talents which he possesses. Since this is a recurring dream and was shared with your personally, you should help your partner discover his true potential. The tattoo of a lit candle on your boyfriend's arm could predict that he may come across someone with whom he may finally have a long-due reconciliation. The notion of the positivity being off could also serve as his subconscious mind's way of reinforcing this connection with an estranged individual to take place, so he feels better after it happens.
A greeting card about a new home My dream was I opened a pop-up card which was lovely, floral and just so beautiful. It had a hanging heart decoration which said "New home". Receiving a beautiful greeting card in a dream vision suggests you are open to the possibilities the future holds for you. Your naturally adventurous spirit and willingness to try new things may even be inviting such opportunities to you like a beacon or a magnet. The idea that this was for a new house may be an indication that a special chance or position is on the horizon which, if taken advantage of, could lead to even bigger and better rewards.
A sketch drawing of oneself A sketch drawing of myself with my hair long and blowing, I had a huge tooth smile on my face with red lips. Seeing a drawing of yourself with long hair and a smile on your face in a dream could reflect your tendency to commit reckless and thoughtless acts, either in relation to your own life or toward others, in which case the people in question could be slowly distancing themselves from you. On a more positive note, this vision could also connote that somebody really loves and cares for you. If you do match the type of personality described above, it is probably best to try to reciprocate by giving back only positive feelings and emotions.
A canvas with green and blue sea Canvas of sea foam green and blues blending together. Author's signature is a coworker. A mixture or coming together of sea foam green and blue hues on a canvas represents successful endeavors or ventures. Blue represents wisdom, while shades of green can mean growth, wealth and vitality. Your colleagues and the company in general could be cooking up a very lucrative business venture that could benefit everyone if realized. The conception and implementation of this idea needs valuable inputs from innovative and visionary minds for it to succeed.
A bird turning into a woman in a photograph Photographing a large bird, red on top and red and white on sides and bottom. It was skiddish, but clearly wanted to be there. My professional grade camera caught it, photographed it, as a woman with an old fashioned, knee length red and white dress on, and long red hair. Sometimes smiling, sometimes not looking at camera. Taking photographs in the dream world usually reveals your sentimental nature. Perhaps you have difficulty moving on or letting go of the past. Alternatively, it could also be a reminder for you to take a closer look at things in order to find the truth behind them. For instance, the large bird which turned out to be a woman could point to your short-sighted and superficial impression of someone in your social circle. Their real character would only be revealed to you if you get to know them better. Alternatively, the large bird could be a metaphor for your dreams. In that case, taking a photograph alludes to focusing your efforts on making them come true.
Statues of Norse Gods I walk to the the statues of Norse Gods somewhere in a temple that strangers showed me. All resembling my younger sister in height but each had different faces. When I approached the statues I was then on a wooden plank high next to the hand where Odin was holding a fire. I looked down and saw a black worm going into the statue. When I turned back to the fire in Odin's hand it was gone and a black cluster of serpents had replaced it. The room started going black, then I fell off the wooden plank. Temples, in the context of dreams, typically point toward the dreamer's enlightenment and spiritual growth over a period of time. Seeing statues of the Norse Gods in your dream reveals your yearning for success and recognition. Perhaps you want to escape from someone's shadow and make a name for yourself. This desire would seem to be fulfilled, as the image of the flames being replaced with serpents implies, a symbol commonly associated with receiving much-anticipated recognition or promotion. This means that your time and effort on a task or project may produce lucrative results or lead to others recognizing your talents. If you have a chance to stand out or do something great, your efforts are likely to be rewarded.
Drawing a tree in the field Drawing a tree in a open field of grass then sitting under that tree in the same setting. A tree in a wide, open field represents loneliness or some separation between you and others. You may spend a period of time by yourself or even cut yourself off from the outside world to focus on yourself and your life mission. The drawing you created at the beginning of the vision could reveal that you are already subconsciously aware that this is your destiny.
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Murdering people in a fog I'm in a thick fog helping people, then all the people i know start shooting, me stabbing me, trying to kill me. So I let go of my mind and start murdering them all like an animal and I love it and the taste of their blood, then I wake up. A dream wherein you see yourself on a killing rampage is a manifestation of the aggression which you keep suppressed in your waking life. The notion of you helping people who are turning against you is perhaps an indication of such things happening in your life as well. Perhaps you are fed up with assisting ungrateful people around you. Also, the notion of enjoying murdering them represents your desire to give those people a taste of their own medicine. However, it would be better to focus on the positive aspects in your life. Instead of letting your feelings fester inside it would help you to have a detailed talk with those close to you.
Being enveloped by a black mist I am female, age 43. I was actually feeling restless and tried to sleep on the sofa in the living room. My dream was about a black mist coming through the corner wall close to the sofa and when I saw it, it headed straight towards me and pinned me to the sofa. No sound came out of my mouth when I tried to scream. I woke up instantly and ran to my bed. The mist in your dream vision alludes to darkness and confusion. Oftentimes, this symbol appears in dreams when the dreamer is experiencing some anxiety in the real world. Perhaps you have been recently thrust in an unfamiliar situation and you are still adapting to the new environment as well as facing challenges with some trepidation. Similarly, the lack of sound when you tried to scream points to a sense of futility and powerlessness. This period of adjustment would be a humbling period for you as you learn the ropes along the way. Alternatively, this mist may be a result of your immediate situation when you fell asleep. Perhaps falling asleep in the living room sofa woke up the apprehensive feelings of displacement and being out of your comfort zone.
Raining with hearts I'm a woman. It was raining animated purple hearts. Dreams about rain, in general, point towards shutting yourself from others, either emotionally or physically. Rain tends to hide or obscure objects and people, and this forced seclusion may be because of a natural inclination towards being introverted and reserved or because you may be currently experiencing some feelings of sadness, depression, or humility. The source of these feelings could be related to the purple hearts, a symbol that suggests betrayal by someone you once spent a lot of time bonding with. Furthermore, the notion that these were animated hearts adds weight to the idea that you feel this individual's presence in your life was a sham. However, distancing yourself from others, from those who actually care for you, is not the answer. You should allow those who love you best to care for your when you are down.
Black ink in the sky I am in a car with a friend. She is driving. Ahead of us high in the sky I see what looks like black ink flowing into the sky. I sense danger. The ink morphs into storm clouds. They seem to be very low. It starts to rain, but it isn't a bad storm. I can see all the droplets of rain on my car window. I feel relief. Being in a car while your friend is driving suggests she has some influence over you in wake life. This influence may be minimal or quite strong, depending on the circumstances. However, while you may trust your friend in reality, she may not be as careful with her words as you are. The black ink in the sky suggests gossip and rumors may be started, possibly by intentional or accidental remarks by your friend. This explains why she is the one driving in this vision. The dark clouds that appear foretell of setbacks for your plans, meaning some goals you have set out to achieve may fail due to this series of events. However, not all is bad news. The rain and the pleasant sense of relief you felt at the end of the vision suggest other opportunities may open up for you in the wake of these troubles. You should just keep trying to do your best and be open to the possibilities that may develop.
White and black clouds I am a female aged 25, I had a dream about clouds with images of human beings. There were 2 types of clouds, black, which had three males who were dancing, and the other clouds were whitish with images of angels, the man in dark cloud tried to give me something and I refused, then something came out of me and get inside the pot which was situated at the whitish clouds. The dark clouds in your vision filled with men represent troubles and eventual failure. This is likely due to some lack of skill or understanding, meaning you cannot progress until you learn something new. The white clouds filled with angels, on the other hand, symbolize getting good news and finding success in your endeavors. As such, refusing to take something offered by the dark side suggests you reject the part of yourself that is unknowing and seek to find the answers to the questions that would make you a better person at home, at work and in your community.
Taking picture of stars I saw so many stars are blinking. I asked one of my best friends to take their picture using camera. Female. Looking at the stars in a dream symbolizes your preference for and deep understanding of spiritual wisdom. The stars are connected with astrology, which indicates your inclination towards profound esoteric knowledge. This predisposition is likely to bring you more self-awareness and chances to learn more about yourself. Asking your friend to take a picture in this dream denotes that you are trying to avoid to take responsibility for some of your actions in real life. The camera implies analysis, which means you could soon be examined based on your activities or deeds. These two symbols together suggest your attempts to circumvent recognition of a hidden knowledge coming to you.
Smoke flowing upward I saw in my dream pipe-like smoke flowing straight upward, I'm a female, what does it mean? Watching as smoke floats upward into the sky is a highly auspicious symbol to perceive while dreaming. It usually means you would achieve great success in something important to you, particularly things regarding money or profits. An example of this would be making a great investment in the stock market or finding a rare, beautiful piece of vintage clothing for a fraction of the cost. You could either resell these assets immediately to make a buck or hold onto them and watch their value continue to grow with time.
A lot of lit candles A lot of lit candles (possibly night, unknown place). The imagery of multiple lit candles conveys a very positive message about your personal relationships. The burning candles refer to good developments in all kinds of connections, whether in the workplace or with your significant other. You may also soon reconnect with childhood friends or patch things up with someone you had a falling out with. Those candles essentially signify strong social connections and being surrounded by people who have good influence in your life. This also signifies blessings and good fortune. Having harmonious relationships and supportive people means you can focus on your other goals and grab opportunities where you can show off your full potential.

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Meeting random guys and being attracted to one of them I had a dream that a couple guys (never met them before except one of them that goes to my school). Only one of them stood out to me, he had a lip ring. For some reason they were all in my room? Anyways, it switches to them all leaving and then I go up to the guy's car and ask for his number. I've never seen him before. I know because I would remember someone as handsome as that. This is not a very promising symbol to see in a dream when unfamiliar men enter your premises. You could face a situation when you could become a center of some scandalous, if not life-threatening situation soon. You tend to look for or be around men who seem to be successful, rich or better off compared to your usual entourage, but you could be walking a thin line between trying to impress someone and enduring the backfire caused by the person or people you find attractive or worth your time. Your dream is telling you to step back and re-evaluate existing or evolving events, especially when the intimacy is concerned.
A schoolmate who is not gay showing signs of interest I'm a closeted gay and my crush is on the football team and very popular. The most important part of the dream was that I felt a tug on my hoodie and turned around and he was the only one standing there behind me just looking into my eyes. He obviously wanted to tell me something? Of course that's when I woke up. Dreams about getting attention or being noticed by someone you have a crush on in reality represent your constant thinking and fantasizing about the person in waking life, which obviously extend into your subconscious states. However, dreams of this nature do not necessarily imply that this person is interested in reciprocating your feelings, especially considering his current popularity and place within the social circle. You may want to look at these visions as a reflection of your sexuality developing according to the aspects of human personality and appearance you tend to favor and be attracted to.
Falling into team mate's arms and being excited So, I'm a girl, and I had this dream. It's kind of hazy, but whenever something happened, I remembered running and jumping into a girl's arms, and it gave me butterflies. This girl is on my sports team, by the way. Now I feel super odd when I'm around her. Help? Despite the fact that this dream vision could be just a residual of physical contact during sport-related activities you may have participated in together, traditional dream interpretation sources refer to visions of close physical interaction, such as embracing or falling into someone's arms, as a sign of upcoming separation from this person. Possible reasons for this to happen could include you or her relocating, changing social preferences, or the emergence of a new person or people in your or her life.
Meeting with a girl from a school bus I was getting back home, I park the car and I turn around to see a school bus behind me being driven by a woman. I get out of the car and I see a girl walking past me and going upstairs towards my house, and I look at the bus and the passengers, including the driver, look at me and point at her and I go after her. Then she meets my mom and aunt and I wanted to shake her hand, but she hugged both of them first, then she turned around and shook my hand and I felt attraction towards her. After that she kept talking to my mom and then the dream ended. Arriving at your home at the beginning of a dream could symbolically represent your efforts to return to your roots. There have probably been many things going on in your day to day life which have distracted you from the things that define you, for example, avoiding activities you used to enjoy or dressing in clothes that reflect your cultural heritage. The school bus you see behind you represents both your daily routine and the stress that accompanies it. While you are searching for ways to feel more like yourself, your work life, friends, and society are all trying to get a piece of you. The balance between these two forces is difficult to maintain, as shaking hands with the woman you saw probably represents having to leave some part of yourself behind forever. What that part is, however, is up to you to decide.
Meeting someone at a celebration and being proposed to I dreamt that I was sitting in on some sort of Jewish holiday, learning and meeting new people. I remember laughing and having a great time. Before I knew it, I had met a very fun man, he made me laugh. Before I turned around he had asked me to marry him, and then I woke up, and I was smiling from ear to ear. This dream vision should be very encouraging and uplifting, especially if you have been in a difficult life situation recently. Starting at the end of the vision, receiving a proposal for marriage predicts beneficial changes happening in your life. These changes could completely flip your life around if things have been difficult for you, boosting your mood and confidence. This is preceded by the sign of meeting an enchanting stranger, which is often interpreted as a sign of rising fame and prominence. This prominence is likely to come with all the perks normally associated with fame and fortune, including monetary incentives, gifts, and the adoration or many.
Swimming and ending up in the arms of someone special Dreamt about myself swimming in the sea and when I reached a certain point, the sea turned into a swimming pool with very clear blue water. It was as if the sea water and pool water were connected. Once I get to the pool, a man that currently has great interest in me is there with another woman and I wait for her to leave, when she leaves the pool, I immediately run into his arms. This man has dreadlocks, I'm not sure if that means anything as well. This dream carries a very auspicious interpretation for your love life and relationships in general. Dreaming about swimming in large bodies of water, such as the sea and the swimming pool, often represent beneficial opportunities and lucky chances. This is usually associated with work and business, however, the subsequent symbol seems to link it more closely with your personal life. More specifically, the mutual interest between you and this man, manifested in your running into his arms, predicts going through a period of time which strengthens and fortifies your interpersonal relations. While this is important for familial relations and friendships, it can also be extremely beneficial to romantic interests as well.
Rejecting someone's signs of affection because previous disappointment I had a dream that this guy who I don't know was telling this girl lying down next to me about his feeling about her, how he wanted to be with her and loves her. But it turns out he actually meant it towards me, not her, because he said that to me later when I got up to leave them. Then, after he confessed his love to me, I walk away from him and got into my dad's car and we drove off. I was afraid and still hurt from past love, was the feeling I had in the dream. Dreaming about a stranger confessing their love for you is usually seen as a reflection of your own tendency to be dissatisfied with things in your life. On one hand, this could manifest as not settling for less and always trying to improve your life and personal character. On the other hand, this could indicate a lack of gratitude for the good things you do have or a lack of appreciation for the help others give you. Getting in the car at the end of the vision suggests your future could depend on how you act from here on out.
Getting to know someone while dancing at a party I'm in my house and somehow we're having a party, so family members are arriving for this party. However, this guy that I don't know who he is, but he seems older by few years. We started talking, laughing, getting along real well, and somehow we start dancing with each other with the music from outside. We were real close dancing bachata, but after a spin under his arm I stop the dances and I remember he told me he was going on a date with another girl, maybe his age, named Yesenia, to which I told him "Oh, OK". If you are currently single, the party in your dream is indicative of your resolve to be more sociable and opening yourself up to a possibility of a romantic relationship. Dancing with the older guy represents sensuality and sexual desires. Perhaps you are looking for someone who is a perfect fit for you and complement your personality. The fact that he appears to be older and confesses to a date with another girl of his age shows some insecurity on your part. It is possible that you think you are not mature enough to get into a serious relationship, or it could be your cynical side manifesting doubts about men's faithfulness and fidelity.
Signs of affection from a complete stranger I was traveling in the bus and suddenly a strange guy comes and sits beside me and tries to come close to me. He sort of holds my hand and kind of hugs me and after that he vanishes. I try to find him, but was unable to find. Your dream of meeting a stranger while traveling indicates serendipitous encounters with friendly and generous people or a random act of kindness. However, a hug can be a comfort or an intrusive act depending on the emotion it elicited from you within or after the dream. If you felt violated, it could be a sign of confronting adversaries at work or other similar endeavors.
Someone special not wanting to be left alone My dream was about my daughter's father and I. We were laying down and I had my eyes closed as he started telling me that he will miss me and that he asked me not to leave him when pay day comes. I opened my eyes and reassured him that I won't leave him and as I looked at him, I realized that he was crying. What does this dream mean? While this vision is centered around the image of you interacting with your daughter's father, it actually is more closely related to your relationship with your friends and loved ones. In this case, your subconscious has chosen one person whom you have or had a strong connection with to represent the other equally important people in your life. This vision indicates you have a strong network of people you can rely on when things get tough and that your loyalty and devotion to them is reciprocated.
Kissing a transgendered person Kissing a much younger woman who was in transition from a male. This vision's interpretation depends on your gender. If you are a man, kissing a woman who was once a male suggests a need to get in touch with your feminine, softer side. Your friends or lover may have difficulty communicating with you if you put up too many walls around yourself. If you are a woman, this situation may indicate a major change in a relationship, especially a romantic one.
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A dog barking when a baby is sleeping Please tell me meaning of this dream. I saw that my older nephew (now 8 yrs). I saw that he is about 2 yrs and sleeping on the shoulder of my husband and our dog is barking, so I run to shut him up so that my nephew does wake up from his sleep and the dog goes to living room scared. We had similar incidents earlier when my nephew was same age. Dreaming about a barking dog while someone is asleep can be a negative sign. It portends the possibility of receiving negative news or facing some unfortunate circumstances. But based on your dream when you were able to stop the dog from barking and scared it off can also mean that you may be capable of avoiding or preventing this from happening.
Baby falling from a great height and surviving Dream - my baby was falling, my mom caught her buy the shirt but then her head slipped through and she continued to fall. I got down to where she fell, asking if she died and she survived. But then I kept thinking, maybe they switched my baby because I couldn't believe she would survive a fall of 200 feet. This dream about your baby falling from a great height could serve as a prediction of soon receiving some unexpected but surprisingly pleasant news. The detailed vision of this incident (falling through the shirt and your mother catching the baby) are also signs of your utter anticipation and impatience because you could already be instinctively sensing something good is coming your way. Questioning yourself whether this was your baby or someone else's in this dream could also indicate that there are individuals in your social circle who could be sharing this pleasant surprise or news you are about to receive.
Pacifying a naked baby girl who is crying I saw a baby girl, she was naked and I was making her laugh and she suddenly falls down because of laughing hard and starts crying. But then she stops crying and starts sucking milk of her mother and I don't know who her mother is. Now the baby is happy and enjoying being fed. The baby girl you saw in your dream could represent fulfilling goals you have set out for yourself in the near future. These goals may be work-related, such as getting a promotion or asking and receiving a raise, or they may be about your personal life, such as getting into a steady relationship or meeting some financial goals. Caring for a female baby, especially rocking, feeding or playing with one, also predicts upcoming changes in your life, specifically positive or beneficial transformations in lifestyle. The appearance of the baby's mother suggests that these modifications to your life will take place due to the influence or actions of someone close to you, such as a partner, family member or good friend.
Being handed a strange dead baby wrapped in a blanket I dreamed I was sitting in a room that seemed as if it was on a bad side of town, which I would never go. It was me an younger kid and another grown up. The kid was passing me items wrapped in blankets. So, she passed me a huge item wrapped in a blanket an it was a deceased infant. It was gigantic like the size of an adult human an looked frozen. All of a sudden as I start to hold this thing, it turns into a demon looking thing an jumps right at me an I throw it an run. I am unable to have children because of stage four endometriosis, an a total hysterectomy. So what does it mean? This dream contains connotations of being utterly frustrated with your personal situation related to reproductive functions. However, the vision of receiving a deceased infant of enormous size and wrapped in a blanket could indicate that someone is deliberately trying to confuse you or tell you lies in order to advance their intentions and plans using your gullible nature, naivety or lack of knowledge regarding some important issue. The demon figure, according to dream interpretation sources, could indicate that there is a great deal of influence or control over you which comes from a male figure and, based on the notions of a young child present in the dream, this could be going back to your inability to have children resulting in disagreements, placing blame on you or even continuous pestering.
A family and their baby the dreamer used to babysit My neighbor five months old with two teeth in the bottom of right corner side, and the father carries the baby to me asking me to take out the teeth... I used to keep the baby, but the mother not paying to watch her, so I stopped keeping the baby and we are not talking any more, so am wondering if this is some enemies dreams? Having a dream about this child you once cared for and the baby's father represents that these people are still on your mind, perhaps because you stopped working with them only a short time ago or because you had some other run-in with them recently. Additionally, dreaming about teeth that fall out or need to be removed for some reason symbolizes disappointment. This vision is most likely the manifestation of your feelings, indicating that you are somewhat saddened by the state of affairs with this family, whether or not the current situation is for the better or not.
Giving birth to twins who die I dream that I was pregnant with twins, twins born healthy then twins died. Babies, in general, indicate sudden positive experiences, with the birth of twins predicting that this is likely related to some joyous occasion within your own family, like a wedding or graduation. However, this happy situation is juxtaposed against the image of the dead twins, which represents disappointment. It may be that the happy circumstances are short-lived or that they are overshadowed by some dark, unhappy event.
Neighbor's baby who needs teeth removed My neighbor's five months old with two teeth on the bottom of right corner side, and the father carries the baby to me asking me to take out the teeth... I used to keep the baby, but the mother not paying to babysit her, so I stopped keeping the baby and we are not talking any more so am wondering if this is some enemies dreams. Having a dream about this child you once cared for and the baby's father represents that these people are still on your mind, perhaps because you stopped working with them only a short time ago or because you had some other run-in with them recently. Additionally, dreaming about teeth that fall out or need to be removed for some reason symbolizes disappointment. This vision is most likely the manifestation of your feelings, indicating that you are somewhat saddened by the state of affairs with this family, whether or not the current situation is for the better or not.
A child drowning in the room filled with water I saw a little child and my late aunt in a dream and at the same time the room was full of clear water and the child was drowning in the water. Dreaming about watching a child drowning in clear water could mean that someone you care about deeply, not necessarily a child, could be or may soon start developing some kind of illness that involves difficulty in breathing or lung-related infection. The symbolic visions of clear water filling the room, however, points to your ability to take actions and measures necessary to prevent or mitigate these potential problems. The vision suggests paying close attention to ensure safety and well-being of those you care about or know might be at risk in order to prevent this from happening.
An abandoned baby that disappears A baby is left abandoned at my door and I can find the mum. While searching for her, the baby disappears. I am unsure where the baby goes, but I'm left anxious about it in real life. This is a recurring dream. You do not mention the gender of the child, but, in general, finding a baby who has been abandoned by his or her mother indicates things are about to take a turn for the worse in your life. You may suddenly be in a worse financial situation or some plan you made may be canceled without warning. The image of the baby disappearing and your continuing anxiety into wake life means this is more likely the absence of something in your life, rather than an excess. You may want to take precautions to avoid not having enough of what you need when you need it.
Pacifying a baby that vomits A baby was crying, I pick it up and rubbed his back, he vomited on my face and stopped crying. When I touched my face it was clean. Caring for a baby, especially rocking, feeding or pacifying, is symbolic of an unexpected turn which your life is about to take soon. The fact that the baby vomited on your face could mean that this change may affect your body, your health and overall well-being. The symbolic image of vomit is traditionally closely related to gynecological problems or reproductive health. And even though the vomit had disappeared at the end of the dream, the possibility of these adverse effects occurring calls for taking all steps and measures necessary to prevent or eliminate potential complications in the future.
Pregnant with an unwanted baby girl I have had several dreams where I'm pregnant with a girl baby. Usually I go into labor, and all I want to do is give the baby away or hope it dies in childbirth. When the baby is delivered, it is typically deformed or underdeveloped in some way. In one dream, it was so small, I kept it in my pocket, zipped up in a red see-through pouch. I usually forget about the baby girl, and remember it later in the dream. Last night I dreamt that I was going into labor with a girl, and I could vividly feel strong kicking in my lower stomach. I wished it wouldn't come out alive, and the kicking stopped. This vision has a very sinister air and caution should be taken immediately. Visions of baby girls are often associated with the fulfillment of goals or the pursuit of success. However, the child's deformities and other difficulties after birth indicate that the plan you are working on is not likely to come to fruition. Wishing that the child would die or that you can get rid of her quickly suggests that the reason for this failure is likely a lack of motivation, drive, or grit on your part. In essence, because you do not care about this dream (or do not care about it as much as others think you should), you do not put in the time and effort to make it come true. You may want to stop further endeavors toward this cause and re-evaluate where you are going in your life before it is too late.
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A friend giving a haircut and being good at it Someone I know giving another person I know a haircut in my room. But in reality the person cutting the hair isn't a barber. But when I asked everybody around me, he told me he's very good in doing that, and surely he gave the girl a very nice and stylish haircut, but in my room with my own barbering machine. Observing someone having a haircut fixed by another person perceived not to be a barber or hairstylist in a dream is a symbol of this person's (the one whose hair was being cut and styled) submissiveness and lack of initiative. It is possible that this person has been dependent on someone else all his or her life. This person may not have the drive or enthusiasm seen in most people who are strong and independent. Otherwise, the dream vision may indicate the person's sexual deviation or dramatic shift in sexual preference. It could also mean gradually losing touch with the self, that is, becoming more and more dependent on others.
Hair grips stuck inside the skull I was taking hair grips out of a bun, and one was stuck in my skull (seemed like for a long time), which I pulled out, felt it come out my brain and through my skull. This dream could be an indication of your existing worries and concerns about losing control over some important aspect of your life. You could be also preoccupied with solving some important dilemma or making a life-changing decision. Judging by the nature of the objects you saw in this dream, this could develop into a very precarious situation which you should approach carefully and thoughtfully.
Being in a makeup competition and intimidated by other participants In my dream I am doing a makeup competition where you do makeup and special effects makeup, and I get invited by this girl that I know does makeup. And there is anywhere between 5-7 people in this contest and we all stay in this nice underground house. And the first day goes good, I had to borrow some props from other people because I was invited last minute and I had nothing. All of a sudden, the girl has to leave, someone is sick, and I stay with the rest of the people. All of a sudden everyone out there is being mean to me and telling me I can't use their props. I start crying and run away then see the girl, she agrees. This vision is rather disjointed and has mixed symbols, but there are a few points which stand out. Being involved in a competition in a dream vision suggests there are aspects of your personality which crave attention and recognition from others. You likely enjoy being admired for your good qualities and talents. Being underground, however, despite the niceness of the house, points toward some repressed feelings. You may be hiding parts of your true personality because you think others would mock you or dislike you. The multiple events at the end of the dream, someone getting sick, people acting meanly toward you, and crying, all represent the way your mind has been grappling with this problem, going back and forth and over and over the situation. You may want to consider if the image you are projecting is really the person you want to be and if you really only want friends who like that version of you.
A sudden metamorphosis in appearance and being chased I wake up as a fairly slim woman with long, loosely curled hair, light brown, with a streak of bright red, hair in it, wearing a leather jacket, heeled boots, some kind of dress. It feels like a "new reality", I make my own movements. I look in a mirror in an office bathroom, and I don't look like my normal self, darker eyes, skin-tone is less pale, different face. I like what I see. I then met with a woman, asking what happened to my old body, she then wants me captured. I jump out the window, onto a crane, climb down, drive off, wonder if I should go back for answers, or enjoy this new me. Given the complexity and amount of details in this vision, it is difficult to come to a concise interpretation. Imagining yourself in a new reality suggests some disappointment or stress in wake life which your subconscious wishes to alleviate. This same theme can also be seen in your reflection, which does not show you for who you really are. Having different features than your real self indicates rejection among your peers or co-workers, possibly because they do not understand or accept some aspect of your personality or lifestyle. Additionally, hair and hair colored twice usually symbolizes internal struggles with a decision or choice. You may be considering hiding or burying some part of yourself in order to be included in a certain social circle. This dream does not provide a solution to your dilemma, but does suggest that soul searching and time are needed to come to an appropriate decision. If you put off taking care of this issue, you may develop depression or other emotional problems.
Having someone helping wash hair I can't remember who it was helping me wash my hair, but I was being very particular on how to wash it. Washing your hair in a dream is indicative of uncertainties in your life. At the moment, there may be a lot of things up in the air, making it difficult to plan for your future. Envisioning someone helping you with this task and being particular about how they do it, possibly telling or showing them how it should be done, suggests you are spreading yourself too thin and have your fingers in too many pies. If you keep focusing on tasks that are not directly related to your goals, you may become a jack of all trades, meaning you would be able to handle a variety of different jobs, but you may end up not having the expertise or experience to get to where you really want to be.
Ruining perfect curls in the rain I had a dream that I had perfect blond curls. I stepped into the rain and realized if I stayed, my curls would be ruined. Whoever the female was that I was talking to coaxed me to keep walking in the rain. My curls were then ruined and it seemed to upset me, but I felt better moments later. In real life my hair is dyed blond so this wasn't a surprise to me. There is some contradiction in this dream. Curly hair often signifies that you may be tempted into a relationship that is not good, perhaps with someone who is not really available or interested. However, the fact that your hair was getting wet in the rain is a prediction of having a lot of fun with friends. Your friends may invite you to a party that does not immediately appeal to you, but you should seriously consider going. If your hair was blonde in the dream, this means that you are a kind and generous person with other people, you help them without asking much in return.
Getting prepared for an event and shopping around Dreaming two nights in a row about getting ready for something. 1st night dreamed of someone braiding my my hair in some kind of style, another was doing my makeup. 2nd night, dream of someone, a stylist, finding clothes for me to wear for an event. Both felt normal for me. A 3rd dream of going to buy produce. Inside the portions were packaged to go but it was sparing and almost gone. I looked around for more. Some guy came and I asked him where the rest was, he told me "Look through the window". Outside, there was a lot more. I said, "That's what I want", he said, "You have to go out there and get it"! Then I woke up. Dreaming about getting ready for a special event in a dream vision predicts a similar situation in wake life, namely that you are to meet someone whom you want to be prepared for. This could be physical preparation, such as getting ready for a date, or mental preparation, like considering forming a life-long partnership with this person. However, dreaming about grocery shopping suggests you may be the victim of gossip or rumors started by someone who was once your friend. The little bits you saw in the store represent the tip of the iceberg, as most of the damage is likely present nearby, but not immediately obvious. There is no indication this is directly related to the first two visions, bit it cannot be ruled out either.
Hair falling off I had a dream where my hair split in half around the area were the hair tide would be, and falling off. It was not my whole hair, just a portion of it. What does this mean? Dreams with images of hair falling out could contain prediction of upcoming unwanted changes in life. Your life may soon change for the worse, due to external forces or your own actions, leaving you upset and devastated. At the same, focusing on little details pertaining to the loss of hair, such as its location and quantity, could be telling you that you are already aware of some of the negative developments taking place in your waking life, so it is not too late to avert their potential damaging effects rather than wait for worse things to happen.
Unhappy with the hair cut short I dreamt that someone I know cut my hair short. She cut her hair, but mine end up cut short as well. I didn't like it, so I put extensions. Dreams about getting or having someone give you a short haircut are usually associated with financial problems that you may start experiencing in the near future. You may find yourself in a situation in which you will need to borrow money from someone close to you. While hardly ideal, if you swallow your pride and maintain a reasonable attitude, you should be able to get through these troubling times.
A beautiful bag with various flowers inside I had a dream of a vivid deep blue bag with a draw string at the top. The bag had a bouquet of flowers with an assortment of colors in it. I noticed the flowers were of the smaller variety, but many. They were in the purse like they were in a vase. The flowers came through the top of the purse without the draw string being tightened. When I looked at the purse I felt like i could make this purse, and felt peaceful when l realized it had not been sewn together, it was beautiful, rustic and simple. This vivid vision of a bouquet of flowers inside a purse is highly symbolic and possibly important to your future. The bouquet itself represents meeting someone very important, not necessarily famous or well-respected. Rather, this person carries within some special knowledge, information or experience, which is likely vital to your future success. This could be some direct advice or practical knowledge which can be used to your benefit, or it may be some passing comment which sparks an idea worth its weight in gold.
Braiding hair of another person Braiding someone 's hair. Dreaming of braiding someone else's hair is a sign of distress. You may have too many things on your plate at the moment, making it hard for you to balance things well. Because of this, you could be experiencing a lot of stress and difficulties.
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Eagle protecting I had a dream of eagle trying to guide me and protect me and my family members from some sort of negative elements… Dreaming about being protected by an eagle means that you can count on help and support of one of your closest friends when the need for help arises. If you happened to be watching an eagle soar high above your head, this could mean you will experience regrets and moral dilemmas about something you had done in the past in relation to your close relatives. Another source refers to dreaming about an eagle as manifestation of negative feelings toward a mother figure who may be excessively overprotective and controlling, making the relationship between you two difficult if not unbearable.
Feeding pigeons I dreamt that I am feeding pigeons This dream indicates that you are searching for a resolution to a problem or conflict in someone's life that is close to you. If you're trying to remedy a relationship with someone, try being more open to understanding their situation. Once you can see from their perspective you can help make peace with any conflict.
A bird in the nest with eggs I saw a tree full of fruits, nest on the tree with eggs and a mother bird next to the nest. We see this as a new opportunity for you to expand in a financial way. You've been working hard for some time and are finally starting to see the results of your labor. Continue on the path you're walking and remember to stay aware that the eggs have not hatched yet, but with some care you will see tremendous results.
Two women killing a pair of swans Two swans being killed by two women The meaning of a dream about swans being killed by a couple of women could be interpreted depending on your gender, which you have not mentioned in the request. If you are a woman, this vision could be a reflection of aversion you express toward other women, who might be competing with you for the same goal or objective, including romantic matters. Such rivalry could be something that has been happening recently, prompting this dream to occur, or it could be your natural behavioral trait. For men, this dream vision could reveal that they tend to treat their female companions or dates with excessive focus on physical attributes and qualities, rather than relying on emotional aspects of the relationship. The image of women killing swans in this dream is a clear and straightforward statement in this case, showing that women who want more intimate and affectionate relationship can be easily replaced.
Big and small birds walking together on the ground My dream was showing me birds... Not one kind of bird, but several different kinds, big to tiny, all walking around together on the ground, like a family of quail would do. Kind of like they wouldn't fly off because of the little ones. Dreaming about seeing big and small birds walking on the ground which resembled quails could predict starting to face issues and complications inside your household. Additionally, the same imagery experienced in a dream serves as a warning that you have recently acquired new friends who are not quite honest and straightforward with you because they are trying to move forward with their own selfish plans and goals. The birds staying on the ground signify the trust you have put into this relationship and there could be something holding you back so that it is really difficult, if not impossible, for you to free yourself from their influence.
Vultures eating flesh In the dream, two hawks feasted on a dead hawk, while a near by blackbird with a beautiful call ate bits of entrails and meat from my hand. The entrails and meat came from other dead birds in the surrounding area. This dream signifies either recently becoming a willing participant or witnessing some other way (TV or online) a conflict among several people with the central figure possibly being a young woman. Your involvement, if this was a real event or situation, also entailed revealing some compromising facts or information to others which re-ignited the already raging negative emotions. If you happened to just watch this drama unfolding as an observer, it may have left some lasting memories which eventually made their way to your subconscious state.
A crow watching while in the bathroom In my dream I was defecating and a crow on window was watching me. He flew out twice and came back. When I was washing myself, he suddenly fly and try to bite at left side of my neck and saved myself by brushing it aside by my hand. Based on the context of this dream vision, it is possible that the quality of your food has recently declined drastically or that there is a growing imbalance in your nutrition patterns. The image of the crow attacking you could also serve as a warning that some of the food you have been consuming lately is not good for your body or it could be affecting your metabolism and, subsequently, overall health in a very adverse, if not detrimental way.
Birds in a wrong place I looked up and saw a white dove, looked back up and it was a chicken that laid out a black ball. And a big man try to fight me for it, but I wasn't scared of him. My brother also said in the dream that the dove was in the wrong weather which was cold weather. Based on dream symbolism, the image of a white dove transforming into a chicken could mean that you currently could have high hopes or aspirations for something which is important to you or something you want to change in your life. However, you could be just beginning to realize that it is a wrong time for you to make it happen (the notion of cold weather in this dream). Among other reasons preventing you from making your hopes come true could be members of your family or other people in your everyday life who, because of their needs and wants, keep shifting your focus and attention from this goal or dream you may have.
Staying with a witch and a bird bothering In my dream I was trying to escape from someone, I entered an apartment of an older black woman (a witch), she helped me, but I was not trusting her. She allowed me to stay the night and gave me the guest room. I was afraid to go to sleep cause I didn't know if I could truly trust her. But I did go to sleep. In the night a dark bird flew into the room, (came in from where I don't know) I heard it fluttering and it landed on me on top of the blanket. It wanted to go to sleep and I tried to shoo it away. It cried out and squawked, several time it fluttered on me, eventually I got it to fly away. Dreaming about being intimidated by a woman who looked like a witch is a negative sign of not being able to succeed in your current plans or projects, mainly because of some trust issues with the people you have to deal with in order to make progress and move ahead. The image of a black bird landing on top of the blanket is also a indication of some minor issues happening around your household and which you are not fully in control of at the moment. If you felt in this dream that the bird was touching your body, it could also indicate some upcoming minor injuries or insignificant, short-term illness affecting your body.
Bird eggs being dropped on the car Fall day, not egg-laying time, bird egg drops from sky onto the hood of my car and splatters onto the windshield and the hood. The image of bird eggs usually is connected with the idea of money. Whole eggs represent financial gain and savings, possibly a literal nest egg. Seeing the eggs pelting your car from the sky can therefore have two possible interpretations. On one hand, it may represent receiving money from a miraculous or unexpected source, such as a lottery or gift. This is especially true if you were driving as this occurred in your dream. This vision may also suggest that the eggs are a symbol for opportunities. While you should be careful not to spread yourself too thin, taking on some more responsibilities may prove beneficial for your future, particularly in regards to monetary success.
A white owl attacking a pet A white owl snatched my pet budgie and started picking at its head. I managed to save the budgie and thought he was dead but thankfully he was alive. The owl wouldn't let go and wasn't scared when I tried to save the budgie. In this vision, the image of the white owl attacking your pet budgie seems to represent seeing evil in the world but being unable to do anything about it. The owl's white color suggests that this is not a usual or commonly recognized social injustice, but one that nonetheless causes you feelings of guilt and anger. Furthermore, you may also feel some fear because the source of this terrible behavior probably knows you are onto them. The image of your pet being safe at the end of the vision may mean you are able to help this problem some by speaking up, but you should carefully consider your actions so as not to put yourself, or those you care about, in danger.
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Ex-boyfriend fighting with another person and then appearing at the altar In the dream it was like I was on a battlefield, it was a red sky and my ex-boyfriend was there, he grabbed this guy who didn't seem to care and was almost apathetic. He looked familiar to me and I was worried. Mike was going to hurt him or kill him, he had the guy under him and he pulled out a wet cloth and wrung it out on him right over his chest and has this jealous but broken look in his eyes, like he knew what I was thinking like he was going to hurt him but he didn't. Then I woke up and I had a vision of Mike standing at an altar in a church looking like a groom at a wedding, he was happy. Seeing your ex-boyfriend trying to communicate with you in a dream is a bad sign. If you are currently seeing someone else, it could mean that this relationship could be in jeopardy or failing, which may eventually lead to a separation from or breakup with your current lover. The potential breakup is not only due to your unfair comparisons of the current boyfriend to the previous one, but rather related to the fact that you might actually be dissatisfied or unhappy with your current boyfriend. Alternatively, you could be overly nostalgic about the previous relationship and focusing on these feelings might cause major interferences with your current relationship. Dreaming of your ex-boyfriend marrying someone you do not know is a sign of your forgiveness towards someone who once made a big mistake which greatly affected your life and almost brought you down, this could be your ex-boyfriend himself based on the description of your dream.
Boyfriend saying he has another girlfriend My love telling me he has a girlfriend and he described her to me. Dreaming that your boyfriend or loved one is seeing someone else is often seen as an indication that he may be hiding something from you in real life. It may be that he is purposely trying to keep you in the dark about something important, or it is also possible that he simply did not think you needed or wanted to know about it. However, given that he takes the time to describe the woman to you in your dream vision, whatever issue he brings up is likely to change the course of your relationship, probably for the worse. Disagreements may lead to arguments or bad feelings developing if the two of you cannot communicate openly and find common ground.
Boyfriend with miscarried baby and deceased parents My high school boyfriend was carrying my miscarried baby at a party, his dead parents were by him. There was a large window, he was knocking on it trying to get his families attention. They couldn't see or hear him. This dream vision showing your boyfriend carrying your miscarried baby could serve as a warning that your plans and intentions regarding the future relationship with him could soon be jeopardized, if not crushed completely. If his parents are actually deceased in reality, the image of them in your dream means that something from your boyfriend's past could be preventing him from establishing a serious and meaningful relationship with you. Otherwise, it could be a subconscious reflection of your inability to accept them or existing tensions and misunderstandings which involve you, your boyfriend and his parents.
Staying with ex-boyfriend and seeing flowers in the garden In reality, my boyfriend and I had a separation, almost break-up, but I know we want to get back together. Now stuck. In my dream, we're entering a gate hugging each other, on the long entrance to their mansion. We stayed in his bedroom. When we woke up we went out the hall and met his mom. She was smiling. Me and boyfriend went out walking hugging, to the garden, feel the happiness. There were flower beds. I noticed two. They were planted with white and purple flowers that looked like gladiola. This dream has a number of complicated symbols that conflict with each other. Seeing yourself with a boyfriend or lover who you have had a separation with, even for a short time, indicates that he is often on your mind. However, hugging and intimacy with this person portends some problems with lifestyle or not seeing eye to eye on certain issues, possibly due to not saying everything that needs to be said. Feeling happiness and seeing flowers at the end of the dream represents feelings of peace and tranquility, most likely after a fight or disagreement. In summary, this dream seems to be a subconscious wish to rekindle your relationship with your boyfriend, but also a warning that, in order to make it successful, both parties will need to communicate and compromise with each other.
Hearing about ex-boyfriend from his relatives My dream was about my ex's family. His auntie was telling me how much he misses me being with him. She even told me in the dream that she moved in with his girlfriend. In my dream I was really shocked. She told me she didn't like his new girlfriend that she wishes that me and him went back together. In my dream I was sad because I did or do want him back. Dreaming about your ex and his family indicates that he is still on your mind or that you have had some interaction with him recently which has brought him to the forefront of your thoughts. The discussion you hold with his aunt represents the thoughts in your own mind going back and forth between wanting him back and not wanting to go through the same troubles again. While this dream vision does not give any indication of whether a rekindling of the relationship would be successful, it does suggest thinking carefully about all the events that characterized your past together before moving ahead.
Spending time with ex-boyfriend and his family Last night I dreamed about the family of ex-boyfriend together my ex-boyfriend. I attend the gathering but I don't know what kind of gathering. Talking, laughing and enjoying time with them. Dreaming about spending time with your ex-boyfriend and his family indicates that he is still on your mind or that you have had some recent interaction with him. Envisioning yourself in a dream talking and enjoying your time together with them may reflect your current feelings about the state of your previous relationship. You may be considering rekindling things, but you may also be hesitant lest the same problems occur. This dream suggests taking the time to consider all aspects of your situation before taking steps forward.
Imaginary boyfriend who is abusive and controlling I dreamed last night that I had a baby girl (I can no longer have babies). I was with an abusive boyfriend, who was muscular and not much taller than myself (not the boyfriend I have now, who is not abusive). In the dream the boyfriend's house was on a remote island. With family and friends. Constantly being emotionally and verbally abused all day. Went into the room where he was where he had me up against the wall strangling me, so I kicked him in the crotch, and hit him in the throat, he punched me across the face, and my friend came and took me, and we escaped with my baby on a seadoo. Dreaming of having a complete stranger as your boyfriend means you could have a tendency to become easily agitated and highly dissatisfied with everything you experience in your life, which may create a lot of conflicts and issues in the relationships with people you know. Having someone as an abusive and controlling boyfriend or having a boyfriend who treats you badly in the dream is a bad sign. It means someone could soon be entering your life and who will turn out to have negative influence on you, causing serious issues and problems to arise. The details of the physical abuse you are providing further indicate that you may be concerned and worried about your physical well-being or possible threats to your health at the moment, not necessarily caused by a person or people, but as a result of poor living conditions or hardships, existing or feared to emerge soon.
Worried about boyfriend's whereabouts and relieved knowing he is ok I haven't seen my boyfriend in about three weeks. I call and I text and I get no reply, we have not been in an argument, we were happy together. I do not know what's happened or if he's okay. I recently texted him "I miss you and hope to hear from you". Then I had a dream I saw someone who looked like him, but then I saw my boyfriend and I was so happy. He also called me in the dream explaining everything and why we lost contact and he got my text and he loves me. What does the dream mean? Having a problem with your boyfriend in real life that is resolved in a dream is most likely a reflection of your hopes and desires. Specifically, you want him to reach out to you instead of you having to contact him. While this vision does not give any indication of what might happen to this relationship, it does suggest that you should consider your own happiness and well-being and not rely entirely on your boyfriend to make you happy.
Chased by dark entity My boyfriend of 15 years and myself were being chased through our house by something that I couldn't see. We were both screaming for our lives. We got to the door and my boyfriend pushed me out. Then I see a black misty fog. My boyfriend pushed me out of the house and he was grabbed and jersey back into the house and then he was gone. This dream vision speaks of incompatibility you may have in this relationship. Even though things seem to work out well between the two of you, there is an obvious presence of external factors affecting you both in a negative way. These could be influences brought about by your families, friends or even physical surroundings you live in. Black color is portentous of worse things to come and you should watch for possible shakeups affecting your relationship, not because of your boyfriend's actions or infidelity, but rather circumstantial contributors.
Being pregnant and not wanting it Right now, I am 18 and in my final year of high school. I dreamt that I felt pregnant exactly this year. I didn't understand, because my boyfriend and I had been using protection. I was so afraid, but then my boyfriend whom I love so much became what I wanted him to become - so much more loving, caring and supportive... What does this mean? In the context of the dream you are describing, the feeling you had about becoming pregnant could signify a great change or shift occurring within the relationship with your boyfriend. It could have positive connotations, such as taking the relationship you have right now to a new level, especially with the note you provided about your final year of high school. Or, it could have some not so pleasant developments, perhaps due to the fact that after he became more caring and supportive, he also lost some of his freedom or personal space and may start thinking of getting some of it back to himself.
Ex-boyfriend cutting fish and wanting to leave I saw my ex-boyfriend cutting more than one fleshy big fish into slices, and after that he wanted to leave me so badly and go to his new girlfriend. I was crying and he kept on going away. Seeing fish being cut into slices by your ex-boyfriend indicates your lingering thoughts about and desire to continue to have sexual relationship with him. However, you also subconsciously reaffirm it to yourself that he has moved on with his life and is now seeing someone else whom he is interested in sexually. You could have also recently become aware of some new developments in his personal life which triggered these visions of being left behind once again.
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Park with a rollercoaster and a train station My dream was about me and my older sister and we went to this big open park thing and my best friend was there getting told off by the teacher. This is really strange because this happened in real life in my year of my school went to Russel Park and my best friend, the same person got told of by the teacher... Anyway then I was on a roller-coaster that took me to a train station. This dream is a reflection of you being busy in reality and preoccupied with trying to achieve something very important. Your subconscious mind is telling you that you need to take a break and the symbol of a train station could mean a trip or travel to some faraway place. The visions of your teacher and your friend in the same dream are most likely an indication of your tendency to procrastinate or be indecisive in situations when you need to make important decisions.
Ants, a crab and a railroad I saw ants and a crab in my dream while I visited my childhood place. It was near a railway track. Dreaming of being close to a railroad means you will have success in achieving your goals, and you will see some truly positive results from the projects or plans you are currently pursuing. A crab in the same dream is an indication of trying to solve or work on a major problem which stands out from the rest of things which keep you busy and represents a special priority for you. In order to be successful in solving this problem you need to use common sense and practical knowledge. Ants could signify a possibility of relocating to a larger (more industrialized) city in search of a better job or for some other reasons, especially this is true if you happened to see these ants in large numbers in this dream.
Walking up and down the stairs and donkey staring upclose I was going up the unknown stairs and then down there was a vineyard and a donkey was staring at me very close to my face. Dreaming about walking up and down the stairs could be suggestive of your tendency to distance yourself from important life goals. Instead of steadily moving toward fulfilling your aspirations and completing your projects, you tend to retract from and boycott your own progression. There could be many reasons behind this tendency. Some of the obstacles could be the result of your own behavior, but also the actions, wills and behavior of others. Moreover, the dream could be related to many areas of your life. For instance, you could be in a non-reciprocated love affair. That is, you could be in love with someone who does not love you back. The vision of donkeys being close to your face is an indication that you could be dealing with some kind of stubborn and opinionated people who are standing in your way to move forward. Since you encountered them while moving downwards, this reinforces the idea that some of the obstacles are being put in your path partly due to the attitudes of others. Their proximity to your face is most likely a subconscious reflection of having to confront a lot of people who could be disagreeing with you, dislike your ideas or be excessively controlling. There would be no way of fleeing from that confrontation.
Dirty bathroom water leaking out of hotel rooms I was sitting in a chair outside a hotel room when brown dirty and yellow clumpy water from the bathroom flowed out and was seeping under the doors of the rooms. I lifted and put my feet up yo avoid it, while a young man with a push broom kept pushing it away. The symbolic vision of being outside of a hotel you have experienced in this dream reflects your hesitation or concerns about going on some planned trip or vacation to a distant location. You could have been having second thoughts about the quality of stay or the treatment you would get there. You are questioning the whole idea of going away and could be thinking that you are not prepared to go for some reason known to you. The vision of overflowing dirty water in dream interpretation signifies a series of disagreements or confrontations with people around you. It could be that you would have to settle several issues with people close to you either before going away or on when you arrive to location of your stay.
A haunted house and creatures pouring out from under floor I dreamed of the same haunted house on three separate occasions. One I could remember is I had my niece on my back running with my mother. The floor opened up and creatures started pouring out of it. Dreaming of a haunted house, especially if it is a recurring dream, means that you have been exposed, either indirectly or intentionally by others, to some ongoing quarrels and conflicts on many occasions. You have been drawn into this conflict because people who are in it depend on you as someone capable of providing protection for them or they simply want you to be involved. The creatures appearing from under the floor of the house and flooding it represent unnecessary rumors or misinformed opinions people outside of this conflict could exchange in regards to what's happening around you. The most sensible solution to this situation for you personally would be to identify the true reason you stay interested in participating in and spending time on these confrontations.
Huge snake, paying for a hotel and a dead person I dreamed I was abroad standing in a very modern hotel or villa and the next minute a huge snake, really huge with a big head, was sailing between the buildings, we were in awe looking and then we tried to warn people the next minute the snake came back all of a sudden. I was trying to pay for my stay and my old friend said no and gave me an envelope with a card which she loaded 100s of euros on and swiped to pay saying this is my hubby's hotel and he can afford it. You do not need to pay. Then I was sitting in a chair with her and others and a dead friend or boyfriend was rubbing my back saying it is ok. Seeing a gigantic snake in front of you is an omen. Someone who is very dear to you is gravely ill, and it may be a long-term disease. You could play a big role in his or her life by providing support and strength during this trying time. Paying someone with money in your dream symbolizes being faced with hardships. There might also be some undesirable events which can possibly disturb your personal or work life, perhaps because of the aforementioned circumstances. If a dead person was touching you in the same dream, it means you are about to start suffering from the actions and behaviors of people who do not like you and desire to gain an advantage over you while you are dealing with personal issues.
Extra rooms in the house needing repair I just got off from work and I dozed off and I had a dream that we found extra rooms in my moms house (I live there). The first thing I saw was a white bathroom and I found three more doors and one hallway and at the end of the hallway, one stairway leading down somewhere... Also in the dream I found what appeared to be like a kitchen that needed repair, it was full of stuff... This place was behind the house. The images of new rooms within a house combined with additional doors, stairways and spaces could reflect memories or situations which involved a lot of moving or changing, either physically or emotionally. This may be directly related to you, or they may be connected to someone close to you, most likely your mother. The fact that you experienced these visions while napping suggests that one or more of these moves or transformations occurred recently and therefore are fresh in your mind. It may be that your subconscious self is very busy trying to organize all the information originating from these uncertain and destabilized circumstances.
Being in jail and escaping I was in a big jail full of men. Then I had to line up to go to a store. Then I finally escaped jail and went to go hang with my cousin and his friends. Dreaming about being in jail often represents shutting yourself off from others in real life. The men in the prison could symbolize just one person or a whole group of people who make you feel uncomfortable or annoyed. Given that the jail was full, it seems more probable that it is a small, specific group of people who are making your life more difficult than it needs to be. Escaping the jail reflects your desire for more time to yourself. This is either to escape the situation described above or, in general, from working too much. Being with your cousin and his friends at the end of the dream suggests you do have a support network of friends and family who are behind you 100%. While you may or may not be able to avoid those who are bothering you, you can always talk with your loved ones to get rid of some of the stress.
Plastic dolls and bees attacking I had a dream I was in a sorority house that was filled with life-sized dolls. They looked more plastic. And when I looked at them they came to life and looked at me and would walk away. When I would touch one's dress it turned black and distorted and mean-looking and then I woke up. Right before I went into the house I was outside and bees landed on me one at a time, but I felt a slight fear because I don't like bees but none hurt me. Dreaming of a house filled with people who are not real (dolls) implies you feel alone or isolated. Possibly there is a side of you that your friends do not know or recognize, meaning you cannot truly be yourself around them. The dolls that become animated and walk away and the one doll whose dress becomes strange and horrible looking before your eyes both mean you hide this aspect of yourself from others due to fear of rejection or contempt from your friends. However, things begin to look up at the end of the dream. Having a bee touch or land on you suggests there is someone out there who really gets you and is waiting for you to find them. This person could be your true love or a best friend and close confidant.
Finding a place with a deep pool I found an amazing hidden area with green plants, beautiful modern and natural-looking waterfalls and a still clear pool that looked as if it was natural, but somehow man-made. When looking inside this pool of crystal clear water I remember realizing that it was very deep and there was some sort of city or buildings inside...That's when I realized how incredibly deep it was. I remember thinking I wanted to bring a guy I have been in love with for the last year, but we haven't been together. I recently ran into him on Halloween and we haven't talked since.. I wanted to swim, the colors were warm. Although this is a somewhat complicated dream with several symbols mixed together, there are some points which stand out. The warm colors and the beautiful hidden scenery are a moderately positive sign indicating soon gaining some material wealth or inheritance. The deepness of the clear pool suggests trying, and succeeding, in finding an answer to a question that has haunted you for some time. In this case, the feeling of wanting to share the place you found with someone you are in love with suggests it is about him. Maybe you have been hesitant to get too close for fear of being rejected or maybe he has been involved with someone else. In either case, this vision predicts getting some answer, whether it is positive or negative, which allows you to finally feel at peace.
A large house with hidden rooms Repeated dream about a very large house with large hidden bedrooms. Dreaming of being inside a big and unfamiliar house, like a dwelling you have never seen before or ever been to, is a sign that you will soon have an unexpected encounter with someone who wants to become a part of your life. The large hidden rooms envisioned in the same dream are an indication of your capacity for love as well as readiness to welcome this individual or these people into your life.
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Sprinkling water and salt on land to be bought I had a dream vision about myself trying to sprinkle water and salt on a land, that I was proposed to buy. it is unclear whether you were buying the land for yourself or trying to sell it to others. So we are going to provide you with two answers for each possible case. If you envisioned buying land for yourself or your family, sprinkling salt and water on it means you should postpone or refuse any dealings with others, because there is a strong indication you would feel dissatisfied, if not sorry, for making things appear what they are not. If you, however, were offering the piece of this land to others, it means that there are things you hide from the others and try to make it sound too good to be true without revealing much information or additional details. Most likely, these are everyday dealings, like providing for your family, getting ahead of competition or establishing new connections.
Fighting with a friend while in business together I had a dream I was walking around outside and stumbled onto a moped that I've been looking for in real life, that turned out to be a friend of mine's. And that friend needed help, so I helped him, and we ended up starting a business with his stuff. He tried to be sexual with me and I turned him down. Then I had to fight some other girl and I won. Then I think I was ready to go back home to my boyfriend. The moped represents your carefree and laid-back disposition. This dream reveals the personal journey you need to go through before settling down as part of growing up. In the meantime, you would have to deal with passing individuals who may figure in some phases of your life, but you would end up losing touch with them. The fight with the girl represents your inner struggle, trying to negotiate which attitude needs to go if you are to become fully formed and mature.
Succeeding at raising cows My male friend sent a text saying he dreamt I bought dairy cows and started selling milk. It was a very profitable venture and that I told him I make 20,000 shillings a day. Cows are symbolic of hard work and industry as well as motherhood. Your friend's dream wherein you are profiting from selling the cow's milk means that he sees you as a hard-working and goal-driven individual who would reap the rewards of all the effort you put into your work. It is a sign of admiration. Your friend probably sees you as an inspiration for focus and motivation.
Pushing a wheelchair with a client in I was in the mountains pushing my client in a wheelchair and I had to go through water and over big rocks, but there were all sorts of large reptiles and rats that I was trying to avoid. Dreaming about helping your client cross treacherous and dangerous waters signifies the amount of obstacles in your path towards success. Though the presence of water portends that you would be able to amass wealth and fortune, dream symbols like snakes and reptiles represent the difficulties or hurdles you may have to go through while achieving success. The partnership between you and your client would be tested time and again. However your constant support and goodwill will lead the two of you to a successful business relationship albeit a few pitfalls in the process.
Making electricity from poop I went to a plant that makes electricity from poop in septic tanks, I was shown how they do it, they put an empty tank into a hole while below the hole is a septic tank, they put on a machine that turns the poop into electricity, I was amused and requested them to install the plant at my place, so that I can distribute the electricity to people around. I was told of some rich friends who came and got the idea from them, since I don't have a lot of money, I was given an option of a smaller plant. Poop or excrement has been associated with financial matters or issues involving money. The poop in septic tanks in your dream likely represents unharnessed potential and opportunities. In that sense, the energy generated by the septic tanks from those plants alludes to success and financial gain. You could be sitting on a unique business idea or a radical approach to your work that could increase productivity and profit for everyone involved. However, the risk associated with its implementation, as in any innovative move, may be high as well as costly. As such, your dream is actually a cautious yet encouraging message for you to implement your ideas that could potentially pay off with careful planning and proper supervision. It is wise to start small and then continue expansion once it shows signs of healthy and profitable operations.
Owning an ice cream shop A place of business I had originally worked at reconverted to an idea I suggested, to be an ice cream shop. I was a waitress in the new shop doing great with customers, many of them men, when one of the managers or owners, a dark-haired good-looking man, asked (proud of me) what I thought of shop that came from my idea. I told him it was more beautiful then I ever imagined and he said it was all because of me. I started to cry happily, then sadness and then pulled him over to the side. I told him I want part ownership, but in my mind I thought it was impossible. I told him it was always about the money as to why I couldn't invest in like I wanted. He never answered. I walked away to return the closed out bill to a table with men. When I was there, that table pointed to the table next to them and said, "I got their check". They all were multicultural and in their 30s. I said, "I won't ask what happened!" jokingly as I slid the bill from one table to another. They didn't laugh, paid the bill and left. As I was wiping the tables, a very good-looking man with blonde hair walked up to me said hi, and took my hands and started slow dancing with me. My eyes were big because I was thinking about something else. He asked me why was I crying. I didn't answer, but saw a man who was his doppelganger with short hair walk up to talk to a friend not far from us. He didn't see us. Then I woke up. The wealth of dream symbols and the multitude of interactions in this scenario imply one overarching issue you are grappling with in reality. Your articulation of your money problems is particularly telling because money as a dream symbol represents self-confidence, self-esteem and self-worth which can translate into success and prosperity. So, saying you do not have the money to invest in your idea actually means you do not believe in your skills and capability to be successful, be it romantically or professionally. You have the potential to thrive, and you believe this to be true, yet you are your own worst enemy and critic because you fear failure. The ice cream shop with a lot of men as customers further reveals your insecurity when it comes to relationships. More than your career, your fear is actually more pronounced in terms of romance. An ice cream shop is commonly perceived as a place for dating, so envisioning yourself as the waitress means you see yourself as a matchmaker rather than someone who is actively seeking a partner for yourself. As a waitress you also tend to serve others or cater to the needs of your friends of loved ones while putting your own dreams and desires aside. The whole exchange with the men about the bill illustrates your envy of others, especially those who seem to easily find partners without exerting too much effort. Instead of focusing on loving yourself and working on personal growth, you find comfort and reassurance by way of criticizing and judging others. As such, the handsome manager's validation of your business idea means someone out there appreciates you, but you need to believe in yourself so others will gravitate to this more positive and self-confident person. If that does not happen, the final scene would play out in reality. Slow dancing with the blond man means you are going to have intimate relations with someone, but the doppelganger walking to a friend means he is going to cheat on you. If you have low self-worth, then you are going to attract people who do not value you and would easily betray your trust.

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A fancy car Driving a fancy car A fancy car in your dream could be symbolic of potential exposures to sudden losses or extravagant purchases. It could also reveal your desire to have a higher status quo and social influence. You subconsciously want others to admire and perceive you as a wealthy and powerful person. This dream vision could also symbolize that you feel ambiguous, uncertain or vague about certain aspects of your life, lack self-esteem and self-confidence. You could be confused about the meaning and possible impact of recent life events on your future. Such line of questioning, indecisiveness or confusion related to other people's opinions or recent events could hamper your ability to make prompt and sound decisions.
Flowers of many colors inside an unfamiliar vehicle I had a dream I was at work and I remember walking out to my van and it was gone. I was about to panic until I saw this nice whit car with all of these flowers in it, they were red and orange looking lilies, purple and yellow with yellow buds, and others just lined up on the arm rest, on the passenger seat. I still didn't know who it was for until I got in and stuck my key in the ignition and it started up. That's when something said "you were due for an upgrade", it was like a sports car. This dream vision of stumbling upon a variety of flowers in the car is a representation of your personal reassessment and the obvious need for a change. You could have recently gone through some kind of separation from a love partner or a close friend and could presently be seeking someone's company in your life. You could be bored and dissatisfied with your daily routine, such as going to and coming back from work or performing your everyday duties like a robot. Your mind is preoccupied with the idea of going away somewhere or finding more exciting people to spend your free time with. The nice car filled with flowers in this dream, therefore, serves as a signal for you to try to break free from the mundane existence and come up with ways to live a more colorful life.
Transport trucks parked and needed to be moved I had a dream that there was three 18-wheelers parked and needed moved. Everyone wanted me to move them. I knew where the keys where. Two fit in parking spot together. Third was parked out in front of them. This dream vision about needing to move big trucks out of your way and knowing how to do this could be a reflection of your worries and concerns about something important you need to accomplish at the moment. It could be related to your work responsibilities, household projects or an issue or problem only you are capable of solving. This situation could be at a point where you are overwhelmed with the "load" of work to be done and even though there are no strict deadlines or pressure, you could be slowly sinking deeper and deeper into stress and despair related to this activity with its seemingly unmanageable volume.
Speed chase in an ambulance I dreamed that I had a boyfriend and we were playing with his ambulance because his lights don't work, then ambulances and police cars passed us with their lights and sirens on and my boyfriend followed a few minutes later he started speeding in a police motorcycle and told me to run. I ran with him and lots of bombs started going off. Dreaming about vehicles equipped with sirens points to unfounded states of anxiety or feeling possible (or imagined) threats to the dreamer's well-being or to his or her intimate relationships. Based on the context of your dream, it can be inferred that you tend to cause emotional tremors or make unfair accusations of infidelity, if in a relationship with someone in waking life. Police going after you is a reminder that you should exhibit humility, tactfulness, tolerance and soundness of mind when you get yourself involved in or start having an argument or misunderstanding with another person or a group or people. Acting otherwise would get you in more trouble, which could turn unpleasant, upsetting or even tragic. Sometimes, dreams which involve sirens and explosions serve as subconscious signals of being or becoming isolated, lonely, depressed or even desperate.
Unable to control the car I keep having this recurring dream that I am driving a car (not any specific car) and every time I press the brakes they don't work. I keep blowing red lights and stop signs even if I press the break very early. I wake up sweating almost every night from this dream. Dreams about being unable to slow or stop a car with the brakes indicate a recent situation or a tendency to do things without thinking them through. Perhaps your quick thinking solved an immediate problem, but not considering the after-effects of your actions may have dire consequences. This dream of being unable to follow traffic rules and drive safely may, therefore, be a subconscious warning that the consequences of your short-sightedness are about to be or have already begun to be realized.
Son sitting in the car refusing to leave My son of 10 was sitting in a car by himself as I was driving past with my daughter in another car. He told me that the mother left him and was to return later. When we reached home I asked my daughter to call and ask if he was still in the car. He was, He explained that the barber machines were not able to take in his name so that his hair could be cut. In the dream I had a in knowledge that the mother was with another man. Car space in dream interpretation means comfort and peace of mind. Based on this symbolism, this dream vision of your son sitting alone in the car could serve as an indication of him trying to find his own comfort zone, if not a desperate need for personal space at the moment. Not being able to cut his hair in this same dream could reveal that lately he may have wanted to share some things, either emotional or material, with others (peers or adults), but these attempts were either disallowed or ignored. Lastly, the notion of his mother being with someone else once again reflects your existing feelings or suspicions that he is not receiving adequate attention or care from you personally or other family members.
Daughter causing a car accident and damage I dreamed that my 13 year-old daughter was driving my car but I wasn't in it. She kind of brushed against a parked police car, when I came to help her, with my hands I pushed the car away from the parked car which was scratched a little bit. Still processing the scratch on the car when again she crashed the car to a bunch of parked cars. I was running toward her, she got out of the car without a scratch. Suddenly the car flipped down the parking lot building on other parked cars. As I stood there looking at the damages I started thinking about my insurance fee going up then I hoped that I was dreaming. Dreaming of your vehicle being controlled by someone else indicates not feeling in control of certain aspects of your life. This may be directly related to your daughter, perhaps because her schedule dictates yours and eats up a lot of your time. However, this could also be related to work or volunteer activities as well. Seeing your daughter's accidents progress in severity represents the situation is quickly becoming or will soon become more than you can handle, your inability to fix or prevent the damage symbolizing the difficulty you are having finding balance. Your concern in the dream is well-founded. This dream could be a subconscious warning to take a step back and reassess how much you are taking on.
Red cars and crossing a railroad I dreamt I was trying to cross a railway line and then all of a sudden I own two red cars. To be understood, we actually should look at this dream in reverse. Dreaming of cars is a relatively common symbol which is usually interpreted as a sign that you are worried about the success of your plans or fear that others may ruin your chances for getting a great opportunity. The fact that the cars were red further supports this idea, showing that your emotions may run a bit high when you are concerned about how things are going to turn out. However, being near train tracks suggests that your goals are to be met with great success, so you should not worry so much about the actions of others.
Having problems while driving a car Me and my sister-in-law were driving to the hospital, she was driving my car very smoothly when she got out of the car she was very happy and looked like she was still in her teens. Me on the other hand was driving home with my granddaughter and find it very difficult to drive back home had little control over the car. In general, this dream speaks of your envy in regards to this person's latest achievements, position in life in comparison to your own, or how you are viewed by other family members when juxtaposed to her. You may have some issues to deal with in your own life, but you are constantly comparing her lifestyle and life position against yours. Even though you may have warm feelings and reciprocity going on at the moment, you may want to consider re-evaluating certain aspects of this relationship.
Leaving a bar and riding fast with a stranger I was sitting in a bar with someone, but he was three or four seats down, I was with a younger boy blonde hair with freckles very boisterous, I was drinking soda that I was dipping through a straw... The young boy got a phone call and stepped outside to talk on it and I wanted to leave. I somehow got into a woman's SUV and was suddenly drunk, she was looking at me smiling in a mischievous way, driving very fast on a curvy, narrow road, with hills going up and down up and down. She was driving about 100 mph, everything was blurry going by, we were going so fast. It was dark outside, and I was drunk. Dreaming about being in a bar and relaxing with someone, whether they are an acquaintance or a close friend, represents needing to get a burden off your shoulders. Going to a bar with someone is a social activity, and experiencing such a vision in a dream is subconscious representation of being concerned about some matter of great importance, but possibly having trouble finding the right person to talk to. By sharing your thoughts with someone else, you may lighten your load as well as gain a new point of view from your companion. At the same time, being taken on a drive on a winding and hilly road is a sign that your frame of mind is very focused on doing negative things or resorting to bad behavior. If you don't change your current ways of thinking and acting, you may find yourself in dangerous situations threatening your well-being and even freedom. The notion that it was another person's car also points to your tendency to easily succumb to other people's bad influence or be controlled by their power they try to exert over you.
Driving a sports car Someone dreamed about me driving a sport car. A fancy or sports car you were driving as envisioned by others could be a reflection of your tendency to be involved in some extravagant purchases and gestures, or your desire to have a higher status quo and social influence. You could act or present yourself to others in a way so that they have to admire and perceive you as a wealthy, capable and powerful person. This dream vision could also symbolize that you feel ambiguous, uncertain or vague about certain aspects of your life, and could actually lack confidence and feel insecure, contrary to what you try to convey.
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Compliments from a celebrity i saw a celebrity looking at me and saying she too looks beautiful. The encountering of a celebrity in this vision seems to predict some negative energy in your life. This is particularly true if this person was very famous or good-looking. The negative energy, however, is not likely to be anything serious. Instead, it is most likely to manifest as some trivial inconvenience, like hitting traffic or being forced inside by bad weather. Having a celebrity compliment you on your looks suggests spending too much time concerned with your appearance and possibly having narcissistic tendencies. You may want to spend more time focusing on inner beauty than outer looks.
Visitng famous people I visited home of JK Rowlings in Iowa, and another famous person came too, and I also visited another famous person in their home in Connecticut. Can't remember other famous person. Dreaming of visiting and being in a celebrity's house may seem like a fun, exciting experience, however, this vision actually suggests you are about to receive some advice or information which, if followed, may have disastrous effects on your life. This knowledge may have been given in good faith, indicating the other party was either misinformed or does not understand your needs specifically. On the other hand, this inaccurate data may have been planted intentionally to get you to take a certain course of action which hurts you and benefits someone else. You may want to think twice about how you respond to and act on any information you receive in the near future. Additionally, this vision may symbolize facing a terrible situation where the odds are stacked against you. However, this is likely to last only a short amount of time, with things returning to normal slowly thereafter.
Living as a rich person Living the lifestyle of the rich and famous. This dream has two conflicting signs. Being famous in a dream suggests you have dreams that have yet to be realized because you do not have the correct tools or resources to accomplish them. Being rich, however, is often interpreted as a sign of discovering a new talent which, in this case, seems to indicate finding what you need to bring your dreams to life. You should carefully examine your life right now and see if there is anything you have learned or gained recently which is useful for your future.
Meeting celebrities in a strange house My mum was a teaching assistant and she sat next to me in Spanish class, but we had this really awful supply teacher and we kept moving classrooms, so we went outside. But this girl who looked like Wednesday Adams had a chipmunk on her hand and she screamed and ran into the forest. We went into this really modern house and we had to go through challenges to escape and I did, but I went back in because it was Khloe Kardashian's house and I was hiding behind the TV, but then I was walking around and she was dressed up as Bubbles Devere from Little Britain. Noting a lot of personalities you are describing in this dream, it is possible that there is a great deal of disconnect that exists in the relationship between you and your mother. Some flashy and short-lived drives, events or occurrences may be taking your attention away from her needs and prevent you from maintaining a sound connection with her. This vision could also be reflective of your tendency to refrain from discussing your issues and problems with other family members because you want to remain within the comfort zone you have created for yourself.
With a celebrity, making wishes and seeing wonderful things happening I am co-acting with a superstar Shah Rukh Khan. After the shoot, the crew, him and me are gathered in a park, it is early night. The sky is clear and filled with stars. I observe a few shooting stars and then a few more and soon hundreds of them. I fold my hand and make wishes, 1 - to make me as famous as Shah Rukh, 2 - to help me dissolve and attain my goal in spirituality. It is raining, the mood is ecstatic, the shower brings flakes of gold that settle on leaves and soon pebbles and leaves are turning gold. I pick a few pebbles of gold and put in in my pocket, offering some back to the Lord. Being together with someone who is a celebrity in a dream could contain indications of some negative energy present in your life. This is particularly true if this person was very famous or good-looking. The negative energy, however, is not likely to be anything serious. Instead, it is most likely to manifest as some trivial inconvenience, like hitting traffic or being forced inside by bad weather. A starry sky with every little detail that astounds you and leaves you breathless could also indicate the beginning of the period in your life when you would be actively searching for your true purpose and place in life. The images of golden flakes you were collecting is also a sign of your gullible nature and propensity to be deceived or taken advantage of easily. Together with other symbols you have come across in this dream, it might as well be a warning to pay less attention to the material and short-lived, and be more cognizant of things that truly matter, like spirituality and peace of mind.
Seeing celebrities and not liking them My dreams were about I was in California and I saw Kendall and Kylie Jenner and I don't like Kendall and she is so ugly and mean and she is so snobby. Despite your aversion to these particular celebrities, this vision is actually a very positive sign. Being in a known location, particularly if you live quite far from it in real life, predicts some happy and exciting events taking place in your life. You may be offered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity or take a major step forward in your career or personal life. This is further supported by meeting famous people, which is often interpreted as a sign of expanding your social circle and being involved in multiple groups. Networking may be what sets off the chain reaction of positive events. If you have the chance to meet and interact with people who could positively affect your life, you should take the opportunity to introduce yourself.
Wanting but being unable to attend or watch a concert with favorite singers I have this recurring dream of always being unable to attend the concert of my favorite boy group. They recently had a concert in my country this January but I wasn't able to attend because of school, but it was really my dream concert. I don't why, but I dreamt about the same idea for four times already, but different situations. Like everything I dream about their concert it's either I wasn't able to attend or I'm attending, but I wasn't able to watch the concert because of distractions or other activities I have to do, but I really want to watch... I'm really into this group, I want to see them... Dreaming about never being able to enjoy your favorite concert actually speaks of the troubles that are currently plaguing your mind though they are not necessarily related to the concert itself. In fact, it is more likely the concert is meant to represent multiple good things in your life, but for the purpose of this vision, your subconscious has narrowed in on one thing that means a lot to you. Missing the concert completely or being distracted when the event takes place indicates being in a situation fraught with disagreement and misunderstanding, making it difficult to get anything done. The stress of this situation should not be taken lightly and these negative circumstances, no matter how minor or seemingly insignificant, should be dealt with quickly to avoid them snowballing into something completely unmanageable.
A band trying to kill My dream was about my K-pop idols, they wanted to bury us in the Bermuda triangle. While it is unclear whether you are presently alone or with a group of people, being buried in an area in the middle of the ocean could indicate feeling isolated and cut off from others. This was likely triggered by some recent event in which you asked for help and did not receive it for some reason. The fact that it was K-pop idols having this intention, whom you normally admire, the notion of them doing this to you suggests you have been deeply hurt or disappointed by this situation. You may want to consider expressing your feelings to the other party instead of keeping them to yourself.
Receiving name cards from a celebrity and his phone number I'm in a crowed place, I walk outside and see Alexander Skarsgard walking just across from me. I'm suddenly in front of him and I ask for his autograph, he says "Yes, wait here". He walks to a car and takes out 3-4 pieces of paper, he goes through them and gives me one. I look and my name is on the top, spelled correctly. There's a sentence that I can't remember, then my name again, but spelled wrong. He then gives me a small piece of paper. I ask what it is and he tells me it's his number, just in case I need him. Celebrities, the people whom we all admire, often end up in dreams as a sign of our need for recognition and approval. Asking an autograph from a celebrity suggests you may be doubting your competence in handling everyday responsibilities or the tasks that were recently assigned to you. Nevertheless, you may well be called upon to take on a challenge which makes you question your capabilities. This fear of handling things you cannot manage may have led you to the decision to delegate some or all of these tasks to others. But it seems that your performance is suffering no matter which path you have chosen to follow.
Hanging out with celebrities and predominant orange colors I dreamt David Bowie was walking in he middle of the road, in long shoes walking slowly with the traffic. Then I think it was Chrissy Hynde who said "Wait, he has got a birthday card for you". Then he suddenly appeared with the biggest, most colorful flowers in an orange card color way. I also had another separate small bunch of orange roses. I went to his house and put them on the bed as I arranged them to put in water. He walked into the room, and he had this glitter brooch or badge. Dreaming of celebrities or popular personalities reflects your aspirations. You could be desiring certain characteristics of these prominent people or wanting to achieve a similar kind of success. Since Chrissie Hynde and David Bowie are icons in the music industry, maybe you want to cultivate your musical inclinations. The flowers, and roses in particular, refer to growth and progress. Specifically, the roses indicate a blossoming romance. As such, you may be given a break or come across a potential collaboration which could ignite your passion and give you inspiration. In pop culture, orange has been associated with insanity. A more grounded interpretation of this color is becoming overpowered and irresistible offers. For that reason, your vision contains an inherent warning to keep your wits about you and take everything with a grain of salt.
Spending time with a famous girl who is afraid of sunlight I had a dream with a famous girl, she was looking very simple with jeans and a top, we went to a room, sat down and she was looking through a window, was day time, and it seemed to me that she wanted me to also look through the window. When I did, it was a river and the water was moving quite fast to normal, suddenly I opened the window and a strong sun light got on her face and she quickly close the right curtain that I had opened and did some kinda face expression, like she was refusing the sun light. Your dream is packed with symbolism pointing to the direction you are taking in life. The famous girl in your dream represents the qualities you admire and want for yourself or a possible partner. You could also be aspiring for the kind of status she holds or the popularity she enjoys. The window signifies hope and opportunity. When you looked out and saw a flowing river, it reveals a positive view of your future, which involves potentially acquiring wealth, independence and self-sufficiency. However, there seems to be a certain inconsistency in your vision of the future. The qualities and the status you associate with the girl and which you want to attain may not fit into the kind of life you envision for yourself. You could be headed down the right path, but certain people or peers are probably discouraging you or pulling you into a different track. Overall, this is your mind's way of putting things into perspective in order to help you make better choices in the waking world.
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A child with grey eyes A child with grey eyes. Dreaming about seeing or staring into grey eyes is a forewarning about a possibility of crossing your paths with a deceitful and conniving individual or group of people who would make it their first priority to take advantage of your gullible nature or other weaknesses in personal character. The notion that it was a child could also indicate that these circumstances could be affecting not you, but someone in your life who may need your assistance but is unwilling or unable to ask. They could be in need of emotional or financial support, but are too shy or proud to engage in a conversation with you. If you know someone in your waking life who may evoke such feelings in you, it may be prudent to make yourself more available to them.
Daughter writing word "MOM" on a drawing My step daughter calls me mom and writes it on paper as she has drawn me something. In this dream, she calls out mom as though to get my attention to see her artwork. All that is there is the word MOM in capital letters. Hearing your child call out for you symbolically represents being called back to your roots. Throughout the course of your life, you may have lost sight of your dream or made compromises based on what you had to do at the time. The imagery of "mom," however, is trying to bring you back to where you were before things got off track. Your subconscious mind may be sensing an upcoming opportunity that you could use to get a head start.
Daughter burning alive in an oven Dream my daughter was laying in an oven and it caught on fire, she was burning alive and I was trying to get her out the oven. I would give my life for my child, she had me by the hand and she was screaming and I woke up. It scared me to death, please help. In the context of this dream vision you have experienced, seeing your daughter burning alive in the oven predicts emergence of a new person in her life, which would drive a wedge into the relationship between you and her. Possible reasons for this to happen could be her falling in love with someone special, becoming pregnant or moving away, soon or when the time comes for her to make this decision. Fire in a dream, by itself, is also symbolic of personal renewal and transformation, therefore, it could be a positive experience for both of you, even though it may hurt when it first happens.
A child appearing to have drowned, but alive Found a child floating in a pool. Thought it was dead, removed the child and he was fine. A floating child that appears dead signifies a lack of certainty in your course of action, possibly prior to making important decisions. The ambivalence present in the dream furthermore indicates that it is not a good time for major decisions. The successful rescue of the child preceded by his appearance as dead is a sign of all-pervading pessimism that determines your recent behavior. You should concentrate on yourself during the incoming period by withdrawing from decision-making about things which may interfere with the course of actions you would normally follow.
Grandson strangling I dreamt of my grandson strangling me and saying "Now I have you alone". Being strangled in a dream suggests your relationship with that person, your grandson, may be suffering. This is likely because neither of you has been putting in the effort to do new things together or keep the bond between you strong. If left much longer, this situation may continue to deteriorate and might collapse altogether.
Saving kids from a car filled with smoke There were four kids in a car, one being a new born. When the car was parked, the two older ones came out. While someone was putting oil in the car, smoke filled the inside of the car. I yelled for help, but no one moved. I went in to get them myself. At the end they were safe. I remember there was no fire, only smoke. Cars are often symbolic of our life-journey on this planet, and both the newborn baby and the children you see in this car represent positive events in your life, such as upcoming successes and lucky chances. However, seeing the car fill with smoke before the children were evacuated suggests you may not be focusing on goals or events which could raise you to the next level. For example, you may spend a lot of your time daydreaming about what could be out there instead of going out and making it happen. Saving the children at the end of this vision is a message from your subconscious saying you can do the same thing with your life if you take control of the situation and make well-informed decisions.
Trying to save a child from a snake and from drowning There was an albino snake by the poolside standing beside me, then the snake jumped in the pool, then jump out, then my three-year old son appeared and I ran to the other side of the pool where he was and he fell in and I jumped in after him. I got a hold of him but I couldn't bring him out of the water and I suddenly woke up. Seeing an albino snake is an ominous sign indicating being on the receiving end of some disturbing, unpleasant news. This is likely related to the sign of your son drowning, which indicates that someone close to you could be developing a problem with their breathing, such as asthma, bronchitis, or a bad cold. Your difficulty getting him out of the water suggests this problem could last for some time, though it is unlikely to develop into a serious issue.
Children falling down the shaft under the bed 2 of my children are on a top bunk bed. The bunk bed starts slipping into a shaft. I tell my daughter to stop moving. She says there is a lady (who we don't know) that keeps moving it. I see that the bed is going to fall and tell my daughter to jump and I will grab my son. But as she jumps off, he slips down the shaft and I scream out his name, he hits the bottom, I think at least he will die instantly, so he won't know anything about it. But he wakes and is crying out in pain. Then I wake up crying. This dream contains many signs and, as a result, is very difficult to interpret. A vision centered around the idea of a bed that shakes and is pulled into the ground by an outside force can indicate suffering great losses. The external force here could represent a current situation in which you feel powerless or an upcoming circumstance which you may not be able to avoid, prevent or change. This is supported by watching your son fall and being hurt, which indicates being deserted in your time of need by friends or family members. You may feel increasingly disappointed and even betrayed because of their lack of care and attention for you.
Looking after a rambunctious child and visiting places I had a dream where I was taking care of my boyfriend's daughter. By the way, I haven't met her. Anyways, all I remember is she was beautiful but a little hyperactive. I took her to the store and she couldn't decide what to get. When we were out of the store we were heading to see my boyfriend (we never got to see him). But on the way, there was a bridge being fixed and when we got to the other side, I saw my niece playing in dirt. I asked her to come with us, but she refused. My boyfriend's daughter started running all over the place, straight down the street and I think I saw her in white pants. All I remember. Looking after mischievous children points to the fact that you are getting older and some things that used to worry you before do not really concern you anymore. It can also represent a positive sign that with age comes wisdom and that you are now able to accomplish a lot more than when you were younger. The white pants symbolize changes in your life, but since they were not particularly clear nor prevalent in your dream, these could simply be minor changes that come naturally with growing up.
Toddlers using bathroom by themselves for the first time I was in the bathroom with my twin boy toddlers. They were urinating in their potties for the first time. I was so excited and happy! I shared it via SMS to a male friend. Seeing little boys urinate is symbolic of childish behavior. The fact that there were two boys in this vision indicate that whatever causes this behavior is likely to be a big deal for you. You friends usually think of you as the type who is in control and knows what to do in most situations, so a sudden lapse into childlike tantrums and irrational anger may confuse or upset them. However, given your delight in sharing this experience on social media, you likely feel completely justified in your words and actions.
Trying to save a little girl and becoming frightened by her appearance I'm driving through thick fog, when all of the sudden I hear the voice of what sounds like a little girl talking through a fan. It's choppy, but after a moment what she's saying becomes clear. She is saying "Help me, please help me. Don't leave me alone". I get out of the truck and start running into the woods where I find a little girl covered in lacerations. When I approach the girl and touch her shoulder, she turns around and has no face, it is twisted and mangled like some Silent Hill shit. Instantly, I feel as though I am being strangled and wake up not being able to breath and panicking. Scary dreams often manifest when you are experiencing a lot of tension or stress in your life. Perhaps you are going through a period of self-doubt or a lack of control in your current existence. The source of tension implied by the thick fog could be causing uncertainty and worries in your waking life, that is why you are unable to think clearly about how to proceed. As a result, there is a tendency to lose your sense of direction in life. The effect of your predicament on your psyche is exemplified by the disfigured girl in your vision. It may be that you fear a loss of innocence and playfulness in the process. Maybe you also feel suffocated by your current circumstances, like something or someone is holding you back or preventing you from speaking your mind. For that reason, some sort of transformation or change may be needed to resolve your problems, so you do not feel smothered and helpless.
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Lots of beautiful clothes I am a girl and I have dreamed about many beautiful clothes. What is the meaning of this dream? Please reply with your answer as soon as possible. Dreaming about nice clothes signifies your well-balanced lifestyle and contentment regarding your current plans and obligations. This could also be a sign of meeting with those you have not seen in quite a while or attending a big event someone has plans to invite you to.
Shoes belonging to the boyfriend When I woke up, my boyfriends shoes were in the entrance. Dreaming of seeing your boyfriend's shoes at the entrance of your house or of your room as soon as you wake up is an ambivalent sign For one, it may be that your partner is on his way out. In this case, it is possible that your partner is having an affair and could be cheating on you. Alternatively, it may be that he is inside your home, but simply physically absent. In both cases, your partner may have been or will be emotionally absent and unavailable, at least temporarily.
Clothes given and running away from someone I am dreaming about clothes someone give clothes to me and I put in suitcase then I go run away from my Mother of my employer. Dreaming about someone donating or giving you clothes which you noticed putting in a suitcase could be sign of potential hardship or disappointment brought about by the person who gave you clothes in the dream. The vision of running away from the mother figure you are describing could be an indication that these issues or troubles could also be coming from or caused by this person. These potential issues are likely to be related to your household or workplace.
Someone dancing and wearing white clothes Someone dancing in a white dress with lots of layers and wearing a white headband. The vision of someone wearing a white dress and dancing could suggest that someone in your social circle is about to get married or become engaged. The many layers could symbolize the number of marriage ceremonies you have attended in the past. The number of layers could also translate the number of people taking part in the upcoming celebration. You may subconsciously anticipate the marrying person's invitation to their wedding or engagement. The white headband could be an indication of incoming signs or signals from this person about their intentions to get married and the seriousness of their relationship and their desire to take it to the next level. It could also reveal that their intentions to get married could be externalized by their behavior or actions, which are becoming apparent to other people, including you. These could include love and affection exchanged between them and displayed in front of other people.
Noticing holes appearing on leggings I was walking down a street and I looked down and small holes appeared in my black leggings. Dreaming about noticing holes starting to appear on your leggings could serve as an indication that people around you could be taking your recent actions, behavior or attitude as frivolous or inappropriate. Their perception of you at this moment could be of little importance to them or has no impact on you (since the holes in the dream appeared to be small), but the situation may grow out of proportions if you do not take it under control.
Losing two pairs of sandals I was dreaming of losing my sandals, one pair was black, I think like a pair I own and the other one I cant quite remember the color, but there were 2 pairs. Losing sandals in a dream vision is an ill omen for relationships. In most cases, it symbolizes the end or crumbling of a romantic relationship, resulting in bad feelings for both parties involved. It can also point toward having your feelings rejected by someone you are interested in, no matter how noble and pure your intentions might be.
Fashionable shoes on display I had plenty of beautiful shoes displayed in a very fashionable manner as in fashion exhibits. I admired them and someone else too. The person said I have lovely shoes and I told her that I wear them at different times. I picked one pair and wore. Visions about a beautiful array of shoes which are commented on and admired by others represents your personality. Specifically, it indicates a tendency to share too much information with people you have only just met or come in contact with. While you may normally be a good judge of character, there may come a time when you make a mistake, meaning you are leaving yourself vulnerable to gossip and blackmail if you reveal anything which is too sensitive to others.
A woman giving undergarments I dream of a woman giving me her bra and panties (black and white), what is the meaning? Assuming you are a male, the meaning of this vision depends highly on whether you recognized this woman and whether she is a potential candidate for your affections or not in waking life. In general, bras and panties are often interpreted as signs of a successful encounter with someone who leaves a positive, meaningful impression upon you. If this woman is someone you have feelings for in reality, it could predict a positive interaction with her in the future. If you did not recognize the woman though, it could indicate a new person entering your life and sweeping you off your feet.
Being without clothes at church and not worried I was in a church, naked, with a group of people, some of the people were nuns. I was only slightly uncomfortable with my nakedness. There was one other woman who was naked as well. The dominant nun led us around through rooms, and there was a young woman who was very defiant towards her. At the end, the other naked woman was dressed, and I was given clothes, but once dressed, I felt uncomfortable in the clothes. Being in church is symbolically linked with the idea of protection and safety though in this case it seems to indicate a false sense of security. This is because being naked in a dream vision is often interpreted as a sign of becoming involved in an immoral relationship, such as one with someone who is already married. This is followed by the sign of uncomfortable clothing which can represent making a grave error, particularly related to sound judgement. You may think that your actions go unnoticed by others, but sooner or later others are likely to not only realize what you are up to, but also shun you for your choices, causing feelings of great regret and sadness.
A pink dress transforming into a wedding gown I saw myself being with my friend and in the store. I took a short pink dress to wear, but when I saw myself, I had actually wore a wedding dress, maybe it was a short one, I'm not sure about this. The color pink signifies love, happiness and affection. It could also be associated with being in love. A wedding dress, on the other hand, could indicate some concern or anxiety on your part about an upcoming important life event. Hence, your dream may be suggestive of an imminent occasion involving your current partner or someone you like, even if they do not know it, causing you distress and emotional pain. This is the way for your subconscious mind to remind you not to be overly concerned, because if you set your mind to it and do your best in whatever endeavor you take on, you will likely achieve success.
A dress made for two I had a dream that my mother and I were putting on a long white dress that was made for two people with backs touching. A white dress signifies purity, honesty and transparency. Perhaps you could soon become involved in a wedding-related ceremony or get married yourself. Aside from that, wearing this long, white dress with your mother reveals your mother-daughter bond built upon honesty and mutual support. It further points towards the amount of faith you have in each other, knowing that you have each other's back. On the other hand, having your backs turned against each other is also a sign of disagreement or misunderstanding. There is a superior-subordinate connotation at play here as well, however it is unclear which of the two of you dominates the relationship.
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Being blown up after opening email I was blown up after opening an email. Emails, as dream images, have various meanings depending on your current associations towards this medium of communication in reality. If you are neck-deep in work at the moment, then blowing up after opening an email could point to the extreme stress and pressure that you are subjected to at work. However, if you have been waiting for a response to a personal email, then this dream vision could reveal your anxiety regarding this much-awaited piece of information. Some "explosive" news may be coming your way, either anticipated or unexpectedly.

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Army entering the house and assaulting everyone in the room Dream of soldiers they where 4 came in our place they beat everybody there badly hard I was there but they didn't touch me I was carrying a baby and trying to play DVD. Dreams about soldiers or military personnel entering your house and when these dreams have negative connotation or contain scenes of violence indicate that attempts to get help from authorities or (social) agencies which you will have a need to contact because of some personal issues or problems might not be successful or will not be resolved in your favor. The notion that you were not affected by this visit also means that you will be solely responsible for solving possible issues or conflicts which may occur in your life, to the point of doing it on your own.
Teachers mad and shooting randomly I dreamed that I was in a school and was running away from some teachers who looked like frustrated, upset or confused while trying to shoot at random people including myself. Dreaming about being present at a random shooting could be a warning about possible careless actions you may be subjected to by others who do not realize the negative consequences of their behavior. This dream can also express your fear or hesitance towards something which needs to be taken care of or done by you in order to change your life for better, in the context of your dream - this could be related to school or self-improvement activities.
Hitting another person and he does not feel pain I am hitting someone and he doesn't feel any matter how hard I hit. Dreaming about hitting someone is a sign of unexpected news you are about to receive. It can also signify your fear towards the person you were hitting in your dream who in reality may behave aggressively towards you. Seeing this person not feeling any pain in this dream means that the root cause of your fear or antipathy in relation to this person may never be identified. Try to assess your feelings as to why you are so averse towards this individual.
A man washing his hands in a bowl The lady was eating and the guy washed his hands in the bowl that the lady was busy eating in. When asked why he did that he got angry. This vision of someone washing his hands in a bowl could be a reflection of some indecent acts or inappropriate behavior directed at someone you know and which you may have become a witness of. You may have an emotional dilemma related to this occurrence, but you feel reluctant or even threatened, certainly not willing, to share this information with others or come up with proper resolution. The symbol of a lady in this dream could point out that the person involved in this situation is your close female friend or acquaintance.
Someone obsessed and killing him I dream about a guy who is so obsessed with me. He attempt to hurt me and my friends and then we killed him. What does that mean? It's so weird! Dreaming about a stalker or someone who is obsessed with you is a subconscious reflection of your current life situation when you are exposed to or given too much attention or scrutiny from a person or a group of people. Based on the second part of your dream description, this is most likely the attention or attitude you are not comfortable with. Killing this person in your dream signifies your determination and readiness to do something about this situation before it escalates and gets out of control.
Fighting with a friend In my dream, my old friend who I no longer talk to showed up at my house and started shouting at me. I started shouting at her back as she was the one in the wrong. I said something but smacked myself afterwards. Having a dream about quarreling or having a fight with someone you know closely, such as a friend or a family member is a reflection of your aggressive attitude toward this person and your desire to provoke or humiliate this person, including by some indirect ways or actions. If you felt in your dream that the conflict with this person was a wrongdoing on your part or you felt bad about this confrontation afterwards, you might have doubts and second thoughts about continuing down this conflicting path with this person.
Not ready for a show, connection to school and random shooting A strip club and I was upset because I didn't have time to do my makeup before my first dance and I was wearing my glasses. Customers were really nice to me about it, but I was embarrassed. Work looked nothing like it typically does and had three floors. there were some kids from my high school there… went back to the dressing room which resembled a classroom. All of the sudden gunshots rang out and friend and I hid inside a little closet. voice over the loudspeaker that the shooting was over but that three people had been injured but not killed. All of these people from my high school then came. Being on stage often represents how you present yourself to others and how you are seen and judged by others. Being embarrassed because you were not ready for your performance could reflect your inability to gain other people's respect or trust. This inability could result from your tendency to minimize your potential in front of others. Dreaming about being embarrassed for not being able to perform could also translate your fear of failure. You fear to disappoint yourself, rather than those around you. You feel like an inapt kid whenever the possibility of failure poses itself. Being present at a random shooting is a warning. Other people may act carelessly towards you. They could be unaware of the negative impact of their actions. Although their menacing behavior is not a constant in your daily life, such behavior could make you feel so fearful that you would want to hide in a closet. This part of the dream could also reinforce the meaning of the initial part when you regard other people's watchful eyes as (at least sometimes) menacing. Rather than resuming with your social activities (such as dancing) in front of understanding eyes, as with the first part of the dream, you could feel the desire to hide from others and repress your social activities whenever you expect people to be less sympathetic. These are two possible follow-ups for a real or imaginary under-performance (being censured and not being censured; accepting imperfect outcomes or denying possibly imperfect outcomes). This dream can also express your fear or hesitation towards something which you need to do for your life to improve. This action could be related to school or your need for self-improvement.
Abusive relationship with a controlling boyfriend A dream where am involve in an abusive relationships.The controlling and drunk boyfriend. And the boyfriend is unknown. This dream about envisioning yourself being in an abusive relationship with someone you do not actually know could represent subconscious fears. You may be afraid of starting, pursuing, or committing yourself to a more serious relationship with someone who has recently offered you such an opportunity. This could refer to the establishment of a new friendship or a romantic affair. Also, being confronted or having to deal with a drunk person in a dream could represent a warning to be cautious, maintain focus and be prepared to face some serious unfavorable circumstance that may be coming into your life and would be difficult to deal with and overcome. Finally, dreaming of controlling and abusive relations may also stand for a subconscious reflection of being so extremely desired or wanted by someone that it hurts.
Ex-husband stealing possessions My ex-husband came to my house with my friends and stole all my furniture and car. Dreaming about your ex-husband visiting you, alongside other people, could reveal the presence of some unresolved issues or problems with him. These problems would need to be addressed and resolved. For example, you may feel that you are worthless (the furniture) and stuck in his absence (the car). Alternatively, you could currently be concerned about your safety. These security issues could be re-emerging because you are worried about protecting your life, and not necessarily in regards to material things or possessions. It also feels as if your past is coming back to haunt you and there is no one to protect you. Even your friends joined the enemy side. The presence of your friends on your ex-husband's side could be indicative of their involvement or participation in your relationship. They might act as the linking piece between you two, for example by disclosing or sharing new information about his recent actions or behavior to you, which could make you worried and concerned about your own life.
Being humiliated by a teacher and hiding in the washroom stalls In my dream, my literature teacher humiliated me with the rest of my class to a point where I broke down. Later on, my friend went and brought the deputy head to the toilets as I had locked myself in a cubicle and refused to come out. This dream could be an indication of learning about something disappointing and which might make you feel less determined in pursuing projects you are currently intending to complete. It could be related to your studies or life outside the school. The vision of washroom stalls implies the need to re-consider the group of people you are currently having as friends or people who you think could be helpful in achieving your goals or aspirations. The newly acquired friends or acquaintances could improve your chances of succeeding.
People dressed in black trying to attack and no police available I'm in the driveway down the road which has a metal building. I was looking for my dogs and they stay down the road at this house(trailer or shop). I was calling my dogs to get into the car with my son. Then I saw 4 guys dressed all in black coming straight toward me, I was trying to get back into the car before they came where I was, and I asked my son to call the police and he said he couldn't because someone had it. They were there right beside me surrounding the car and not saying a word and no faces that I could see. They were forcing me not to get into the car, and then I woke up. Becoming a victim of some kind of an assault in a dream could be a warning. You presently should be very watchful of your enemies, adversaries, competitors or people who simply dislike you. They could be trying to interfere with your current plans, activities or wishes. The attackers seemed to be faceless. This could be a sign of their feeling of envy and pretense. The attackers did not actually exert any physical violence. Yet, they scared you and forced you into your car, alongside your son. This could suggest that this individual or individuals could about to strike. Alternatively, they could be forcing you to move, for example, into a different house or job, or change your ideas and perspectives about something. These changes could affect your loved ones who are symbolized in your dream by your dogs and your son. You also tried to call the police for help, but you were unable to reach them. This could reveal that no support or help can be offered to you during these difficult times. Alternatively, it could also mean that no one might be available or interested in helping you. For example, you dogs failed to show up in this dream. This reinforces the latter interpretation. Overall, this dream vision translates a fearful and frightened state. You are most likely not quite aware of its source or what could be causing you such anxiety, hence, you subconsciously projected this fear or possible threat to your well-being onto multiple faceless attackers.
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Someone getting assaulted and raped I had a very vivid dream, in which I saw a woman trying to burn the house. The lady who was sleeping next to me sees her and I'm telling her not to scream. And later that lady comes and removes the panty of another lady sleeping and stuffs green chilly in her vagina! And the poor lady's mouth is tied up with a cloth and she is crying for help! Dreaming about an act of violence, assault or rape directed at someone or watching someone suffer as it happens while you dream means that this person (if you know who the person was in your dream) is about to be injured or hurt, her house may be in danger of being burglarized and she may be needing your help and support after it happens. If you do not know who the person in your dreams was, this could indicate that it is about to happen to someone you may know.
German soldiers entering the house (I am female) I dreamt I was a young Jewish man hiding in a French Resistance Safehouse. I was tipped off the Germans were coming to get me so I packed my bag with some clothes and hid, ready to run. The Germans arrived by the truckfull with guns and barking dogs. When they banged on the door I woke up. Dreaming about seeing military people, such as soldiers or troops, entering your house could foretell forthcoming favorable changes. That is, you could be about to experience some positive life changes. Alternatively, you could soon benefit from a chance lucky circumstance or encounter. You also mentioned a vision of barking dogs. This could indicate that you would most likely be unable to get the most out of this fortunate change or circumstance. This incapability could result from your current busy schedule or reluctance and resistance to change. That is, there could be some self-created obstacles preventing you from moving forward and from changing for the better.
Being raped in public I m a girl, I saw a dream. It was like this, I was raped by unknown person in public. After that I scared and wake up. A dream in which you see yourself being raped must be considered as a forewarning. It may indicate that you could be experiencing, or be about to experience certain trials and tribulations. These hazardous circumstances might influence other people's attitude towards you. It also portends a sort of symbolic violation. Namely, you may be forsaken, ignored or disrespected by someone who is close to you or of whom you might know otherwise. This could happen under the watchful eyes of others.That is, some unexpected situation may have the consequence of leading others to estrange themselves from you, reject you or fail to support you when you most need their assistance.
A faceless guy with a gun There is a guy putting gun behind me. I did not see his face. To envision yourself being a victim of a murder in a dream could be a warning. You should be very careful in order not to fall into the traps set for you by your enemies or people who dislike you. Moreover, the attacker was a man without a face. This could symbolize envy and pretense potentially coming from anyone close to you. This individual could be preparing to strike. Alternatively, this dream is telling you to be watchful of your own actions or behavior. You might make the wrong move and ruin your image or reputation. An alternative interpretation suggests that you might be currently under a state of fear. You would not be quite aware of its source, i.e., of what was causing you such anxiety. Hence, you subconsciously projected this fear by seeing an unidentifiable face in this dream.
Being arrested and then helped I was caught by police. Some of the transgender came there helped me and beat police officers and one among them threw money on me. Dreaming about being arrested by police when you felt as if you were innocent means you will be victorious over someone who is trying to compete with or overpower you. If you knew you were guilty of a crime in this dream, it means you are entering a period of hardship and suffering in your life which might have serious consequences. Being helped by a transgendered person in this situation can be interpreted as support or help coming from someone (male or female) when you might be experiencing a lot of pressure from a person who is superior to you (such as your employer, landlord etc.). The vision of money being thrown at you is a symbol of your kind and generous nature and your ability to reciprocate when help is offered to you.
Someone in a mask trying to kill There is someone (a man) standing at the end of my bed with a mask in they are trying to kill me. I then wake up. To envision yourself being a victim of a murder in a dream could be a warning to be very careful in order not to fall into the traps set for you by your enemies or people who dislike you. This dream is also telling you to be watchful of your own actions or behavior that can ruin your image or reputation. A masked man symbolizes envy and pretense coming from someone close to you (as the notion of this man standing close to your bed implies).
Being stabbed and boyfriend is not helping In my dream I was being attacked. I had a boyfriend in my dream too. When I got stabbed in my lower back he didn't do anything and just got up and walked away. Dreaming about being a victim of a murder is a sign that you should be very careful in order not to fall into the traps set up for you by your enemies or people who dislike you. This dream is also telling you to be watchful of actions or behavior that can ruin your image or reputation. The vision of your boyfriend not being able or not willing to offer help in this situation can be a projection of distrust or insincerity present in your current relationship with this person.
Trying to escape from a gunman My 2nd daughter, myself and a man were trapped in a building used for science experiments, by a man who said he was going to shoot me in front of my daughter. I kept looking for ways to escape but knew we wouldn't get far because there were cameras watching our every move. Dreaming about yourself being a target of a murderer and unable to escape could be a warning to be very careful in order not to fall into the traps set for you by your enemies or people who dislike you. This dream is also telling you to be watchful of your own actions or behavior that can lead to losing respect or trust of your daughter. Cameras watching your every move inside the building in this same dream could be an indication that you suspect or recently discovered that your actions became known or revealed to someone whom you do not really trust to possess this kind of information or knowledge which could be used against you.
A girl killing people, scenes of violence in a lock-down building I'm in jail with my friend Ryan for speeding, with us is a girl who says she didn't kill her brother, she kills the officer, and escapes and has me follow her, she goes off and starts killing a school filled with people for a locked-in homecoming dance. I try to find a way out for my friends when the girl isn't looking, while still acting like a crazy person when she is. the only person i end up killing is my ex-boyfriend. very detailed. VERY bloody, gore..I remember everything, the way I thought, outfits, facial features, etc.. Overall, the dream is very detailed. This suggests that you are a very introspective or reflective, and psychologically mature. Dreaming about yourself being a target of a killer and witnessing scenes of violence could be a warning. You should be careful not to fall into the traps set for you by your enemies or people who dislike you. Alternatively, this dream expresses you subconscious revengeful and murderous impetus. That is, you may be angry about something or someone. As a consequence, you could end up losing your temper and doing something you would regret in the future. Such attitude or action would cost you the respect or trust of significant people in your life. This interpretation is based upon the understanding that, in your dream, a part of your inner self was being played by you; and another was being played by your friend. This interpretation is reinforced by the final ex-boyfriend killing act. Finally, the vision of your boyfriend being murdered could be an indication that you might suspect or have recently discovered that someone, who was at least once in your past very important to you, has been speaking behind your back and gossiping with people who are close to you. The disclosed information could eventually be used against you and put in jeopardy your significant relationships.
A neighbor appearing as if he has been stabbed In my dream I stood in my kitchen when my next door neighbor randomly appeared in my front garden wearing a McDonald's uniform covered in blood as if he had been stabbed. This vision could contain a premonition of a looming dangerous situation or indecent act. The McDonald's uniform worn by your neighbor speaks of your uncertainty about the causes that led to such situation or about the external or general factors which could contribute to its occurrence. It is unlikely that you would be being a victim of this incident yourself. Instead, this upcoming event would most probably involve witnessing something bad happening to another person or people. The kitchen, as a symbol, could reveal that this event or incident could happen close to where you live. Alternatively, it could be an event domestic in its nature, i.e. domestic violence, spousal abuse, etc.
Being a police officer and witnessing daughter-in-law being in bed with a stranger I was a police officer and called to a complaint. Upon arrival other police officers were just sitting in police cars. I and partner went into residence and arrested the strong man of the house. Upon further entering residence I saw my real life daughter-in-law spread eagle naked on a bed and sleeping with another man other than my son in real life. Upon leaving residence other police officers left me behind and I had to walk back up to police station. Firstly, you saw yourself serving as a police officer and being part of the police force. This could suggest that you might currently have an opinion, point of view or suggestion you want to express or make known to others. However, your peers left you behind in this dream. You might soon end up acting alone, failing to have the support of others or be outwardly criticized by those around you. These would be some possible consequences of trying to share your views or opinions. Thus, you should perhaps carefully weigh all the pros and cons before making a decision to proceed with expressing your views to others. You could also be facing a decision which might drastically change the course of your life as well as the life of someone close to you. For example, you may start acting forcefully and unjustly towards others in order to get your point across. Secondly, seeing your close family member naked in the same dream might also signify that this person could be about to be exposed to some health issue. In particular, they may become sick or go through a process of prolonged illness which could eventually seriously affect their well-being. Being left behind by other police officers in this dream reinforces potentially ominous outcomes you might soon be subjected to.
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Mutual signs of affection with a stranger I was at my little cousins party and 2 boys worked there and one of the boys said that the other guy likes me. He said his name was Nikko, was 19 and cute, Nikko made me smile and he made me blush. Later on the same day me and Nikko were on the roof of the mall and he was holding me. I had go somewhere with my uncle, but I was coming back to Nikko. I told Nikko I'm coming back, he said okay and I never came back to Nikko because I woke up! This dream vision of expressing affection toward someone you had just met while receiving similar kind of treatment in return is most likely a reflection of your actual situation in waking life. You are surrounded by a lot of people whom you do not have any difficulties communicating and socializing with. However, recently you have made some direct attempts to either get to know one of them better or open yourself up to them, but something could be standing in the way of establishing a more meaningful and intimate relationship. It could be daily routine or obligations, bad timing or simply things that neither one of you can control. The notion of this dream being interrupted when you apparently wanted it to go on signifies the prevalence of other priorities in your life which are equally important if not of a higher significance.
Being on a motorcycle with a crush and another girl I was sitting in a motorcycle, then my crush sat beside me. Then there was this girl who was pushing him to me, then my crush puts his head on my right shoulder but I looked away. It's like I'm angry or avoiding him or something. Need help! Thank you. This dream about you being on a motorcycle together with the person you have a crush on and another girl could be a reflection of your close intimate relationship with the person you call your crush, either something that is already happening or desires you have been fantasizing about. Perhaps you fear potential rivalry or feel a threat that the other girl(s) could take your place in these intimate affairs. You could be suspecting another girl of trying to interfere with your own love intentions and initiate an intimate (sexual) contact with the object of your desire. You should carefully think about a possibility of being in competition with other girls to win this person's heart because if you are not strong and resolved enough, this rivalry could lead to disappointments and heartaches. The same results could transpire if you are overprotective or possessive of this male figure.
Meeting a guy on a road trip and wanting him Me with a guy. He asked for massage to prove my love. Huge field, he had no shirt on. A large bus parked on shoulder. I parked next to the bus, but it seemed we were inside the bus. A white guy came to drive the bus. This guy I was with had a hatchback... He pulled the car out of the buses way by at attachment on front of the car he was shirtless, but he put on a red bubble jacket but it was extremely hot outside.. We got ready to leave Lea is reading a book on the back seat. I asked her if she had to pee she said yes but kept reading book. I kept looking back at the guy... I didn't want to leave him. This dream vision of being attracted to a guy you met while being on the road could be a representation of your hesitation and insecurity while trying to find a date in your waking life. You could be fantasizing about their bodies and physical features, but at the same time you could be shy of making a move to get acquainted with them. You could be lost or confused about the things to say or how to act, and this hesitation is indicated by a string of small and perhaps unimportant details which were happening in this dream according to your description. You could also be trying to engage your close female friends in helping you with your romantic life, but they seem to be busy with their own romantic pursuits. It could also be true that your attention and focus at present is scattered around because you are trying to go after more than one guy.
A guy having a crush A guy came up to me and said that he has had a crush on me... For a very longtime. Having dream visions about someone expressing romantic interest in you or having a crush on you is symbolic of your present position in life when you feel confident, happy and satisfied with the way your life is going. If you know the person who had a crush on you in your dream as someone among the people you deal with on a daily basis, this means that you are actually sensing some signs of affection and interest in relation to you coming from this person.
Trying to get free food and being asked on a date My sister asked me for a free box of noodles from the truck in front of our house, I went to get a free box but then I saw the guy who was sitting on top of the truck, he was my friend. I asked him for a box but said *I'll give you one if you go on a date with me*. I was shocked at the sudden request but agreed with it. My friend is really good looking so I contacted my other friends, told them about the date and asked for help. In the end my friends helped me and I got all dressed up for our date in the park. Seeing noodles being distributed for free is an unusual, but interesting sign in a dream vision. Not being charged for food in a dream is usually representative of an insatiable appetite, either regarding food or material possessions, or romantic interaction, although this could be applied to either your feelings or the feelings of your sister. If your intentions and desires are recognized, friends and family may play a part in *selling you out* to the person you are interested in, possibly by accident or on purpose. However, the man you or your sister are interested in becoming involved with may or may not share your romantic inclinations, instead being interested just in a friendship or partnership.
Hanging out with a crush from the past which ended in a bad way I finally reunited with an ex-crush from high school. We were hanging out in his house and eating in the kitchen. I started eating like a pig which he found surprising but amusing. Next, we went up to his room and spend hours talking about what we have been up to since high school, anything and everything. It was going extremely well and felt like old times. But the extremely good night ended on a bad note when I asked him a simple question regarding Greek life and he became overly defensive so I felt uncomfortable and left his house. This dream vision about reuniting with someone whom you had a crush on in the past, but ending in an unpleasant experience in the end, could reveal your feelings of insecurity or being overly shy in front of the people you try to impress, including dates, strangers or even those who may interest you in a sexual way. The notion of asking a simple question which led to the unfortunate outcome in this dream could represent the awkward position you find yourself in when you fall short of delivering what you really meant to say to them. These qualities could be preventing you from getting to know the person in an intimate way, much to your dismay.
In a swimming pool with ex-boyfriend Me and my ex-boyfriend were at his house and he had a huge pool. I was just sitting in the pool and then he jumped in. We went underwater and were kissing. When we came back to the surface we were smiling at each other and then we got out of the pool. We went somewhere and his friends were saying that me and him really did make a good couple and that they are glad we are back together. The dream about spending time with your ex-boyfriend in a swimming pool and enjoying every moment of it could be indicative of soon encountering a person whom you would find a lot in common with. You would be able to share you views, ideas and opinions without being misunderstood or unaccepted. At the same time, the vision of making out with your ex-boyfriend while being in the swimming pool could also indicate that the events leading up to this future encounter could be unexpected and surprising in their nature for you. In a sense, the image of your ex-boyfriend in this dream serves as your subconscious anticipation of meeting this new person you are about to cross your paths with.
Playing soccer with friends and getting on top of the roof with a crush I had a dream, in this one I was playing soccer with my brother, my crush and a few of our friends, but then they suddenly went to the upper rooftop, leaving me alone, and I thought of jump scaring them but I failed because my coat made too much noise, then they came back and we decided to call it a day, we went back inside, my brother and a couple of his friends were still out and a few already went before us, leaving me and my crush on the second floor, we then talked. He kept smiling at me and I shyly asked him if he was going online, he said he read my confession and said okay he'll accept me as a friend. Dreams about playing soccer, especially those involving close friends or family, show a propensity towards manipulating those around you into doing things for you, most likely without their knowledge or awareness of the situation. The image of moving to a rooftop in a dream indicates you tend to hold your crush and yourself above others within your acquaintance, either based on education, talent or moral standards, and possibly rationalizes your use of those around you. This feeling of being somewhat set apart from others is further illustrated in your brief period of separation from the rest of the group and your time spent alone with your crush. However this dream does come with a small warning. Should you continue to use others for your own gain without thought of their wants and needs, further endeavors to win his love exclusively may fall short or even fail.
Making out with the boyfrien'd's best friend at school I was in school and my boyfriend went to class so I went to my locker and his best friend came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed my cheek. So we skipped our next class to go make out in the bathroom. He has a girlfriend and I have a boyfriend. We were basically dating in secret. Dreaming about dating someone in secret indicates some feelings of uneasiness or distress. Awkward romantic situations in a dream, such as becoming involved with someone you should not, predict doing things you are ethically or morally opposed to. This could mean illegal activities, but, in this case, it more likely points to something smaller, like lying to your friends, blaming someone else for your mistake, or even cheating on your boyfriend. Hiding in a dream also represents trying to disguise or cover your tracks. However, the boldness of your secret lover's actions within the dream can be interpreted as a sign that the truth can not long be hidden from others.
A lover turning to a twin I dreamed my woman lover being a twin and making love to me? Dreaming that the woman you are in a relationship with is your twin suggests you need to spend more time loving and taking care of yourself. You might recently be putting in more time and effort at work which benefits others while ignoring aspects of your life. You cannot only give of yourself to others. You must take time to recharge your batteries so that you can serve others wholeheartedly. The image of you making love with her, your twin/partner, is a warning that if you do not follow through with this, you may lose out monetarily or miss an opportunity.
Crush asking strange questions before going on a date I went over to my crush and started talking to her. I asked her out and she asked me if I pee on my bed when I'm sleeping and if I brush my teeth. I said yes to both of them, she said yes, that she was going to go out with me and then she hugged me. This dream vision about interacting with your crush seems to point out your shy personality, inability to approach people whom you find attractive or simply interesting enough. You could be the type of person who spends most of the time fantasizing about initiating first contact with them, but never do in reality. The things you were focused on in this dream pertain more to you physical appearance or how, in your opinion, others perceive you, which could be the main aspects in your life preventing you from being more outgoing and sociable.
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Dead parent My dad died suddenly 5 yrs back possibly by heart attack. When we were on vacations in a resort with family that was my most horrible experience of life we took him to hospital but by that time it was very late last night. I saw his dead body on bed covered with white cloth but his face was not covered but I saw him lying on bed other things I don't remember in my dream then I got up. Dreams involving your deceased parents (for instance in a casket or covered with cloth) is an indication of being haunted by a tragic event or situation in the past and not being able to reconcile the feelings or hurt and sudden loss associated with this event.
Dead grandfather luring to follow him HI, last night I saw a dream that my mother and brother were fighting with me and they were shouting at me very badly than I packed my bags and leave the home suddenly I saw my maternal grandfather is sitting on bed in another room who was passed away 2 year back he told me to come with him and i was ready to go with him we both leave the home as soon I left I heard somebody was calling m, I looked back and I saw my boyfriend was standing there and told me not to go with my maternal grandfather. Than I was not going with my grandfather. To dream about seeing yourself being lured by a dead person (grandfather) to follow him somewhere and agreeing to follow the person is a sign of imminent danger you are about to be faced with, a sign of a serious sickness approaching, or a sign of possible tragic events which may lead to death. The vision of of your boyfriend urging you not to follow the deceased grandfather can mean he will be helping and supporting you to prevent these circumstances or events from happening or lending a helping hand after something bad happens.
Dead mother Dreams about I was waiting for a take out order at a restaurant with my dead mother who in my dream was sleepy and thin. I was watching her curl up in a chair falling asleep. I tried to stand her up to keep her awake or more her somewhere more comfortable but she kept falling to the ground. Seeing your mother in your dream is very powerful. This dream is representing a trial in your life, one which you are seeking help with. Traditionally a deceased mother coming to you in a dream is a positive outcome, a promise of receiving aid in your circumstance. However in this context with your mother requiring your assistance this shows that you will need to be self-reliant right now and not be dependent on the help of others to make it through this current hardship. Specifically right now do not rely on family for help. Persevere and have faith in yourself, you are creative and caring as seen in your relentless pursuit to provide comfort for your mother. Be mindful of your situation and who you allow to help you right now, you may need to use your experience-based wisdom and some creativity to be victorious here.
House collapsing with a fat boy inside Some house collapsed. A very fat boy was there. A dream which involved seeing house walls collapsing right in front of you means that an inhabitant of the house you saw in this dream is getting ready to meet an untimely death and pass away. The vision of a fat boy symbolizes bodily harm as a possible cause of this death event (expressed in the form of a hyperbolic subconscious representation of excessive body weight).
Mother and baby (now dead) at a funeral My neighbors daughter passed away years ago, she was pregnant and aborted the baby before being sick and passed on. I had a dream in my dream there was a funeral for my cousin who is still alive, as we prepare for the funeral she was walking amongst us I could still talk to her, but amongst the people that were helping was my neighbor's late daughter and my late grand ma and there was a baby that was belong to my neighbor's late daughter and I was holding the baby while talking to both my granny and my neighbor's daughter. Seeing dead friends or people you once knew in your dream can be an indication of being disrespected or ridiculed by people around you, and their behavior will produce negative effects on your self-esteem and cause you to have a poor perception of yourself. A baby who once belonged to the person you are describing and who is now dead can also be a warning about some serious disappointments, bothersome people or unwelcoming circumstances which might invade your life.
Attending a funeral I have had several dreams in the last few weeks. Not several, 2. They involve the same person. And I am at their funeral or memorial service. What does this mean? A dream in which you see yourself at a funeral of someone has positive connotations, and the presence of good vibes in your life somewhere in the near future. It signifies that there is a whole lot of good fortune and affluence in store for you. You might also be a recipient of a few material gifts. If it's a recurrent dream that you seem to perceive attending the funeral of a same person each time, this could signify that all your good fortune and prosperity could be coming from the help of a certain person who is close to you.
Deceased father inviting to follow into a house In my dream I saw my father who had died eight years ago inviting me to his house. Seeing one of your deceased parents trying to communicate with you, especially if it's a recurring dream, means that you are about to receive a news or announcement you will be bewildered by. To dream about being lured by a dead person somewhere and if you agreed to follow this person in the dream, it is a sign of imminent danger occurring, a sign of a serious sickness approaching, or it can even be a sign of your own demise according to some dream interpretation sources.
Dead mother in a coffin in a photograph I was looking at a photo of my dead mother as she was in the coffin before she was buried. Seeing a photo of your deceased mother in your dream is a very powerful vision. This dream is representing a trial in your life, one which you are seeking help with. Traditionally a deceased mother appearing in a dream has a positive message, a promise of receiving aid in your circumstance. Be mindful of your situation and who you allow to help you. You may also need to use your experience-based wisdom and some creativity to handle this situation. Additionally, dreaming about a coffin with a person who has passed away is symbolic of the demise of a person whom you might know closely or witnessing death of someone you are not acquainted with.
Trying to follow now-deceased grandfather My grandad who as passed away keeps calling me I'm about 7/8 I run to him and call him and he moves further away I run faster and he moves further he is calling my name but I can never get to him. To dream of seeing yourself being lured by your grandfather who is deceased now to follow him somewhere and if you agree to follow the person could be interpreted as a sign of imminent danger occurring, a sign of a serious sickness approaching, or even a sign of a tragic event which could lead to your demise. If you were not able to follow this person in a dream, this could also represent a warning to be cautious and watchful in order to prevent these events or circumstances from occurring or to avoid them.
Dead boyfriend in a boat with bloody eyes My boyfriend was dead in a row boat half full with water in canal lock, his eyes were bleeding. Seeing your dead boyfriend in a dream could be an indication of being disrespected or cheated by him, and his actions or behavior might leave a negative imprint on your self-esteem and cause you to re-evaluate this relationship. A boat half-filled with water could mean a possibility of him having a secret romantic affair or interest in another person. The vision of his eyes bleeding can be interpreted as an indication of something unexpected and unpleasant revealed or communicated to you by this person at some point.
Dead brother asking for help I keep dreaming my dead brother dying again and he asks for help. Dreaming that your dead brother dies again and asks for you help could suggest that you feel guilty about his death. Alternatively, your dream could represent the possibility of upcoming conflicts or disagreements with the people you surround yourself with. Moreover, the deceased person was your bother, and he was asking for your help. This would indicate that the relationship issues would probably involve people that are close to you, and in particular other members of your family. Overall, what this interpretations have in common is that the dream would indicate the existence of problem involving people that are significant to you, and that these would most probably be family-based and quarrel-like problems. For example, someone would unjustifiably feel in debt or obliged to provide help while you are trying to solve these issues.
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Deceased grandmother trying to protect family members from fire My grandmother died recently and her brother had a dream that him and all his other sisters were surrounded by fire and my dead grandmother was trying to put it out and telling them all to stay away to avoid burning themselves. Dreaming of someone who has recently departed this life is often interpreted as a sign that that person is trying to communicate with you for some reason. The first image in this dream is a fire, a symbol which can have both a positive or a negative meaning depending on the circumstances. Because of your grandmother's insistence to stay away from the fire in the dream, it seems to point to a negative meaning. Therefore, your grandmother may be warning you to be more careful and cautious. It would be wise to be on the look out for danger, especially in regard to potential household accidents.
Deceased father at the unlocked house I was surprised when I found the house that used to belong to my parents not locked and the key was hanging. When I locked it, my father who passed on in April 2015 jumped and asked what is wrong. I was so happy to see he is still alive. When I tried to hug him he disappeared. Envisioning your recently deceased father in a dream predicts suddenly receiving unexpected news. This situation is made clearer by his confusion, which indicates that whatever you learn or hear is extremely unusual or coincidental. Seeing your father then vanish into thin air indicates forgetting to do something important, though it may or may not be related to the information you receive.
A deceased child not wanting to be dead I saw a child in a white coffin whose dead body was brought to my home by a boy who is my classmate. He kept that body just in front of me. Suddenly the dead child hold my hand and said "I don't want to go" and I replied to that child in anger that you have to. Seeing a child who has passed away, particularly one in a coffin, indicates a child close to you becoming seriously ill or getting in an accident in the near future. The image of the child suddenly waking up and wanting to stay with you may represent recent situations in which you have blown off or avoided hanging out with people close to you, especially family members and relatives who you have spent a lot of time with in the past. The anger you feel may reflect current feelings of wanting to be free of familial obligations. However, this dream seems to be a warning that ignoring your past in favor of your present is likely to cause feelings of regret in the future, particularly if some tragedy occurs.
Smelling perfume on mother's grave I dreamt of smelling odd perfume on my mother's grave who passed away about a year ago. Dreaming about smelling perfume means that your life has recently undergone some significant changes or personal transformations. Based on the context of this dream, this happened because of your mother's passing. Your subconscious mind is reflecting the image of her burial site because you perceive this place and this event as a turning point in your life.
Deceased friend wanting to have a family together I am so needing advice right now. I lost a dear friend in a car accident recently and cannot get past how guilty I feel and have been an emotional wreck. 13 years ago he said he loved me and he truly did, but I did not feel the same way. We last spoke in 2012 and he was happy with his life and had moved on. Why do I feel like I am being punished... When he passed, a gust of wind came from nowhere, it was a sign. I have dreamt of him 3 times, and the last one has upset me... He came and picked me and my children up and moved me to live with his mother, I felt so uncomfortable.. Please help me I am confused. Unfortunately, we do not provide spiritual guidance or psychic advice, but having a recurring dream where you envision this person wanting to live with you, but you felt uncomfortable with this idea, is a sign that you are hesitant if not fearful to have new encounters of romantic nature in your life for the fear that this new person could inadvertently or intentionally negatively affect your life or change its course for the worse. These feelings are most likely the result of the unfortunate events you are describing, so subconsciously you want to prevent them from happening again.
Recently deceased grandmother attacking My deceased grandma who recently passed, we just buried her five days ago and I dreamt she jumped on me aggressively and every time I got away she would jump on me again. This vision can have two meanings depending on your relationship with your grandmother. If you had a close, loving relationship with her, this vision suggests that she is trying to send you a very strong message. This message is likely related to some goal you have been pursuing. She has seen the outcome and is trying to prevent you from reaching it because the end result is likely not what you expect it will be. She is trying to protect you from disappointment. On the other hand, if you were not close or if you did not see her before she passed away, it may represent some subconscious guilt on your part for not taking care of her and spending time with her while she was still alive.
In a car crash with deceased grandmother I was with my grandmother in a car. I was driving and we crashed into a river. I remember saying "I love you" to her as we were about to hit the water. My grandmother has passed away. The symbolic vision of losing control of the car and driving into a river with your deceased grandmother could be a subconscious representation of a problem or issue you have been facing lately inside your family. You could be struggling to resolve it, but unsure which direction you need to take. Not being helped or saved by anyone in the dream could be suggestive of being left alone while trying to take steps needed to improve the situation affecting your life. Perhaps you are even looking for some external help or advice, as the image of your deceased grandmother implies.
Taking a relative to the hospital, but unable to save him I had a dream whereby my uncle (who is dead) was with us talking. After talking he left to go and bathe when he went to take a bath he wanted to look at something over the wall and his hand got cut from his body. I and my mom rushed him to the hospital, the first hospital couldn't take him, so we had to take him to the second one. We waited for several minutes, no taxi showed up. Finally I left to go. I got to my friends' place and my mom called and said he has passed away. I went home and it turned into an argument between his children and his siblings for not showing up. Dreams containing images of injured hand or hands signify existing or upcoming misunderstandings and arguments. There could be an altercation with someone close to you, particularly someone you are dating or a spouse. The result of this misunderstanding could begin with a small quarrel, but might result in break-up, separation or even divorce with this significant other. Loss of a hand could also be a sign of being taken advantage of or being double-crossed by someone you deal with on a regular basis. Re-living the death of an already deceased relative in a dream serves as a subconscious warning to be careful about your actions or behavior, which may provoke even more disastrous outcomes. This prediction is also supported by the last scenes of your relatives arguing within the dream you had.
A deceased relative dying again I watched a close already deceased family member die. Re-living the death of an already deceased relative in a dream serves as a subconscious warning to be careful about your actions or behavior towards other people, for they may provoke or serve as a catalyst to some unfavorable, if not disastrous outcomes. This prediction is magnified if the deceased person dying in this dream was perceived to be dying because of an accident or unnatural causes.
A dead person cleaning a fish tank A person who has already died, but in dream she is alive and jumping in a water tank to make it clean. Cleaning a fish or water tank in a dream vision suggests you are about to fall under the spell of some romantic partner. This person is likely to greatly influence you, but in a negative way. Your other relationships, such as with your family and friends, may suffer because of your involvement with this person. Seeing someone who has already died come back to life is a warning which means you should think very carefully about the decisions you make and rely on your past experience and knowledge to make a good decision. Acting wisely could help you to avoid becoming the puppet in this relationship and save your connection with those you love.
A deceased relative with an unborn baby Dead relative holding unborn baby. A dead relative in a dream vision suggests you have recently been stressing out over situations in your daily life, such as traffic, bills, or work. These little things are beginning to add up, making you feel exhausted and possibly at wits' end. This is further supported by the image of the unborn baby which indicates that your relationships are either the cause or a contributing factor to your sadness. Specifically, an unborn child points toward a significant other, partner, or spouse who is causing a disturbance within your life. You may need to take a step back and communicate what is really wrong with this person or take some time to rest and relax by yourself to relieve the fatigue.
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Water rising everywhere and animals devouring people The water all over the world started rising. It became a huge event with news crews, announcers and souvenir shops all over the place. Everyone found a spot to watch the water rise and see the sea animals closer than ever. Suddenly the sea animals started trying, and some succeeding, to eat the people trapped too close to the water. I watched as people tried to move quickly to safe ground, but got eaten instead. My friend and I were never in harms way, but I could never shake the feeling that I was next. Witnessing rising water with all the attention given to the consequences of this event in your dream could mean that you may be experiencing feelings of panic and hopelessness because of an event or a situation presently occurring in your life and which is beyond your control. The large-scale, global nature of this disaster could also be a sign that some real-life catastrophic events may have been captured by your subconscious mind, not necessarily close to home, but anywhere in the world where this devastation may have occurred. The visions of sea creatures devouring people who happened to be closer to the water could also mean that you may be dealing with individuals who tend to make you feel uncomfortable or inhibited in some way, which in turn could render you helpless and alienated. These feelings could be contributing to the overall hopelessness you may be experiencing at the moment.
Fire from a plane crash endangering grandparents Dream of a plane crash on the hill above my grandparents house with fire rushing down the hill towards the house and I start screaming and trowing water around the house, so the fire wouldn't burn the house, but the fire went next door and burn down the house. This dream contains a lot of negative images. The first major sign is that of the plane crash, which predicts collaborative projects in your life are doomed to fail unless you take the reins and do things yourself. Your team members are probably not sure what to do, and their half-hearted, inexperienced decisions/attempts are not likely to help your work in the long-run. Additionally, both your attempts to stop the fire with water and the burning of the other house predict experiencing material loss. The first of these symbols is associated with financial hardship while the latter is closely linked to burglary and thievery. You may want to be on the look out for suspicious persons hanging around your home or work area.
Surviving a flood and tunnels A massive flood took over the city that I was living in and I was driving a boat and my immediate family was there. Some other people telling stories that couldn't fit in the boat included my dead great grandpa my living grandma and others I don't remember. People were everywhere in boats in a panic, trying to get into these tunnels. These tunnels had human like creatures in them and the tunnels were dark. There were also massive holes with water in them that we got stuck in once but managed to escape. Looked like a sewer. Being in a massive flood is actually a very positive sign to see in a dream vision because it represents a period of happiness sweeping into your life much like the overflowing waters of a real flood. However, being in a boat suggests you have a journey of self-discovery to go on before you can experience true happiness. This journey might even include some elements of danger, which is symbolized by the dark tunnels you pass through and the sewer holes. You should look for opportunities to explore different aspects of your personality, as they may open a path that leads to future joy and success.
Anticipating big waves crashing ashore I dreamt I was stuck under a bridge during an end of the world event with a few strangers, where thousand foot high waves were approaching the city. The city was black, very dark, almost black and white. The waves that were approaching were a deep navy blue and were so high I couldn't see the sky. I remember feeling complete fear and despair, trembling inside as it gained speed and height. I turned to face a wall as it finally crashed into us. Oddly enough I had the ability to breathe and wasn't crushed to death. It happened three times in succession. The strangers disappeared. I was alone. Having to face strong sea waves in a dream is a bad sign of being exposed to losses and sadness caused by negative circumstances or experiences while living through some perilous times. Finding yourself sitting or standing underneath a bridge is a reflection of your inability to solve issues or overcome obstacles standing in the way of accomplishing things which are important to you personally. The main reason for this to happen is the way you communicate and build relationships with others. The image of strangers disappearing at the end of this dream also points to the fact that people in your waking life may be turning away from you or ignoring you because of these deficiencies.
People with missing limbs crawling on the ground after a plane crash My husband and I purchased a old farm house in 1997, remodeled it and started our family... Well, my husband and both children have the same exact dream over and over. They see a plane crash in our fields by our house and after the crash, the people are crawling around on the ground with missing legs and arms like zombies. Seeing an image of your home in a dream represents being comfortable with your place in life. It shows how much you care about your family and enjoy their company. However, this peace and satisfaction may be in jeopardy as you may have already imagined from such a jarring, unpleasant dream. Seeing a plane crash suggests your family (because more than one person has experienced this dream) may soon go through a difficult, trying time. The injured, zombie-like people predict that whatever occurs is likely to be completely unexpected and ruinous. The crash further indicates that others may be willing to offer you help, either physical, emotional, or financial, to get you through these times. However, you should politely decline and try to take care of things yourself. If you rely too much on others, you may find that things quickly get out of control, putting you in a worse place than you were before. Be on the lookout for situations which may quickly go awry and, if the worst does happen, stick together and help each other.
An angry and careless woman starting a fire I was at a dinner party of some kind. I went into the kitchen and there was an angry woman who I did not recognize, who was being careless with cooking oil. As I was passing, she recklessly threw some cooking oil onto a dish in the oven missing most of the dish and a lot of the oil landed in the back of the oven. I did not think she was angry with me, I was just watching. I anticipated a fire would start, so I calmly left. I heard a loud explosion and a huge fire had started. I was running, but did not feel scared. I wanted to go back for my things, but could not. I was unhurt and in control. Having a dream about encountering a furious female stranger portends the possibility of taking the blame or being subject to shame which is not deserved. People might point their accusing fingers at you for a misdeed you did not commit. They might humiliate you for no reason at all. Therefore, you should be careful not to inadvertently put yourself in such compromising situations. Apart from that, the visions of an out-of-control fire around you is also an indication that you are concerned about a possibility of having a fire hazard in your own house that needs to be addressed. You must use caution when operating electrical appliances and replace those you suspect could potentially cause fire in your household.
Fleeing from a volcano eruption and dying A volcano was about to erupt, so I ran with my friends to get a few items that are valuable and get to a train so we can escape. I have asthma so I can't run well. I was almost to the train when it left. I died by lava soon after. This vision can be interpreted as a warning related to your job, school, or other important responsibilities. Experiencing the eruption of a volcano that is close enough to cause you harm suggests some major negative event may be looming in your future, such as losing your job or completely failing a project your were working on. This is also seen in the symbol of the missed train, which predicts you may already be aware that this terrible event is a possibility. Trying to collect valuables before fleeing represents your usual diligent and responsible behavior, but being killed by the flowing lava at the end seems to point toward some growing indifference toward the work you are currently involved with. If you do not find your motivation to continue working hard, though, you are very likely to lose everything you have gained so far.
No water and people dying of cancer I had a dream about the end of water supply and people had cancer and died in same dream. I am not a bad person or either mad at people, just my mind, it is like uncontrollable kind of. Dreaming of people who are affected by cancer is an ominous sign indicating the spread of some sickness around you. Either you or your friends may be infected with some virus or bacteria, like the flu or common cold, which really drains you of energy, making even simple tasks more laborious than normal. This theme can also be seen in the first half of your vision, as water is often symbolic of creative energy and passion. If you get sick, you may notice a decline in your work performance or have difficulty working on artistic endeavors until your symptoms have cleared up. Some dream interpretation sources refer to visions of water shortages as an onset of depressive moods, unwillingness to accept other people's views and opinions, outbursts of unjustified anger and hostility towards those you dislike for some reason.
An earthquake caused by someone sending a rocket from space I have gone with my mother and my love partner to a party where I come to know that one of my friend has planted a rocket in the space which will hit the Earth. The rocket was of yellow color and had a sharp and big needle point in it. I was scared and suddenly that rocket with the needle hit the Earth and the Earth shakes loudly. I, with two unknown people fall on the floor, the rocket again hit resulting in a major earthquake due to which I with the same people fly into the air and then I saw my love partner standing and I, with all my might, jump toward him and hugged him from neck. The earthquake stopped. The two prominent symbols which could provide you with a meaningful interpretation of this dream are the rocket and the earthquake. Overall, this dream is a reflection of your recent communication or interaction with the people from your social circle, people you know well. The image of the rocket threatening the safety of you and other people signifies some fast-developing circumstances around you lately which threaten to get out of hand. It could be related to anger, hostility and competition expressed towards you by someone or some individuals. Experiencing an earthquake as a result of the rocket launch and saving someone from its impact indicates that you would be able to come up with the right decisions and to settle your issues or problems, possibly with the help of others who would eventually take your side and become your allies.
An airplane crashing into a big building I had a dream last night where an airplane had crashed into, what I sensed to be, the World Trade Center. I was in the lobby and pried open four doors to help people escape. I then was in the water, the plane had gone through the building completely intact. The plane was in the water, in pieces, and I was bobbing around, making sure everyone was okay. I remember taking special note of the cockpit, which was completely intact. Witnessing the events stemming from what seems to be related to a terrorist attack unfold in this dream vision predicts being blamed and disgraced for some occurrence which you actually had nothing to do with. Despite the fact that you think you were not involved in or connected to what had happened, your friends and loved ones may doubt your credibility or innocence based on your recent comments or actions. Your desire to make sure everyone was safe in the aftermath within the dream, even going so far as to swim through the remnants of the plane crash, suggest that while you may be tempted to go to someone else for help, it is better if you try to figure out a solution to your troubles on your own. Getting others involved may only make the situation more complicated and daunting.
Trying to find shelter in the face of a tsunami Hi, I had a dream about me and my friend driving on the mountain road and a tsunami came over the hill, as it came over, we turned back, next thing I knew I was in the town center outside a supermarket meeting with my brother, as we start talking he handed me my twin babies and we all got in the car to go somewhere and hide. But before it happened, I woke up from it, since my dream I cannot stop thinking about it please help. Driving through the mountains in the context of a dream vision usually indicates that your present life is fairly comfortable and easy-going. However, the tsunami which comes after you and forces you to flee predicts a tidal wave of social unrest which may sweep through your city or neighborhood, leaving people with no choice but to be swept up in the chaos or trampled by those who seek to disturb them. Trying to get away from this chaos with your family indicates you may have expected this to happen or are already prepared for the worst, which is the best thing you can do in this situation.
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Dying for the member of the family I need to die first to help my brother who is dying from brain cancer cross over. Most of the dream I'm telling my sister and sister in law why I have to die and that it's temporary and I'll be back. Dream visions of death are usually indicative of the changes in your life you are trying to make. Dying for your brother, in this context, means that you are relying on someone close to you to make these changes happen. It could be that your family members or relatives have recently helped you to move in the right direction, but you feel that there is not enough done on their part in order for you to make another important step in your life. You want them to do more, but you cannot influence or control them beyond their goodwill and sagacity.
Son dying on the water A woman saw that her son died while protecting a pumpkin in the water. Whether this woman was you or just an image conjured by your subconscious, this vision is highly ominous in nature and should be considered a warning to carefully consider your future actions. Pumpkins, and vegetables in general, tend to point toward great misfortune and loss, particularly related to money and investments. Seeing a boy die while protecting the pumpkin, then, represents defending your financial decisions and rational to the point of stubbornness, even when there are clearly no positive results to back up your actions. You should consider listening to the advice of others and being open-minded lest you lose everything.
Discovering dead father I dreamt of my father having passed on. His naked body in a crouching child pose lay on the floor. His body had feathers growing and there were flies on the feathers. My mom was crying as we had missed seeing his final moment. My Dad passed away very peacefully with us by his side 3 months ago. Dreaming about your departed father can be interpreted as a sign of unfinished business between the two of you. It may have been something that he started that he intended you to finish, or it may have been something you worked on together that was cast aside around the time he left this world. The adornment of feathers on his body during the dream passing indicate your feelings toward him in wake life, namely that you loved him and enjoyed sharing in his happiness during better times. This is opposed with the image of the flies which represent the process he went through in his passing. This dream, then, is the mainfestation of your feelings about his passing and a possible message from your subconscious to go back and finish things that have already been started.
Dying after being buried alive and husband not noticing Buried alive in dirt. I wanted to complete the task, husband said it was unnecessary. Husband was right there, walked away and didn't hear me screaming when the last bit of dirt covered my airspace. I knew I was going to die. Being buried alive in a dream vision, though scary and rather disturbing, is actually associated with financial gains in the near future. In fact, the amount of dirt piled upon you is often thought to indicate the extent of your future wealth, so the deeper you were buried, the more likely you are to receive a large sum of money. The source of this money, however, could be from anywhere, it could be the result of a lottery or good business decision, or it may be from an inheritance bestowed by a recently deceased relative.
Trying to stop drowning in the pool I was drowning in a pool and I realized I was, so I decided to swim to the other end of the pool and save myself, but I also remember carrying a medicine ball. Yet, when I got the other side, I saw a pair of legs, no longer had the ball and started to pull myself out. Then I woke up gasping for breath and saying "Help". Thank you for helping me understand my dream and I hope you have a good day! To dream that you are drowning in a swimming pool alludes to possible obstacles coming your way. You could be struggling to finish a challenging project or a particularly difficult task. The medicine ball represents negative attitude and counterproductive habits dragging you down and preventing you from achieving your goals. Your character could be tested from the slew of problems you may encounter in the execution of your duty. Whether you could actually weather the storm depends on how much patience and perseverance you have. Once you let go of the things and people weighing you down, you are more likely to emerge victorious.
Re-living the death of mother I had gone home to find my mum alive - despite her really dying 6 years ago. However she was terminally ill with breast cancer and had a month and a half to live, which upset me as I wouldn't be there when she passed. She asked me not to tell my sister. This dream about your deceased mother reflects feelings of guilt. Maybe you still have not fully accepted her passing or you feel bad that you were not able to spend more time with her while she was alive. Her appearance in your dream could also be due to something that triggered memories of her in your waking life. If you are going through a problem or issue, you may be subconsciously looking for her assurance or guidance in order to deal with the situation.
Being shot and not afraid of dying I was being threatened by someone with a gun but I wasn't afraid. I was thinking about what happens to you when you die and how I might not suffer long after I get shot. I stood there without fear and got shot in the head and was expecting to die, but instead of dying I woke up in the hospital with nurses around me. Getting shot by someone in your dream indicates that an individual could be monitoring your behavior, watching you closely with the intent of physically or emotionally attacking you. However, it seems as though you are not worried about your rivals or detractors based on your reaction in the dream. Nevertheless, your vision serves as an advice to start paying attention to what is happening around you or be more careful with those who may be showing signs of hostility toward you.
Being suffocated by own mother I had a dream about my biological mother whom I haven't seen since I was 4, came to my bedroom and slowly put a pillow over my head humming happily as she pushed the pillow harder against my face. I don't know what it means and it keeps reoccurring maybe twice every week. And in the dream I die. But when I wake up, I'm sweating and feel like I can't breathe. What does this mean? Being suffocated in a dream vision is usually symbolic of a subconscious need to spice things up with a lover or significant other. This could be achieved through rekindling the spark of your partnership through dates and long conversation or through becoming more creative in the bedroom. The presence of your biological mother, whom you have not seen in a long time, could suggest these changes would bring about positive benefits into other aspects of your waking life unrelated to the closeness shared between you and your partner.
Ascend into heaven after a car accident Dreamt of someone dying in a car accident and immediately rose out of the car with flesh like big wings and rising into the sky, disappearing into heaven with glitter in the air. Car crashes in dreams tend to represent major changes in the course of your life, although not necessarily for the better. In this case, seeing someone else die could suggest you see people around you, such as friends, relatives or a partner, engaging in self-destructive or risky behavior. Their actions, while physically affecting only themselves, probably hurt you emotionally as well because of your closeness to them. The winged version of this person rising into the heavens represents your desire to have them change their ways and hold themselves to a higher standard.
An ex being killed in a busy market I was walking through a busy Kenya market and suddenly my ex passed me in a crowd. I turned around as I was surprised he was there when suddenly there was a commotion. The crowd was being attacked by Mari warriors with spears. He reached out for me and when they got closer, he turned and ran leaving me in the scramble of running people. I started to run and looked behind me seeing the warriors stabbing people. They swarmed around my ex and stabbed him to the ground repeatedly. And then he was gone. This vision is a highly ominous sign for your current or future relationship. Seeing a previous partner in a dream vision is usually a bad sign, pointing toward having problems with your current lover or romantic prospects you may be welcoming into your life. These are most likely disagreements over how tasks are accomplished or one party's reaction to something the other said. This is followed by the images of the attack and your previous partner being stabbed. This situation symbolically represents your current or future love interest blaming you for all the problems, possibly resulting in their breaking things off with you permanently.
A dark shadow causing death I dreamt of a dark shadow. Ugly, floating and an unrecognizable face. I had three dreams of dying because of it. The first, I was standing on a harbor and it came at me so fast and shoved me into the water. I kept screaming for help until there was no fight in me anymore, and my dead body floated on the water. I could see my body looking down at the water. Seeing a shadowy entity that attacks you and even manages to kill you in multiple dreams is a powerful portent. The unrecognizable face cloaked in shadows that haunts your dreams could represent a rift in your beliefs. It is possible that some recent events in your life managed to shock you to the very core. While before you may have only seen life in terms of black and white, nowadays fear and uncertainty make you doubt what would have otherwise been a fact of life. Until you come to terms with the changes in your life, you may keep experiencing these nightmarish apparitions. Do not be afraid or ashamed to seek professional help.
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Son getting HIV Son contracted HIV and I was so upset. He is openly gay. This dream reflects your concerns and worries about your son's well-being and future. You might have been questioning his behavior and reluctant to accept his friends or disapprove his choices in romantic affairs. This is only an indication of how much you love and care for him.
Finding a sick father My father named Anthony Rozario 73yrs has left house in depression since 1 1/2 month and we could not find him, I had dream about my father who is suffering badly, the monkeys are troubling his sleep and he feels too sick and we find him and I scream to my mother that father is here. Seeing one of your parents affected by some kind of illness is an indication that you will have a chance to come very close to something you have been trying to accomplish or fulfill, but will not be able to achieve it because of some extraneous circumstances or interference from others.
Boyfriend smiling back I have a dream and I wore my boyfriend traditional women dress called lungi, I look at him and he looked at me and smiled, what does it mean? Seeing yourself having fun with your boyfriend in your dreams is a warning that you are too preoccupied with your romantic relationship right now, and this excessive focus on your relationship might cause some misunderstandings or troubles within your family. This means you will soon have to make a sound choice between your family circle and this relationship.
Mother bathing in the sea I saw that my mom is bathing in the sea and I am stopping her... My mom is a heart patient....And I saw this dream in the morning, about 6 to 7 am. Dreaming about your mom bathing in the sea symbolizes her ability to overcome troubles and problems she may be facing, when you saw yourself trying to stop her this may be an indication of your genuine concern about whether you are doing enough for her to help through difficult times or situations which may require your support.
Borther who looks older 2 similar dreams please interpret for me. Thanks a lot. First one I see my brother who is in his late 30's as much older person and not looking quite to my father face wise and not wearing a very ordinary shirt making him look like average person. And some person I see there thinks he is not well off and this makes me upset as why this person is thinking like that? Second one - I saw last night again I see my brother who is in his late 30's as much older person. This dream which you have about your brother has positive connotations. Though you might be feeling upset but however symbolically this dream indicates that events would soon turn in your favor and there is a whole lot of good luck coming your way. By seeing your brother looking much older than he is, this vision could represent a long and healthy life in store for him. It's an implication that you might become a recipient of unexpected news which might come as a pleasant surprise.
Family members rejecting Was awaken by my dream in tears, was dreaming about my five brothers and one sister we are all in my mum's house who recently passed away in November. They were all having a laugh and discussion who was going where with who. All I said was where's my invite? Only to be told by them all that they didn't want to know me. This dream most likely is an indication of your fear of losing connections with the family members, particularly the siblings (as experienced in this dream) after your mom had passed away. There could also be some tensions or disagreements which concern and worry you when you think that there is a possibility of family ties breaking apart or being unable to rely on and support each other like it used to be in the past.
Brother rejecting and being influenced by others in a negative way I was walking home from sixth form for dinner but turned around as a storm started. When I turned around, my brother was truanting and was sitting on some benches with his friends smoking cigarettes. And they were all telling me to get lost and go away. In my dream I was powerless and upset that my brother would do this and let his friends influence him like that. Dreaming that you are rejected by your brother and his friends often signifies the possibility of upcoming conflicts and disagreements. These arguments will not necessarily involve your brother. Rather, they may relate to anyone of your relatives. Moreover, your brother and his group were smoking while they cast you off. Such action usually amplifies the negativity of meaning. That is, the quarrel could somewhat reach an extremely intense and overextended peak. In this case, it would have a long-lasting negative impact upon you, and your kin relationship. Namely, it would be harder to resolve your issues and re-gain once had balance and peace.
Violent relationship, asking for advice I dreamed about my niece and in the dream she was exposed to being in a violent relationship and in my dream she is only 15 and the man turned out to be in his early 40's which she did not know about. Then she chose to confide in me instead of her mum ...There was also my brother and sister in law there and my dead dad and we were all staying there. Dreaming that you are the listening and supportive ear of a victim of violence usually is a negative sign. It could reveal that you or someone very close to you needs or would need to be offered a helping hand. This outside support would be fundamental for the resolution of existing or possibly upcoming abusive or confrontational situations. This would be a difficult and emotionally heavy situation. Without such intervention, the situation would remain the same, or deteriorate. Moreover the dream involved one of your family members. This could indicate that you or someone close to you is or would be involved in non-beneficial affairs. For example, a harmful and disadvantageous marriage or partnership that could bring nothing but trouble. It would be recommendable to seek external advice and take precautions before engaging in any serious commitment.
Arguments during an important event and family members involved I dreamt that my family and I were welcoming important guests, our country president and other government officials, but after some time there was confusion, people were asking were he was and the first will sleep and people begun to argue. Even my family members as well. The notion of important guests, including the president and other officials, could indicate that you presently are at a pivotal moment in your life. You might have to make an important decision or make the best use of what you have at your disposal. These actions could determine your future success, prosperity or achievement. The situation might hold the potential of having a rare chance to succeed. But the symbolism in your dream about people arguing carries a connotation of difficulties or obstacles you may be facing while trying to move towards your goals. These difficulties could be related to some specific details, such as logistic or organizational. Alternatively, the arguments could also represent your fear of failure, your fear of taking a risk or your hesitation to go through changes which might affect your life. Moreover, dreaming about family members who are arguing often is an indication that there are, or that you feel that there are aspects of your personal life holding you back, things like family obligations, habits or daily routines. These could prevent you from realizing your true potential and stand in the way toward a more fulfilled life.
Family breaking into ex's house Recurring theme, but different settings. My family breaks into my ex's house and I go in to make them get out before he sees. One time he caught mum on her way out and she chatted to him and his girlfriend. Last night he saw me as we were all sneaking out, he was looking at me from the front door. Having recurring dreams about your family trying to get into your ex's house and spying on him reveals your subconscious focus on either tensions between your ex and the rest of the family (existing or in the past) or your constant attempts to compare his current life and relationships with others to your relationship with him before you broke up. The notion of him noticing you prying into his private life and personal matters in this dream is a sign that he is probably aware and bothered by the constant interference and invasion of his privacy both from you and your family members. It is not a wise thing to do on your part, especially if he is currently seeing someone else, as you mentioned in your dream recollection. The fact that this is a recurring dream is even more concerning because it shows that you cannot get over your obsession of trying to find out what he is up to at any given moment.
Money disappearing from the hand and trying to scare away grandmother I was in a room. My brother who is in jail was there, who is also a drug addict. He was going to the couch and pulling money out. I was a little disturbed by it and confused at what was taking place. All of a sudden, but like in many of my dreams, my living grandpa was there and not really a threat. Then my living grandma was there. I looked at my hand and I was holding money. Suddenly the money was disappearing from my hand. Lately I have felt a hindrance in my finances. I was angered at the sight of her. I screamed. Its u!!! I rebuke you in the name of Jesus!! She said there you go again with that and retreated as before. The central figures in this dream were your family members, with a special focus on your grandmother when you became angry at her. This could predict possible challenges or difficulties you are about to encounter on your life's path soon. You would probably need to exert a lot of effort in order to overcome these. The symbolic image of the money slowly disappearing right in front of you is an indication that you are not happy with your current social status or position in life (for example your job or your place inside a relationship). This unease could be originating from people who seem to be disliking or shunning you, or your significant other not treating you the way you want to be treated. At the same time, even though you want to change this situation for the better, you, for some reason, are incapable of bringing the needed changes into your life. Therefore, you could be feeling frustrated, unappreciated and uncertain.
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Hugging and crying together with a sister-in-law I have seen another dream early hours of morning I see my sister in law (my bro's wife ) who is upset and gone to her parents place that she is home and i am hugging her many times and crying also hugging her. Finding yourself in your dream crying together with somebody signifies soon-to-come celebration as well as a possibility of receiving greetings with gifts. Dreaming about exchanging hugs or embracing your immediate family member with the purpose of consoling them is a sign of a very joyful and happy event or occasion you are about to become a part of.
Drowning in a forest lake, pulled down by a close friend I was in the middle of the black water lake surrounded by the trees, I heard the voice of my close friend she called me "come here", I answered her "No, I cannot leave him". Someone is pulling my two feet down deep into the water. I tried to swim because I felt like I am drowning. Then I woke up exhausted. Dreaming about swimming in dark murky waters is a negatively charged sign. It could mean that you would soon receive distressing and prejudicial news. You might come across this unexpected message while traveling or on a journey. The friend who is calling you and the person who is pulling you down both seem to serve as a warning. You should be careful about someone, or a group of people. Someone might be trying to harm you or prevent you from achieving your current goals. Alternatively, you might consider this individual a potential threat. However, for some reason, you remain unable to stop relating with this person. For example, you may be emotionally attached or you may feel ethically obliged to stand by that person's side. If it is in your workplace, maybe they will try to sabotage a project that you are working on. If it is in your business, this person might steal your ideas in order to compete with you. Whatever it is, they are planning against you, you need to be more careful and watch your back.
Signs of affection from someone liked in the past The guy I liked (we don't talk much anymore), but I had a dream that he sneaked on me and surprised me at my house before I walked in to say he missed me and that he wanted to start spending time with me again. Dreaming about the person you used to like in the past showing signs of love and affection could be indicative of the fact that you might soon be astounded and perplexed by some unexpected or surprising events or developments, which could turn out to be negative or unpleasant in their nature, rather than something you were hoping could benefit you. The notion of not communicating with this person in wake life could also reflect your subconscious desire to re-unite or even re-establish the relationship with this person.
Naked and ashamed at church What does it mean to be naked and ashamed at church? The dream vision about feeling ashamed of your naked body while at church could symbolize your timidness and perhaps even insecurity. That is, you could be someone who lacks the confidence needed to face the world, deal with unexpected and intimidating situations, and accept shortcomings. It also could symbolize your inability to bring out your best and positive attributes when interacting with others. You tend to disguise, suppress or look down upon your true potentials and strengths. The vision of church in itself speaks of the possibility of going through a spiritual cleansing or personal renewal process. In this sense, the dream could reveal your need to be honest with your own self as well as with others. It could be beneficial to look into the mirror (in a metaphorical sense) and reflect upon what you are and how others perceive you. Finally, you could be longing for humility, modesty, openness, straightforwardness and patience. You genuinely want relationships in your waking life to have these qualities.
Ex-boyfriend comparing hands and looking happy I dreamt that me, my current 2 years and a half bf, my ex and some of our friends went on a road trip. When we arrived to the desired place my boyfriend went to do something and me and my ex and our friends were left alone. So as we were chatting about how each one of us has a different hand shape my ex which did not speak to me the whole trip told me "show me your hands" and he brought his hand closer to mine and held it and started smiling to me as if he's happy.. Then I woke up. This dream contains two distinct visions, specifically - going on a road trip with people who are important to you in your waking life and examining your hands. The first vision could be interpreted as your tendency to get involved in or try to accomplish plans or tasks which are more than you can handle. You could currently be going through a period in life when a lot of things need to be accomplish at the same time, but in order to succeed you need to set your priorities first or ask other people for help. The second vision of your ex-boyfriend examining your hand is indicating that you are about to experience a revelation or receive some new information which would affect your ex-boyfriend's as well as your own life. Most likely, it is a new person (not your current boyfriend) who might ignite new feelings and emotions in you. The notion of your ex-boyfriend feeling happy and telling you about it seems to be telling that your relationship with him has not found a proper closure yet, at least in your mind. You might be wanting him to be a part of your life, even though you are seeing someone else.
Visiting a friend at his workplace and having an argument My friend (or ex-friend) is a teacher at the university and I had a dream that I went to his workplace without informing him, he was in a meeting and after that he kept ignoring me as if I'm not even there, I called him in front of two guys and he had no choice but to come to me. He screamed at me saying that he doesn't want to hear me out and I screamed back at him, louder saying that why I'm here is not because of what happened between us but because of my future, and I held his arm making him listen to me... I don't remember the rest of the dream but can you please tell me what it means? This dream has two distinct visions, namely, visiting the school where your friend works and having a heated argument with him. The first vision signifies your desire to learn more about this individual, even if it might seem to you that you know a lot about his life, personal character and habits. You could be concerned about his well-being, but unsure how you can help him out. The notion of having a verbal disagreement which was on the verge of turning into a physical fight from what you have described, could mean that there is something important in your life you are trying to achieve or attain, but you feel that you would only be able to move forward if this person is affected to a great extent. This friend could be a major road block on your way to realize your plans or intentions and you are subconsciously projecting these fears or uncertainties in order to overcome or eliminate these impediments to your personal success.
Ex-fiance and ex-husband perceived to be homosexuals I dreamt that my ex fiance and my ex husband were both homosexual. In this dream I was not surprised about ex fiance, but a little surprised about ex husband. After thinking about I thought (in the dream) that my ex husbands friends seemed secretive and gay. The meaning of this dream about perceiving both of your ex's as homosexuals would actually depend on your attitude and level of tolerance toward people with this sexual orientation in waking life. If you harbor resentment and detest these individuals in reality, the dream vision is telling you about upcoming conflicts and disagreements with the person whom you are currently in a relationship with or planning on dating. The primary reason for such face-offs would be you tendency to say things before thinking or revealing too much information from inside of the relationship or about your man's private business to others. The more aggressive and hostile you were toward the people you thought were homosexual in your dream, the more serious troubles you are about to immerse yourself in. If, in real life, you are tolerant and accepting toward homosexuals, for example if one of your close friends or co-workers has this kind of sexual orientation, you can expect to go through a break-up with the person you are romantically involved with, but in this case it would happen because of reasons and motivations beyond your control, such as the other half in this romantic equation being uncomfortable with the way it is progressing.
Being cold at a bar and cuddling with an older woman to warm up Hi, I dreamt that I (a young woman) was in a bar with friends and I was cold as I had a blanket around me and I was cuddling into an older woman who I used to be friends with... What does this mean???? Dreaming about sitting at a bar contains prediction of the need to soon contact social services or a government agency for some reason. This urgency could be caused by your inability to handle things on your own or because of the magnitude of the issue you would be facing. Most likely, these proceeding could take some time before getting resolved. Being cold in a dream means that you can always count on help and support of people whom you know closely. However, the image of an older woman you were clinging to in order to warm up is somewhat concerning because it could mean that, if there is indeed an issue you are struggling with at the moment, it could be deeply rooted in your past and therefore difficult to solve or overcome, even with the help of others.
Being taken over by something and breathless It was like something was taking over my body and I couldn't breathe. Dreaming about or experiencing a feeling of being unable to breathe is related to being limited in abilities, feeling overwhelmed or depressed in waking life, which could result from a particular situation or a relationship with someone. If you could not breathe or felt breathless while dreaming, it could also mean that you are lacking something or someone important or in a great need of its or their presence.
Frightened by unfamiliar men I was laying down and a guy came up to me and asked me why I had my fist under my chin. Before I could answer, he moved closer and closer, I became scared and tried to move away from him and another guy suddenly appeared behind me. I was so scared, when I woke up I was still scared. Dreaming of strange men who seem to have a threatening air to them may indicate being in a precarious or dangerous situation, though not necessarily physically (though that is a possibility). Being confronted by one man and ambushed by another could mean you are about to be taken by surprise in a negative way in regard to something you are working on or by people who dislike or are jealous of you. Being scared is normal, and in this case may predict this situation coming to a rapid head. This dream may therefore be a warning to be careful and on the lookout for trouble.
Seeing a likeable person and his friends I usually see the same person in my dream whom I like, but always he moves around me with no expression. I remember full dream always when I wake up... even can recall all such dreams I have seen years ago, 2 to 3 years. When he was unmarried I used to see the same girl to whom he is married now. Her attitude is always soft in my dreams, but mine is harsh. On the other side, his attitude is always expressionless, but he used to sit or stand around me. Almost all the dreams related to such situations and have similar nature. Consistently seeing a person you like and have feelings for when dreaming shows that he is still on your mind, even though he has gone off and married someone else. You do not mention whether or not you had a relationship with this man previously, but, in general, his lack of expression throughout the dream indicates that, while he may find you good company or see you as a friend, he does not have any deeper emotions for you. Similarly, his current wife's soft, gentle nature may indicate that she also does not have strong feelings for you, positive or negative. This dream may be, therefore, a sign that you should try to put your feelings behind you and do things which empower you before seeking a new romantic partner, if you are interested in pursuing a relationship at that time.
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A pet dinosaur devouring people and horses I had a dream I had a pet dinosaur which I forgot to feed and it ate a lot of people that I didn't know. Then it lured two horses, then it froze, then played. This dream vision is a manifestation of your existing negative attitude and temper you might be nurturing inside toward someone or something. You are about to face some significant life changes which would be originating from your desire to calm these forces down or eliminate them completely. The magnitude of these changes will depend on your ability to manage and resolve your inner contradictions and move in the direction that is right for you. However, if you keep on harboring these feelings or ignoring them, they might snowball and backfire causing a lot of damage both to you and those who might be potentially affected.
Clowns on the plane and killing them My mom was fleeing the country and my whole family was on a plane and there was a guy putting clown makeup on everyone. But the clowns didn't like to be seen and my cousin saw them, so they attacked us and we were slicing them with swords and they would fall apart. This dream vision contains two distinct elements which could be important in trying to interpret its meaning. First, your whole family being on the airplane and seeing someone masquerading passengers as clowns means that you could currently be experiencing some minor issues, problems or disagreements which you think are drawing a wedge into your family's cohesiveness and integrity. You are anticipating that something which otherwise preserves family ties and values is jeopardized and threatened. This could be related to family members getting divorced, married or leaving the family circle for some external reason (for example someone going to college or relocating to another town). The airplane (enclosed space) signifies that these are internal family issues. The second vision of killing passengers who were transformed into evil clowns, and more importantly, seeing them fall apart upon killing them, could be indicative of the fact that you and other family members are working on solving these issues separately and without much communication, which could be counterproductive to the efforts to find a reasonable compromise if this is the case.
A dead boy resurrecting and scarying mourners away Dreams about I was at a funeral of a boy and while they were praying on him, a lady pulls the corpse beside her and removes the cover cloth on his face,saying she wants him to have his last breath before the bury him. Suddenly, he wakes up and kicks me instead. We were happy he resurrected, but those praying for him all ran away. The analysis of the dream story you have experienced reveals some positive developments or circumstances you are about to become a part of soon. Seeing a deceased boy coming alive in this dream points to some happy occurrence or news you are about to hear in a short period of time after having this dream. The fact that the boy came back to life and kicked you signifies receiving an invitation to a happy social event or celebration, this could be related to someone's wedding, anniversary or party to celebrate an important milestone in their life. It is also possible that this news would take you by surprise and you would have to spend some time preparing for the event and trying to figure out how to contribute to it in order to make the people who will invite you to celebrate their cause even more joyful and memorable.
An angel taking to a place to meet with family Dreams about an angel who took me to a real hot place. My family was there, and so was my family that had pass away. The angel told me to get my family and repent. Dreaming about an angel guiding you could translate your need to be forgiven by someone you might have offended recently or in the past. This offense could have been committed as a result of ignorance or unawareness about the sensitivity of the other person's feelings. That is, it was not necessarily an ill-intended action. This interpretation is reinforced by the image of the hot place and the need for you to repent, all pointing towards the symbol of hell or of the doomed. Alternatively, if you felt that the angel had a benign attitude toward you, it could mean that you will be consoled, comforted and eventually forgiven by others for your deeds. If you did not feel intimidated by the presence of the angel, you may be about to receive some good news or end up better off in financial terms. Dreaming about your deceased family could translate your grief and sadness about their absence. Yet, given the simultaneous image of the angel by your side, this dream signifies the slow process of emotional healing and coming to terms with the loss you had experienced.
Having a fish tail and love-making under water Having a fish tail and making love under water. Having a dream vision about going through a transformation or metamorphosis when you notice you have grown a fish tail is an auspicious sign of your body getting a lot of energy, which could be a result of committing yourself to exercise routine, having excellent nutrition sources and preventing or avoiding stressful situations in your waking life. Visions of having sex or making love under water reflects your tendency to sway toward seeking a more deep and meaningful connection with the person whom you are romantically involved with. You want the relationship with them to be more fulfilling and gratifying for both of you.
Giving birth to a gun My wife gave birth to a gun and we were treating it like a real baby. I just want to know what it means. She is currently pregnant and I'm curious. The meaning of this dream about your wife giving birth to a weapon would depend on your attitude and personal opinion toward guns in waking life. If you approve of having guns around as a way to protect yourself and your family, it could mean that presently you have heightened urge to protect and safeguard the well-being of the mother and the child to be born. If you, for some reason, oppose the idea of having guns around, you could be subconsciously projecting fears and concerns about the safety of you and your family in the light of gun-related tragedies witnessed either personally or in the media. Treating the gun as a real baby, however, is somewhat concerning because it could indicate your excessive focus on and preoccupation with the whole gun issue, regardless which side you belong to.
Swapping bodies with another person and fighting aliens I was a soldier in the future with a female teammate. We both entered this machine that allowed us to have an out of body experience and fight an unknown alien force (never saw what they looked like)in that form somehow. When we were done we returned back to the bodies, but I was stuck in her body and she was stuck in mine. I then had 2 seizures before recovering. Then the alien force we were fighting came back and was burning the city down while I was running around in her body fighting the enemy off. I then woke up screaming thinking I still had a weapon. Dreaming about being among or one of military people like soldiers or troops could symbolize upcoming news. In the dream, you had a teammate and were fighting an alien - an unknown, strange enemy. This could suggest that the news is about an upcoming struggle with some unfamiliar force, problem or influence. The out-of-the-body experience could reveal the need for extraordinary strength to overcome these difficulties you could be facing. Yet, you may be supported during your battle, given the presence of your friend in the dream. The return of the alien force and the seizures you had are the signs of exhaustion when first attempting to deal with the problems, but your friend or friends would encourage and support you to continue your pursuit. The symbol of fire is often very positive, speaking of transformation, renewal and new beginnings. Overall, this suggests that there exists some impeding or current difficult issue to overcome, which will leave you emotionally drained. The outcome will probably be some significant and favorable change or transformation, one which may be related to yourself, your present life or issues you could be facing at the moment or are about to experience.
Fish turning into a crow Touching a fish from the refrigerator, and it changed to a crow. Having a dream when you see yourself touching a dead fish is an indication of some type of disease or ailment you could be developing in your body. The symbolic vision of a fish transforming into a crow is also not a good sign in dream interpretation literature. It portends receiving bad news or being negatively surprised by something you are about to hear or discover in a short period of time. Taking both of these symbolic visions together, it could be revealing that either this condition could be progressing quickly or making other people aware of its presence and becoming concerned about your welfare.
Turning into a white beautiful tree I dreamed I was turned into a beautiful white tree. In dream interpretation, turning into a tree in a dream reveals a possibility of transmitting a disease or becoming affected by some illness. However, because you felt as if the tree was beautiful, it could be that the condition could be mild or not impact you in any serious or adverse way. Therefore the dream advises to carefully monitor your physical well-being and take precautionary measures to avoid possible complications or undesirable consequences involving your health.
Pirates chasing someone, breaking into a fight as people watch Two pirate crews chasing the prince and his mother on some sort of abandoned parking lot / construction site. Mom and son disappear into a kind of worm hole. The pirate crews start attacking each other. The colors are drab brown everywhere during the fight, which is short. There is a large crowd on the side walk watching the pirates fight, standing in line, more colors. The military and police at the end of the line is looking for the prince. Suddenly a blue worm hole appears above a bus and the prince falls out, leaving a huge dent on the roof of the bus. Dreaming about pirates chasing after someone could be a reflection of you recently becoming a witness or participant in plans or intentions by someone you know to leave their home or family. The reasons for this person to move away can be dictated by some significant upcoming changes in this person's life, which could be related to job opportunities, the need to go to school or because they have recently met someone new. You could be strongly opposing such a decision, but the person has already set his or her mind on the idea and your persuasions don't seem to be working. There could be other people disapproving these idea of relocation because they have their own stakes in not letting the person go because if it happens, it could negatively affect their happiness and stability as well.
Seeing a beast wolf creature wanting to be let in Lying in bed, look over and saw a beast wolf outside. It had green glowing eyes. It tells me to let it in. I won't. It tells me again, I still won't. He says he won't hurt me, but I know he's evil. Having a close encounter with a creature or beast resembling a wolf in a dream serves as a prediction of soon being served with some disheartening news. If you are in a relationship with someone special, this news could be coming from that person. The repeated attempts of the beast to be let in and your refusal to do so could also indicate that you may have already been exposed to something negative developing inside the relationship, but were able to prevent it from worsening. If you feel that your trust in someone is greatly diminishing, perhaps it is time to have a frank talk with them.
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Fighting with own daughter Having a violent verbal and physical fight with my 30-year old single daughter. This dream could be showing your urge to control some, if not all aspects of your daughter's life. Because she is your only child, you may be too much concerned about what is happening to her. However, at her present age, it could be quite difficult for you to tell her what she should or should not do. She has to make her own decisions about her life. You may be feeling that whatever she does is not appropriate or wise and you would like to change that. This dream points to stress and anxiety that you may be harboring because of your inability to fully influence your daughter's life.
Beheading someone during a battle I was in a battle with a stranger, in struggle I behead the person, no body but just the head remains. Many people around, I want to confess about the bodyless head. No one cares. Dreaming about getting in a fight with a stranger is an indication of upcoming changes in your waking life. These alterations could pertain to your personal as well as professional life. Seeing yourself killing the stranger by beheading them signifies your desire to tackle all difficulties head on. Therefore, such imagery shows how you would be successful in dealing with every curve ball that life throws at you as long as you keep yourself strong and determined to prevail in any kind of adverse situations.
Fighting with a snowman This mini abominable snowman big foot thing 1-foot tall constantly chased me and I'd pick him up to chuck him but he'd bite me every time. I'm Australian male, 29 years old. Dreaming about something abominable could be a manifestation of your own fears which you may be experiencing in your waking life. The idea of trying to get rid of the strange creature points towards your desire to escape from these troubles which plague you. The notion of chucking the snowman represents your efforts to make the necessary amends which would help you overcome these feelings of trepidation. Try to confide in a loved one. Doing so would help you conquer your apprehensions and make things easier and more bearable.
An out of body experience after a fight I had a dream I was fighting multiple people back in my hometown where I was winning the fight against each person, but suddenly I am hit in the head with a rock, the fight ends and my friend takes me into his home where I have a bright light around my body and my head cracked open with me trying to stay conscious all while watching myself through an out of body experience. I am male. In the dream world, fighting can have a number of interpretations. In many cases, fighting predicts conflict with people close to you, perhaps those same individuals you saw in your vision. Another possible interpretation indicates receiving unpleasant news or hitting a rough patch of some sort. Furthermore, having an out of body experience suggests that either potential scenario could lead to being rejected by your peers. In the case of fighting, it is likely your friends would take the other person's side, while in the case of receiving bad news, it may mean others would abandon you in your time of need. However, passing out and waking up encompassed in light could reveal some inner strength or power that would allow you to get through these difficulties, even if it seems impossible. Those who left you would not be necessary in the new life you create for yourself.
Reconciling with someone after a fight I had a fight with someone and we haven't talked ever since and yesterday I had a dream that we were standing among our friends together and he asked me what's my problem and why did I stop talking to him! What does it mean? Reconciling with someone you have been in a disagreement with may reveal an upcoming situation in your life that would be too good to be true. Someone may promise you something they have no way of delivering, or you may be deceived by an offer from a salesperson or advertisement. You should be wary of situations that make it seem like you are getting a lot for very little. Likely, this would come back to haunt you later on.
A woman hitting in the abdomen My dream was about a woman. I was fighting with a woman in my dream and the woman chuck me in the abdomen with a broken wood and I got my abdomen wounded and I say to her is that all she can do? She replies that she has done her part. Suddenly I was looking for help but no one seems to help, but my mom was there willing to help but she can't. The vision of a woman targeting you in your abdomen could mean you relate her to someone who has caused significant emotional scarring in your life and that you are not yet able to heal. However, since she mentioned that she has done her part, it could mean you feel like you deserved it somehow, as if you are atoning for a former sin. The notion about your mom being unable to help you could reveal you are beginning to feel estranged from the comforts of childhood and family life, when you could always count on your parents to have your back in the past, but now feel unsure about facing the future on your own.
Caught in the middle of a riot I am male Indian. I am studying and preparing for competitive exams. I watched a dream this morning. I caught in a Hindu Muslim riot. In the dream I was Hindu with my sister and I was a guest in a Muslim family. As the riot broke out, we wanted to move to our home but the outside conditions are not favorable. Still, the owner of that house (Muslim) and his daughter tried their best to save us from the Muslims who tried to kill Hindus. They take us away from the disturbed places. Dreaming of riots and civil unrest is usually considered a negative sign in the realm of dreams. It suggests you are about to experience a period of time marked by sadness and hardship, especially if you are a young person. As you are preparing for exams, it is possible you are wondering what the point of it all is. This chaos in your dream probably reflects your views on the state of the world today or, more specifically, your worries about your future. You may be looking for help and guidance during this trying time. In a sense, the presence of the Muslim family and their protection of you represents this desire. However, in order for real change to occur, you may need to start by being more proactive even if you do not have so much power or influence at the moment.
Fighting involving sharp weapons I witnessed a fight between someone I knew and someone unknown. It started when he (the one I know) started to shout at the person saying that he was a killer and then he started provoking him until they both went down their cars to fight, but the killer had a sharp weapon and so was able to give him cuts. The person knocked him out by headlock and then I woke up when the killer was about to kill him using the sharp weapon. This fight between an unknown person and someone you recognize from reality may represent dueling aspects of your personality. On one hand, you may have a rough, callous side that does not coddle others, even when they are in unfortunate circumstances. The other part of your personality, then, is the side that is empathetic, sympathetic and concerned about the well-being of others. These two sides are warring because even though you want to be a good person, it is hard when others do not try as hard as you. According to the progression of the vision, it seems the harder aspects of your personality are winning out. It might be a good idea to remove yourself from confrontations or situations that are aggravating these feelings. Perhaps with time and space you would be able to let your better emotions rule your actions once more.
Physically hurting sister I saw myself arguing and fighting my sister, then I started kicking her on the floor. I was trying to wake up in the dream so I could stop myself from hurting my sister, then I started crying uncontrollably. An argument or disagreement with your sibling in the dream realm often reveals some yet unresolved issue between the two of you in reality. While the initial pain or disagreement may no longer be on the surface, the bad blood and hurt it caused still simmer below the surface for both of you. Your desire to wake up and stop yourself from hurting your sister clearly indicate that you love her and wish to be totally aligned with her once more. Perhaps finding a calm time and place to work through your past emotions would give you both a chance to open up and grow.

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Gathering fish from the sea My dream is about me collecting fish from the sea. The sea is often connected with the idea of opportunity. You may be at a point in your life where there are many different options or paths you can choose. The image of trying to collect fish from the sea, however, indicates facing challenges or some tough situations. This dream can, therefore, be taken as a sign that you may face some difficulties on the path you choose, but the results of your hard work and dedication are likely to be very beneficial and rewarding for you in the future.
Holding a white fish I was holding a white fish. The image of holding a fish in your bare hands points toward getting emotionally involved in a situation, particularly one that involves your social group. One of your friends may be going through some hard times or may have received some unfortunate news. Additionally, the white color of the fish indicates something unusual about this case. For example, the news might have been a complete surprise. This vision suggests, through your holding of the fish, that you should try to offer support to this person during their time of need.
Fish swimming around and cleaning feet I dreamt I had little fish swimming around my feet... But they were cleaning my feet. Experiencing a dream about yourself standing in water and seeing fish swimming around your feet is a very good sign of luck and fortune. The vision of this fish cleaning your feet points to enjoyable trip or visit you are about to have, perhaps within a short distance from where you live now, which would lead to these happy events or fortunate circumstances. Some dream interpretation sources also refer to this vision as a possibility of giving birth to a daughter for those who are planning to expand their family.
Fish being cooked but still looking alive I went over to my neighbors' house next door, she had her nephew from out of town and granddaughter there, she had done cleaning up her house, I asked what are u guys doing? She said they had just came from fishing, so she had 1 big catfish and a medium-size fish cooking in low grease. They were alive and not scaled, they were whole, the eyes were moving and the body still had life in them, it didn't smell either, but they were alive and looked good. I couldn't get passed they were cooking alive, what does this mean? While this vision is a bit complicated, there are two main signs which should be considered. First, going over to your neighbor's house and interacting with other people in her family is often interpreted as an auspicious sign in regards to both health and wealth. You may find yourself with more energy than usual or that your investments have higher returns than you expected. Fish can mean a number of different things but, in this case, seem to be most associated with the wealth mentioned above. Live fish are also a positive sign associated with prosperous business dealings or the successful completion of goals. However, these fish were being cooked alive, and dead fish predict sadness and loss, particularly the squandering of material possessions. You may find that your new money disappears quickly if not invested and managed properly.
Fish described as intelligent beings able to speak I dreamed that a good friend of mine, a woman, was on a TV talk show and was explaining to the host that fish are actually very intelligent and have their own language. An example was that if a fish spins around 3 times and pecks another fish on the gills it means "I love you". Fish do have their own language and are extremely intelligent and she knows this to be true because she was a fish in a previous lifetime, she assures the TV host. My gender is male. Dreaming about a certain person is usually a sign that they have been on your mind a lot recently. You may have feelings for this person or recently interacted closely with them, which explains why they are at the forefront of your mind. Seeing this person on a talk show predicts an unexpected development, most likely in regard to this relationship. This change may require some flexibility on your part because remaining too rigid could have adverse or detrimental effects on your friendship. The idea that fish can talk or communicate suggests you may have been feeling a bit lonely recently, possibly due to an unwelcoming atmosphere or a disinclination to work together with others. It means you rely on this female friend more than others, and the loss of this friendship could hurt you. It would be wise to be on the lookout for major changes taking place and to try to be as open-minded to any situations that may unfold.
Eating boiled fish with people from work Dreaming of eating lots of boiled fish with workmates. Eating boiled fish is often associated with the loss of something important to you, such as a precious heirloom or a relationship. Because you ate the fish with your colleagues from work, it may be related to your job. For example, you may have to give up more of your free time or a hobby in order to further your career. This dream is not necessarily negative. Instead, it makes us consider the value of the things and people in our lives and helps us decide what is most important.
Fishing and catching a pig instead of fish I have had several dreams of hooking a fish badly and them swimming away still hooked and in pain. But once I dreamed I caught something big that wasn't a fish at all. I swear I think it was a pig, but am not entirely sure. Go ahead and tell me if you think I am just plain crazy. Seeing yourself fishing, but unable to catch any fish in a dream tells you about your vain and pointless desires you are trying to entertain, which will not yield any significant outcomes you were hoping to get while pursuing them. Your business projects may not be as successful as you thought they would be when you first started working on them, but there is a chance of good luck and fortunate developments as the business progresses, as the image of catching a pig instead of fish signifies. The same could be true about your insecure or timid nature when it comes to intimate relationships, most likely because someone in the past had made you feel uncomfortable or hurt you emotionally.
Trying to hold on to fishes My thesis adviser gave me two fishes. A round one and a thin and long one. I tried to hold them, but it wriggles out of my hand. Then a male friend of mine killed those fishes so I could hold them tight. Envisioning yourself being presented with fish suggests you wish to have sexual relations with the person who gave them to you, in this case, your advisor. The live fish represent success in romantic endeavors, suggesting initial forays may look promising. However, the dead fish at the end of the vision suggest loss and disappointment, and may even point toward an onset of a sickness, not necessarily related to the circumstances mentioned above.
Buying different types of fish I was at the fish market buying fresh monk fish. As I was talking to a lady, I decided to purchase butter fish also. Finding yourself at a fish market in a dream is an auspicious sign of being satisfied with where you are now and living a joyful and happy life. You could be in a situation at the moment when you are trying to make new friends or welcome someone new into your life. The decision to buy another type of fish, in addition to what you have already had, points to your outgoing personality and ability to connect with other people instantaneously.
Fishes in a tank and attacking There were three fishes in the clear blue ocean, but inside of a fish tank. Two fishes swam together on my right and the one stayed on my left, which swam at the bottom of the tank and bit me on my foot then hand when I tried to grab it. This dream is a bit of a mixed basket which predicts good fortune but also contains a warning. Seeing three fish together in a fish tank predicts you are soon to experience a period in your life filled with happiness and joy. The cause of your pleasure is seen in your impression that the tank water was from or part of the ocean, as oceans are symbolic of rare and beneficial opportunities. This means you are likely to be given a once in a lifetime chance which, if you take it, would dramatically improve your position in life. However, there is a word of caution. Trying to grab one of the fish indicates that you may take advantage of or abuse your new rank, paying little attention to your actions and treating others badly. If you become over-confident or careless, you may wind up with worse than a bite on the hand.
Struggling to prepare a big fish for cooking I had a dream that I was assisting a woman to cut a big live fishes, maybe for sale or eating, so there was this particular one so stubborn, dark and gigantic, seemed it had an iron body, even cutters didn't have any effect. The it escaped, so I was so confused when I worked up... Afterwards we might have forgotten about it, later we saw two other able men chasing it inside the gutter where it escaped, but they didn't succeed. Please, I really need understanding of it. Thanks. This vision suggests there is some turmoil in your life despite the fact that things are mostly going well for you. Helping a woman in dealing with live fish does have a positive connotation, indicating that life at the moment is happy and fulfilling, especially your relationships. However, the one large, dark colored fish could represent the presence of worries or concerns. There is no particular reason you should be upset at the moment, and yet you cannot shake the feeling that something is not right, as indicated by your difficulty in cutting this particular fish. This dream gives no indication as to whether your feelings are substantiated or not, but it might be a good idea to try and relax and live in the moment.
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A man throwing food I dreamt that I was out on a certain gathering next to a prison. There was quite a number of people and we were sitting outside the prison building on a green and lush lawn. There was a man who was cooking and everytime he dishes up he threw the plate of food at me, one after the other. I was ducking and hiding from him but he would find me and throw plates of food at me up to the point I felt that I am tired of running and hiding, I caught a plate and I sat down and ate and he stopped throwing food at me. I dont know what type of food but I did not have any objections to it. Please help with interpretation. Based on your description, the symbol of a prison is not the central element of this dream. Dreams involving preparing or consuming food outside (such as a barbeque or picnic) may signify feelings of instability or insecurity you may be or soon start experiencing in your life. Combined with the notion of “prison”, it could mean that these feelings are the result of being entrusted with some sort of secret or information you are attempting to hide or keep private. Food thrown at you in your dream (abundance of food) which you were first trying to avoid but later accepted to receive, can be a sign of continuing to live wealthier and better off than other people but needing to protect your secret which may lead to having less stability and security.
Boiling milk I am heating milk on gas. My sis in law is standing next to me. Dreaming about heating milk with the notion of your sister-in-law being near means that you are too demanding and hypercritical when communicating with her. Maybe you treat her as your rival? If you allow more freedom and listen to what she has to say or suggest, you will be pleasantly surprised by how easy and mutually beneficial this relationship can actually be.
Mutton meat brought by a student I dreamt my old student bought me a packet of mutton meat and stated that her aunt has sent this for me as in their family they had a akeka ritual. Dreams about mutton meat is a good sign of success, they could indicate getting promoted at work or receiving some monetary benefits. Sometimes these benefits can come from a completely unexpected source. Another possible interpretation of dreams about eating mutton meat: they can be an indication of some sort of weakness you are trying to overcome in order to become more successful or achieve something very desirable. Once you become capable to eliminate this weakness from your personality, you will become successful in things you are trying to accomplish.
Eating pap and milk given by another person I ate cold pap and milk in my dream and it was given to me by a very spiritual person (husband to my girlfriends elder sister) and cold pap is my best cereal. Dreaming about eating pap can be a symbol of worries and being preoccupied with a challenging situation created by another person, if the pap was prepared or given to you in your dream by the person you are describing, he will most likely be the one responsible for your worries which you may have to deal with for some time.
Looking at a variety of fruits See standing myself and my daughter around beautiful fruits. Dreams about seeing a variety of fruits can be interpreted as your subconscious desire to have more children. The presence of your daughter together with you in this dream signifies your contemplation about having another child and how it might affect your relationship with the daughter. It could also be indicative of you being hesitant to bring a new addition to your family when you think about previous experience(s) you have had raising or supporting her. In general, seeing fruits in a dream can be a symbol of strengthening your spirituality, becoming more optimistic and energetic, which is essential for achieving your life goals.
Breaking and eating a raw egg I saw that I have broken one raw egg in my mouth and eaten. This I saw early hours of morning. A dream which involved a vision of eating a raw egg is a sign of establishing a connection or building a relationship with someone whom you have known only formally up to this point in time (for example this could be your co-worker or someone you deal with only for official business purposes). Breaking an egg in a dream can also mean a possibility of committing some kind of a crime or killing a living being in reality, it may also indicate your infertility or inability to become pregnant.
Eating coconut with family members Last night I dreamed again. Together with my brothers and sisters we ate coconut except for one of my sister was not there... We enjoy eating. Seeing yourself eating food in a happy company of your family members in your dream foretells unexpected benefit, success in business, true friendship, happiness and love in marriage. Coconut as food is a symbol of discovering a secret or finding out about something you were not aware of and which may be very beneficial to you personally. The absence of your sister in this context does not add significance to or changes the message of this dream.
Eating seedless dates I saw that I was making the dates without its seeds to make it eatable. And I am not sure but mom was eating it. Dreaming about consuming dates is a favorable sign of good health and longevity, when you had a vision about taking the seeds out, it is most likely a symbol of you trying to find the ways and opportunities to have more healthy and wholesome environment for you and your mother if you witnessed her consuming the dates in this dream.
Unclean house and flies In my dream I was at a function...where I saw lots of houseflies at the place where food was cooking... And the house was very messy. This dream could be a warning about troubles or issues that may affect your personal life or possible conflicts you are about to get into in order to get your point across. This could also signify upcoming minor hindrances and obstacles preventing you from achieving the plans you may currently be having in mind.
Serving bread to people Dreaming busy dishing lot of bread to people. Dreams which involve food often contain positive messages. In this particular dream you were preparing the meal for a group of people. This suggests that it is possible that you would soon receive pleasing and favorable news. This news could be related to some collective business, project or plan which you are currently or would soon be involved with. Moreover, the food item was bread. This symbol is usually associated with prosperous existence without worrying much about material or financial issues. It could also signify excellent health for years to come if in this dream you were sharing the bread with people who were hungry or poor.
Red onions A tray of red onions. The symbol of an onion in a dream is an indication of good and fun time spent to your delight and satisfaction which might bring a lot of pleasure, excitement and relaxation when it happens. However, the notion that the onions were placed on a tray could be a sign of this pleasure accompanied or followed by senseless spending or provided at a great cost, which afterwards could leave you regretting it or even wishing you had never experienced it.
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A poor friend giving a slipper as a gift A friend living in poor condition. Still giving gift of slipper. But the servant took that slipper. And I told servant that it was given to me. The symbolic vision of a slipper in a dream predicts a romantic relationship or friendship coming to an end in a very short period of time. However, you also dreamed about someone taking the slipper which was intended as a gift to you. This could mean that you could presently be also dealing with another person who is either trying to mend this deteriorating relationship or friendship or playing an important part causing it to go downhill from where you are at the moment. Regardless of this person's actions, you would most likely experience a breakup or find yourself distancing yourself from one of your current friends, acquaintances or even your lover.
A distant friend in a blue shirt by the water and his relatives I had a dream about a very close friend of mine but I didn't see him yet in person. In my dream I saw him go down to the water wearing a blue sky shirt and I also saw his brother and a little boy that his brother got. He put the baby onto his lap and played with the baby while watching my close friend who was by the water. When I saw them, I didn't show myself to them because my feeling at that time were that if they see me, they will think I am ugly... And then I woke up... This dream vision of watching your distant friend from a distance and trying to hide from him and his relatives reveals your inner desire to expand you social horizons. You could be having some issues with how you think others perceive you or what they think after you approach them. The symbolic vision of your friend wearing a blue shirt could indicate that you have recently made some successful attempts to befriend someone, this experience could even include romantic feelings you expressed towards them. The fact that this person's brother was watching him near the water could also signify that there is another person involved who could be standing in the way of getting to know other people you want to meet. This could be someone who does not even realize he or she is causing such inconvenience to you, or it could be the person's family or relatives who may be unknowingly preventing you from reaching out to this person you are interested in.
Deceased friend giving items and communicating My friend died two years ago, and I saw her in my dream. She gave me a green necklace and a red purse, and she asked why I did not invite her to my wedding. Dreaming about your deceased friend giving you colored personal items, especially if they were bright or shiny in color, could translate your inability to cope with their absence and let go of your feelings of loss. It could also mean that you have been or about to become disrespected, criticized and ridiculed by people around you. Their behavior can produce negative effects on your self-esteem and cause you to have a poor perception of yourself. If you indeed had a wedding recently and dreamed about your friend asking why she was not invited, you could actually be unhappy or dissatisfied with the crowd of people who had attended this event. That's why you subconsciously project into your dream the images of her wanting to attend this celebration along with other guests.
A friend pushing off the cliff and stabbing I keep having this same dream with one of my friends in it. We're in a white room, but every time we touch we end up on a mountain with an ocean below us. She stabs me 3 different times in the dream then the final time she just pushes me off the mountain and I wake up. This dream does not necessarily represent bad or negative things, most likely it is a reflection of how your relationship with this person is. Being on top of the mountain and above the ocean could mean that there is something in your relationship with her that makes you hesitant or unwilling to pursue something out of your comfort zone, and she manages to make you think otherwise. The only bad thing about this interaction could be your uncertainty in regards to what's going to happen next. This dream vision could also be an indication of your submissive and easy to control personality.
A friend around while having nightmares The person I like keeps on appearing in my nightmares and when he shows up everything gets better or if it doesn't he never leaves my side and stays with me. What does that mean? Having nightmares could be an indication of the existence of a shallow but manipulative person in your life who may be trying to bring you down or take advantage of you. The presence of the person you like in the same dreams signifies that he could have become a witness or a participant in these situations. Subconsciously, you are trying to eliminate this negative influence and perhaps seeking help or advice from the person you like.
Talking to a friend in a swimming pool and shower room I had a dream where me and my boy best friend were in a square swimming pool talking, and then I was showering and he was there still talking to me, what does this mean? Because you did not provide your gender, it is hard to come up with precise interpretation for this kind of a dream. In general, dreaming about you and someone you know closely being in a swimming pool or inside a shower symbolizes a complete transformation on your part. You could be well under way to becoming an entirely different person as a result of some significant changes in your life. It could be embracing a new belief, switching your support to a new group of people or even having shifting views in your sexual preferences. In any case, such a change could soon start affecting your personal relationships and your life in general.
A friend who is unclean My friend came to me with dirty clothes and in need of a bath. Dirty and torn clothes worn by your friend in this dream could serve as a warning about possible deceit or abuse this person is experiencing at the moment. He or she needs to be careful because someone new in their life or even somebody they already know, is out to take advantage of them. If this person is about to make an important decision about something that is doubtful, they should take heed and listen to the warning. Not doing so could prove to be harmful. Dreams about seeing other people in need of a bath, as to clean of something filthy, is an indication of them having some unhealthy or abnormal wants and desires. They could be in a risky or dangerous situation when following these questionable pursuits.
Being visited by best friend's father My best friend's dad, he showed up at my house wearing a cowboy hat and coat which I've never seen her dad dress western. He had three girls with him, Weston I knew, the other two I did not. He had two boys with him and I did not know them. He seemed concerned and distressed and he drove a white full-size truck. We visited and talked as if he was giving me advice as well as him asking me for advice, but cannot remember specific questions. When it was time for him to leave he'd forgotten his coat and I ran out to give it to him. It was dark outside and he thanked me we hugged and I woke up. This dream has quite a few complicated symbols, but there are a few worth focusing on. Seeing the image of your best friend's dad in your dream suggests he has been on your mind recently or that you have had a recent interaction with him which made a strong impact on you. In either case, this vision seems to suggest some close relationship between the two of you, or he may represent someone else whom you are currently interested in. However, seeing him dressed up in clothes completely out of his style means that there is something fundamentally wrong about this person that you wish would change. For example, in the case of romance, differences in age, religion, or life goals may be a hindrance to the relationship in the long run. The group of people who you did not recognize also represents some internal fear or discord, perhaps over the opinion and reaction of others. The darkness at the end of the dream can be interpreted as a sign that your subconscious finds something inherently wrong with this situation, whatever it is. You may want to take time and think about your relationship with this person and your friend more carefully before taking any actions you may regret later.
Going to travel with a friend and looking for diamonds A male friend wanted to go traveling with me but first we had to find diamonds. Dreaming about your friend who wanted to travel or was preparing for traveling with you signifies some outstanding unresolved issues or unanswered questions which may exist between you and him. The notion of diamonds in the same dream speaks of a long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationship you have with this person. At the same time, you could be subconsciously sensing that this person is trying to take this friendship to a completely new level and perhaps even has some serious romantic feelings toward you.
A strange behavior of a friend and him proposing later I was hanging out with a friend, and it was raining. He said he was going to get something from his car and he would be right back. It was taking awhile, so I went to check on him. When I saw him, he was staring at the ground, so I asked him what was wrong. He stood up and I thought he was going to walk away, so I asked him why he was leaving. Then he turned around and he had flowers in his hand. He placed them on the ground in front of me and said he could never leave without me. Then he got down on one knee and proposed. I said yes and we went for a drive. He parked his car, smiled, and kissed me. Seeing a particular person in a dream vision suggests this person has been on your mind a lot recently or that he has recently begun to have more prominence in your life. Being left alone represents some feelings of loneliness and isolation, and the fact that you sought his company indicates you value his company and opinions. His presenting you with flowers is a more overarching sign which predicts there are a number of young men who are interested in you and being proposed to is usually interpreted as a symbol for positive changes in your life. Because the topic of this dream is highly romantic, it would seem that these positive changes are in relation to your love life. If you are not currently in a relationship with someone, you may find yourself in one before too long.
Meeting an acquaintance I was looking back at a guy who is an acquaintance to me on a beautiful winding road, remembering, who was from a distance. Seeing a winding road suggests you may be partaking in self-destructive behavior or bad habits, such as something health-related (like smoking) or behavior-related (like gambling or hanging out with the wrong people). Seeing an acquaintance on this road from a distance, however, indicates that leaving this previous way of life is necessary for your future. The beauty surrounding this imagery predicts that if all goes well you are likely to be very content and satisfied with your life.
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Building furniture together with an unfamiliar person I was with a male friend unknown, we were in a big place with other couples around and we were building a table with two chairs. We chose to build a tall square table with dark legs and a tan table top and two tall chairs. Dreaming about building furniture usually represents feeling isolated or cut off from others despite the presence of a friend and other individuals in this vision. In fact, having another person or people in this vision helping you could indicate feeling alone even when in groups of people, meaning you do not feel others really understand you. You may need to reach out to your dearest, closest friends to find the comfort and peace of mind you seek in relationships you try to build with others.
A woman taking furniture out A woman came to my dream and replaced my furniture and I was not able to complain or do anything. Dreaming of your furniture being replaced points to the possibility of an older member of your family passing away in the not too distant future. Seeing that you could not counteract this woman's intentions could also suggest that this is a relative you hardly ever interact with, which, while sad, is not likely to cause disruptions to your daily life or bring about significant emotional repercussions.
Giving furniture sets away and buying new ones I dreamt I was giving away my furniture to my children. Putting items aside for them in my basement. Till they are ready to take the items and I was buying new furniture. I gave away kitchen and dining room and was buying a new dining room set. Gave away my bedroom set to get a new one. Although replacing furniture in a dream could indicate an older member of your family or distant relative soon passing away, it seems that your dream was more focused on and dominated by the visions of buying a new set. In which case, it contains a prediction of soon entering a period of time in your life characterized by peace of mind and internal quiet. This calmness is likely to extend into your personal connections, meaning your relationships with others may grow and thrive at this time as well.
Painting a chair black I dreamt of painting a varnished wooden chair with black paint partially in a room inside my house. The wooden chair in your dream means you are contemplating how to resolve a problem. You could be sitting on it to try to consider all the options in order to handle it in the best way possible. However, the black paint which you partially put on the wooden chair reveals your confused state. On the one hand, you want to be fair and prudent, which is the logical move. On the other hand, your emotions could be clouding your judgments and making you want to lash out at the people involved in these issues you are grappling with. It is up to you to hold back your anger and let cooler heads prevail because should you succumb to your gut feelings, you would just end up in heated arguments and shouting matches.
Putting furniture into an old house I am a female and I always have a dream about my old house that I miss and I keep going to it but it's in a pattern. The other night the house was empty but now I'm putting furniture in it and don't know what's going to happen next, but what does this mean? Furniture in dreams could symbolize investment which could be financial or personal. As such, putting furniture inside the house suggests stronger social connections or becoming more financially stable, but the empty house suggests the opposite scenario. Perhaps the recurring vision of your old house reveals your tendency to dwell in the past. There may be loose ends and unresolved issues holding you back. Alternatively, you may keep comparing your current status with that idealized period, and the state of the house is a reflection of your success or failure resulting in these dreams manifesting themselves.
A chair brought inside the house I am female. In my dream a male stranger left a used kid's chair in front of my home (it didn't look like my real home, but in the dream it was my home). He put it down, looked at me and smiled. I bring the chair into my home. Next, a puppy German Shepherd suddenly being in the same place as the left chair. No collar. I let the dog into my home, now I'm sitting. My husband is there too, standing. The dog is now a larger dog, quietly approaching my face. Not aggressive, but I'm scared of it. The chair which was brought inside your home in the dream alludes to a big decision you need to make in the near future. You may need all the wisdom and advice you can get in order to consider all the aspects of each direction you want to go as well as their repercussions. This decision may have something to do with the puppy which is a symbol of a blossoming bond, friendship or even a new project. Letting the puppy into your home is a symbol of commitment. It means you are willing to put in the effort and investment into that new venture, whether personal or work-related. There could be unpredictable results to your decision or things that are out of your control and maybe that is where the fear is coming from.
An overstuffed chair changing its size When I was a little girl, 3 years to 9 years old I would have the same terrifying dream. I could even be awake and interact, but still seeing the dream. I saw a large, overstuffed chair that was bound with a rope diagonally. It would repeat getting bigger and smaller with a noise that increased and decreased accordingly. Dreaming about a chair bound with a rope could be related to your inability to adapt around unfamiliar places. Depending on how comfortable you feel at different times in your life, the chair either gets bigger or smaller, indicating whether you want to break free from a particular situation or not. The chair symbolizes comfort and relaxation and it is overstuffed with things which probably matter to you personally, while the rope symbolizes immobility and even emotional imprisonment. Since you mentioned this was a childhood dream, it could be a mirror image of your anxieties while growing up and becoming, little by little, an independent and confident person.
An intruder on the couch Woke up to kitchen door off hinges and a stranger sleeping on the couch. Dreaming of an intruder inside your home means something is wrong with your relationship. It could be your relationship with your parents, siblings or your significant other. Since the stranger is sleeping on your couch, this indicates infidelity. An individual could worm his or her way between you and your partner, and an affair could occur that would drive a wedge in your relationship. Furthermore, the forceful entry means you would be blindsided by this development. You could even be the one who would end up cheating on your partner during a moment of weakness.
Sofa destroyed by rodents Hello, I was lying on a sofa in a dark living room and when I woke I noticed that the other large sofa in the room had been chewed in arch at the bottom. I remember thinking in a matter of fact way "Oh, we have mice". I live by myself so the fact that I thought my 30 year old daughter was living there strange. The living room was nothing like the one I actually live in. Kind regards. Resting on a sofa suggests you are in a comfortable place in your life, both because you are able to rely on those around you and you have a safe, comfortable place to rest each night. Your relationships are fulfilling, and you probably are not worried about much at present. However, the idea that mice destroyed your furniture in the dream world points towards going through a period of great loss and hardship. This could mean material loss, such as theft or decreasing value of investments, or it could point towards draining energy in your relationships, such as tense interactions with someone you are normally quite close to. This vision may even be directly referring to strain on your relationship with your daughter. Furthermore, your daughter living with you can be interpreted as a sign that drastic changes may soon take place, either physically or emotionally. Now may be a good time to focus on what matters most so you can protect, salvage or save that which is most important to you in wake life.

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A phone glowing in a dark room I only remember the end of the dream. I was in a pitch black room with a girl that I have had feelings for from school. She has a smartphone that is glowing blue, and levitating above her hands. The smartphone is the only light in the room. The phone is also open and ready to be texted on. She attempts to give me the phone and says "You need to put yourself out there". I am 17, turning 18 soon. I am also male, thank you for the dream interpretation. The pitch black room is a projection of your fears and insecurities which could be holding you back. It likely points to your lack of knowledge about or experience in socializing with the opposite sex. In contrast, the smartphone symbolizes an opportunity for you to break free and widen your understanding of the world around you. It is hovering above the hands of the girl you like to illustrate the message that you have the power to make the first move in order to get to know her better, or at least meet new friends. This is your subconscious showing a way for you to have the courage to get out of your comfort zone and overcome episodic shyness.
Sending naked photos to someone I'm a lady and I had a dream about sending naked photos to another guy. I'm married, what does it mean? Sending naked photos to someone in the dream world means you may be hiding something from your husband. The secret may not necessarily be incriminating, although it does suggest guilt and shame on your part. Nudity in dreams generally refers to vulnerability and secrecy. The guy you sent the photos to in the dream likely symbolizes brewing problems in your marriage. Perhaps you are not communicating as openly as you once did and this gap is causing tension as well as doubts about each other's fidelity. Maybe you also feel like he does not listen as much and you are looking elsewhere to confide problems and find some consolation. If this communication issue is not properly addressed, it may lead to even more complications.
Husband texting someone else I was reading text messages that my husband was sending to another woman. Dreaming that your husband is cheating on you says more about your feelings than his actions. Unfaithfulness in dreams is often the manifestation of the dreamer's own doubts and insecurities. In a sense, you are projecting your own concerns onto your husband's image. If you fall prey to your own worries, you may end up believing he did something even if he is completely innocent.
Girlfriend wanting your phone number Someone asking my phone number on behalf of my girlfriend. Dreaming about someone trying to solicit your phone number and mentioning your girlfriend in the process reflects a rocky or unpredictable relationship with your girlfriend or with someone else in your social circle.

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Playing chess and missing pieces I dreamt I was playing a game of chess, but I could not make out who my opponent was. As I was preparing, I realized that the king, queen and all the pawns were missing, this was the case with all the boxes of chess sets that I opened. Dreaming about playing a game, especially one as strategic as chess, suggests you may be knowingly dabbling in activities which could have a highly negative effect on your life should you be found out. For now, you may feel confident that you have the upper hand. However, the presence of an indescribable stranger indicates that others are hot on your trail and may show up without warning any minute now. You may want to give up your underhanded dealings before it becomes too late to back out.
Scenes from a video game and a duck by the bed So, the other night I had a dream of FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S. I don't play that game. I was in my room, woke up and the duck was siting next to my bed and looking at me while the others wait outside of my room. Please help... Randomly appearing things and images associated with fear and negativity in a dream often get linked to your own feelings of dread and worries in the real world. There is possibility that you are experiencing tension and pressure in your waking life and these anxieties are manifesting in your subconscious as a way for you to release them or confront them, so as to reduce the burden you are carrying. Nightmarish dreams such as the one you have experienced can only stop once you overcome the real-world challenges you may be facing.
Winning a prize at a claw machine I was at a claw machine and for the past tries I didn't win, but I finally won and grabbed two animals at the same time and when I looked up, my crush was behind me saying "Wow, great job". Winning in a dream vision often translates to much the same in wake life. In this case, you are likely to have great success in what you are currently hoping to achieve. This could be related to academic, business or personal affairs, so you should not feel limited. Instead, take advantage of your good luck and reach for the stars.
Drawing a lucky lottery ticket I was dreaming that I was picking a lotto ticket out from a glass clear bowl. I knew it was in the dream that it was the lucky one and saw it was a lotto ticket. What does it mean? It woke me up since I saw myself reaching out to a cell and then taking this lucky ticket? Luck in dreams can mean the opposite in real life. For instance, this dream about picking a lottery ticket from a glass bowl points to possible negative impacts to your business or career because of dishonest partners. Alternatively, this vision could also mean that in your romantic or intimate life you may begin experiencing alternating episodes of joy and sadness.
Not allowed to play and being weighed I was at my youth group and everyone except me and my youth leader went out to play a game, and she kept trying to get me to weigh myself and I finally did and then I woke up. A dream in which you see yourself being disallowed a physical activity, such as playing a game outdoors, may represent some negative aspects of your personality. It is possible that you sometime, perhaps even inadvertently, manipulate people around you into doing things for you. Furthermore, if this happens to be the case, the dream portends the possibility that this characteristic of your personality may cause some friction between you and the person affected, such as a good friend or a family member.
The Jack of Hearts Had a dream that I saw the jack of hearts by itself. Dreaming about the jack of hearts is an auspicious symbol which could be interpreted in two ways. If you perceived it as a person capable of interacting with you, it means that your current or future lover or life partner is or will be the perfect choice for you who would never make you feel bad or disappointed no matter what life may throw at you at any given point. If you observed a depiction or an image of the jack of hearts, it means that you are about to receive some encouraging news about your current partner or some information leading to meeting such a special person and starting a new relationship.
A snowball fight A snowball fight. A dream about a snowball fight presages a warning. It portends a period of negativity which might cause you to make irrational financial decisions. You could end up being surrounded by individuals who might try to deceive you or extort money from you for their own gains. The snowball fight symbolizes the unexpected blows which would be thrown at you preventing you from moving ahead. You should make sure that you maintain your stance, follow your principles and not let anything faze you.
Playing a game to win some money I had this dream where a bunch of girls and I were left in a convenient store, we had NO money. We were broke! I was forced to make a deal with this weird kid in an alley. We played a game Anyway, I won and was about to play round 2 when I saw his face. It was a male friend of mine. Convenience stores or groceries in the dream world allude to choices, opportunities and new ideas. Hence, being broke while inside a convenience store likely reflects your lack of inspiration. You may be feeling stuck on a problem and are looking for some ideas or creative ways to get yourself out of this dilemma. In the dream you decided to make a deal with a stranger by playing a game. This likely reveals your fatalistic nature or your tendency to depend on others to bail you out of trouble. Perhaps it is time for you to become more proactive and take accountability for your actions.
Escaping a dangerous game Female. I dreamt that I am running down a hill. The pathway looks a little dangerous at first, someone is chasing me, it's like I am in a game played by athletes. Sometimes I am the player, sometimes I am watching. Then as if it's a deja vu. I don't know if it's a story or I have dream of it back then. I saw kids, they asked my help to escape from their father who maltreats them. Then I remembered I have no money, so I told them that I will be back tomorrow. I returned, but I don't know if we escaped. Finding yourself running on a downhill path in the world of dreams points to some unfavorable changes in reality. These changes would likely have a significant impact on you, especially in terms of your physical well-being or mental health. The amount of stress generated by these pivotal events could decrease your overall stamina and agility with time. Part of the stress may be due to your innate need to help others. Your generosity and empathy would make a whole world of difference in their lives but could take a lot out of you as a result.
Poop on the battlefield in a video game Male19 years old. I was in this video game that was like futuristic "Call of Duty". I watched people die and come back to life, and I knew no one was dying or hurt, it was a game. I was out I guess because I was watching the shooting and for some reason the battlefield had poop on it and I decided to get a pooper scooper and clean it up. As I was cleaning it up, this middle-aged man in his late 50s told me I better grow up and be a man, then he reared his leg and kicked me in the balls, then I woke up. Images associated with war and violence from video games in a dream often are linked with your own feelings of dread and worry in reality. There is a possibility that you are experiencing tension and pressure in waking life, and these anxieties are manifesting in your subconscious mind. This experience gives you a chance to confront them to reduce the burdens you are carrying during the day. The feces you tried to clean up could reveal how uncomfortable you feel in this situation as well as your desire to fix it or escape from it. However, your problems while dreaming can only be stopped by overcoming the real-world challenges you are facing at the moment.
Playing a game in the pool and showering afterwards I was playing a game with my sibling in a very big swimming pool. The game was like volleyball with a net in front. I could swim without fear of sinking. However, water was not very clear. After swimming, I went under a big shower where a large amount of water was falling down on me. The dream you describe could be a metaphor for some kind of competition that exists between you and your sibling. You may be unsure of why you should feel competitive in the first place, and that is why the water was not very clear, and the consequences of such competitive relationship between the two of you could be undesirable. This is because your dream ended with a large amount of water falling down on you, as if you needed to clean yourself after doing something nefarious. Perhaps you could examine your relationship with your sibling and come up with new ways to interact that do not necessarily involve rivalry.
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Receiving salt and roses Receiving salt and roses from someone in my dreams. Dreaming of receiving salt and roses suggests a turning point in your relationship with someone. In particular, salt symbolizes rejection and disagreement. Meanwhile, receiving roses refers to a lack of sincerity and questionable motives. As such, an individual in your inner circle may become disagreeable and find ways to rile you up. You may begin doubting their honesty because of suspicious activities being done behind your back. Alternatively, if you felt genuinely happy and grateful about receiving these items, then it could also be a declaration of love. While at first you may be uncertain whether it is a legitimate proposal, only time would tell if it is truly sincere.
A small mirror as a gift I'm a female and I had a dream of walking over a bed with plain sheets when I noticed I received a gift - a small silver mirror with a pretty pink flower attached to it. From the angle I was standing in, the mirror didn't have a reflection. A bed represents intimacy and privacy. It can be a place or a situation where you feel safe and comfortable. So the presence of a mirror on top or near the bed refers to an invasion of privacy. There may be conflicts or issues ahead that could drag your intimate secrets into the public arena. In addition, your lack of reflection in this mirror means evil and malicious individuals may be the masterminds behind the dark plots being set in motion to ruin your reputation. On the other hand, a pink flower often refers to love and kindness, so perhaps your detractors or one of them may think that what they are doing is for your own good. This means it could be someone close to you, like a friend or family member.
Pink roses Two dozen long stemmed pink roses given to me on a beach. Pink roses denote new love and romance. You are going to meet someone who would capture your interest and affection. Two dozen or 24 can be the date of this fateful encounter or the age of the person, while the beach indicates a conflict in your mind and heart. While your heart would tempt you to pursue this romance, your mind would be discouraging you from getting swept away too quickly, especially because you know little of the other person.
Gifts offered by deceased brother Dreamt about my baby brother who passed away last year. He came to say hi, final goodbye, and asked me to choose a gift from a picture. Between a black dog or two golden cats. I chose the golden cats. Then I cried in my dream and woke up crying. Dreaming about your dearly departed younger brother is often thought to predict having a long and happy life. Even though you may still feel grief over his loss, you can honor his memory by choosing to live your own life to the fullest. This choice is seen symbolically in the images of the black dog and the golden cats. The black dog represents disappointment and betrayal, while the golden cats are often interpreted by Eastern sources to mean good luck and fortune. Choosing the cats represents your subconscious mind's understanding that you are ready to accept his passing and welcome new blessings and opportunities into your life.
Gift in a white bag Gift in a white bag. Dreaming about receiving or giving a gift which is placed in a white bag indicates that you could be close to getting involved with someone romantically, but things may be up in the air for some time before it happens.

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Hugging the girl with others seeing it My dream was about me going to school and going to my math teacher classroom and some people from the 6th grade were there because we did not go on a trip. We were talking to the teacher and students were doing stuff in the classroom. Then we all sat down I got up and I came to the girl that I love and I started to hug her. She did not got mad and I was hugging her until I woke up. The girl I hugged likes me and I like her back. And she knows that I like her because I give her hints and she gives me hints too. Dreams that center around or take place in the school building suggest you are currently in a stressful situation or feel some agitation in real life. This may be related to the girl you have feelings for due to her prominence within the dream. Hugging the girl you like in a dream only means that she has been on your mind a lot recently. There is no indication about what might happen to this relationship in the future. This vision can only be interpreted as a reflection of your feelings because, while you may both like each other as you have admitted, you are not together yet, and this unfulfilled situation is prolonging the "butterflies in the stomach" stage.
Not hearing from the girlfriend and her being happy for some reason For 4 days my girlfriend is not talking to me nor she is replying to any texts, but I continue praying for her before God. Tonight I saw that she picked up my call, but she didn't tell me the reason for it and she happily ended this call. Envisioning your girlfriend answering the phone means you have recently heard or received some news which you initially considered unimportant or trivial. This vision suggests, however, that you should think about this information some more, as there is some reason your subconscious mind is still focusing on it. Maybe some significant knowledge can be gleaned from it which might help your present situation.
Saying goodbye to and crying with ex-girlfriend I dreamed of my ex-girlfriend, she was going away and she came to me to say goodbye. We hugged and cried both, of us. It was very emotional. What does it mean? Dreaming about a specific person symbolizes this person's presence in the forefront of your mind, meaning you either thought about or recently interacted with your ex-girlfriend. Feeling like she was about to leave in this vision predicts you may have to take a great risk in order to make a great gain. This may or may not be related to your previous relationship (i.e. it could refer to a new relationship or opportunity). While it may be scary to let go of something or someone you have cared about for a long time, doing so may open you up to new experiences, offering you opportunities to grow and become an even better version of yourself.
Ex-girlfriend drunk and helpless I was going on a bike underneath a flyover bridge and I saw my ex-girlfriend drunk and walking away, and then I got down from the bike, went near her, she fell on my lap in a fully drunk state unconscious and I cry and keep on calling her name. Nothing happens. Driving a bike under a bridge stands for escapism, likely from some situation which is crucial for you. It is a reflection of uncertainty caused, as it seems, by a low self-esteem, which is unjustified. The type of relationship you have with your girlfriend is probably characterized by her strong dependence on you or the way you unfairly treat her at times. However, her slip into somnolence and unresponsiveness seen in this dream are indicative of the transitional nature of your problems which can be overcome and solved by paying more attention to her needs and letting her be an equal part of this relationship.
Girlfriend being attacked by roommate and dying In the dream my girlfriend and I were coming home to our apartment after finding out she was pregnant and Jason was home (he was our roommate in the dream). Charlie (my gf) went into our bedroom and Jason came at me with a knife and stabbed me multiple times. When Charlie came out of the room, he attacked her and killed her by slitting her throat. I was still alive, I struggled, but managed to kill Jason and I held Charlie as she died and her blood was all over me and I woke up still feeling like I was covered in her blood. It felt like there was nothing I could do to protect her. Learning that your girlfriend is pregnant in a dream vision, whether or not she is in real life, suggests that she wants to help you with something you are currently working on. While this could be a physical project, like a school assignment or the draft of a business agreement, it is more likely something emotional you are or she is going through, such as grieving about the passing of a loved one. This is because being stabbed indicates internal turmoil and stress. This may even be amplified if you are concerned about the health and safety of your girlfriend. However, you need not worry, as seeing your girlfriend die actually indicates the opposite, meaning she is about to experience a period of excellent health. The scenes of her dying could also symbolize entering a new phase in your relationship with her, such as making a serious commitment, moving in together or even becoming parents.
Being naked together with girlfriend Dreamt both myself and girlfriend were naked in a room. Envisioning both yourself and your significant other being naked is a highly ominous sign with multiple possibilities. These range from moderately upsetting disagreements to cheating to calamities that rip apart the very fabric of your relationship. While this particular vision gives no clues as to if or how this fate can be avoided, being compassionate and communicating openly with each other may help prevent the other person from drifting apart or at least create a strong foundation to protect both of you from the effects of misfortune.
Living in a mountaneous area with a girlfriend who keeps dying It starts with me moving to a new area somewhere in some mountains where I meet this beautiful girl (I have no idea who she is) and we end up progressing our relationship over an extended amount of time. Things are going great and we move into a home overlooking a small town in the valley of this mountain. The dream always ends in tragedy though. Last night I had this dream again and we decided to go on a walk. Out of nowhere a storm appears and ends up striking the girl which leads to her death. While the death changes, the scenery stays the same. Living on a mountain or regions resembling this scene in a dream are indication of protection and assistance you may be getting from someone at this point in your life, which you greatly depend on and cherish. However, the notion of the happy times you spend with the female friend ending in a tragedy speaks of the possibility that this arrangement is about to end soon. You could be facing serious troubles coming your way, so try to be prepared and act accordingly.
Being tested if good enough for marriage I had a dream about this girl I am fond of. In the dream we were together thinking of marriage. She was testing me to see if I would make a good father and husband. Somewhere along the lines my dad died and then after the death, she told me I passed the test. Really curious what this means. Thanks. This vision seems to be a reflection of your personality or the thought process you are going through at the moment. Dreaming about a situation in which you might get married usually indicates being indecisive about something fairly important in your life. In this case, it could be related to your relationship with the girl who appeared in this vision. You may be wondering whether or not you should engage in a relationship or begin developing a deeper personal connection with her. Seeing your father pass away in this vision, however, is an ominous warning foretelling negative outcomes in the decisions you may soon make. You may want to think carefully about starting a new relationship unless you are sure it is meant to be.
Sleepwalking and girlfriend trying to help Every night, nearly from being young, I dream I'm locked in somewhere and I can't get out. I don't know where I am. I tend to sleepwalk too and find myself waking due to pain in my foot as I'm kicking the radiator. In my dream the radiator is a door. I keep going towards the window when I walk about. I'm 32 and male and this is annoying. My gf tries her best to get me back to bed, but is worried as I've tried picking her up on a few occasions. This vision has a number of negative elements which suggest the presence of difficulties and troubles in your life, especially given the fact that this is a reoccurring dream. The closed and locked door represents the challenges and obstacles in your life which prevent you from making the progress you desire. Your progress is likely further hindered by your own actions, which is supported by your kicking the door in your vision. This indicates a tendency to act rashly or in a way that upsets or disappoints those around you. Your behavior further weakens your ability to get what you want by pushing others away. Unless you address your own shortcomings, you may have difficulty achieving the things you are after.
Having flies inside the mouth and girlfriend who gets raped I had a dream I had flies in my mouth and I woke up as if I was spitting them out. My girlfriend keeps having a dream that her daughter is getting or got sexually molested. It is horrible. Please interpret both our dreams. Thanks. Looking at your relationship and the content of the dreams, it seems as though there is a strong connection between them, especially if they occurred the same night or close together. As flies are generally associated with disease and pain, your vision likely predicts a current or future issue with your oral health. You girlfriend's vision about her daughter being molested indicates an upcoming situation in which she may need to comfort someone going through a painful, difficult situation. You should be vigilant about your oral hygiene and consider a check up with a dentist to prevent or fix any potential issues.
Girlfriend being dragged away by mysterious force I have a recurring dream of my girlfriend being taken or dragged away from me no matter how much I try to hold on to her. She gets taken away from me, but I never see what has a hold of her and I always wake up before anything else happens. Your relationship may have reached an impasse, a lull, or is going through a rough patch. Your girlfriend being taken or dragged away from you in this dream alludes to feeling distant or disconnected. Whether or not you are aware of it, you seem to sense a flaw in your relationship that is causing a change of heart. Perhaps it is not as exciting as it was earlier and you are seeking the passion to return to where it was once abundant. You may need to search within yourself to see whether it is you causing her to become distant. It is possible that unspoken and unmet expectations are the underlying motivations behind your dream vision.
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Being late to a train or school Once in a month I am dreaming that I have to reach somewhere on time and I am running to reach somewhere on time. What I saw in my dreams that, I am getting late to reach examination hall. Sometimes I use to see that I am getting late to catch the train. I am running to catch the train or to reach in examination hall. I am having these dreams for the last 3-4 years. And really I want to know the meanings of these dreams. I have never asked anyone, but today I am requesting from you people, please tell me why I am seeing these dreams again and again. Dreams about being late usually occur to people who have low energy or exhausted from everyday routines. These dreams can also indicate your laziness or inability to set priorities in life. If you do not respond to these dreams, especially if they have been occurring for quite some time, you are risking to miss important opportunities and chances to improve your life. Dreams which involve being late to a train mean an important opportunity is entering your life, but you might not be able to take advantage of it because of your unpreparedness, start acting now by responding to and accepting things which may get you closer to achieving something important. Being late for school or any other public place means that you have a good chance of accomplishing something important, but you have to change the order of priorities in which you are trying to achieve this important milestone in your life.
Someone being aloof Dreaming a person is being aloof... Dreaming about someone you know growing aloof in relation to you or your close relatives means that there is a possibility that you and this person will go through some humiliating or shameful experience and will both (together) be looking for ways to restore your image in the eyes of others.
Resisting someone forcing to smoke a cigarette In my dream a man tried forcing me to smoke a cigarette. I refused as many times as I can remember. In the end it resulted in me screaming at him and lashing out at him. In my dream the fact he was trying to force me to smoke brought back the memories of my grandad dying from lung cancer which was caused by smoking and I woke up crying. Dreaming of being forced to smoke a cigarette is a sign of possible attempts by people around you to ridicule or intimidate you in some way or another. The notion of resisting the person who was trying to make you smoke can mean you will be successful in counteracting such a behavior and find ways to prevent or eliminate these actions by other people who may be expressing hostile feelings towards you.
Deceased father chasing with a heroine needle I have so much to type and not enough space. But my dad has passed away last year of a cocaine over dose. In my dream he came after me with a heroine needle and wouldn't stop smiling all doped up and just coming after me. This dream of seeing you deceased father going after you with a heroine needle could serve as a forewarning of either getting acquainted or already knowing people posing as your friends who have selfish, dishonest or even criminal intentions. They would go out of their way to get you attention in order to reach their goals, but you are risking to end up in a situation when you would be left alone, hopeless and devastated. The dream therefore advises to take a closer look at whom you might currently be associating with or choose to trust and rely on in waking life.

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Smoking cigarrettes I was smoking cigarettes in my dream. You do not mention if you are a smoker in real life or not. If you do smoke, this dream may point to concerns with your health and to struggles with addiction. However, if you are not a smoker, this dream may indicate becoming the victim of gossip and ridicule, especially from people near you. You should consider evaluating who your friends are before sharing any information that could be turned against you.
Having to take pills and swallowing an egg I dreamed I was sick and had to be taking much pills. Along with those pills I had to swallow a whole egg. While repeating that process another day I couldn't, because I started vomiting. Having dream visions about taking pills, especially when perceived as on a regular basis, means that your body is becoming deficient in some important nutrients or vitamins. A recent decline in or a complete absence of one this elements in your intake could have magnified this need by projecting the image of a whole egg. You may want to analyze the reason or motivation for stopping nourishing your body the way you used to and find ways to rectify and improve this situation.
Being kidnapped by disabled people I have a reoccurring nightmare that people who are disabled or mentally incapacitated (have either down-syndrome or severe autism), and they have giant-ism, because they are taller than 6ft, are kidnapping me. It most commonly happens in grocery stores. I can't communicate with them successfully. What can this obscure dream possibly mean? Dreaming about a group of menacing giants coming after you predicts having a number of menial tasks that need to be completed. This busywork may include filling out forms, doing chores, or generally running around in a flurry of activity. While this image by itself has no negative connotations, being kidnapped suggests that putting off these tasks or not completing them in a timely manner could quickly leave you feeling overwhelmed, causing extra stress and anxiety in your life. The supermarket by itself points to upcoming changes, but does not give any indication whether such changes would positively or negatively affect you.
Performing CPR on a person I dreamt of having to perform CPR on a person. I don't remember if I did it successfully. Thank you :) Dreaming about trying to save someone's life through physical means, in this case CPR, is indicative of going through a tragic event or a series of trials. While this sounds bad in theory, the result of your journey is likely to help you grow more as a person and learn things about yourself you did not realize before. This could lead to the inner balance and peace you have been searching for some time now.
A pastor asking about vitamins My dream was about my Pastor asking me about B12 Vitamins and I was at the pharmacy. Dreaming that someone you know is asking you for a particular kind of medicine while you are inside a pharmacy represents an ill-omen. It portends complications or outright disruptions for a project or activity you are personally involved with. A deal may go wrong, you may end up spending more than necessary or maybe an important trip could end up being cancelled. Try to remain calm and make the best out of any developing situation.
Unable to see clearly I dreamt of having trouble seeing a small black cat walk beside a toilet, and then seeing was as though I would be looking through a hazy magnifying glass. A black cat has often been associated with bad luck. However, a black cat can also represent the presence of a very powerful and formidable enemy entering your life. Hence, the hazy appearance of the cat in your dream could mean this adversary's presence is not apparent to you yet. Perhaps this person is already part of your life and you have not yet caught on to his or her deceptive and cunning ways. So keep your guards up because somebody could be taking advantage of you right at this moment.
Being too sick to do anything Female. I dream very often that I am sick and can't go to school or work. Being sick in your dream is a reflection of your real-world disposition. Hence, you could be feeling down and tired in your waking life. It could also be an allusion to your actual situation, such as factors that are stressing you out or causing some anxiety. Finally, being sick may be your passive reaction to the situations that are giving you problems. Instead of fighting, you may be giving in and giving up. Perhaps the only way to recover is to face your problems by prioritizing them.
Being told of having AIDS I had a dream that I was told that I have HIV. Dreaming about having a serious disease like HIV is a highly ominous symbol associated with being involved in a toxic relationship or with a dangerous individual in wake life. Just as HIV can eventually destroy your body from within, so does finding out you have such a disease in a dream vision suggest that this situation or person can only lead to ruin. You may want to figure out who this is and remove yourself from associating with them before it is too late.
Family members affected by cancer together Great grandfather who died of cancer playing with great grandson in his room who also has cancer. Dreaming of a dead relative is typically a sign of coping with loss. These kinds of dreams usually appear during significant events that remind you of that person, in this case, the similar presence of cancer. Seeing the great grandfather and great grandson play together could be your mind's attempt to console your heart, perhaps by showing that, should things take a turn for the worst, the great grandson would not be alone. In order to alleviate some of your concerns or anxiety about this situation, it would be wise to talk with a trusted friend or family member.
Being examined and treated by an unfamiliar doctor Female. I was playing with my siblings and suddenly a handsome guy came in our home who is a doctor. He had a stethoscope and he was staying in my home. In the next moment I saw my one breast was hanging, the same guy removed his coat, took the stethoscope and reached me. I was scared to show him my breast, he covered my breast and did little examination. Then I saw my breast start growing and some drops of milk were coming out. He asked about it and I remained quiet, then he treated the nipple, cleaned it. I smiled back and then my breast was fine. This vision contains two highly powerful yet opposing images which speak of some internal struggles you may be going through. The image of your breast swelling and leaking breast milk is symbolic of health and vitality, suggesting you naturally have a lot of energy or have a strong personality. On the other hand, being cared for or treated by the doctor represents feelings of despair or hopelessness. It seems that you are finding it difficult to be content with your life even though there is nothing particularly wrong with it. Furthermore, it may point toward developing an ungracious demeanor or attitude problem. Life is what you make of it, and in order to be truly happy and satisfied with it, you have to challenge yourself and take advantage of the opportunities presented to you.
Caught in the midst of an epidemic I saw an epidemic. Everyone is running here and there and crying for help. Something is growing on everyone's body, especially on hands. I was unable to help but scared and I locked myself in a room. Dreaming about a mass epidemic which afflicts numerous people around you may portend some terrible disaster which is about to take place in your local community. It oftentimes represents physical catastrophes, like floods and earthquakes, but it can occasionally point toward social unrest as well. Running away and saving only yourself could signify your desire not to involve yourself in the conflict in the latter case, meaning you do not want to choose a side or ruffle anyone's feathers. However, you may find that sitting in the middle is impossible as time passes.
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Memories of decorating a Xmas tree Night. In the street out of the house. A Christmas tree with fresh peaches. Somebody put me on top to put a star. The Christmas tree adorned with fresh peaches is a positive symbol associated with bounty and happiness. This may have some relation to the religious holiday of Christmas and the biblical events attached to that event. In a sense, you are projecting the joy and fulness that comes with family celebrations, good food and pleasant company. Furthermore, being lifted up to carry out the honor of topping the tree with a star may represent exchanging gifts with friends or family in the near future. All of this may specifically be related to Christmas and the holiday season, but it is possible that this would all take place outside of the holidays, such as at a birthday, wedding or baby shower.

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A possibility of damage to an expensive cell phone This is Manish form Delhi India. I really like your site and services you are providing. About the dreams we have when we are sleeping. I would like to share one more dream. And would like to know its interpretation. I recently bought iPhone 5s and was using it, but it accidentally got damaged. Coz my daughter poured water on me at a festival of water and colours here in India. So I bought another same new phone. But after a month I saw a dream that It's damaged when I took it out of my pocket, its screen was totally shattered. And then suddenly I got up. What could be the reason behind this dream as it's an expensive phone, so it was a shocking dream for me. Waiting for your reply to this. Thanks and regards. Manish. Hi Manish, we think you have partially answered your dream by yourself. You are being overprotective of your possessions and your subconscious mind is warning you to be more careful with expensive things you have. When you express these concerns subconsciously, the best thing would be to have your phone equipped with a waterproof case or try not to bring it to events or situations where potential damage is unavoidable.
Losing a toothbrush I had a dream I lost my toothbrush. Dreaming about losing your toothbrush could mean you are about to hear some news or announcement soon which will be very important for you in order to finish something you are trying to pursue at the moment.
Breaking glass I dreamt that I broke a glass into pieces. Dreaming about breaking into pieces a glass or an item made of glass could speak of old connections or relationships resurfacing. You may wish, plan or actually try to reconnect with an old friend or romantic partner, whom you have not seen for quite a while. If this relationship was very significant and important to you, enacting the bond might lead to some deep emotional turmoil and doubting. If the glass was accidentally or unintentionally broken, the dream suggests that you should not dwell in your past. It is shattered glass. Instead, you would benefit from moving forward. If, however, the glass was intentionally crushed, the dream could indicate your forthcoming ability and success. Namely, you would effectively avoid or prevent some upcoming threat or dangerous situation.
Remembering a bag left behind I was riding a bus going home together with my friends. Suddenly I realized I left my red bag in the house. Dreaming about objects or items red in color and which for some reason caught your attention could serve as a hint that you rely excessively on your feelings and emotions when making decisions or communicating with others. People who have to deal with you on a regular basis try to point that out to you, but seemingly they remain unsuccessful in their attempts. The notion of leaving the bag behind also reveals your perhaps obvious to others focus and preoccupation with material possessions. There might have been times in your recent past when you had chosen to acquire an item or a valuable material possession by stepping over your close friends which could have complicated your relationship with them and distanced them from you in some way.
Being worried about a car I saw my car outside of the garage! But in real life my car is never park outside! What does it mean? Thank u! Dreams about being worried about your car are actually very common. These visions reflect your real-life concerns about the possibility that your current plans or projects may become disrupted by someone or someone's actions and never come to fruition. You could be in a stage when you are trying to complete or finalize an important project or activity and sensing that you might be unable to pull it off. Some reassurance in self-confidence and determination (including by other people) would help you in overcoming these temporary uncertainties.
Going through a collection of bags I had a dream in which I was looking for a bag to take with me for traveling and while I was looking through my collection of bags I found a really pretty designer bag. I was very surprised and happy in my dream to find the bag. What does this dream mean? The dream vision you had about rummaging through your stuff for the right bag among those you have in your collection could serve as a reflection of the current situation in your waking life when you could be feeling lonely, isolated or not given enough attention by the opposite gender or by people in general. It is also possible that you are not happy with where you are right now with someone you are seeing or dating (indicated by an array of bags in your possession and going through them in order to find the one you need as seen in this dream). The designer bag signifies your firm belief in your own talent, resilience and creativity, which could be important factors when trying to boost your self-esteem and confidence, if this is the case.
Being given a new calendar I was given a new calendar. This dream vision about being handed a new calendar could contain prediction that your plans to do something together with another person are going to be postponed or canceled. If you are planning on taking a trip or going somewhere for vacation, you may expect hearing from the other party that they will not be able to make it for some reason and you would probably have to reschedule these activities to some other time.
Scissors stuck in teeth and people unhappy A pair of scissors stuck in my teeth in front of a rowdy crowd who are furious. Symbolically, scissors represent two opposing views or points of conflict you could have recently become a part of. The notion of them being stuck in your teeth indicates that it would be something you have expressed verbally in regards to someone's actions or behavior. Others might not like your opinion or views, that is why you are feeling worried and concerned about the fact that other people disagree with your account on things that are questionable, arguable or indicative of your personal input disliked or rejected by others.
Receiving a food basket from men Two men came with one basket from temple with reddish brown clothes. They gave me 3 lemons and chilies and asked to hang it on the main door, one in the bedroom and another in my temple room. I have taken it from them and I told I will do it. But I did not. The two men you see in your vision seem to represent messengers. You may be expecting to hear from someone soon or are about to hear about an interesting and exciting proposition. This is further supported by the men giving you food, which also indicates getting good news that will improve your life. However, the clothes that stood out to you as red in color symbolize rash behavior or relying on your emotions too much. People may have informed you of this character trait before, but if you do not listen, you may let this upcoming opportunity go to waste. Missing a good chance is also seen in your lack of completion of the task the messengers gave you. In order to benefit from the situation you will find yourself in, you may need to be more rational and diligent in your everyday life.
Buying a certain type of tissue I had a dream that my mom and I were buying Kleenex and the Kleenex had to be a certain box that I absolutely had to have. Needing to buy tissues in a dream may indicate having to use said tissues in the near future. This sign predicts experiencing some sad or disappointing event that affects you and those around you, most likely your family given the presence of your mother. Your requirement of a certain brand or type of box can be interpreted to mean that you are trying to control the situation, possibly in an attempt to control your emotions. However, it may be better to let yourself express those feelings naturally and without inhibition.
Using keys to open a locker I found a bunch of keys, there was a locker like, I opened it used with one of those keys, inside the locker was a "burning urn". An old woman came to help me locked again the locker and there was also an old man stood a mid far from us. Dreams containing images of using a key to open a door or, in this case, a locker is a manifestation of your recent attention being given to some new discoveries or innovative approaches which you witnessed, either personally or through media. It could signify your interest in applying some of this newly-acquired pieces of information or ideas to your personal endeavors. However, the appearance of an old woman locking the locker back and an old man watching this could mean that your long-established and deeply-rooted ways of doing or approaching things would probably stand in the way of making a good use of this information you learned about recently.
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Tooth falling out I saw twice in 10 days: my one tooth got decayed and all of a sudden it came in my hands. This sounds like an acknowledged health issue gone untreated, likely due to very common or almost unnoticeable health defects. We feel as if it was a front tooth, seeing it in recurrence could mean that you've been feeling a bit off, but brushed it off as something minor. Decay could have something to do with intestinal issues, or over-exertion. Tooth decay can be a serious issue in dreams. If you experience this in another dream with greater frequency, it may be time for a checkup.
Going out without brushing teeth I dreamt that I have gone out of the house with brushing my teeth. We feel like you meant without brushing your teeth. If that's the case this is a good thing in a sense. It's a sign of personal growth. Caring less about appearances and freeing yourself from the societal norm. Facing the world as you are, without pretense or fear of judgement.
A baby with grown-up legs Seen my infant baby with long grown up legs. Dreaming about your baby having grown-up legs is an indication of your concerns and hope to provide the best environment and possibilities for this child to succeed. Legs are the symbol of “support” they were present in your dream as an exaggerated symbol, which means you are genuinely concerned about this child's future and if you provide all of the necessary support and guidance, he or she will benefit immensely and achieve a lot in life.
Using a toilet in a dream Often I see toilets in the dream to pass motion. What is that? Please can you answer this dream. I am looking since long for this dream meaning but not yet got an answer. Seeing toilets repetitively in a dream is a way for your subconscious to reveal to you that there's a past experience or memory that you're trying to let go of or dispose of in some way but are unable to consciously come up with a resolution. Usually related to something embarrassing or that scared you in your past.
Defecating in public I dream this very often that not finding a suitable place I have to shit in full public view and then in the absence of water/toilet paper I find it difficult to wipe off the shit. Finding yourself defecating in public is a sign of experiencing losses, either materially or emotionally. Trying to wipe feces off your body in absence of paper. etc. is an indication that you will be faced with an uncomfortable situation, because you will expose yourself to someone whom you do not really trust. This person might find out things about you that you do not wish to reveal to others, and this may cause you problems in the future.
Long nose hair and cutting it My friend sees long hair in his nose and then he started cutting down his long nose hair. Dreams about having long nose hair can be considered a forewarning of some environmental problems, such as presence of smoke, dust when sleeping or a possibility that this person may have some type of respiratory illness. Subconscious mind is telling this person to improve these physical conditions (visions of cutting long nose hair) before it becomes a really serious issue.
Taking out lice from hair I saw myself taking out with my hands scorpion like and sized lice from within the scalp of my head out of the tangled knotted hairs. A dream in which you see yourself catching or getting rid of lice in your hair could portend some negative circumstances. It could be an indication of infirmity and ill health in store for you. These health problems could bring with them a great deal of emotional upheaval and be quite time-consuming, they may not be resolved or gotten rid of easily or right away. This dream is most likely reflecting that your body is starting to sense or detect some changes or warning signs related to these possible upcoming health problems.
A fnger cut off and warts Last two days ago I dream that my index finger was cut off the 1 inch and on the second day, I dream that I have warts on my buttocks. What is the meaning of this all about? Dreaming about finger being cut off is a sign of experiencing material or financial losses. The vision of warts on your body is usually interpreted as gaining or receiving some kind of profit or incentive. Possibly, you will be able to deal successfully with something that might prevent you from these losses.
Witnessing a torture in progress I was witnessing someone who I did not recognize, torturing themselves to death in a "Saw" film way with a chance of survival as the machine went off as he got tired and stopped working it. He would roll down various levels of torture, then decided he wanted to save himself. I have not watched any horror movies for well over a year, didn't know whether he saved himself. Thanks. I'm a female. Dreaming about witnessing a torture is a sign of an upcoming serious illness or disease. The more graphic and explicit the torture was in the dream, the more serious conditions or impacts this disease might have. If you happened to recognize someone you know in the dream who was tortured, it could signify that this particular person will be affected by possible health problems.
Being exposed while on the toilet I was inside the toilet and suddenly when I look up, I saw people and realized that the toilet has no walls and is right in front of a reception desk. I do not have a choice but to wash shamelessly and sit somewhere later. Dreaming about finding yourself being exposed while using a washroom could portend upcoming material or emotional losses and grief. In particular, you could have, or be about to expose or subject yourself to undeserving, unworthy or ill-intended people. This individual or individuals could discover things about you that you do not wish to reveal to others. They might misuse this knowledge and become a source of future problems and complications. That is, you could be about to trust someone who would compromise your secrets.
Miscarriage Having a miscarriage with lots of blood in my dream. If you are pregnant, dreaming about a miscarriage could be a warning. You would benefit from paying more attention to your pregnancy and taking better care of your body. You should avoid visiting very busy and crowded places, rest more, and follow closely every pregnancy-related advice that doctors give. This is because this is a very important and sensible period during which every little omission or lack of attention may have undesirable consequences. This specially applies to experience-based realistic dreams. That is, dreams in which the pain and the visions of blood seem and feel real. If you are not pregnant, this dream could warn you about your overall health. That is, you may be acting carelessly and recklessly, or having attitudes that put your health at risk. It could also speak of your perhaps subconscious wish of having kids and of the associated fear of losing them. Finally, a miscarriage could also symbolize failure. In particular, you may be involved in a project or activity that you truly value. You would feel that not succeeding at it would be an ultimate disaster and a great loss. That is, the dream speaks of significant losses, either forthcoming or feared to occur.
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A giant spider laying eggs A fat hairy-legged spider was hanging by a string upside down holding something appearing as if a mud ball in its legs. As I went closer, it came down and left its eggs in my belly, the umbilical cord curled in. Later I saw myself slightly pulling the in-turned cord and seeing the eggs, and showing to someone, I do not remember who? The eggs were three in no., small size shiny black. The spider quietly climbed the same string. I can still feel the sensation of slight hot, warm near that area. A dream about a hairy spider could be a forewarning of upcoming health problems. The fact that the spider descends down to lay its eggs in your belly might be indicative of the fact that you might suffer certain health ailments which would affect you internally. Maybe arthritis or something of a similar nature, on the other hand showing the umbilical cord to someone could pertain to the fact that you might visit a doctor for an investigation or a probe for your physical well-being. Consider this dream a timely warning and be very careful regarding issues which pertain to your health and make sure to get the correct treatment done.
A lot of cockroaches I dreamt of cockroaches. Lots of them. Dreaming about cockroaches is a good sign. You may soon start receiving stable income. This would allow you to consistently provide for your household. The cockroaches might have swarmed or grouped together in this dream. In this case, you might be paid a visit by an unexpected guest. This vision's interpretation is also related to the way you felt during the dream. For example, you might have been bothered by the cockroaches in the dream. You might have felt that the cockroaches presented a nuisance or a problem to you. In these cases, the vision could reveal that you have a tendency to hoard or collect useless or unnecessary things. You would probably benefit from going through and throwing away things you do not really need.
Flying cockroahes and killing them I was walking and then a swarm of flying cockroaches came at me. One by one they started attacking. And one by one I killed them. By the time I woke up, there were 3 cockroaches dead and 2(?) buzzing about. I think I was with someone. Seeing cockroaches flying in a dream indicates that a person would enter your life and pose some serious competition to you at work, in your business or in your relationship. As a good sport, you would try to treat this person not as a threat but as a challenge, and try to stay ahead of the competition without resorting to dirty tactics and unfair practices, even if he or she may be getting a little bit too close for comfort. If you were killing the invasive cockroaches in your dream, it is an indication of your desire and readiness to be free from your fear of some kind of material loss you are anticipating to happen. However, it could also mean that you would do whatever it would take to eliminate the source of your fear, even if it would involve committing questionable acts and resorting to behavior which is not typically something you would do, in order to destroy the threat forever and to ensure your peace of mind. Perhaps you will be helped by someone who is close to you, such as a friend or a family member, as you envisioned in the dream.
Water from the ceiling and coming across a big spider Napping on couch on day off from work (which I was really doing). People dropped by for roof estimate I'd forgotten calling about, spouse took them round, let me sleep. Left with estimate more reasonable than anticipated. We went into the bedroom and discovered large ceiling crack leak with water raining on floor. Toweling that up, discovered a spider had been disturbed. She was light brown, furry and HUGE. Basketball sized. She had babies on her back. I was terrified of this thing, crawling everywhere, shooed her out of the bedroom but all the babies were in the air. Thanks. Dreams containing images of water dripping from the ceiling can predict coming into contact or having to deal with individuals trying to mess up your life or something important you are currently undertaking. This person or people could be standing in your way and blocking your progress, intentionally or without realizing what they are doing. Finding a giant spider in the bedroom points to possible confrontation with a con artist or an authoritative figure, possibly connected to the developments mentioned above. You could also expect being humiliated or let down by people who surround you in your waking life.
Forced to eat cockroaches, fighting with parents about untidy house My parents are cooking in my childhood home. My mom heats soy sauce in a small dish on the stove top. Small black cockroaches start appearing and moving toward the dish. Two crawl in and are cooked. I am then asked to eat this and I do. I then fight with my dad and mom about the state of the house and how disgusting it is to eat cockroaches. While we are fighting, I am feeling very angry and start organizing. I find important documents that are mine and then feel guilty for taking care of my stuff better. I start yelling more and my dad laughs and offers me more cockroaches to eat. Dreaming about feeling that cockroaches presented a nuisance or a problem to you or being outright disgusted by them could reveal that you have a tendency to hoard or collect useless or unnecessary things, not necessarily as bad as it was perceived in the dream. You would probably benefit from going through and throwing away things you do not really need. Dreaming that your or your parents' house was unclean and messy to live in could represent a possibility of moving to a new location, starting to experience financial troubles or getting a divorce. It is also a warning that advises you to take some time and re-assess the aspects of your life which might eventually lead to these possible problematic outcomes.
Insects inside a banana Was handed half a banana, opened to find a bunch of pill bugs (armadillidium) rolled up, then open and crawl out. Obviously was shocked to have seen that. The dream vision about being handed a banana filled with insects could mean two possible things, one of them is that someone recently could have acted or said something that really upset you or made you distance yourself from this person. The bugs crawling out of the banana could also represent your personal trait of becoming easily offended when criticized or made fun of, especially in front of other people. If you have had an incident similar to the one described above involving a person who may intentionally or inadvertently insulted you, chances are you will never communicate or hang out with him or her again.
Exterminating brown ants I dreamt spraying a lot of brown ants outside a house. A few were on my clothes and l managed to remove them and sprayed them again. I did not crush them but I sprayed them using an insecticide. If you find yourself dreaming about ants invading your house, you have a right to be worried. This vision may signify unfortunate events and their repercussions which could result in a possibility of an accident to occur. If you were surrounded by ants, this could be another warning that people might try to take advantage of you soon, in some way or another, whether it is extorting money from you or simply stealing you property or possessions.
Bites of black ants I was looking through the window of an uncompleted building in our former residence (back in the 80s) and being a bushy property, I noticed the sharp bites of ants. I checked and saw 2 black ants on my toes, I quickly dusted them off. Dreaming about being bitten by ants could indicate that there is a possibility of experiencing an unfortunate event in the near future. In this dream you may experience pain from the bites, which signifies becoming a victim of an accident or occurrence which you have no control over. The dream may mean something completely different and symbolize that you are about to take on some time-consuming or burdensome projects soon. This dream could have a different symbolic meaning which could mean being betrayed by someone you are very close to within your company or work facility. The trust and faith you put into this person could be used against you in order for them to come out on top and succeed in whatever goals they have in mind. Be careful of what you do and say relative to your common or shared points of interest and try to avoid the blows that may soon come your way.
Black cockroaches coming out of a phone I dreamed about small black roaches coming out of a phone. Dreaming about a great number of cockroaches is often interpreted as a positive sign. It usually indicates finding a consistent, substantial income which you can use to support your family. It may also be predict a second source of income which can be used to supplement what you already earn. However, the image of the phone indicates being tricked or deceived, which is negative in nature. Because the bugs were coming out of the phone, it may mean that you might find a source of income that does not pan out or is far more work than you were lead to believe. This dream is likely a warning to carefully consider any new contracts or extra work before taking it on.
Centipedes attacking in the bathroom I was about to use my aunt's bathroom when I realized that her bathroom was infested with small orange and green centipedes. They were falling out of the ceiling on top of me, I got stung by one on the forehead. I started to smash some of them with my foot right before coming out the house to tell my aunt what had just happened. In general, dreaming of a bathroom predicts overcoming some fear or reservations you had about some aspect of yourself. This is likely to do with a personality quirk which you saw as a bad thing in the past, but now realize that there is nothing wrong with it or you. Because you are in your aunt's bathroom, she may have something to do with your change of heart, either directly or indirectly. The centipedes seen in this vision further support this idea, as a mass of bugs represents a way of life or thinking that is emotionally draining. Being attacked and stung by said insects indicates facing some difficulties in coming around to your new state of mind, which might include opposition or bullying from people who would want to keep you down. However, successfully squishing the bugs that came after you can be interpreted as a sign that things will work out for the best in the end.
Rain and insects devouring food It started to rain reddish rain that turned ground into a mud that was uncomfortable to walk in. Weird greenish blue lightning that could strike me but didn't. Had to get food and drink from fridge outside. Then realized roaches were taking food, like whole roasts, ribs, even covered a cat. I started spraying a roach spray. There are a lot of negative signs in this vision. In particular, red rain predicts being the victim of gossip and rumors started by people who are jealous of your accomplishments or status. The roaches that suddenly appear represent worries about how these horrible and untrue tales will affect you and everything you have worked for. Seeing lightning flash is a sign that you may need to separate yourself from someone you once relied on, possibly the person behind the rumors, in order to begin putting things right. However, attacking the roaches with bug spray at the end of the dream predicts that, when all is said and done, you will find a way to deal with the situation and recover what was once yours.
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Finding gold and leaving silver behind Find gold locket from road and left silver one there in my dream. Having a dream about finding gold or gold items means you could be very successful in something you are currently working on because of your perseverance and outstanding abilities. Seeing silver in a dream could portend troubles or unfortunate circumstances, but since you left a silver item behind in this dream, this could be an indication of avoiding them or being successful in overcoming potential issues. Overall, this dream carries a positive connotation.
Wearing a gold ring and gold jewelry Last night I saw a dream about that gold ring. I wear a gold ring on my finger and was wearing jewellery on my neck. What is the meaning of that. sir plz. Dreaming about wearing a gold ring on your finger can be viewed as a positive sign. It symbolizes help, support and kindness you will receive from those who are quite close to you, like your family and good friends. However, seeing yourself wearing a lot of gold jewelry means you are may be taken advantage of by someone whom you personally know.
Grandfather giving a ring I dreamt my late grandfather giving me his ring as a gift. Dreaming about receiving a ring as a gift from your deceased grandfather symbolizes that all the differences or misunderstandings which you might have had in your family relationships will be successfully resolved, the conflicts and episodes of unhappiness resulting from hardships or tensions will become a thing of the past. This will pave the way to a more harmonious and successful relationship which will bring peace and understanding to family members and relatives.
Boyfriend buying a wedding ring Boyfriend buying a wedding ring for someone else with you there. A dream in which you see your boyfriend buying a wedding ring for someone else could contain a prediction of him getting involved in a fling or an act of cheating. This would be his relationship without any strings attached and would end quite soon. He might come back to you after this is over.
Wearing a wedding ring lost in waking life Currently I am divorced and since then I have not had my wedding set in my possession (lost or stolen)... I dreamt that I watched my hand and discovered that I was wearing it all the time, which was a big surprise... I do not usually dream but hence I am a bit disturbed by the dream. Seeing wedding rings in a dream can contain a mixed message, depending on your personal circumstances. In this case, it may be related to your prior divorce, indicating that some unresolved issues are about to resurface. It may be some time before these issues are finally resolved and a satisfactory conclusion is reached. However, if you are seeing or dating someone else currently, this may indicate stability within the relationship with the potential for deepening bonds, if both parties are committed and willing to take it to a new level.
A ring with diamonds coming loose I was surprised by a diamond ring given to me by my ex-husband, and it was all diamonds, but one of the diamonds atop of the ring came off, but I still was wearing it and my deceased mother was smiling at me. Being given a diamond ring by your ex-husband predicts you are to become the center of attention in some very public way. However, this exposure is not likely to be flattering and may result in the spread of vicious gossip and untrue rumors about you. Watching part of the diamond break off and fall to the ground suggests that your attempts to rectify this situation are to be in vain. However, you might still take pains to avoid the situation by laying low and staying out of the spotlight.
Finding grandmother's rings which were lost Good Day, I dreamed of my grandma losing her rings in sea water, everybody was looking for it and eventually I went and found it. Please assist me with the meaning. Lost rings are symbolic of encounters with dishonest, deceitful people and other competitors. These people are willing to do whatever it takes to get ahead. However, the rings in the ocean point toward some opportunity, possibly an opportunity that is open to anyone who could fulfill the task or role presented. This special, valuable opportunity is what your rivals are after. Most likely, finding the rings by yourself predicts success in this task if you make yourself available to resist and counteract their efforts, meaning you can get ahead of your rivals and rise above them and their pettiness.
Losing a precious ring while helping others It was a dream of sad and helpless resignation. A heirloom ring of worth to me... My last reserve of financial stability... being stolen from me despite my efforts to conceal it and protect it. I went after the dangerous person to try and recover it... I even had a weapon, but I had to stop and focus on getting a women to the hospital to have a baby. I was happy the baby was Ok and thankful I chose to help her, but my ring was lost forever. Whether you own such a ring in real life or not, envisioning an antique or heirloom ring in the context of a dream indicates finding the person who is your soul mate. However, because this ring was taken from you, it seems there may be some obstacle preventing you from being with this person. Most likely this is a rival who is willing to use any underhanded means available to them to make sure you are out of the picture. Being beside someone as they give birth and assisting during this event in the second half of the vision shows two things. The first is that you have a generous nature and often put others before yourself. The second is that you are likely to participate in some seemingly insignificant event which actually is very important for your relationship with the person who is your soul mate. While you may think little of it at the time, your behavior and actions may be influential in how this person perceives you in the future.
Receiving an engagement ring which looks familiar I dreamt of looking at a man proposing to a woman, and then suddenly a woman came and put in my palm a diamond engagement ring... The ring looked liked it's already mine from long back, the woman was talking to her husband after giving me the ring... A diamond ring symbolizes success. Being given this diamond ring and feeling like it belongs to you suggests a resurgence of confidence and the coming of new opportunities. You may soon triumph in your endeavors and projects which you are trying to pursue. It could also signify favorable changes occurring in your life, maybe meeting a new acquaintance who could prove to be very important for you or when achieving some of the goals you have set for yourself. The dream suggests that you have been missing this diamond, thus it could also point to your potential. Maybe people around you have been reaping rewards and now it is your time to harness this potential for your own benefit.
Losing a diamond from an engagement ring In my dream I looked down at my hand that my engagement ring was on and as I looked at it, my diamond fell off of the ring. Dreaming about the diamond falling off of your engagement ring is a highly ominous sign associated with problems in romantic relationships, in this case, between you and your fiance. The loose stone could symbolize a personal tendency to break promises or not follow through on things you say you will do, suggesting that you are at fault for this particular disagreement. You may need to make a special effort toward finishing the things you start to show your future partner your dedication to your shared future.
Eating a part of a wedding ring I dreamt I ate part of my wedding band set. Your wedding band represents peace and stability in your day-to-day existence, so losing it for any reason in a dream could spell disaster for your living situation or career. Eating the ring is suggestive of the fact that you are the author of these destructive patterns in this particular case. It may be wise, then, to carefully consider the actions you take before trying to pursue them.
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Daughter getting marriage proposals Dreams about I am in discussion with one proposal for my daughter. I saw a dream that groom side are agree with the marriage and said that their 9100 people will attend marriage and from my side 900 people. Total 10000 people will attend marriage. I have to make food expenses. Marriage will be performed at Groom's city. Also I remember a figure of Rs. 2.25 lacs. It is a dowry or what I don't remember. Having a dream about getting marriage proposals for your daughter is a sign of favorable and positive changes coming into your daughter's life as well as yours. The number of guests you mentioned estimating to be invited or in attendance in this dream may symbolize the magnitude or extent of these favorable changes,meaning with this large number of people, the changes may be quite significant. Thinking about or estimating dowry in your dream may be related to other people's involvement (such as depending on their support, advice, even money etc.) you will need in order to move forward.
Being a bride I am a woman aged 40. I saw myself as a bride in my dream. A dream about seeing yourself as a bride of someone when you know who this person in your dream is indicates upcoming major changes in the relationship with this person. It could also mean that you will be able to mend existing issues or problems in the relationship with someone whom you have been trying to reconcile. According to another source, you could also be pushing too hard to make your relationship official with someone whom you really like and and want to marry.
Getting married to a man even with the age difference Someone getting a man for me to get married. And when I saw him I liked him and I was ready to get married with him. But he seemed few years younger than me. But the person who found that man for me, she lied about my age and told him, I am the same age as him. He seemed ok as well to get married with me. If you are female and had a dream about getting married in general with the person consenting to marry you regardless of circumstances (such as the age difference you have mentioned), this is an indication of positive changes in your intimate life or in your workplace.
Bracelets breaking after getting married I got married in dream but after another day of my marriage my bangles were breaking one by one. Having a dream about feeling hesitant about marriage or having difficulties after becoming married means that people around you may perceive you as a person who is very indecisive or who lacks confidence while dealing with everyday things. Try improving your image in their eyes by responding when asked for help or support more proactively and readily.
Marriage and pregnancy I have dreams at night of marriage and pregnancy. These dreams occurring in the future, what is the point of the event. Please send your answers quickly. And the dreams that I come again and again. My name is Anu. Please tell me the answer for these dreams fast and accurately. I shall be very thankful to you. If you are a female and have had a dream about getting married in general this is symbolic of positive or encouraging alterations. These modifications might take place either in your intimate life or in your career. As far as your office or workplace is concerned, the constructive changes taking place over there could be budding from your supervisor's sides, partly because they might have recognized your efficiency as well as productivity and to a certain extent your proficiency and capabilities. These are a few reasons why you might receive a promotion or a raise.Dreaming of becoming pregnant if you are a female symbolizes meeting someone new whom you will start a meaningful relationship with. This relationship will be much better than the ones you've had in the past. It can also refer to having a great start to a new relationship at this moment in your life.
Being at a wedding and wanted by other men I'm a guest at a wedding and 3 different men all want me to be with them. Dreaming about being a part of someone's wedding could be a sign that you will have an opportunity to attend a big gathering or party arranged or planned by good friends of yours or people you know closely. Also, seeing yourself being wanted by other men in the same dream means you could get an opportunity to become associated or acquainted with a person or people who may have a big influence on your life and for a long period of time.
Wearing a wedding dress and the groom without his face showing I saw myself in a wedding dress and I was preparing for my wedding, I saw the groom but didn't see clear his face. And that's all. Dreaming about trying a wedding dress on while getting ready for your own wedding signifies upcoming significant life events. You could be worried and concerned in anticipation of their arrival. However, this dream vision suggests that the outcomes of these future events or circumstances would be positive and beneficial for you. You also had an indistinct glimpse of your groom's face. The groom might represent someone from your actual awake life. Subconsciously, you believe that this person would be responsible for your life's positive changes. Try to think of someone of the masculine gender with whom you presently have a close relationship. This individual might potentially act as a catalyst of these new impeding developments. Alternatively, the dream could mean you implicitly know that the future events will be fortunate. However, you are unsure about the outline or exact nature of such events.
Being at a wedding with an unattractive man I'm at someone's wedding with another man (unattractive and unfamiliar man). As I sit down at the table I can hear family gossiping how I'm with this man and not my fiance. The dream you have had about attending someone's wedding and being approached by a man you did not find attractive or worth being around could be revealing that you are presently being influenced by or becoming excessively absorbed in some negative developments or a worrisome situation in your waking life. This circumstance could be related to either something you are not happy to be a part of or associate with, however, at the same time, your everyday life depends on you being involved. You are also expressing obvious concerns, reflected by your subconscious mind, that your involvement is not approved, welcomed or understood by those around you. If you are starting to feel stressed or overwhelmed with your current situation - it is definitely the high time to reassess your priorities and goals you are currently pursuing.
Being at a wedding party and attending a funeral afterwards I dreamed that we are celebrating a wedding party and later on that we are on our way to burial of someone and I saw a friend of mine. She is dead for one year now. She is also escorting the dead body. Seeing yourself celebrating a wedding event means that in your waking life you are about to be invited to a gathering, but based on the rest of what you are describing, this dream could be related to a gathering arranged in the loving memory of someone's departure. It would not necessarily be a person you are closely related to, but the vision of your now deceased friend escorting the body of another person who passed away speaks of the possibility of having to attend services in order to say farewell to someone who may pass away soon or whose wake you would be invited to attend.
Getting married and not knowing the bride I had a dream where I saw myself getting married to a girl. I could not recognize. I felt happy in the dream because it appeared real. Dreaming about getting married could signify upcoming significant life events. You could be excited or concerned in anticipation of their arrival. Most likely, this dream vision is suggestive that the outcomes of these future events or circumstances would be positive and beneficial for you. However, not knowing or able to recognize who the bride was in the same dream could mean that you are unsure about the precursors or exact nature of the circumstances leading up to these events or developments.
Looking through wedding photos using a camera i dreamt about looking at the wedding photos of my female former classmate in a camera. I am a lady. Looking through wedding pictures in a dream is a sign of an unexpected relationship which could start developing between you and a married or engaged person. It would be wise to use caution while in this relationship to avoid creating any problems for the person involved and for yourself. It can also be a warning that you are getting too deep into this relationship with a person who belongs to someone else. This means that you may have to make a decision to either cease the relationship or take reasonable steps to prevent hurting all parties involved.
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Receiving roses and sweets A man gave me colorful roses and some sweets. Dreaming about receiving signs of affection from a man could reveal your inner doubts and uncertainties. You are unsure whether someone is being truthful about his intentions. This would be someone with whom you were infatuated or interested in. The roses, as a symbol, could reveal lack of sincerity on their part and suspicions on yours. Moreover, receiving candy as a gift in this same dream could amount to a forewarning. Namely, you should be cautious and attentive in regards to someone's potential deceitful actions. Such care could prevent future disappointments and grief. An alternative interpretation goes along the lines of need. You might be feeling lonely, missing someone's true affection or in need of being nurtured. In this case, you should try to find inner comfort by pursuing goals which would make you a happier person.
Ex-boyfriend appearing as a husband I dreamed about my newly ex-boyfriend who is acting like my husband in my dream and a 2-year old girl who seems like our daughter... With some common friends around us. Dreaming about your ex-boyfriend appearing and acting as your husband in this dream could be indicative of the fact that you might soon be astounded and perplexed by some unexpected or surprising events or circumstances, which could turn out to be negative in their nature rather than something beneficial or in your favor. The notion of the child and your friends present in the same dream could also reflect your subconscious desire to re-unite and get back together with this person, especially if the breakup was recent, so you would prove to yourself or others that this relationship deserves another chance. This dream could also be the result of your doubts or uncertainty whether you had made the right choice when you separated from your boyfriend.
Girlfriend saying "I love you" I proposed to a girl. I love her madly. I saw in my dream that she is saying "I love u". I wasn't in front of her, maybe she was saying "I love u" in front of a mirror. Having a dream about experiencing feelings of love or being loved is a good sign of happiness and confidence about things you try to accomplish in your life. If you happened to be uncertain about or question reciprocity or true feelings coming from your lover, it can be an indication of encountering minor obstacles on the way to achieving or completing your plans or projects.
Riding a bike with someone in love with I was with my two female friends on a bike. One of my friends were riding the bike. My other friend was behind her, and I was in the last (we three were on bike). The rider, whom I love secretly said, I am not interested in long-term relationships. ME: Really? What about short-term relationships. She remained silent. I don't know what does this mean. Thanks, waiting for you kind response. A dream about riding a bike predicts sexual encounters which are going to be different from those you typically engage into, adding to this analysis the friend(s) you saw on the bike in the same dream may be an indication of their involvement or participation (even indirect) resulting in these activities. Talking about committing to a short-term relationship with your friend can also signify considerable but destined to be unproductive attempts to create a relationship with this person, according to another source.
Love triangle, cheating I dreamt, that my long time boyfriend, (who loves me too much), was in love with another girl, but his attitude in the dream was that I should know about it and I should understand. In the dream he first went to meet her outside after telling me he is going on a date with the girl. I pulled them apart but he laughed thinking I am mad to not understand. Somehow I felt I should at least try to understand so I went to my room while they stayed in the living room. The girl played very sad in front of him but behaved like a superior in front of me. Later she tried coming in my room under the pretext of looking around the house. I yelled, twisted her arm and threw her out of the house, saying this was it. She kept waiting outside the house as her purse was left behind. He thought I will understand on my own. All I wanted was for him to reassure me. To dream of seeing another girl with your current boyfriend means your boyfriend is hiding something from you. Once you discover the secret that he's hiding, it may change the way your relationship is developing. Arguing or fighting with your boyfriend about someone else interfering with your relationship could indicate that your boyfriend is actually trying to keep secrets or hide something important from you. It can also mean he's thinking about something you are unaware of that may cause confusion or disagreements in your relationship once the secret is revealed.
A diamond ring and a french kiss I've dreamed the my male guy friend gave me a diamond ring but I'm married to his friend. But before that he gave me a french kiss. Please interpret my dream. Thanks! Dreaming of receiving a french kiss in a dream is a warning of being engaged in unacceptable or questionable activities or behaving this way. You may be inclined to commit some immoral acts at some point in time. Be aware that these actions could have long-term effects on your life and which you might regret later on. Being given a diamond ring can be treated as a sign of blessedness. It symbolizes favorable changes, maybe meeting a new acquaintance who might prove to be very important for you or achieving some of the goals you have set for yourself.
Making out with a best friend's boyfriend My dream was about me, my ex best friend and her boyfriend, we went out for a picnic and he dumped her on the spot and got with me straight after! Dreaming that you defeated your ex-best friend in regards to the having of her boyfriend's love and attention may illustrate the existence of feelings of competitiveness. That is, it is possible that you currently experience or are about to experience jealousy over the situation of someone with whom you have an intimate or close relationship. You could end up finding yourself in some competitive game. You would try to overpower that person and keep for yourself whatever it is that that person has and you envy.
Signs of love from ex-girlfriend I always dreaming about my "ex" showing that she still cares for me and loves me. But in real life I'm not thinking of her and we don't have communication for long long time. What does it mean? Why she always appears in my dreams? Dreaming about your ex-girlfriend showing signs of love and affection could be indicative of the fact that you might soon be astounded and perplexed by some unexpected or surprising events, which at the same time may turn out to be some negative events or circumstances instead of things that may benefit you. The notion of not communicating with her in real life could also reflect your subconscious desire to re-unite or even get back together again.