How could this library benefit you?

With the help of our alphabetized dream meanings and keyword search feature you can easily discern and comprehend what your dreams epitomize about your past, present or future life. You can use each one of these library records organized individually or in related sets to understand, predict, anticipate or change the course of present or upcoming life events and experiences.

How can you take advantage of this online resource?

Sunrise symbolism and meaning

It is really simple. You only need to have a short recollection of what you perceived in your dream, its most memorable contents. Start recalling what impressed you the most in your dream. Perhaps it was a series of events or an odd situation. Perhaps it was a strange and unfamiliar place or setting. Either way, you can use this most prominent aspect and look for it in our library. You will find several possible alternatives related to this specific aspect to explore and interpret this recollection or vision.

For example, imagine that you have been dreaming about an animal, and in particular, a rabbit. The rabbit is a symbol and you can look for its meaning in the database. Now imagine that you further remembered that the rabbit was, for example, flying. Now you could search for the meaning of this specific combination between the action and the animal. You would try to look up the meaning of a “flying rabbit”. This is a somewhat unusual example, but it helps illustrate how you can use our dream interpretation library. Probably, the most commonly occurring dreams are not as odd. Nevertheless, there are some really bizarre dreams and dream meanings you can come across when searching our website’s library.

Every particular thing you ever dream about has a deep symbolic meaning. More importantly, this meaning is not simply an abstract and isolated aspect of your life. Rather, it is a reflection of yourself and it may be actually telling you something important about your past, present or future. These reflections can also represent the attempts by your subconscious mind to make you aware of some past, present or even upcoming events or experiences. For example, a dream could reflect a long-forgotten or repressed childhood trauma. By dreaming about it and trying to uncover its possible meaning with the help of our  library, you could be a step closer to a clearer comprehension of the origins and impacts of this trauma. This empowers you, in the sense that you become able to manage the effects or consequences of this trauma.

dream of forestQuite often, a simple and seemingly unimportant detail like a specific action, element or certain descriptive feature can dramatically alter the resulting dream meaning. That is why it is so important to make an effort to focus on more specific details or keywords when looking up dream meanings. These details can help you use our library more effectively and gain more insight while visiting the DreamLookUp website.

These details are also important because dream symbols and visions are often ambiguous, abstract and vague. They can include multiple, diverse and sometimes contradictory meanings. The remembered specificities will allow you to find precise interpretation that best applies to the dream you had. For more information about the dream symbols and their importance, please check the “Symbols” section of this website.

This website’s library of dream meanings is the result of comprehensive analysis of how we perceive and react to our dreams. It is also the product of extensive research into what role these perceptions and oneiric experiences play in real-life situations.

What makes different from other online dream interpretation resources?

Firstly, we are proud to be different from other online dream interpretation resources by providing our visitors with matching emotional indicators located besides each dream interpretation. They immediately disclose the overall emotional tonality of a dream. In particular, these little icons show whether your dream has an overall positive, negative or neutral meaning. All these expressions of emotion are displayed using simple and easy to understand labels. These emotional indicators help find answers to all your dream interpretation questions in a clearer and more convenient way.

dream of forestWe did not invent these indicators. For a long time, dream interpreters have been trying to come up with more insightful and expressive ways to reveal the actual meanings of dreams. It has been noted that dreams can contain positive, neutral or negative messages. A neutral message is neither good or bad, or perhaps it can be beneficial in one respect, but not so good in another. For example, having unexpected news can be either a good or a bad thing, in accordance with the content of the news. Similarly, making friends can be a positive thing, but if these friends are not what you expected them to be later on, this event could be neutral or even negative in its overall meaning. Hence, positive, negative and neutral meanings are the three distinct emotional categories we adopted during the creation of our library.

However, please note that such aprioristic classification should not be applied blindly and automatically. This is because the emotional tonality revealed by the dream in question can also vary depending on some of the features which define the identity of the dreamer. Moreover, dreams’ emotional charge can also vary in accordance with the dream interpretation source. For instance, psychoanalysis or symbology will offer different meaning for the same vision experienced in a dream.

It has been illustrated by many sources that dream interpretation will vary in accordance with at least three aspects: the dreamer, the specific details of the dream and the approach adopted to interpret this particular symbol. That is, sometimes, your dream can carry more than one emotional charge and contain  multiple, sometimes contradictory messages. Our team aims to take into account these important factors and include their potential influence in the analysis of dreams and symbols searched in the library.

Our team goes beyond simple compilation of the diverse dream interpretation sources. We also incorporate a lot of interpretations which are based on practical knowledge and general empirical observations. The library of dream meanings also includes dream visions and situations which have been described and made available as interpretation sources by dreamers like you and us. These are also included in our growing library to determine what most commonly-experienced dreams could imply and what they are trying to convey.

dreams about getting lost We are doing our best to be sensitive and responsive to what interests the contemporary mind. Our resources are also actualized and expanded in the direction of and based on the inquiries of so-called “self-described contemporary” dreams. This is an aspect that is often absent from many of dream meaning interpretation compilations and dictionaries available elsewhere.

At,  we are constantly adding new descriptive symbols encountered by many of our visitors in their dreams. Some of these new additions are requests from someone who has not found the meaning of a particular dream in our existing library. They are re-analyzed and added to the “Archive” section of the website. Other dream meanings are derived based on our constant and ongoing research of dreams and their possible interpretation.

In other words, the DreamLookUp’s researchers, translators and interpreters utilize both traditional and contemporary sources of information about dream interpretation. And since this is a vast and ever-expanding universe, our online library keeps on growing while becoming more accurate, detailed and informative.  

We have decided to choose the path of providing our visitors with accurate, precise, and succinct dream meanings as opposed to presenting pages after pages of possible dream meanings related to the same dream symbol or vision. This format of presenting the information seems to be the simplest and most logical way when we take into a variety of dream perceptions affecting the outcomes of possible meanings.

What are the main advantages of using

Overall, the main aspects that set us apart from other online dream interpretation sources is the clear, simplified and immediate categorization of dream meanings in terms of their interconnection, emotional charge and relevance to the website visitor. We rely on an impressive number of original sources researched and included in the library so that our visitors can easily find the most relevant and accurate meaning for a wide variety of dreams.

At the same time, we are constantly actualizing and expanding our database by incorporating contemporary dreaming experiences as well as their possible interpretation and analysis free of charge. Since we strive to offer our visitors accurate, contextualized and succinct interpretations, the analysis and compilation of this library takes considerable amount of time and effort.

Our ongoing extensive research and committment to present information in concise and compact ways, without affecting the quality of dream interpretation is what makes so uniquely different from other similar-themed online sources. You can have confidence in our growing library of dream meanings and continuous dedication to the work we do. We kindly ask our visitors to make this journey into the world of dreaming even more exciting and inspirational by making a donation no matter how small. Your kind contribution will allow us to continue our work, increase the quantity and improve the quality of information we provide.