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    Trying to get home when a comet strikes

    Dreams about end of the world or apocalypseI was at a medical lab and the doctor asked me three questions about a medical disease and how I would cure it. I gave her vague answers as I didn't know. I left the office and went to look for my car. I walked up and down a sidewalk looking and talking to other people who had been at the same office. Finally I pulled out my key fob and used it to find my car. I begin to drive home on the interstate when I see a huge fireball in the sky. My adult kids call on the phone to tell me about a report of a comet. I tell them to go outside and look to the north. The comet skims the atmosphere and sets off huge fires. The flames are seen from hundreds of miles and all I can imagine is all of the people who are killed. I noticed blinking plane markers in the road that the authorities have set out. The national guard is blocking the road, so I park and get out to help them light more. I get bored and start walking home. I get to a building and use the stairs to walk up to the bridge at my exit. There are women sitting at a table looking at papers and passports asking people if they had been examined. I said that I just left the doctor's office. She let me through and I continued home. Memorized by comet and fire it created.


    Trying to save sister after a boat accident

    Meaning of a dream about sister drowning in a boatI dreamt I am floating in a lake or river like white water rafting on a small canoe with other people and my sister, in the daytime, the waters are calm but a little choppy in some areas. A man was driving the boat but falls asleep and the boat crashes into the side of a wall like on the interstate. I save the boat after it crashes into a wall from going completely over the edge but it was halfway over a cliff once it crashed. I stewarded the boat of people back on course but my sister was dropped over the edge in choppy waters below in the crash and I look over and she's floating in the choppier water below where I can't reach her without going over myself or going forward and back around but I couldn't go backward to get her so I just kept going forward.


    A cat and tigers after shooting at school

    Dreams about tigers and cat jumping on meIt started when I was in a school and I heard gunshots, so it was obvious there was a school shooter. After minutes of looking I found an escape but I also saw a girl around 4 years old looking shocked. I ran over to save her and I held her as I escaped. I was walking to the police station but after I brought her back to the school because I was afraid of being accused of kidnapping her, not sure why. When I brought her back, her teacher yelled at me for taking her. I walked home and the sky was already a dark navy blue. I saw an obese cat and brought it home. I was sitting by my home with the cat in my arms, then a white tiger sat next to me, got a gun, and shot himself in the throat. It was very human-like. A couple hours later I was still outside with my cat and there were a couple other tigers roaming around. Out of nowhere the cat jumped out of my arms and ran away. After that I woke up. I never ever had a dream like this.

  • Forced to eat a small alligator by a woman

    Dreaming about killing or eating an alligatorAn adult blond woman with big eyes, she doesn't physically look creepy. However, you can tell she is creepy. She has tiny 2" alive alligators (the entire body was 2") all around her and in jars. She is trying force me to eat them. However, I throw up just the head of an alligator, the head is about 3" in diameter. This alligator head is still alive and snapping its jaws and goes after the blond woman and the little alligators, it snapped at me some too. I was not too fearful of the woman, she just felt mean and mentally unstable. She was not happy when I threw up the head of the alligator. It is almost like she made me eat it and it grew and then I got the head out of my body (which I felt she had made me eat a small alligator at a prior time and the alligator grew). I just threw up the head which must have grown inside my body. So strange, I can't find anything about someone wanting to force you to eat a small alive alligator.


    A black woman in the swimming pool

    Drowning in a swimming pool dream meaningI woke up and felt like she was still on top of me. Struggling and gasping for air, I could still feel myself drowning. It started so innocent. I was walking home from the movies with my girlfriend. I don't remember what movie we saw but it had just gotten dark. We were holding hands and looking at the the bright almost-full moon. We stopped outside her house but when I went to kiss her goodbye, she morphed into this giant obese lady. Her arms were bigger than my thighs and she kept getting taller. She picked me up in her giant hands and started to rock me like a baby. I squirmed and tried to get away but she held me tighter and started to sing in some weird language. Then we were across town by the train tracks and she was still carrying me, this time piggyback style. I heard a whistle and looked back just as she jumped onto the tracks, right in front of the train. Instead of getting splattered, the train started pushing us along the tracks. We were going so fast and I squeezed my hands around her neck to hold on. The train went right through my backyard and we tumbled onto the swing set. She started pushing me higher and higher. I was begging to get off and then found myself flying through an open window into my bedroom. Landing on my bed, I remember feeling like "OK, I am safe here". When I turned around though, she was right there, rummaging through my closet that was all full of tiny doll clothes. In fact, my whole bedroom was filled with creepy porcelain dolls, old Barbies that were missing limbs, and tiny figurines. Every surface was covered by a doll and all of their eyes were open, watching me. I started to recognize some of the doll faces - kids from my middle school class, the gas station attendant, my ex-girlfriend. They all started singing that same lullaby - I don't know what language it was in - I couldn't understand it. But they all just stared at me singing. I ran to leave but suddenly the floor was moving backwards and my feet became duck flippers. In the meantime, the giant lady had gotten more obese and she was almost filling my whole room. As she moved, she knocked over the dolls, who just kept singing. She grabbed me into her arms again and I tried to kick her with my duck feet. Her grip was too strong though and she pulled me onto the bed. With a splash, I realized the bed had become a swimming pool. She dragged me under the water tried to drown me. I kept going deeper and deeper and tried to use my flippers to swim but she was just too big. I was drowning and struggling for air but even underwater, I could still hear all of the dolls singing that weird lullaby. And then I woke up.

  • Explosions in and around a swimming pool

    Dreams about explosionsThey were going from person to person when they got to me. "Sacrificing" them. It seemed like they were cutting and stabbing me. When really they were only writing and doing other crazy stuff. It looked and sounded like a rave, except everyone was asleep. When everyone woke up, some people had few to little writings on them or some type of symbols, we were confused. As for me, I had a drawing of a wolf behind my left leg (maybe I should get tattoo of a wolf?) and a lot of other writings I couldn't make out. It was the end of the day, everyone was continuing to talk about their drawings or writings on them at different tables in a classroom. We went to our seats, that so happens to be in a pool when something exploded. I was underwater when tanks along with other stuff started blowing up. People were floating. You could see the smoke, explosions in the water, blood and belongings from those people. Something exploded near me as I was coming up for air. Most people were dead while I was trying to find my stuff. I didn't. Then I ended up getting invited to a sleepover, which I didn't go to... How weird.

  • Mess in the bathroom from childhood memories

    Childhood nightmares about leaving a messI found a wet bath towel I was going to hang outside but it was raining. I went to hang it in the bathroom and saw a big blue stain on it. I didn't realize they had taken a shower so I must have been sleeping at the time. The guest who is a coworker (whom I don't really care for) had torn the plastic clear shower curtain leaving a small part attached and hanging. And soaked the patterned outer curtain left attached and mostly hanging as well. All the hooks were still hanging from the rod with all the top of the plastic curtain attached. It looked like a perforated edge like paper you tear. I was mad they had not told me they did this and I started to fix it and take it all down to put an old green plastic curtain under the patterned outer curtain. When I was a child I visited an aunt's home and had never had a shower before... I left both curtains hanging outside the tub and completely soaked the bathroom floor. Afraid I get into trouble and ashamed I cleaned it up as best I could then didn't tell anyone what I had done. Before arriving for the visit my mother warned us all not to do anything to embarrass her.

  • Unable to blow out candles around the bed

    What does it mean to be unable to blow out candlesIn my dream, I woke up in my bed scared. It felt like something was watching me and the setting was dim, but not dark. As I got up I found my cat hiding under my bed. Then to my right, where my pillow should have been, I saw a collection of lit candles. I was disturbed with the fact that the candles were burning possibly all night and there was plenty of melted wax, indicating that they have been lit long. Here comes the important part. I tried blowing out the candles, but they stayed lit. No matter how many times I blew the flames still remained. There was one final blow where I finally extinguished the flames, but then the wicks relit.


    An odd proposal from an old friend

    I had a dream that an old friend messaged me.. Months or weeks later when my roommate got home and kids were in bed I realized I had overlooked a weird placed proposal and of course a ring. While I was trying to figure out who had done this in my home and just left it there is a knock on the door. I open it and it is the old friend that had messaged me so happy to see me and confess his love, me being completely blindsided tell him "Let's go walk and talk" after him trying to come into my home multiple times. We stop at a park bench and I'm telling him it's a nice gesture but I'm not sure where it came from or what is going on because he never expressed his feeling to me. Then a person walks up says the police were called and we are supposed to remember three words "orange juice" and I'm not sure of the other two. Then we hear sirens, I have to get home to my kids! I run as fast as I can, his parents stop me from the truck outside asking if everything is okay. I say this is just too much, then he comes running up saying "Please just wait, one more thing, one more thing". Then he repeats the same three words and asks his dad to give him "the envelope". He says "I'm sorry I know all of this was random". Then pulls out my picture which is oddly just like me tattoo and all and says "You were in my envelope". And then I woke up. I cannot find anything about this to figure out why I had such dream. I just need to know what it could mean. My anxiety is so bad I cannot go back to sleep to finish it.

  • BABY

    Mixed feelings about having a baby

    Dream about having doubts about what to do with a newbornI have never dated before and am currently in my mid 20s. However, I dreamt about having an unwanted baby with an ex (I don't know why I assume it but I just do). I don't remember seeing the baby, being pregnant or birthing. What I know is I have a baby. Then, I went to an adoption center or somewhere thinking to let my baby get adopted. A couple I know in real life agreed to adopt my baby but I have this mixed feeling of being a mother and wanted to care for the baby. It was as if I was feeling reluctant to see my baby growing up but it's not me who take care of her. Then I would wake up feeling a strong feelings come over me, feeling like a mother who would want to protect the baby, even if it's unwanted.


    A murky pool and a stranger at a hotel

    Dreams about swimming pools with dirty waterSo in my dream, I was going to a fancy party in a hotel, I had a cute outfit on and a big bagged gift. I tell the main receptionist where I need to go then he leads me to the elevator. As I'm walking more people obviously not going to the party start following and it just kind of odd at this point. We all get in the elevator and we arrive at the floor that looks NOTHING like the hotel lobby. It's all damp, poorly lit, and really tall ceilings. He's leading me down the hall way that curves around and as I'm watching over my shoulder periodically I noticed people start darting away into rooms and other hallways, like shadows almost, and snickering while they do it. I'm on my guard but I don't run away? The receptionist leads me to a wall, that opens up, and it's this long dark pool area with black tile and green lighting. The water is all murky. There's 3 people in the pool, and I'm the only one who brought a gift. I don't question this and I crouch through the small entry way and the black tile is all wet. The receptionist is still standing in the hallway by the small square wall door, but there was another guest that followed me in. (In my mind I know what this guy is from .. like a movie or something but I can't for the life of me remember where all I know is he had a weird creepy vibe to him) I set down my gift and I take off one shoe. As I was reaching for the other one, I felt a subtle push on my back towards the pool. It was that guy. I turn around and I start laughing Softly, then it turns into belly laughter, THEN it turns into absolute crazy hysterical laughter and I'm walking towards this guy and he gets visibly scared and leaves through the square door. The door shuts and I turn around, still on one high heel shoe, arched over and all I say is "They can't scare you if you out crazy them first". My laughing was the scariest part though, I could feel myself going insane and I woke up in a panic gasping for air.

  • Dead animals inside an abandoned house

    A white rabbit up close looking from inside the cageI was left a huge mansion after a family member died. The front was a bowling alley that had been closed permanently, the middle was creepy dark living quarters, and the very back of the house was a pet shop. The shop has been abandoned and was left to ruin but I wanted to get it running again. I was cleaning and found hundreds of cages with dead rabbits in them. The rabbits had been breeding so there dead baby rabbits too. In the front of the shop is dozens of fish tanks with dead fish in them and some had live fish swimming amongst the dead. In my dream I felt guilty like it was my fault, like I murdered them. I always wake up before I can figure out why I felt like that.


    Being shot in a mall

    Dreams about being shotI keep having this same dream, at least a couple of times a week. Sometimes it varies and some details are different, but I have essentially had this recurring dream for years. It always starts in the mall and always ends with me being shot. This time, I was in the food court at the mall but it was like a fancy restaurant. Men in tuxedos came to our table and served us McDonald's. We got big macs on silver plates and glass bottles of coke served on ice. Me and my buddy, we were into it, until we realized that everyone else was short, really short, like "midget" short. When we went to go do some shopping, all of the "tiny people" started to follow us. We ducked into the first store we saw but it was full of animal pelts. There were zebra skins, elephant skins, and giraffe skins hanging off the walls. Exotic animal heads were on display - I remember a giant warthog and a lion with its mouth frozen in a roar! We slipped somehow through a secret exit at the back of the store and found ourselves outside by a demonic dumpster. This dumpster has been in every dream. It is in a different place every time but it always looks like it is possessed. The lid opens and closes, hissing yellow steam and it has red glowing eyes. Terrified, we run down the alley but there is broken glass everywhere and suddenly we are barefoot. We try to jump and avoid the glass but there's too much and we can't avoid it. Our feet are bleeding so we try to jump onto a ladder that keeps moving along the wall. It feels like we are in a video game and we have to time it just right to be able to jump on. I make it but he doesn't. The ladder starts to fly and I have to hold on tight, soon I can't see anything but a blur beneath me. I have no idea why but the flying ladder is in every dream. Sometimes it lands at my house, sometimes in a field. Last night it landed behind a truck stop. I hit the ground hard beside a blue transport truck. Crawling on the gravel, I try to get up and run but my legs don't seem to work to stand. I see shadows coming towards me and two men appear (always the same two). They have grey beards that almost touch the ground and really big cowboy hats. Grabbing my arms, they pull me along the driveway over to a building that seems to be falling down. Shingles are hanging off the roof and the left side of the building is slanted and crumbling. Out of the corner of my eye, I can see that weird dumpster with the same yellow smoke. The men tie my arms behind my back with pink ribbon and wrap it around my body until I am covered. I can only see out of a crack in the ribbon - but one of the men reaches into his beard and pulls out a wooden stick (the kind that every kid pretends is a gun). He pulls the "trigger" and I realize I am being shot with real bullets. The last thing I remember is that I am lying there, bleeding green slime instead of blood. Like I said, parts of the dream are different. But I always end up being shot and bleeding green goo. It is so weird!

  • People talking about murder

    Men discussing murderThere were two men in front of two doors talking about a murder. The left one (the owner of the company) was telling to the right one that he was not the one that committed the murder and that some people thought he was the murderer and teasing him with a wood stick and on top the head of the murdered man. He was insulted by that behavior and said those are not nice things. In the end the right man seemed to believe his innocence, but I knew that the owner was the murderer and I also felt relief that the other man believed him. So far I was not inside the dreamscape. Then I remember I was sitting in a double bed with white sheets and on my left sitting next to me was the wife of the owner wearing a white satin nightdress. We were talking about jobs, she was helping me to find and I had a paper, writing things, or sometimes erasing some. In the end she proposed to me to work in the airport and I remember at that time 4 columns with 4 faces appeared in front of me.


    Asians and eating people's meat

    Dreams about meat My girlfriend is Korean and I had this dream last night that really freaked me out. I was on a bus travelling with a bunch of people that looked like Asian tourists. Everyone was snapping pictures out the bus window. I couldn't see where we were, outside it just looked like desert. We came to this barbed wire fence and the bus stopped. Asian soldiers wearing camo and big guns came onto the bus. They started grabbing everyone's passports. I didn't have mine and they were yelling at me but I couldn't understand. Everyone was lead off the bus and they made two groups. All of the Chinese people went in one group and the rest of us huddled together. I saw a sign on the grey cinder block building that said North Korea in English and then a bunch of things written in Korean. There was another empty tour bus outside. We were all herded past the bus into a room where soldiers kept yelling questions but no one was answering. Someone pulled out a selfie stick and started taking pictures with the soldiers. Everyone was laughing and no one seemed scared but I was crapping my pants. Even though it was dark in the building, you could see more soldiers sitting in an office across the hall. They had metal plates heaped up with rice and meat. The meal was getting devoured while everyone watched a small black and white TV in the corner. The 3 Stooges were playing because I could recognize Curly. A female soldier with long dark hair brought in food for us. She set a big pot full of stewed meat in the middle of the floor and everyone around me started reaching for it and eating with their hands. Then someone shouted and pointed to the other bus. The soldier just pointed to the pot of food but no one stopped eating. I freaked out and started yelling 'Cannibals! Cannibals!" but it seemed like no one else could hear me. People just kept eating and taking pictures of their food. Everyone was still smiling, like they were zombies or something.

  • Growing in size and becoming a giant

    Giants and gargantuan creatures in dreams In the beginning of the dream I was walking in a river under a road, it was almost dry in that area full of concrete but was long and went through the entire city. Between two metal beams that supported the road I found a body floating with the face turned down, but it wasn't enough water to anyone drawn. Then I was in a school that was supposed to be my school but was more like Hogwarts and the river went through it like tracks in a station, with brick beams supporting the tunnel beside the tracks (river) with a view of the sky in the river. Suddenly Titans started to attack people, caught them with huge hands but I couldn't see where they were, like their feet. I started to run to save my cousins. I am one of the youngest cousins but always save the two that are younger than me in my dreams. So I picked a car even not knowing how to drive, and went inside of their school with it like the halls were roads, and the door to every room was a garage door, I stopped in front of every one telling we were being attacked by Titans till I found my cousins and they got inside of the car. Suddenly I became very aware that I don't know how to drive so I told them to drive for me, while I was trying to see the Titans. I could see them far away and the city in chaos but none in the school, that was destroyed, where it started. At some point we needed to abandon the car and followed the river by walking, when we arrived between two metal beams and I said "I was here before, it was here where it started, but...", the body from before wasn't there, and I didn't finish the sentence. While I looked down for where the body was I began to become bigger and everything smaller. I thought I would become a Titan but I kept becoming bigger, till I was too big and couldn't see the people or the city, or the land. I was in space, my head at least. And in front of me I saw God. As an atheist, I can't call it other thing. Was a throne, shining but purer than gold, he was sitting in and I saw huge feet and a huge hand in his knee but was like he was too tall and I couldn't see his face. He said something to me that I can't remember, I just remembered to be confused and thinking "I don't understand" and then I became taller and bigger. Was like I could see everything, every detail, my eyes focused on a distant light that didn't blind me and more I looked to it more details I could see, entire worlds. Was like I could see everything, like I was everything and had every knowledge of the world, and I thought "I understand. Now I understand everything". And then I woke up and sent this dream in an audio to a friend saying that I understood everything, then went back to sleep.

  • A sheep turning into a woman

    Interpretation of dreams about sheep meaningI dreamt that sheep were entering my home, most got outside but one in particular. Then the white sheep's fur turned red but not in a way that was alarming it was quite beautiful then the sheep turned into a beautiful woman and was running through my house completely naked but innocently as she was actually a sheep and had no sense of being without clothes. And then she said to my face her name was Micha. I wasn't afraid I felt lovingly towards the sheep, not sexually but more tenderly like a loved one.

  • FOOD

    Cheeseburgers for clothes

    Dreaming about clothes I had this weird dream: I am working as a drag performer at the local fast food restaurant. I had my night gown with feathers and I remember a tall curly wig on my head. So I go around singing Liza Minnelli's "Maybe this time I win" and then I notice I am missing something around my bosom area, so I start going around and collect customers' cheeseburgers and stuff them inside my push up bra. Some people even cheered and gave me their "buns" while clapping and laughing while I was performing. Then this tall guy who is supposedly the manager, walks me along or near the counter and with his royal gesture leads me to the door of the restroom where I am supposed to "unpack" my trophies to give them back to the customers? I am a girl, but not a performer?


    A gold watch and old phone given by enemy

    Dreams about interacting with your enemyI had a dream that my enemy named Anne gave me her watch. It was a gold plated watch with black inner head. Then she gave her phone and asked me to save my number in her phone. It was an old model keypad phone. I saw many unsaved numbers on her phone. I saved my number and returned her phone and her gold plated watch. Then I thought of taking her phone away and look on it since it was an old model phone there was no password. So again I went to her and took her phone and ran away. She started chasing me with her dad. But I ran fast and escaped from them. And I hide myself on the roof of a temple. But I didn't use her phone. Please kindly interpret this dream.


    Glass and needles in the mouth

    Dreaming about needles in the mouthHi, I have been having this dream of having sharp glass in my tongue, looks more like needles but I know it's glass. I pull them out of my tongue in the dream and more are stuck in my mouth. It's like a very uncomfortable feeling in my mouth in the dream. Only this time I was in a hotel with my husband and kids and broken glass was everywhere. I kept trying to pick it up but my kids got a bit on their feet ... I was trying to take them out of their feet but too many lying around until my husband left with the kids. And there I was with glass in my mouth pulling it out. I can feel as I'm pulling the glass out the holes they would leave in my tongue as I pull the sharp glass out of my mouth. It's been a couple of times that I've had this dream... Glass or needles in my mouth...

  • Strange insects on the body

    Dreams about strange insects coming from the bodySo I dreamt that I was taking a bath and I was rubbing myself with a loofah. But no matter how hard I scrubbed I kept feeling dirtier. I saw that I had weird black cracks on my breasts and I was picking out some insect similar to ants but it just kept getting longer and stringy and dark. Also it was hurting me while I was pulling it out. And the crevices were horrifying. It was so weird I still can't think straight. I am also very scared because I feel it's not a good omen. I hope you can figure it out for me because I'm really worried.

  • Not ashamed while undressing

    I dreamed I was in my favorite house. I couldn't open but one eye. One eye had a swelling on eyelid. There were a lot of people in the house. People I used to work with, doing their job. I was there, but it was as if someone else owned the home, I was just there. I wanted to use the bathroom, but someone was in all of them. I started undressing, I realized my bottom was showing, and I didn't care. It was hard with my vision of only one eye to see clearly. Seemed I was taking the house back over, a lot of people everywhere doing their jobs.

  • A detached nose on the ocean floor

    Dreams about nose face or other parts of bodyI dreamed of a very large nose that wasn't attached to a face, it was floating by itself near the bottom of the ocean floor. There were also three doors. The nose was floating back and forth in front of these doors as if it were trying to decide which one to open. The doors were just there, nothing but water and sand could be seen on the other side if you were viewing the door from a side view. Very strange, but I feel there has to be some sort of logical meaning of this dream. The nose was huge and very detailed like a man's nose, it was a white man's nose, large and curvy with a slight hump in the middle.


    Being forced to eat live wasps

    What does it mean to dream about wasps or beesI had a dream, about somebody with a deformed face and only had half of everything on it. On one hand he had no fingers and on the other he had 10, they were sitting at a table as if they were waiting for somebody and presented me with two options, a plate of dead wasp and a bag of Bojangles, they told me to eat and finish one of the options and I obviously chose the Bojangles bag. As I reached into it my hand was swarmed with live wasps, the bag was bottomless and filled with them and I continued to eat them as they were preparing a blade as if they were about to use it, not finishing what I chose to eat would result in my life being taken. Soon I was met with wasp crawling from a hole in my throat, this is where my dream ended and my brother suggested I looked it up. This really worries me as I haven't had a nightmare in quite a long time, hope that this was clear and understandable.


    Being cursed by a witch

    Dream of witchMy first dream as a child I can remember was of a witch tickling me. She wasn't a costume witch but she did have long nails and long blonde curly hair. She wouldn't stop and I hated it. I was a baby in a crib in this dream. As an adult I believe I have had a curse put on me possibly from her. I've been told by 2 pyschics I have had a dark curse over me most of my life and that was after I felt like that myself. What do you think that dream meant and does it have anything to do with me possibly being cursed?


    Massive dinosaurs on the ground

    Dreams about dinosaursI had a dream about my dad taking me to my psychiatrist appointment. My younger brother was with me and my 7 year old cousin. We all got out of the car and I hear people screaming. I turn around and 2 enormous size dinosaurs. 1 was purple and the other was orange. People were surrounding them and taking pictures with them. I turn back my head and my dad is sitting on the ground looking inside and at his shoe, my younger brother was looking at his socks, and my 7 year old cousin was a professional physicist with a gigantic whiteboard full of physics problems and he is wearing a white lab coat.


    An animal chimera

    Dreaming about animals Okay, this was a weird one for me. I normally have pretty pleasant dreams, sometimes they are confusing but not scary. A few nights ago, I had this dream filled with wild animals. It started out normal. I was camping at the state park with my buddies. There were three of us there. We were just chilling and cooking dinner over the fire. Our tents were set up in a circle near the fire pit. Mine was the one closest to the river. There's this huge river that runs right through our town and the park. It has crazy rapids and you can't really canoe on it unless you are an expert. Anyway, that river was right by our campsite. We cooked up sausages and fried some grits on this big cast iron pan. It was late but still light out because it was summertime. We'd brought our own chairs and Pete (my buddy from back in high school) was just finishing his plate of food when he got up and ran into the bushes. Stuey made some motion joking that Pete was probably just taking a piss but then his expression changed. I look over towards the river and saw something moving towards us. It kind of looked like a wolf, but it was all crazy looking. It had 3 heads, one was like a wolf, one like a dragon, and one like something I've never seen - like a demon or something. It had wings, but it wasn't flying. It just looked like it was stalking us, moving closer. The wolf was licking its lips. And the snake, well I have honestly never seen a creature make such a terrifying face. It was like we were paralyzed. The whole thing happened in slow motion. I tried to stand up but I was glued to my chair. I could feel heat as the creature got closer (which was weird, I've never noticed feeling temperature in a dream before, is that normal?). Anyway, it seemed to get bigger as it approached us, its black scaly wings were brushing the tops of the trees. Things went from going really slow to really fast. The beast reached its claws into the woods behind me and pulled out Pete. The wolf started laughing this creepy laugh and the dragon just breathed fire roasting Pete like a Marshmallow then offering him to the wolf. Stuey was next - but the snake head just swallowed him whole - one bite. I kept trying to scream or to run away but I just sat there and watched my friends get killed by this insane creature. It was so messed up. When I woke up I was covered in sweat and couldn't move for a few minutes. I don't know if dreams mean something - but I was worried after this one. It all felt so real, even though it was so weird. If that makes sense???

  • Being attacked by a fish with curled teeth

    Dreaming about fishWas walking along outside somewhere it was night time and my shadow turned into a shadowed man that started chasing me to try to kill me. I went down into these stairs to enter a building and a lady with a dog came too. The man that was chasing us was unable to get down the stairs as if some invisible force field kept him out. When inside I slept in a bed between my what seemed to be two family members. It was like hospital beds. And we shut the curtains around it. I was fearful going to sleep in the dream that the shadowed man would get in and kill us. Then I dreamt that we were sitting on the edge of a pool, with water up to our waist watching these two fish race or something. One was a grayish-brownish color and we knew her, the other fish was blue. We were proud of the grey fish for something. Then they stopped swimming beside each other and the blue fish which had these two sets of two curled in teeth swam up to me and bit me right in between my legs. I couldn't get him off because the teeth were curled in so deeply and when I did there was one tooth stuck that I had to curl as I pulled it out of my skin. I woke up from this nightmare in the nightmare and had a flap of skin hanging off between my legs. I exclaimed in the dream how crazy that was that I got bit in the dream and now it's real. I had to race to find someone in our strange building to fix it. It was like a compound we had to stay in to be safe from the outside world. I found the floor where the surgical doctors are and they directed me to different ones on the second floor but the rooms are mysterious and hard to find the right ones. I was looking for 2F. They aren't numbered properly and had weird names. The first doctor was a female and only sewed up the bottom of the disconnected flap and didn't give me any anesthetic. Then two male doctors came along and they locally injected a large green syringe of anesthetic and went to finish up what the other doctor wouldn't. Then I woke up.


    A famous singer as a gynecologist

    A gynecologist who is a celebrityI saw that I had to go to the gynecologist with my mother. I was in my parents' home in my (then) room and I was searching in the closet what to wear. I chose a pink shirt and white athletic trousers with white sports shoes.Then I remember getting with my mother in the doctor's office and sitting on the couch and waiting in the hall. In front of me my mum asked me if I was wearing contact lenses and I realized that I was wearing my eyeglasses. Left on the couch was sitting a man with a grey suit. He was talking all the time and I was generally in bad mood and also had my period. I didn't want to turn and look the man in the face because I was very ashamed and didn't want even to look at him. He was holding a mobile phone and asked me something and I looked that the number "535" appeared in the mobile and I answered him by telling this number. He was very happy and excited when I told him that and he said ''Bravo! That's right!''. Then the door of the gynecologist opened and the gynecologist was a famous Greek singer! I got inside and I remember she was examining me and talking to me. I was afraid that it would hurt but everything was ok.


    An unknown woman calling on a broken phone

    Dreams about phonesI had a dream that involved being with a group of friends unknown to me in a car in an unknown location initially. The next stage I remember was being in an unfamiliar house with those same people and harboring some anger, maybe it was more frustration, whilst walking around this house. In real life I've broken my I-phone 8 screen and although I've fixed the screen the phone does not work for charging reasons, yet in my dream this same I-phone 8 with the screen broken in a similar way started ringing. I immediately picked up as it said "mum" on the phone and for some reason felt some anxiety for her, as though she may have needed my help. When I picked up the phone, a young woman's voice unknown to me said my name and started to thank me for the aquarium. Most of this conversation I was silent, so to paraphrase she said "Well since you're so quiet, I guess I should tell you my name. My name is Arcui" (spelling how I've heard it, I've never heard this name in real life). I could hear every word she said and felt in control of my choice of words yet when she said her name it was both clear and unclear.


    Trump and Pelosi dancing together

    Dreaming of a celebrity My husband is a Republican and I am a Democrat. We can't watch the news together because we fight. I don't know if I could just hear FOX news in the background when I was falling asleep or what (I go to bed way earlier than him and he's always up watching late-night shows). I dreamt that I was staying at a resort. It was somewhere tropical - with palm trees and a white sand beach. The hotel was beautiful and really fancy. People kept coming around offering me drinks in coconuts with a little umbrella. I was with a guy who wasn't my husband - I didn't recognize him but he wasn't scary. We walked through the lobby and into this courtyard full of flowers where there was a live band playing. This guy took my hand and we started slow dancing - just like in the movies. I looked over and Trump and Pelosi were ballroom dancing beside me. They were entranced with one another, dancing cheek to cheek and then staring into each others' eyes. At one point they started kissing (and I mean really kissing!) We danced beside them for a while but then kept dancing down this hallway. Outside a bedroom door we clapped twice. The door opened and we were in a room full of children - like those immigration detainment camps. There were babies crying on the floor - just crawling all over in diapers. Kids were everywhere - on chairs, in the corner. Some were playing with little toy cars but most were just sitting there crying. The walls were white and there were giant Disney Movie posters all over the wall. I remember the Lion King, The Little Mermaid, and Aladdin. As we walked through the room it kept getting longer as if the walls were moving. There were windows but outside it wasn't the resort anymore - it was like there was a jungle out there. Thick green trees and vines were crawling all up the glass windows. It was almost like we were in the thing you walk through when getting on an airplane, kind of like a tunnel. The guy I was with disappeared and I was walking beside Trump - but he was shorter than me. He was wearing a red bow tie and a checkered jacket. We started holding hands and waving to all of the children (Trump was doing the wave the Queen of England does). These little kids started running up and taking Polaroid photos of us like we were celebrities and grabbing our clothes. Trump grabbed my other hand and we started slow dancing again down the hallway, bumping into the kids as we went. I remember stepping on this one kids hand and it just snapped right off - like he was made out of Lego. I don't remember much else but it was so weird!


    Small and large snakes in the garden

    Seeing a snake in the garden meaningI had a dream. A very detailed one. I asked two workers to work on the roof of my garden just a few meters away from a stream. The garden was like a mini forest. One of them was kind of flirting with me. He is always smiling. The same guy offered me a rare cactus, telling me to take good care of it. My mom, on the other hand, screamed that she saw a small snake, unfortunately, we are unable to catch the snake. We are about to throw the trash from the construction when a lady asked us why we had our garden fixed, knowing that it will disturb the snakes. Another woman came in by telling her to shut up and let us do what we want with our property, besides it will lessen their work in cleaning the stream. Switched to another scenario. We were having some dinner outside our house - near the streets, with my family members. When my friend showed up, asking me how am I doing. I told her that I had my garden cleaned. Then she asked me if there are any snakes found. I told her that there are but we were not able to catch them. She told me, that if we found another small one to catch it and give it to her since it is her favorite exotic food. Right on time, a small snake passed by, so I asked my uncle to clean it. My friend asked me where the snakes came from, I showed her the stream. And she suddenly jumped. She was happily jumping on the large snakes. As if they are not going to bite her. I am shouting at her to stop jumping because it is dangerous. She still jumps on two intertwined snakes, one is dark blue and the other one was bright yellow. There are almost 7 snakes in that area and their colors are not the usual colors of the snakes. no patterns on the skin. She picked up the dark blue one and threw it away towards the child who peacefully swims in the stream.


    Picking needles off the ground with the boss

    Dreams about drugs I have not seen my sister in years, but I know that she is out there, somewhere, living on the streets and using drugs. We last heard from her five months ago when she had just left a treatment program. A few days ago I had this dream that I was out on the streets picking up needles with my boss. I work as a receptionist at a car dealership and it was so weird to see my boss, who is usually dressed in a suit, out at night on the streets. We were wandering through back alleys looking for used needles. He was wearing army shorts and a t-shirt that said "peace" - I don't know why that detail stuck out in my mind. We were all alone in the dark and kept going from dumpster to dumpster. He kept searching for something but I didn't know what he was looking for so I just kept following him around, carrying a picnic basket that we put the needles into. At some point we were outside of my old elementary school, looking in the playground. I climbed to the top of the slide and my boss was waiting at the bottom, with his arms out to catch me. There were other little kids playing in the park even though it was nighttime. They looked like they were playing tag or something but my boss chased them away. This one kid was slower than the others and he kept looking back at me while he was running but then he was gone. My boss started digging in the sand looking for needles but kept pulling up handfuls of little white pills. He kept scooping the pills into my hands until they were overflowing and spilling back onto the ground. I stood there frozen while the pile of pills grew. but then I woke up. I want to know what this dream means. I am really worried about my sister and keep hearing about the opioid crisis and I just want to know if she's safe.


    Black smoke coming out of a rock

    Dreaming about black smoke and rocksI'd just fallen asleep as my fiance left to work for my family. Right after I fell asleep, in my dream the first thing I see is a red brick colored rock with a face on it. The next thing that happened was a big puff of black smoke coming out of the rock as if it was possessed. The smoke was thick as if it was a very dark demented spirit. Of course at this time I'm freaking out on the inside hoping I can wake up soon. Next, it decides to take some kind of ghostly form which, keep in mind, is still black and smokey and I hear a deep distorted voice. I had to literately beg God to save me and wake me up from this. I'd like to know the meaning of these dreams I'm having and why. I only dream of things like this or things of the future or predictions. It sounds silly, but I can't dream anything else.


    Washing shoes and a scary child

    Dreaming of a little girl It was my grandmother's old house. I was washing my shoes at a sink as they seemed to have gotten dirty from walking through some areas where water was running and there were gravel bits. I decided to put the shoes in an old storage room to dry. In the midst of opening in the door, a small hand pushed through to pull the door open and a little girl sprang out of the room and grabbed onto my leg. She couldn't be more than 3-4 years old with puffy curls, hair about mid-back. This evoked fright although the child did not have a scary appearance. Somehow I knew she was an adult. For the first time, I screamed out in reality. Does this have any significance?

  • A silent baby, mother and demons in the sky

    Silent baby, mother, car and demons in the skyIt started at a birthday party, I was holding for my new baby. I would be pregnant one second at the "birthday party" accompanied by extended family and decorations and cake but I didn't see "the child" or any child. Then I wasn't pregnant and I was looking for the baby. I didn't look long before the baby was found. Laying in the bed the baby was so quiet and I was so worried. I remember the baby was just staring on top bed and blanket, not fussing at all. Then it jumps forward and I am sitting with my mom and I was telling her how she was never there for me. No matter what I went through she wasn't there and she sat through it quietly, not even blinking. Cut scene again, and I'm in the back of a classic car with the "new baby", the car seat isn't even strapped in. My mom is in the driver seat, one of my sisters is in the passenger front seat. As she drove through a video game where the dirty mountains and rocks and desert we drove on the looked similar, the sky changed and there were these people, animated devil things in the sky. The video game was to "stop" then and we did as I shouted directions on the how from the back seat and my sister started to panic in the passenger seat. After we beat it I woke up.

  • In a castle with boyfriend and fictional characters

    I was in my grandma's bedroom looking in the mirror, when I saw in the window behind it that the Joker had come to get me, I had the chance to escape but felt guilty to expose my grandma and everyone to that so I came back and when I was crossing the living room the Emperor Palpatine appeared on the door looking with red eyes to the other side of the room, where Maleficent was with green eyes, behind the shelves. They stared at each other and a very strong and white light came and imploded everything. When I woke up, I was still in my grandma's house but it became a castle and we were medieval. I was a kind of a "first knight" and a kind of "lady-in-waiting" of the soon to be queen, Alison Dilaurentis (from PLL). I was supposed to protect her of upcoming attacks from the people from outside the "castle", because she was going to marry (my real life boyfriend) the leader of the revolutionaries, that were zombies, to end the uprisings. Many people wanted to kill her because of that. I went through a lot of scenes while all this information popped up in my mind, was very real, like I was remembering while I talked to then. Alison didn't want to get married, I was kind of in love with her and kind of jealous of my real life boyfriend with her, and I heard she escaped to outside the castle so I went after her. Outside of the castle was a wasteland and I remembered that we had the power because we were the only ones that still had electricity, books, movies, traces of the culture of before, and the rest of the people kind of forgot it. They forgot how our society was advanced and went back to live in the medieval times, I guess that was what the people of the castle told them they should do because they had the information. I found Alison in a shopping mall, she went to do a spray tan and shop lift. When we were on the spray tan store Sam and Dean (from Supernatural) came with guns aimed at us and tried to kill us. I was a knight so I defended the shots with my sword and it was epic. Suddenly both of then "unzipped" their skin like a cartoon and they were actually revolutionary zombies that wanted to kill the Queen. I helped her escape and she got inside a phantom chariot to Cainhurst Castle (from Bloodborne) and disappeared. I woke up.

  • Room distorted by mysterious magnetic force

    Distorted or warped space seen in a dream what is meaningI am playing a board game on the floor with a friend. We are apparently in a school. The room is scruffy and there is a lot of clutter. Playing the game is difficult. I keep accidentally touching things that then alter the gameplay, like an oversensitive touchscreen. It is irritating. Then I am alone in the room. I have a large mug of what I think is hot chocolate in one hand and with the other I am squirting whipped cream into it. It starts spilling over, but I can't seem to stop. I start eating the cream, it is delicious. I seem to be focusing on this to avoid what is happening, because while I am doing this I am aware that objects are slowly moving, as if a magnetic force is pulling them. The force is coming from behind me. Among other things is a double mattress, stood on its side, with bedclothes draped over it. I can't stop the things moving and that scares me. The scene cuts to where I walk into the same room again later, with others. Now I see that one side of the room is completely open and a low wall separates it from water. That mattress and other things are lying in the water, with my son's headphones on top. I need to get the headphones back.

  • Fighting with a werewolf in space

    Dreaming about werewolves or vampires meaningI was trapped in a shipping container on a boat in outer space for 8 months, then when I escaped I went to a campground, got a girlfriend, and then an old man warned me about a werewolf. Then a different man said we need 3 volunteers to go hunting, so me, my little brother, and my friend who I didn't know were there volunteered. When we went hunting we got chased by a werewolf who turned out to be Chris Hemsworth. We all hid in different places and I hid from him behind some moss and when he found me I told him where my little brother was as an offer to let me go. After that I comforted my girlfriend who was crying because she was scared of the werewolf. After she finished crying I fell asleep and woke up on the boat in space that I escaped from to her licking the nothingness of outer space. Then I turned around and got fussed by my parents for throwing a party on the boat I didn't throw or at least I didn't remember throwing.


    Being attacked by arrows

    Dreams about being attacked meaningMy dream started with me running and hiding from three bears. Then ran up hill from woods towards house and a cloaked person sinks a small metal arrow into my torso. I live in the dream. It was nighttime in the dream. I remember after being stabbed I fell down to the grass but the ground where I fell was sort of concave as compared to the rest of the yard. It was chilly weather. Person was in a dark robe type outfit. Velour type material. I don't remember being terrified by either the bears nor the attacker but certainly scared. I don't understand the meaning behind this dream. I am looking to see if someone was trying to come through to me or if there was some meaning to this.

  • Being shot by a terrorist at a restaurant

    Me and family being shot by someone in a public placeI had a dream I was in a strange place, we were in a restaurant or hotel, my old friends and my parents and siblings and strangers were around me, a black car was eyeing some of my old classmates, I warned them and they started running and the car chased them, I was then hiding with cops and children was around I didn't know, the cops were people I haven't seen in my life. This time I heard gun shots awhile after, I was in the restaurant again, I seen a man with sunglasses outside who stuck up the middle finger and then took a gun out and I shouted at everyone to run as he came to the door, he shot people around me. It was only me and my brother and father left, we where running to escape, the walls were glass and the doors too, there were a few doors maybe 4, there were around 3 or 4 men shooting, my little brother ran out the door and got shot and so did my father, he ran out the last door, I hid behind the desk or counter in the restaurant and stayed there listing to the gunshots and then I woke up. Not sure if it was a terrorist attack dream or just a mass shooting, but it was terrifying.

  • Being shot in the leg by a friend

    So this is what happened I'm the dream. It was daytime and me and my mom were on a street and my friend suddenly came and she had gun, my mom was behind me and she freaked out, but I wasn't frighten, I even approached her, tried making peace with her so she could put the gun away, but unfortunately didn't work, unfortunately she shot me in the leg, but I didn't feel any pain and didn't even fall to ground, I didn't die. What does mean?