Whether you have a close relationship with your mom or not, some of us may have had dreams about our mothers accompanied by various additional symbolic images. But, what does it mean to see your mother in your dream? Seeing your mother in your dream could have various interpretations depending on the situation. For instance, to talk to your mother in a dream means you are likely to receive some good news. On the other hand, dreaming of your mother crying means that a potential conflict could arise in your family. Our mothers play vital roles not only in our waking life but also in our dreams. As Sarah Josepha Hale quotes, "There is no influence so powerful as that of the mother".

Although the same kind of dream may happen to a male or female, dreaming of your mom may have a different meaning based on your gender. To dream of your mother if you are female means something fun and exciting is on its way for you. Whereas, for a male to dream of his mother indicates that his professional career is soaring. One horrendous dream someone could have is committing incest with your mother. However, this repulsive dream could mean that you are inclined to have negative thoughts that hinder your progress in life.

Death is a frightening theme in dreams. Although dreaming of your mother’s passing is alarming, it is generally highly symbolic and usually has a positive connotation. One common dream is to see your dead mother in a dream. You might have asked yourself, “What does it mean if my mother is dead but I dream she is alive?”. The notion that most people associate with this is that they miss their mom, hence she keeps appearing in their dreams. While this may be true for some, having this dream simply implies that you should heed your deceased mother’s advice or imbibe her wisdom and character to navigate your current difficult or challenging situation. Even in their death, the influence our mothers have in our lives is truly immense.

Another terrifying dream one could have is seeing your mother dying in a dream. One might think it is a vision of a dreadful death of an immediate family. However, the real interpretation of that dream is not as horrifying as it seems. When your mother dies in your dream, it could simply mean that a potential setback lies ahead of you. In contrast, to see mother’s body in a dream indicates success or reward.

Dreaming of mother and money might also seem favorable. Yet, if your deceased mother is troubled over money, this could mean that you are feeling the burden of a recent misfortune in your family or community at large. Thus, the next time you have death-related dreams of your mom, take note of the situation and the surrounding symbols.

Some of us might have also found ourselves dreaming of being a child. After all, who doesn't want to be a child again and enjoy the innocence of life under our mother's care? Though others might think this could mean we miss our childhood, it should be a red flag to re-evaluate your behavior around other people. Think about your actions around your family and friends or the words you have uttered. You might have done something that disappoints or upsets them. Like an innocent child, most of the time we say some things we don't really mean which could hurt others under certain circumstances.

Another type of dream about moms is them being uncaring and vicious. No one likes a controlling mother. But to dream that your mother is abusive, you are most likely to face hardships in life or get into disagreements. This may be an anticipated one, so veering away from it in real life is possible. Furthermore, dreaming of a mother-in-law might get someone on guard. After all, mothers-in-law are notorious for being critical. Yet, dreaming of them does not necessarily mean they would cause harm. For instance, if your mother-in-law appears as a witch in your dream, it may imply that you need to be wary of any information you get from your family members.

Dreams with mothers in them have numerous interpretations. Though some of these dreams may seem distressing, paying attention to the metaphors and imagery present would help us determine their significance in our waking life. Above all, our dreams signify our inner self and intuition.



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