Dogs often appear in dreams because these beloved animals are so prevalent in our waking world. You could take a dog on a walk, see your own dog, encounter a pack of dogs or dream of a dog chasing you on the street. Other recurring dog dreams involve a dog chasing its tail, buying a dog, several dogs, and dogs sleeping quietly. When these popular dream symbols appear, dreamers often ask “What is the general dream interpretation of a dog and what does dream psychology say about dog dreams?”

In general, a dog is a symbol of loyalty and protection. This is why you will often dream of a dog that is guarding gates, a domestic dog instead of a wild dog, or perhaps a sheepdog. Envisioning a dog in a positive light or during a friendly situation, not when you try to shoot a dog or pacify an angry dog at the vet’s for example, means you have someone who is constantly at your side through the ups and downs of life.

There are a multitude of feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a dog. Pay close attention because this will provide for a richer dream analysis. Their loveable traits make it a blessing to find a dog in a dream. In contrast, to envision that a dog has been stolen reveals a yearning to be loved. Meanwhile, to see a puppy in a dream or to be given a dog indicates a drastic change in your life which will complicate your job and your relationships.

You can uncover deeper meanings based on specific dog breeds in dreams. For example, to see a dachshund, a Siberian Husky,or to see a German shepherd will depend on the characteristics and temperament associated with the specific dog. To see a Golden Retriever in your dream means you have a very affectionate and loyal loved one, especially a significant other. To see a Border Collie in your dream means you need some guidance. A Rottweiler dream, meanwhile, means you are lucky enough to have a reliable friend or family member.

The type of encounter you have with a dog in your dream adds another layer to the dream analysis. A mundane or friendly dynamic with a happy dog like racing dogs in a dream, walking a dog while exercising, or trying to rub the belly of a dog is generally a positive prediction of having harmonious relationships. On the other other hand, for a dog to have rabies in a dream, it means you have a dishonest person in your life.

To see mythological dogs, like a three-headed dog, in a dream portends an encounter with a very interesting character who will become an important part of your life. This person will introduce you to new experiences and broaden your perspective on life.

You could see a blind dog or dream of a sick dog. Colors of dogs and other discernible traits also hold deeper dream meanings. To see a black dog in a dream is an ill omen. This means you could face disappointments, especially when it comes to someone you love. A multicolored dog indicates a complex relationship with a close friend. A dog’s color can also appear in combination with other symbols. It could be a white dog attacking you, a black dog attacking you, or even a wolf attacking you in a dream.

Why do dogs normally attack? Some dogs normally attack when threatened. The same is true in the dream world. It doesn’t matter which dogs are the most likely to attack. It can even be as simple as to hear a dog bark in a dream. A hostile or bad dog dream encounter may involve a dream of a dog chasing you, a dog fighting another dog, or a dog trying to bite you. These aggressive dogs symbolize conflict with a loved one, especially your significant other, due to a lack of open communication.

Finally, you can have overtly violent dreams such as killing a dog. For example, you could run over a dog or harm a tied up dog. To shoot a dog in a dream reveals your fear about your own safety and security. If the dog is dying in the dream, it means you are actively looking for ways to secure your material possessions.



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