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A black woman in the swimming pool I woke up and felt like she was still on top of me. Struggling and gasping for air, I could still feel myself drowning. It started so innocent. I was walking home from the movies with my girlfriend. I don’t remember what movie we saw but it had just gotten dark. We were holding hands and looking at the the bright almost-full moon. We stopped outside her house but when I went to kiss her goodbye, she morphed into this giant obese lady. Her arms were bigger than my thighs and she kept getting taller. She picked me up in her giant hands and started to rock me like a baby. I squirmed and tried to get away but she held me tighter and started to sing in some weird language. Then we were across town by the train tracks and she was still carrying me, this time piggyback style. I heard a whistle and looked back just as she jumped onto the tracks, right in front of the train. Instead of getting splattered, the train started pushing us along the tracks. We were going so fast and I squeezed my hands around her neck to hold on. The train went right through my backyard and we tumbled onto the swing set. She started pushing me higher and higher. I was begging to get off and then found myself flying through an open window into my bedroom. Landing on my bed, I remember feeling like “ok, I’m safe here.” When I turned around though, she was right there, rummaging through my closet that was all full of tiny doll clothes. In fact, my whole bedroom was filled with creepy porcelain dolls, old Barbies that were missing limbs, and tiny figurines. Every surface was covered by a doll and all of their eyes were open, watching me. I started to recognize some of the doll faces - kids from my middle school class, the gas station attendant, my ex-girlfriend. They all started singing that same lullaby - I don’t know what language it was in - I couldn’t understand it. But they all just stared at me singing. I ran to leave but suddenly the floor was moving backwards and my feet became duck flippers. In the meantime, the giant lady had gotten more obese and she was almost filling my whole room. As she moved, she knocked over the dolls, who just kept singing. She grabbed me into her arms again and I tried to kick her with my duck feet. Her grip was too strong though and she pulled me onto the bed. With a splash, I realized the bed had become a swimming pool. She dragged me under the water tried to drown me. I kept going deeper and deeper and tried to use my flippers to swim but she was just too big. I was drowning and struggling for air but even underwater, I could still hear all of the dolls singing that weird lullaby…. and then I woke up…

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Being shot in a mall I keep having this same dream, at least a couple of times a week. Sometimes it varies and some details are different, but I have essentially had this recurring dream for years. It always starts in the mall and always ends with me being shot. This time, I was in the food court at the mall but it was like a fancy restaurant. Men in tuxedos came to our table and served us McDonalds. We got big macs on silver plates and glass bottles of coke served on ice. Me and my buddy, we were into it, until we realized that everyone else was short, really short, like “midget” short. When we went to go do some shopping, all of the “tiny people” started to follow us. We ducked into the first store we saw but it was full of animal pelts. There were zebra skins, elephant skins, and giraffe skins hanging off the walls. Exotic animal heads were on display - I remember a giant warthog and a lion with its mouth frozen in a roar! We slipped somehow through a secret exit at the back of the store and found ourselves outside by a demonic dumpster. This dumpster has been in every dream. It is in a different place every time but it always looks like it is possessed. The lid opens and closes, hissing yellow steam and it has red glowing eyes. Terrified, we run down the alley but there is broken glass everywhere and suddenly we are barefoot. We try to jump and avoid the glass but there’s too much and we can’t avoid it. Our feet are bleeding so we try to jump onto a ladder that keeps moving along the wall. It feels like we are in a video game and we have to time it just right to be able to jump on. I make it but he doesn’t. The ladder starts to fly and I have to hold on tight, soon I can’t see anything but a blur beneath me. I have no idea why but the flying ladder is in every dream. Sometimes it lands at my house, sometimes in a field. Last night it landed behind a truck stop. I hit the ground hard beside a blue transport truck. Crawling on the gravel, I try to get up and run but my legs don’t seem to work to stand. I see shadows coming towards me and two men appear (always the same two). They have grey beards that almost touch the ground and really big cowboy hats. Grabbing my arms, they pull me along the driveway over to a building that seems to be falling down. Shingles are hanging off the roof and the left side of the building is slanted and crumbling. Out of the corner of my eye, I can see that weird dumpster with the same yellow smoke. The men tie my arms behind my back with pink ribbon and wrap it around my body until I am covered. I can only see out of a crack in the ribbon - but one of the men reaches into his beard and pulls out a wooden stick (the kind that every kid pretends is a gun). He pulls the “trigger” and I realize I am being shot with real bullets. The last thing I remember is that I am lying there, bleeding green slime instead of blood. Like I said, parts of the dream are different. But I always end up being shot and bleeding green goo. It is so weird!

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Asians and eating people's meat My girlfriend is Korean and I had this dream last night that really freaked me out. I was on a bus travelling with a bunch of people that looked like Asian tourists. Everyone was snapping pictures out the bus window. I couldn’t see where we were, outside it just looked like desert. We came to this barbed wire fence and the bus stopped. Asian soldiers wearing camo and big guns came onto the bus. They started grabbing everyone’s passports. I didn’t have mine and they were yelling at me but I couldn’t understand. Everyone was lead off the bus and they made two groups. All of the Chinese people went in one group and the rest of us huddled together. I saw a sign on the grey cinderblock building that said North Korea in English and then a bunch of things written in Korean. There was another empty tour bus outside. We were all herded past the bus into a room where soldiers kept yelling questions but no one was answering. Someone pulled out a selfie stick and started taking pictures with the soldiers. Everyone was laughing and no one seemed scared but I was crapping my pants. Even though it was dark in the building, you could see more soldiers sitting in an office across the hall. They had metal plates heaped up with rice and meat. The meal was getting devoured while everyone watched a small black and white TV in the corner. The 3 Stooges were playing because I could recognize Curly. A female soldier with long dark hair brought in food for us. She set a big pot full of stewed meat in the middle of the floor and everyone around me started reaching for it and eating with their hands. Then someone shouted and pointed to the other bus. The soldier just pointed to the pot of food but no one stopped eating. I freaked out and started yelling “cannibals! cannibals” but it seemed like no one else could hear me. People just kept eating and taking pictures of their food. Everyone was still smiling, like they were zombies or something.

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Glass and needles in the mouth Hi, I have been having this dream of having sharp glass in my tongue, looks more like needles but I know it’s glass. I pull them out of my tongue in the dream and more are stuck in my mouth. It’s like a very uncomfortable feeling in my mouth in the dream. Only this time I was in a hotel with my husband and kids and broken glass was everywhere. I kept trying to pick it up but my kids got a bit on their feet ... I was trying to take them out of their feet but too many lying around until my husband left with the kids. And there I was with glass in my mouth pulling it out. I can feel as I’m pulling the glass out the holes they would leave in my tongue as I pull the sharp glass out of my mouth. It’s been a couple of times that I’ve had this dream... Glass or needles in my mouth...

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Being cursed by a witch My first dream as a child I can remember was of a witch tickling me. She wasn't a costume witch but she did have long nails and long blonde curly hair. She wouldn't stop and I hated it. I was a baby in a crib in this dream. As an adult I believe I have had a curse put on me possibly from her. I've been told by 2 pyschics I have had a dark curse over me most of my life and that was after I felt like that myself. What do you think that dream meant and does it have anything to do with me possibly being cursed?

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Picking needles off the ground with the boss I haven’t seen my sister in years, but I know that she is out there, somewhere, living on the streets and using drugs. We last heard from her five months ago when she had just left a treatment program. A few days ago I had this dream that I was out on the streets picking up needles with my boss. I work as a receptionist at a car dealership and it was so weird to see my boss, who is usually dressed in a suit, out at night on the streets. We were wandering through back alleys looking for used needles. He was wearing army shorts and a t-shirt that said “peace” - I don’t know why that detail stuck out in my mind. We were all alone in the dark and kept going from dumpster to dumpster. He kept searching for something but I didn’t know what he was looking for so I just kept following him around, carrying a picnic basket that we put the needles into. At some point we were outside of my old elementary school, looking in the playground. I climbed to the top of the slide and my boss was waiting at the bottom, with his arms out to catch me. There were other little kids playing in the park even though it was nighttime. They looked like they were playing tag or something but my boss chased them away. This one kid was slower than the others and he kept looking back at me while he was running but then he was gone. My boss started digging in the sand looking for needles but kept pulling up handfuls of little white pills. He kept scooping the pills into my hands until they were overflowing and spilling back onto the ground. I stood there frozen while the pile of pills grew…. but then I woke up. I want to know what this dream means. I am really worried about my sister and keep hearing about the opioid crisis and I just want to know if she’s safe.

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