Dreams involving visions of death, including your own death, or seeing one of your relatives or friends dead, can essentially be dreams that carry a lot of images brought in from real life and combined in twisted patterns influenced by various events in your life that create  these chimerical images. The dreams can also represent prophetic occurrences that lead to canceling ongoing or planned activities because people are afraid that the visions that came up in their dreams may be projected into their real lives and bring undesirable or unfavorable events. Many of the death-related dreams have symbols from the past ( graves, funerals, church attendance or horror movies) that can be quite obvious and recognizable to people, so that they can infer that something bad or ominous is about to happen. In other cases, the images derived from the dreams are not that clear or recognizable; these could be an intricate combination of visions from the past intertwined with current events or recurring actions accompanying your everyday life. Without a doubt, dreams containing death symbols have profound affect and predispose people to think of the worst that could ever happen, but these images can also have a positive interpretation that can really lighten up your existence.
Try to isolate specific symbols when you are experiencing a death-related event in your dream. For example, by witnessing your own death in your dream, try to notice the circumstances or events that accompany the dream. It could be things like a car accident, being murdered by someone or discovering that the death has occurred and you stumbled upon it. In order to identify the key word for this dream interpretation, you extract the most relevant and overarching toward or a combination of words to use in our search engine entry field. Since there are so many things related to physical death, try to summarize what you have dreamt  about in 2-3 words, which would give you the best representation of symbolism and visions encountered in a dream.
It is also important to know that some definitions could be easily transformed into others search keywords, for example death as a result of a car accident could be entered into the search engine field as a "car accident", which would, in turn, bring up a somewhat different description for the  interpretation you are looking for. Death symbols can also be quite confusing because the dream itself can be a nightmare at times which leads to gaps and misinterpreted sequences of events contained in a specific dream. Try to concentrate on the common theme of your dream, as opposed to trying to connect the dots or isolate single/interconnected meanings you later want to interpret using our database.



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