Visions of a river in dreams commonly represent the course and direction of life and current situations and events accompanying the individual who happened to experience them in wake life. Features and physical characteristics of the river water such as the way the river is flowing (fast or slow), abundance or shortage of water, waves, debris floating on river surface and other attributes noticed in the dream are closely associated with behavioral traits and habits of the individual having this dream. Natural environment and landscape surrounding the river are indications of circumstances and conditions present in personal life, types of social interactions the dreamer may be trying to build or establish. For instance, lush and abundant vegetation on the river banks in the dream can be interpreted as worry-free and happy existence, whereas a dark and rocky terrain or sharp and dark slopes surrounding the river can be an indication of possible social issues or uncertainties the dreamer is facing. The most common examples of dreams involving river symbols and possible interpretation of their meanings based on situational aspects are described below.

Clear slow-moving majestic river waters flowing toward the sea can be associated with self-confidence and ability to control and direct the course of our life, having a well-developed and established philosophy, a solid approach to deal with life complications supported by strong values and beliefs. These kinds of dreams should reassure and inspire the dreamer to move forward and not to take for granted what has been achieved to this point, to perfect and further improve emotional and spiritual values he or she possesses. Some dream interpretation sources refer to this dream vision as an obsession with female genitalia, which could manifest itself by such behavioral traits or psychological fixations as over-dependence on the mother figure within close family or outside of it, chaotic or meaningless sex life or a tendency to dominate over males, either physically or psychologically.

Navigating river waters can be interpreted depending on specific images and circumstances contained in the dream. Scenes of traveling downstream with river current is usually a sign of inability to cope with tasks and obligations required to achieve certain goals in life. Moving forward and being successful means overcoming difficulties and complications, but some of us are challenged by these obstacles and may be contemplating approaching them in a different, less painful way, without too much resistance or applied efforts. Uncertainties and doubts about where life is heading can be a direct result of fears and insecurities, which are reflected in these dreams on a subconscious level. Swimming or boating upstream may symbolize that everything we try to accomplish in life requires a lot of hard work on our part or relying on support and help from others. This dream can also contain a hidden message telling us that no matter what we try to achieve is always accompanied by resistance and counteraction coming from other people. These could be our competitors, rivals or even enemies who stand in the way of achieving certain things in life.

Crossing a river in a dream, especially if it feels like an arduous task, can be a reflection of trying to avoid or prevent an undesirable situation or ordeal and, depending on specific things experienced in the dream, can be a representation of guilt, remorse, fear or other emotional aspects deeply rooted in the subconsciousness. Often enough, these visions can be an indication of curiosity or a great deal of interest the dreamer exhibits as a reaction to recent events or something exciting or strange he or she has been exposed to.

Analyzing and interpreting dreams about a river can be somewhat complicated and challenging because of the dynamic and quickly changing environment with a lot of elements and little details which are frequently mixed and intertwined. Isolating specific aspects of the dream and recalling the most vivid contents of this dreaming experience may become very helpful in piecing together dreams about a river.



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