Before you stuff yourself silly with Christmas treats, wrap those presents for your peers and get tipsy on holiday cheer, you might want to take a minute to analyze your dreams. With all the leftover work yet to be done and your social calendar filling up, have you noticed your dreams getting just as busy? Well, there’s a reason for that. The hustle and bustle of the holiday season can activate the subconscious to give you little reminders here and there. Some are friendly advice, others are forewarnings and occasionally an ominous sign. Here are a few common dream symbols that usually pop up during the Yuletide season. Perhaps you can learn a thing or two to make your Christmas merrier.

The Traditionalist

Are you the type who devotedly follows Christmas routines and traditions? Do you get excited about putting up the Christmas tree and getting the family together for Christmas Eve dinner? Then you probably should change it up this year. Invite new faces on Christmas Eve or let someone else host the family dinner. Keeping traditions while introducing new variables gives you something to look forward to. Who knows, you might learn new things and meet interesting people to enrich your life. Here is a few subconscious signals from your dreams you can explore: MYTHOLOGICAL PEOPLE, LOUNGING SHOES, BEARS

The Social Butterfly

You may have already booked this month’s calendar to the brim. Hey, that’s what happens when you’re the life of the party. After all, you get your energy from socializing. Lucky for you, there would be no shortage in parties and events you can attend. Instead of buying extravagant gifts like expensive wine for your wealthy peers, a wise move would be to buy personalized tokens or thoughtful yet affordable items. A hand-poured soy candle with their favorite scent or a fun pair of warm socks could be good. I mean, you can never have enough socks, right? The point is, find simple, practical things for them to let them know you’re paying attention. If they call you out for being cheap, then you know they’re not in it for the friendship. Don’t you want only quality relationships to keep for the next year? Some subconscious symbols to watch out for in your dreams could be: GREEN SNAKE, SHORT CLOTHES, THIN COW, DRINKING OCEAN WATER

The Loner

For you, Christmas and New Year are better spent alone. If you’d rather celebrate by your lonesome self with some wine, Ipad and good food, then so be it. You are, after all, more suited to small, intimate gatherings rather than huge and loud crowds which are typical during the eve of Christmas and New Year’s. Alone time during the actual holiday would actually be good for you. So, when Christmas day comes and everyone’s settled, you can personally visit your loved ones with food and presents. You may want to pay attention to these signals from your subconsciousness: ROAD IN THE FOREST, LIGHTING A CANDLE, TAKING AN EXAM

The Consumerist

Do you live for holiday sales and Christmas shopping? Well, there’s plenty of markdown madness this time of year. You may be tempted to go all out with gifts for your friends and family, but consider buying eco-conscious and environmentally friendly products instead. Got someone who just won’t leave you alone? Nagging and bugging you with incessant chatter? A new mobile phone or gadget can solve your problem. It’s the ultimate gift of distraction. Sure, it might cost a pretty penny, but you’ll get priceless peace and quiet in return. Don’t you just love the sound of silence? Watch out for these subconscious symbols in your dreams: MALL, CREDIT CARD, BURNING YOUR CLOTHES

The Newcomer

Maybe you recently moved to a new neighborhood, or even immigrated to a new country. You’re still adjusting and adapting to a new environment. This festive season is bound to make you feel lonely and homesick. Luckily, this is the perfect occasion to get to know your neighbors, classmates or new colleagues. For Kris Kringle, give a token from your birthplace or cook traditional dishes from home for dinner. It’s a great way to break the ice and share stories about your hometown or country. These subconscious dream symbols may have already told you that before we did: STARS, CRYPT, SHIP, CHANGING BED (FOR MEN)

The Devotee

If Christmas is less about Santa Claus and more about the birth of Jesus Christ, then you’re more likely focused on a solemn celebration. Just don’t forget to have fun. Show everyone that you are not so serious all the time. Here’s a tip: Get everyone drunk on good wine, the conversation’s better that way! Look out for these subconscious signals from the dream world: YELLOW CLOTHES, JESUS, A DOOR IN THE GROUND, A MOUNTAIN MOVING

The Connoisseur

Your friends and family probably find it difficult to give you the perfect gift because of your excellent taste. You work hard and you like to enjoy the finer things in life, you don’t need to apologize for it. On the other hand, you always find a classy gift for everyone. This year, turn the tables around. Give kitschy gifts for a few good laughs. Show your humorous side so everyone can relax, including yourself! Here are dream symbols to watch out for: BAMBOO PLANTS, BUYING BUTTER OR CHICKEN, CLEANING YOUR EARS

The Workaholic

Do you find yourself staying late at the office the day before a holiday? Are you constantly checking your phone for emails even while on vacation? Well, you are a certified workaholic. To keep yourself from getting dragged back to work in the middle of a holiday gathering, give your boss and your colleagues stress balls. They will need it after all the emails and calls you ignore while you are on vacation. These subconscious signals are probably already telling you what to expect: COVERED BY TATTOOS, TIGER, OCTOPUS ATTACK, LOADING SAND, HAIRY FINGERS

The Nihilist

You think all the merry-making, the traditions and the feast are pointless. If you’re going to get stressed out about buying gifts, you might as well share the stress. Give gift cards from their least favorite store! Instead of Sephora, choose gift certificates from Home Depot for your makeup obsessed friend. Maybe a hamper of raw ingredients for a friend who hates to cook? They can’t always get what they want, but you can give them what they need. Here are some dream symbols you may have already seen if this is the case: DRINKING AT A BAR, EMPTY SWIMMING POOL, FEMALE RELATIVES



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