Everyone struggles to fall asleep at times, especially during stressful periods or after a long flight. And while trouble falling asleep is normal, you may be hesitant to take sleep medications or sleeping pills for fear of harmful side effects. Fortunately, there are many herbal supplements and all-natural capsules you can buy online that not only claim to help you doze off, but they can also improve sleep quality. No more waking up in the middle of the night.

While some people swear by these herbal supplements as miracle pills and that “it works”, there are several caveats before trying them out for yourself. These are the pros and cons of herbal sleep supplements available on Amazon.com.


Sleep faster and better

“It puts me to sleep” or “helps me fall asleep” are common reviews of herbal sleep supplements. These sleep aids supposedly help you fall asleep faster, usually within 30 minutes, and you also get better quality of sleep. For some, it could mean deep, dreamless sleep. For others, they could experience vivid dreams as they slumber deeply.

No habit-forming effect

Since supplements are usually milder than sleep medications or sleeping pills, they are generally not addictive. This is an important aspect for people who do not want to develop dependency with medication. Maybe you are just feeling jet lagged or you pulled one too many all-nighters so your sleep cycle has been disrupted. This can be a short-term solution to ease you back to your usual sleep schedule.

No harmful side effects

Another reason for the popularity of herbal supplements for better sleep is the lack of serious side effects. Since it is made of herbs or natural ingredients, there are usually less adverse reactions. It is also a safer alternative for people taking other medications. If you find it hard staying asleep every night and you are worried about possible drug interactions, then this option could be worth exploring.

No withdrawal effects

Since supplements are generally not habit-forming or not addictive, it means you will not suffer from withdrawal if you stop taking them. You can get the best night sleep, restore your sleep cycle, and stop cold turkey without worrying about how your body will react.

Reduces anxiety and stress

Aside from releasing the sleep hormone melatonin, aka the “sleep fairy,” some herbal supplements are also marketed as stress and anxiety relievers. An essential part of sleeping is to be in a relaxed state and these supplements help you get to that point.


You can become dependent on supplements

Though herbal supplements are not addictive, psychological dependency is possible. Your mind may connect sleeping with taking the capsules. Even if it’s just a placebo effect, if you start associating a good night’s rest with taking these supplements, you will keep taking them.

Risk of getting unsafe dosage or harmful ingredients

Supplements are not FDA regulated, so there is a risk of getting unsafe products, especially if you buy them yourself online without consulting a doctor. If you do decide to order herbal supplements for better sleep, choose a trusted manufacturer and purchase from legitimate sellers.

You can still experience undesirable outcomes

Just because someone said that a product “works well for me,” it does not mean that you will have the same experience. Some people report nausea and dizziness. Experts also advise at-risk people, like those with liver issues or pregnant, to consult a physician before taking any supplements.

Daytime drowsiness is also possible, especially if you take more than the recommended dosage. You can feel groggy in the morning or the next day. Maybe instead of feeling energized, you will want to go back to sleep. Typically, when you take these capsules, you need to avoid driving or doing anything risky like operating machinery.

Other negative considerations mentioned in reviews include very large capsules, bad flavor, etc. What they highly recommend are those products on Amazon that are easy to swallow, provide value for money, and at par with their favorite sleep aid.

Sleep is an important process in keeping our mind and body healthy. Often, the inability to sleep is linked to unresolved issues, repressed emotions, and recurring problems. This can also manifest in nightmares and dreams which can jerk us awake. In these cases, a bit of introspection may help address the root of the problem. As always, it is recommended to consult your physician if you have tried many sleep medications and you want to take these types of natural supplements.



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