It is not uncommon to dream about long-lost friends, former classmates, old flames and people who were once associated with you at some point in your life. Often you dream of them acting in a provocative manner, seducing you or luring you to worldly pleasures, sexual or otherwise. They may even appear as images and visions suggestive of sex, sensuality and arousal. You might wonder why they are still very much a part of your life, if only in your world of “wet dreams”.

But like the inner workings of a computer, your mind stores a lot of your memories in the subconscious. Sure, you have systematically deleted events, phases and people from your past, especially those you had tried to forget or wished you had not experienced or encountered, but most of these memories are still with you. People who figured prominently in your formative and “coming of age” years may no longer be part of your present, but memories about them could remain with you for as long as you live. You may tend to forget them for the most part of your waking state as you negotiate through the chaos and din of your own daily existence, but they are buried in your subconscious and will manifest in your dreams every now and then.

Dreams which connote seduction, sensuality, arousal and sex involving people from your past could elicit divergent reactions, depending upon your present mental state or set of beliefs. Reactions may range from one of arousal, heightened feelings of excitement or spontaneous and unaided ejaculation, to feelings of guilt and shame as a result of harboring “dirty thoughts” and surreptitiously exploring what your religious upbringing may consider taboo. Unlike real-life experiences, however, dreams of this nature are often just that – symbolic images which may or may not reflect real-life situations. They may even symbolize something entirely different.

Dreams containing images which evoke sensuality, say an image of lingerie, can have symbolic meanings of their own. Lingerie in a dream generally connotes enticement or seduction, which could have a sexual connotation, or may be merely symbolic of an interesting aspect of your life which attracts people to you. To dream of your former flame wearing lingerie and posing in a classic act of seduction symbolizes her deep admiration for you for possessing an extraordinary skill or talent. She most probably regarded you as a “hot property” in the past when you demonstrated a rare skill or talent which left her dumbfounded, and presumably more enamored by you. This dream vision could also serve as a reminder for you to make the most out of this skill or talent and to not let it go to waste.

Certain parts of the body evoke innate sensuality. The sight of lips, for instance, is enough to make some people salivate in lust. When viewed in a dream, lips in general are symbolic images of a woman’s vagina. They can also signify a kiss, since kissing requires the use of our lips. A kiss itself, when seen in a dream, is a sign of love and affection, or a show of tenderness. On the other hand, a dream about a past romantic partner using his or her full lips to kiss someone other than you symbolizes his or her selfishness and “what I want, I get” attitude. Since the dream indicates that you are no longer together, your former lover’s condescending attitude in real life could have been the reason for your eventual break-up. In relation to your present life, this dream vision may have to do with someone you are currently dating. It may serve as a warning that this person could have traits akin to your former partner’s, and you could go through a similar heart-breaking experience if you fail to exercise prudence and due diligence.

Recurring dreams about an old friend or a former classmate being attracted to you indicates that someone in your present life may be “attracted” to your ideas, opinions, ideologies, religious beliefs, or political leanings. Although this person may have ignored you at first, he or she would regard you with respect and try to adopt your lifestyle or follow in your footsteps. On the other hand, a dream about an old friend taking the form of an alien and expressing a desire to have sex with you indicates a strange sexual encounter you may soon experience for the first time in your life, such as participating in a homosexual activity or performing an unconventional sex act which you have never tried before. Otherwise, it could be a symbol of your homosexual tendencies. Dreams about an old friend seducing you symbolize an unfinished business between you and the old friend. Recurring visions of the seduction could mean you need to address these unsolved problems together with your old friend, or else these visions will keep haunting you in your dreams. Moreover, this dream vision could also symbolize your old friend’s current success, and could be inviting you to take the same path or field of interest in order to become as successful as your old friend. There are dreams in which you may see old classmates waving you in their general direction. These visions indicate that you may need to physically reunite with them so you can gain insight into how you can handle your current romantic relationship. Since the vision of former classmates conjures up group study sessions and group learning activities, some things you learned in the past in the company of your old classmates may be applicable to your current life. Have you had a dream of a similar nature lately? Have you dreamed of sexually-suggestive images or people from your past who were trying to entice you and allow you access to some truths about yourself which may have been kept from you by circumstances in your own life as an instinctive defense mechanism? You need to look for clues in your dream which you believe may stand as the central theme and would make up your keywords in searching online. These clues would come in the form of individual symbolic images or contextual dream visions which would serve as keys to unlocking your life’s proverbial hidden gems.



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