Dreams Related To smoke

White smoke

Dreams containing the symbol of white, billowing clouds of smoke, especially if those clouds surround and rise around you, reflect a personal tendency to daydream about goals or lifestyles that are currently far from your reach. This could be related to a celebrity lifestyle or a desire to live outside your current means. White, puffy smoke clouds can also indicate someone trying to distance themselves from you. This could be because of some bad blood between the two of you or the result of a physical change in location which hampers your ability to see each other often. White billowing clouds of smoke, when seen in a dream vision, can also be the manifestation of concern or fear over a certain event or project you are working on. This is similar to how seeing smoke or hearing a smoke alarm in real life can cause anxiety even when there is no direct evidence of fire. In this case, whatever you are feeling threatened by or worried about is most likely a figment of your imagination caused by an overactive imagination or a tendency to make a mountain out of a molehill.

Your house filled with smoke

Despite seeming like an ill omen due to its associations in wake life, dreaming about being inside a house that is completely filled with thick smoke, especially your own residence, is indicative of good luck and fortunate circumstances for new projects and endeavors. Smoke which makes it difficult to move about or find your way out suggests a lucky break or occurrence which is destined to make whatever you are working on successful.

Surrounded by smoke

Dreaming about being surrounded or obscured by smoke, either an ominous haze or as the result of a fire, is often interpreted as a sign of hesitation and second-guessing yourself, habits that could prevent you from making progress on important projects or endeavors. Entertaining thoughts of self-doubt could deter you from putting a plan of action into effect, which otherwise could become successful. The main point is that not acting is just as bad if not worse than doing nothing at all. Additionally, smoky environments in dreams could indicate achieving your five minutes of fame from a successful venture but then being tricked out of your profits due to paying too much attention to the spotlight.

Smoke flowing upward

I saw in my dream pipe-like smoke flowing straight upward, I'm a female, what does it mean?

Watching as smoke floats upward into the sky is a highly auspicious symbol to perceive while dreaming. It usually means you would achieve great success in something important to you, particularly things regarding money or profits. An example of this would be making a great investment in the stock market or finding a rare, beautiful piece of vintage clothing for a fraction of the cost. You could either resell these assets immediately to make a buck or hold onto them and watch their value continue to grow with time.

Befuddled by smoke

Being surrounded by smoke in a dream vision and being confused, befuddled, or disoriented as a result, is often seen as an ominous sign predicting becoming involved with dangerous people who seek to deceive or swindle you. It is possible that such a person already has you under their control without your knowledge, and you may be falling into their trap at this very moment. Becoming aware of the person and the problem is only the first step in resolving this issue, and it may take a lot of time and effort to rid yourself of this person's influence completely.

Light and transparent smoke

Dreams that include the symbol of a thin, light trail of smoke that you can see all the way through rising from somewhere indicates you may be fooling yourself into thinking everything is ok. This means you are probably ignoring the warning signs of some terrible event that is about to come. Ignoring the situation and failing to be adequately prepared may even worsen your position further after all is said and done.

Disappearing smoke

Having a dream of smoke that rises and disappears before your very eyes suggests you may be stuck in the middle of a challenging problem or difficult situation with no solution or conclusion in sight. However, just as the smoke quickly becomes invisible, so does this symbol indicate that the answer to your problems is much simpler than you think. It may even be right under your nose.

Billowing smoke

Dreaming about smoke which billows and spreads as it rises into the sky represents a possible investment opportunity which may be beneficial to you in the future. More specifically, seeing this sign in a vision suggests you may have to spend a lot of money on this investment now in order to be more comfortable and financially stable in the future. The present decrease in assets may hurt you for a bit, but it is likely to pay off in months and years to come.

Acrid smoke

Dreams involving acrid smoke, whether it is the main focus of the dream or a sub-plot, are usually associated with ecological disaster and other ruinous effects on the local environment. In addition to predicting natural disasters, acrid smoke in a dream also portends declining health, either suddenly or over a short period of time. If you see yourself breathing in this air or are forced by someone else to do so, it could be a sign that your children are about to become disobedient or that they have a lack of respect for authority figures. This could cause some embarrassment or disappointment for you, especially if someone else has to bring it to your attention.

Smoke with sparks

Dreams centered around black smoke with sparks inside, whether it billows in a huge cloud or leaves a thin trail as it travels upward, are often considered premonitions of terrible consequences or results, usually brought about by your own actions. The behavior you engage in is very likely to play a part in your downfall as is predicted by this sign. In this case, you are likely the only one to suffer and have no one to blame but yourself.

Black smoke

Dreams concerning thick, black smoke is often an indicator of smoking in wake life. This means that either you smoke a lot or that you are near someone who does, meaning that you are a victim of secondhand smoke. If you are a smoker, this vision suggests you should try to quit, either by using nicotine patches or some other available form of treatment. For those who do not smoke, this vision may be a warning to take further measures in protecting yourself from the dangers of accidental inhalation.

Blackened by smoke

Dreaming about smoke that surrounds and engulfs you, causing your skin and clothes to become blackened, is an ill omen associated with the loss of money or material possessions. Seeing your face darkened by the soot of a smoke cloud portends making bad financial decisions, such as investing in an unprofitable venture or buying something without considering your current financial responsibilities. Your irresponsibility may not only cause black marks on your record, but may also result in a vist from the repo man.

Smoke on the street

Seeing large amounts of thick, dark smoke when looking out of a window, particularly when seeing a street or other populated area, could be interpreted as a sign of experiencing disappointment and misfortune in the near future. This may be related to business endeavors, such as a deal gone wrong or the loss of professional standing, or it may be connected to personal affairs, such as a disaster inside the home or an investment that did not turn out right.

Finding your way through smoke

Having a dream where you stumble about as you try to find your way through the haze of thick, dark smoke indicates the beginning of a chain of events which are intricately connected to your personal affairs, such as friendships or future goals, or your relationships, particularly romantic ones. You may not immediately recognize the starting point at this time, but upon looking back, the path should stand out clearly.

Smoke rings

Seeing smoke in the shape of rings in a dream vision symbolically represents the presence of a dishonest person in your life who is playing games with you, coercing you into doing things which benefit them but only hurt you. However, despite knowledge of this person’s intentions and designs, you are unlikely to be able to break free from their influence until they have gotten everything they want from you.

Smoke moving in a certain direction

Envisioning a tower of smoke that floats endlessly up into the sky in a dream vision is a positive sign associated with great success and profitability in your endeavors. This could mean making sound decisions with your money which leads to profits or doing better than expected on a new course of action. However, the opposite is true if the smoke was traveling down, blanketing the earth with a layer of soot and ash. This means you are unlikely to succeed in any project despite your best efforts.

A smoke from a bonfire

Watching or observing rising smoke from a bonfire, whether it is on a beach or in a campground, indicates you may not be paying attention to things going on outside your narrow field of vision. This could be related to new developments in the relationships between those around you or opportunities which could pass you by if you do not recognize and take advantage of them. Additionally, smoke from a bonfire is also associated with receiving positive, joy-inspiring news about a matter that is close to your heart. This information is likely to take a load off your chest and lift your spirits high.

Exhaling cigarette smoke

Envisioning yourself smoking and watching as large puffs of cigarette smoke are exhaled from your mouth suggests you are the type of person who takes on challenging tasks, both for yourself and the sake of others, without fully thinking the situation through. This tends to result in unexpected consequences for both you and the other party, if there is one. Also, exhaling smoke is often symbolic of finding common ground or a mutually beneficial solution with someone concerning a current project or proposition.

Thick smoke

Having a dream about being inside a cloud of dense, choking smoke, especially if you have difficulty breathing or if your eyes water profusely, usually portends volcanic activity nearby. You may witness the eruption of a volcano or experience aftereffects, such as ash in the air or earthquakes. The terrible catastrophe could directly and negatively impact your family and livelihood as well as the neighboring area.

White smoke emerging at a casino

I was in a casino and happened to see an old friend of mine, I went to go and sit and white smoke started coming through the carpet flooring. I told my girlfriend, we have to go I think there's a fire. She wouldn't listen to me. I started running with everyone else right into white smoke surrounding us with nowhere to go. I woke up terrified. I thought I was dying when I woke up.

White smoke often points toward a tendency to daydream, especially about goals or lifestyles that are outside of your current reach. The reason for their apparent lack of attainability may have to do with the fact that you spend more time daydreaming than working toward that goal. Sensing there is a fire nearby without seeing any flames further supports this possibility, indicating that your lack of attention and focused work may also cause a build-up of problems. The result of your own efforts (or lack of thereof) is likely to result in a number of headaches and difficulties for you and those around you.

Smoke with fire

Dreaming of smoke that is accompanied by fire is indicative of a water crisis in your surrounding area. Specifically, this could refer to drought and low water levels, leading to a number of difficult and dangerous situations. For example, lack of water could result in wildfires which could damage homes or lead to the destruction of crops. The impact of this ecological situation may have widespread negative effects on the overall well-being and economic stability of the area. Additionally, fire and smoke are also associated with invitations to social gatherings or galas where you can network and enjoy the company of numerous entertaining people.

Interpretation of dreams about white or black smoke

Smoke rising from a factory

Envisioning smoke rising from the smokestacks of a large factory or plant is a highly positive sign associated with the miraculous resolution of problems. More specifically, this sign indicates the troubles that have plagued you for some time completely disappearing with little or no action required from you. After they have been resolved, you can focus on other tasks you have been putting off for some time.

Smoke blanketing the ground

Dreaming about a thick, deep smoke which covers the ground and obscures the features of the land you stand on is often interpreted as a sign of being surprised when away from home. Just as the smoke of this vision prevents seeing what you are stepping on or in, so does it predict unexpected occurrences during the course of your travels, such as delays, changes in plans, or a chance meeting you did not expect to take place.

A blue smoke trickling

Dreaming about smoke that is blue in color, whether it floats upward or covers the ground, is often interpreted as a sign of progress or development in romantic endeavors. This is likely between you and a certain someone you have had your eye on for awhile. Blue smoke can also be used to predict involvement in a secret romantic affair that is hidden from either your acquaintances, the other party’s acquaintances, or both. The secret of your relationship, however, is not likely to remain concealed for long.

Sensing the smell of smoke

Becoming aware of the presence of smoke or sensing it without immediate physical proof suggests you may find yourself in a state of shock or confusion in the near future. This is likely related to a goal or project you are currently working on, pointing toward an outside cause for your disorientation or fright. Whatever person or event throws you off kilter, this interference may also contribute to delays or issues with your progress, though these problems are unlikely to be serious and, once overcome, can be turned around to your advantage.

Becoming unconscious in smoke

Dreaming about losing consciousness due to being surrounded by a large amount of smoke predicts having difficulty or being completely unable to solve upcoming problems in your wake life. Because you cannot tackle these challenges on your own, you may need to seek counsel or assistance elsewhere to fix what has gone wrong.

Smoke affecting your organs

Dreaming about being in dense smoke which causes your eyes to water or makes it painful to breathe is often interpreted as a negative sign associated with experiencing a fire in your waking life soon. This could occur at a residence near your own or there could be an accident at your place of work. In either case, the fire is likely to cause a lot of damage and may negatively impact the lives of those who live and work nearby.

Smoke on a train

Dream visions involving moving trains which leave behind a trail of thick smoke is a sign of an upcoming accident involving the trains or railroads in your immediate area. This could involve the train itself, such as a derailment or explosive cargo, or an accident on the tracks, like a car stalled in the path of an oncoming locomotive. While smoke from a train usually predicts an accident involving a literal train, this sign can also serve as a warning for traveling or vacationing in general. This may mean a serious accident en route to your destination or a series of messups, such as lost reservations or a sudden case of food poisoning, which turn your trip into a nightmare.

Smoke rising from a chimney

Envisioning smoke lazily rising from the chimney of your home is often interpreted as a positive sign associated with happiness and comfort, especially in regards to your family. This symbol indicates a pleasing, balanced atmosphere within the home, making living together very enjoyable for all members of the household. If problems have plagued your family in the past, this could also be a sign of experiencing improvement in the quality of the relationships between family members.

White smoke from a chimney

White smoke which rises from the chimney of a house in the context of a dream is often interpreted as a sign of dreams coming true. This means that whatever goal you are currently working towards or project you are working on is likely to be successful in the near future, bringing you happiness and a sense of completion.

Body turning into a black smoke

Looking at my own reflection in my bathroom. While I was looking at myself, the left half of my body started turning and turned into black smoke. It was terrifying. When I woke myself, I repeated a name several times, I was too tired to write it and remember thinking I could remember it (like it was a name in my day-to-day life).

Sometimes, staring into your reflection in a dream hints at your tendency to take yourself too seriously. This vision of looking at your image in the bathroom mirror can mean you often take what others say personally or are easily offended when others criticize or question your behavior. Hence, the black smoke alludes to your lack of self-awareness, meaning that you are having troubles being objective about certain situations, especially when they concern you. The name may be yours, you are invoking it in the dream in an effort to get to the root of your personal issues.

A plane and a house surrounded by smoke

I'm on top of a high mountain in my best friends' new mostly glass home. Beautiful place. The sky is dark, black like it's going to storm badly. It doesn't. There is a ring of heavy black smoke settled on around the home and a plane keeps flying by to dust it up. Under the doors and inside the home. As the plane passes, smoke settles back down towards the ground. While the plane circles back around for another pass.

Dreaming about being on top of a mountain symbolically represents your upcoming successes. You would be fortunate enough to achieve power and fame due to your hard work and fastidious attitude. However, the fact that you see yourself in a glass house could be indicative of your actions being observed by a few individuals who are jealous of your good fortune. This is further reinforced by the image of a plane drudging up dark smoke and dust, meaning certain people may try to blemish your reputation. The best way to deal with this situation would be to keep working hard and enjoying the fruits of your labor while also watching out for those who stand watching in the shadows.

Frightened by smoke others cannot see

I woke up and the entire upstairs of my apartment was filled with smoke. I got up and ran downstairs yelling for my family to wake up. When I got into the living room, that was filled with smoke also. I thought something was on fire. When my family ran downstairs, they said that they never saw any smoke. I know what I saw and it was terrifying. It wasn't a dream because I was awake. Was it sleepwalking? I don't know. Can you help?

It is possible that you experienced a lucid dream, in which you become aware of your surroundings whilst still being in the dream world. It is also likely that symbols from your dream became integrated into the waking world just as you were waking up, in a state in between sleeping and waking. Despite the terrifying nature of the dream, the smoke you saw inside the apartment in this state is indicative of good luck and fortunate circumstances for new projects and endeavors. Smoke which makes it difficult to move about or find your way out suggests a lucky break or occurrence which is destined to make whatever you are working on successful.

Unfamiliar words and cigarette smoke

I recently had a dream about "pekewi desoye" and smelled cigarette smoke. I have never seen these words before and I am confused. This is the fist time I have dreamed of words and I can't get it out of my head. No one in the house smokes.

Cigarettes, in general, tend to be negative signs associated with a false sense of security. In your case, the smell of cigarette smoke in non-smoking atmosphere probably points to your destructive relationship with someone in the waking world. While this individual may seem cool and interesting, the reality is that he or she may have a negative influence on you, whether it is by putting you at risk or tempting you to take on unhealthy habits. As for "pekewi desoye," either it is an anagram for something significant, or it hints at the identity of the person you should watch out for. Alternatively, it could be a name which sounds similar to those nonsensical words.

White smoke without fire

If you see white smoke in the dreamscape but without a source of flame or fire, then it might point to your desire to escape the real world through works of fiction. Whenever you feel like things are getting worse in the world, politically or in your own personal circle, something in you finds comfort in fantasy books or movies which provide a hopeful narrative or neatly tied endings. This could also be a warning that your goals in life are too lofty and you need a lot of help to get where you want to be. If you do not let pride get in your way, you will find people willing to help you achieve your goals.

Smelling smoke

Smelling smoke in the dream realm is a symbol of several things like feelings of anxiety or fear, transformation and change, spiritual purification, and growing ability to sense danger. It is also associated with feeling overwhelmed or becoming unable to control some real life situations. In essence, it is a reminder for the dreamer to stop worrying about the things they can't control and focus on the ongoing.