Dreams Related To plants

Meaning of dream of seeing green plants or leaves

A green plant

Dreaming about seeing or taking care of a green plant is a positive sign. It is possible that you will become deeply engrossed and excited with a project or plan. Such personal dedication would make you feel fulfilled, satisfied, useful and rewarded. You would feel that you were an important part of the world.

Growing plants

Dreaming about growing plants is a favorable sign. You might be starting a serious relationship or getting married to someone. This would be an auspicious relationship, filled with pleasant, joyful or satisfactory moments and lasting memories.

Plants in pots

Dreaming about observing plants growing in pots could translate your domestic nature. It is possible that you are a household-oriented person. You enjoy managing your domestic affairs or taking care of household chores. You would rather stay at home than go outside. Consequently, you could be limiting the variety of your possibilities and experiences. Alternatively, you would just be strengthening your inner structure and fine-tuning your personal issues. Thereafter, you might start exposing yourself to outside influences knowing that you have a safe and comfortable refuge to return to.

Dried plants

Seeing dried plants in a dream could symbolize illness. Someone with whom you have a very close relationship might become sick. Seldom do dried plants recover. This means that the condition might seriously endanger their health. That person should be immediately taken care of so that their recovery becomes possible.

Watering plants

Dreaming about watering plants could reveal the quality of your upbringing. It is possible that during your childhood you were raised in a respectful, caring and nurturing environment. The dream could further reflect your ability to take equally good care of fragile things in your surroundings.

Evergreen plants

Dreaming about seeing evergreen plants growing next to or around your house, for example trees or shrubs, could be symbolic of lasting values. You might have some profound insight or come across some important and transformative information. You might also complement yourself with material possessions, relationships or projects which most likely bear some long-term beneficial effects for you and your life. You would feel happy and satisfied.

Re-planting plants

Re-potting plants.

Re-potting plants means you want to break free from the things or people who are limiting your actions or worldview. You crave new experiences, so you are going to take a risk or a leap of faith in order to get the most of what this world has to offer. This also means that you need to be careful while you exercise your freedom or independence, otherwise you could just end up sabotaging your future or stunting your personal growth.

Dreams about plants flowering interpretation

Flowering plants

Dreaming about flowering plants could translate domestic well-being and harmony. It is possible that presently, or in the near future, the relationships between every one of your household members would be pleasant and balanced. You would take care of and respect each other. There would be an overall sense of happiness and satisfaction, and the thought of returning home would make you filled with joy.

Young plants

Dreaming about plants in their early stage of development could translate the beginning of a new relationship. This relationship could involve an acquaintance to whom you are not necessarily close at the moment. However, the dream suggests that the relationship is promising and has the potential to develop. You could be about to go on a date with that person and witness a casual or on-and-off relationship becoming more serious and meaningful.

Useful plants

Dreaming about seeing or handling useful plants, such as edible or aesthetically pleasing ones often is a positive sign. Although the dream could symbolize your involvement in a sensible and valuable project, it more commonly refers to your personal and close relationships. Namely, it could speak of your domestic affairs. You would feel emotionally, physically and materially comfortable inside you house and among everyone who lives there. It could also speak of the relationships you have with non-household members, the relationships which are balanced, stable, pleasant and rewarding.

Viny plants

Dreaming about seeing a viny plant could symbolize the presence of some clinging attitudes. For example, it is possible that someone with whom you have a close relationship has become overly demanding. They continuously seek you attention and help. They could also be taking advantage of you and rely heavily on what you have to offer. As a consequence, you might feel exhausted and drained emotionally, physically or materially.

Plant seeds

Dreaming about seeing or handling plant seeds is a positive sign, especially if the seeds looked healthy. This is because each seed possibly represents power and abundance of energy and stamina. For example, you might be enjoying good health, potency and exceptional physical strength.

Wilted plants

Dreaming about wilting or wilted plants usually is an unfavorable sign. Wilted plants often symbolize close relationships. Thus, this dream suggests that someone you know or knew in the past might become ill. Their infirmity could be serious and they might even pass away. You should therefore be attentive to the well-being of those around you and actively provide support and help them get better.

A money plant

I saw that I was taking care of a money plant on a rope with the help of someone and the money plant had yellow round fruit on it.

The notion that you were handling or taking care of a money plant and yet you only focused on the fruit growing on it could mean that you are in the process of rearranging your priorities. Perhaps you tend to be too focused on your career growth and financial matters, but lately you realize that the important things are something more intangible which is not quite related to the money itself. Since you had someone helping you, that could also mean you are finally starting to notice the importance of other people around you helping you move in this direction.

A plant growing out of the leg

I had a dream that there was a long plant growing out of my right leg and I was uprooting it by "plucking it out" with no pain. While I was hesitant to pull it out at first, once I did, I felt a sense of relief and calmness.

Our legs are metaphors of our ability to navigate the real world and push ourselves to achieve our goals. The same associations are true in dreams. In your case, your right leg likely represents the aspects of your personality that are highlighted whenever you are working on your dreams and aspirations. Perhaps you are at a point in your life when you are deciding what to do for the long term and plot out your course for the future. As such, the plant growing out of your right leg is associated with growth, potential and fertility. Plucking out the plant reveals your hesitations and reservations about commitment and settling down. Maybe you are still not ready to grow some roots by committing to a specific job or having a family of your own. If this is the case, then the plant may refer to the pressure you may be getting from friends and family who are urging you to think about what you want for your future, both in professional and personal terms.

A poisonous plant

Dreaming about listening to someone trying to warn you about the poisonous nature of a plant contains negative symbolism. There may be a rumor running about you. It is intended to jeopardize your plans or damage your relationships. The ill-intended and deceitful conspirers may be trying to conceal their efforts. Then, the dream could serve as a forewarning. Alternatively, you could be cautious about the way others might be interfering with some important relationship or plans you presently have.

Plants as green grass

Dreaming about green grass usually is a good sign. You might be in a state of hope, thrill and anticipation of some upcoming major life event. This could be a beneficial occurrence, change or happening. Alternatively, the dream symbolizes personal growth, deeper insight and amplified wisdom.

Medicinal plants

Dreaming about seeing or gathering medicinal plants could reveal the existence of good relationships you have with your close friends or people in your social circle. In particular, you most likely have caring, supportive and sincere people around you. You can trust them and rely and count on their support and help.

Killing a plant by touching it

I'm in an empty white room except a plant. I run over to touch it and it shrivels up and dies.

The image of an empty room in this dream means that something you have been striving and working hard for may pay off at last. However, the image of a dying plant in the same room could could take away this positive meaning. The sight of dried plants in a dream could be a symbol for illness, either your own or of someone close to you, this is because a plant considered to be "dry" does not usually recover. Since the plant actually died in your dream, you should pay attention to someone close to you who may become sick and take care of their needs.

Overgrown plants

Dreaming about trying to get through a jungle of overgrown plants often is a negative sign. The densely-grown plants could represent existing or upcoming obstacles and problems. In order to proceed and complete your plans and projects, you would have to face these obstacles and find your way through.

Plants as weeds

Dreaming about seeing or trying to get rid of weeds could represent existing adversity. You might have been experiencing some difficulties, hindrances or external resistance. These problems are most likely caused by people who dislike you, overpower you or are your most feared opponents.

Tulsi plant (basilic) and Neem tree

I saw a plant of tulsi and a tree of Neem.

Having a dream involving a tulsi plant is an indication of upcoming rapid changes in your personal life. If you already have a date or lover, this dream could mean a very romantic date or spending time together which will further strengthen and brighten up your relationship. At the same time, finding yourself standing under a Neem tree in the same dream could be an indication of your excessive timidness and being shy to express what you want from this person to make this relationship even more fulfilling.

A scene with plants and animals

I was in the backyard with my sister when she told me how beautiful her white roses had grown. The sun was shining and it was paradise-like. A red cow was eating grass and a sea lion was trying to enter the house, but my sister was trying to not let it in.

White roses represent purity, innocence and secrets. The shining sun symbolizes wealth, enlightenment and a sunny disposition. As such, it seems as if the dream is conveying a message of peace and a positive environment reigning in your reality. The red cow could be a powerful or maternal figure watching over the both of you, making sure that you do not put to waste the blessings that are bestowed upon you. Maybe the both of you are focused on your career and keeping suitors at bay, as symbolized by the sea lion. Perhaps you feel like romance would disturb your tranquil existence.

Buying a plant for mother

Buying a plant for my mother.

Plants in dreams allude to fertility, wealth, and growth. Hence, buying a plant for your mother in the dream bears a positive message. It is possible that you would soon be repaying your mother for all her efforts in raising you. Perhaps there would be a reversal of roles in which this time around you would be the one to take care of her. Alternatively, the plant could be a symbol of your own child on the way. Either way, this new element to your relationship would make you closer to each other and give you satisfaction.

Plants burnt after a plane crash

I saw burnt plants. My house was on fire due to a plane crash. Because of this fire, plants got burnt.

First of all, the plane crash suggests setbacks and failures in your future. It portends collaborative projects that are doomed to fail due to mismanagement. Consequently, the burnt plants represent dashed hopes due to disappointments and unrealized potential. However, despite the grim message, your subconscious is trying to show you a way to emerge victorious from the upcoming setbacks which is symbolized by the burning house. It is akin to phoenix rising from the ashes. All those trials would end up transforming you into a stronger, more confident version of yourself.

Deciding to grow plants

I saw raw rice in the kitchen sink and I found a paddy grain in and decided to plant it.Then I saw myself in the garden watering the soil three times and I planted a small sapling. And I saw three plants in the dream and a dry plant. Gender female.

Rice in dreams generally portends good fortune especially in terms of finances and career advancement. Whether you are just starting out in your chosen industry or you have been working for several years, planting rice means you are hard working and motivated. The state of the plants symbolizes success or failure. As such, the dry plant means you would not get everything you want. No matter how driven you are, some promotions or projects are not meant for you. However, if you keep your options open, you can find opportunities everywhere.

Late husband bringing a plant

I dreamt of my late husband entering the house carrying an evergreen plant or flower and he placed it in front of a beautiful mirror framed in gold, he placed the plant inside a flower pot or vase on top of a white table.

Seeing your deceased husband is a reminder for you to rejoin society. You have probably avoided socializing or meeting new people because you are not ready to open yourself up again after experiencing a profound loss. In fact, the evergreen plant symbolizes your strength and ability to get back up again. In addition, the gold-framed mirror represents difficulties you have to encounter in trying to open yourself up to new relationships, but it will be worth it once you find a renewed appreciation for life and all that it has to offer. You just need to believe in yourself and embrace this new chapter in your existence.

Plants dying

Plants dying in a dream often reflect neglected relationships in wake life. You may be subconsciously realizing that you have ignored a once important connection and the relationship has wilted away to nothingness. Perhaps your feelings towards this individual have changed with time, and you now realize the true value of their companionship. This symbol alone does not predict whether or not a connection can be reestablished, but you may be able to if you try hard enough.

Indoor plant

Potted indoor plants are particularly positive symbols to perceive in dreams, according to Western philosophers. It predicts a rise in good fortune that has a positive effect on all in your area of influence. Your feelings could range anywhere from pleased to overjoyed, depending on how green and lush the plants were.

Plants growing fast

Noticing that the plants around you in your dream vision are growing unusually fast is generally a positive symbol. There are two varying interpretations of this symbol, the first meaning that you are a person who has changed much in the past few weeks and months. The types of actions you have taken have been more well thought out, and your various skills and abilities have improved overall. This particular interpretation is especially true if you also noticed the vibrance of the green in the foliage. The vision of fast-growing plants also signifies growth and depth in regards to relationships. You may become more serious with a romantic partner or realize you have an intense connection with a close friend, improving your bond with this individual and allowing you both to evolve for the better.

Plants growing on you

Plants growing on or through your skin may seem a bit upsetting or unsettling, however traditional dream workers from various faiths, particularly indigenous sources, attribute this symbol to returning to nature. This means there are two possible interpretations. On one hand, this sign represents finding answers to life's questions in nature and achieving growth of self through listening to your body and the world around you. The other meaning of this symbol has more to do with the idea of a higher power and transformation of the body. Much like the Christian phrase "for dust you are, and to dust you shall return", this type of vision signifies returning to your roots or even being called back to your heavenly home after your work here in this world is done.