Dreams Related To moon

Moon falling off the sky

Witnessing the Moon falling off the sky in a dream is like the proverbial falling star which could make wishes come true. An upcoming occurrence or event would brighten up your life, bring you fortune and give you hope to keep reaching for your aspirations and goals even if some people think it might be too late.

Full moon

Dreaming about observing a full moon indicates success at its height in a business or romantic relationship. If you wholly or partly own a business, it is currently or would soon register the fastest growth it could have recorded so far. If you are currently in a relationship, the happiness you are experiencing right now is just the beginning of something even more fulfilling if you take the relationship to the next level. Young women who have had this dream might soon get the surprise of their lives in the form of a marriage proposal.

Having a threesome during crescent moon

I had a dream a girl I know from high school came over to mine and my husbands house and we had a threesome. It was cool and relaxed and fun. And when she left she got picked up by her parents. While my husband and I were outside I looked up and saw a huge crescent moon, it was so close to Earth, I kind of got a little nervous. After we went inside the balance became off. And after that there wasn't really much to the dream.

To understand this vision clearly, we should consider the symbols in order of their prominence. The second symbol, the large crescent moon, is large and close to the Earth, making it more important in this dream. It reveals that some long-awaited dream or goal would finally come to fruition. Something you have been hoping for may suddenly go your way, bringing you great happiness and satisfaction. A threesome, however, usually points toward a lack of tact or propriety in wake life. Perhaps you overshare personal information or gossip more than you should. In this case, your desire to share the good luck that has befallen you may actually hurt the individuals you chose to share it with. For example, if you and a friend were vying for the same position at work, expressing your joy could negatively affect them.

Dreams about Moon meaning and interpretation

Unnaturally large moon

Dreaming about observing an unusually large moon portends the possibility of a romantic relationship hitting a snag or of an entire household getting embroiled in a nasty feud. The root of your love-related problem may have to do with irreconcilable differences. Regarding matters at home, there may be difficulties in maintaining a lifestyle you and your family have all been used to leading because of recent setbacks in your career or business which have seriously jeopardized your earnings. For this reason, each member would be blaming the other for causing misery to the entire family, and it could go downhill from there.

Seeing two moons

Dreaming about observing two moons up in the sky portends the possibility of losing a romantic partner or spouse due to indecision and selfishness. The two moons in the dream represent two options for you to choose from. One is to spend more time with your loved one so you can both nurture the relationship. The other is to spend more time with an endeavor which you believe would provide you material wealth. This dream vision indicates that you might choose the latter in the belief that money can buy everything, including love. The fact that you would care less and less about your romantic relationship in favor of your material pursuits might be reason enough for your partner to finally decide to call it quits, unless your partner could not care less about the relationship either and is only after the money you are making or going to make.

Moon split in pieces

Dreaming about the Moon shattering into pieces like shards of glass is a forewarning of the arrival of a new religion whose tenets contradict and reject the name and existence of God you have known since time immemorial. Your reaction to your sudden awareness of such a religion would be that of shock and disgust. If your own spiritual convictions are to be believed, the fact that people are subscribing to what you would call a blasphemous and evil faith would be a sufficient reason for God to unleash His wrath by making people suffer through wars, catastrophes, calamities, famines and things of a similar nature to teach humanity a lesson and to bring humanity back to His fold.

Moon during eclipse

Observing a lunar eclipse in a dream predicts an upcoming epidemic which could affect the community you live in or the whole country. It is best to tune in to all available media of communications which your local or national health agencies use to keep you updated with health advisories. You may have to put up with some inconvenience for a period of time, such as having to evacuate temporarily or having to undergo quarantine procedures. But you would rather make a little sacrifice than put your life on the line.

Young Moon

Dreaming about observing a young moon lighting up the sky is an apt symbol of something growing or making steady progress. It could pertain to your career or business growth, which means that you could gain substantial material wealth at a relatively young age because you will have a high-paying job or be able to make tons of money out of your growing business. Moreover, this dream vision is also indicative of a stable romantic relationship and possibly a blissful married life.

Embracing the Moon

For male readers, a dream about embracing or cuddling the Moon signifies the possibility of marrying a physically-attractive woman or someone who comes from an affluent and well-known background. For married women, this dream vision indicates that their husbands would become famous or celebrated for having done something extraordinary or heroic in the past, such as spearheading a fight to end poverty, inventing a cure for a dreaded disease, or saving a life. Unmarried women may become lucky enough to get maried to the most eligible bachelor in town.

Moon for pregnant women

If you are currently pregnant and you happened to dream about the Moon, there is a high likelihood that you are going to have a baby boy. You and your partner probably wanted to have one for the longest time now, so you should be over the moon when your gynecologist finally breaks this piece of good news to you after undergoing an ultrasound procedure.

Flying to the Moon

Having a dream about flying to the Moon is a sign that space travel or space odyssey would become a common human undertaking, and it would happen sooner than previously imagined. Like the series of technological achievements which began only in the last century and has been making steady progress in your lifetime, you would be amazed to find out that people could soon travel in space on board those fancy, alien-looking buggies or UFOs you only see in movies. Humans may soon even have the chance to visit nearby planets and make pit stops at distant stars en route to other worlds in order to explore whether these other worlds could support life.

Dying because of the falling moon

I was standing in the the middle of the street looking at the sky. I saw something twinkle and then the moon "fell" and hit the earth. I didn't see the impact... But I just turned around and awaited death. Then I died and it felt like I was going to heaven or something, but I forced myself awake. I'm a male.

Similar to falling stars, watching a celestial body fall from the sky and hit the earth, such as the moon, alludes to the fulfillment of your heart's desire. You are fortunate enough to look forward to the doors of opportunities opening up in the near future. As such, the process of dying in your dream represents enlightenment and a journey to happiness, as symbolized by heaven. Perhaps your present existence has been filled with self-doubt and insecurities, but soon you would undergo a shift in perspective that would allow you to make the most of the opportunities laid out in front you.

Moon crescent

A dream about looking in awe at the Crescent Moon is a positive sign indicating that something important which has been recently wished for will come true. You should be excited to know that the immediate plan you have been praying to happen will soon become a reality. This could pertain to a long-awaited work promotion, an anticipated sales increase, an idyllic dream vacation or an unforgettable marriage proposal. If you happened to witness your real-life plans or wishes actually coming true in the same dream with the Crescent Moon hovering over the dream vision, there would be greater chances of these plans and wishes occurring in waking life.

If the Crescent Moon was thin and almost invisible to the naked eye, it indicates that you would need a lot of patience in your journey to achieving your dreams and aspirations. There would be no shortage of obstacles and hurdles along the way, which could take a long time to overcome. However, if the Crescent Moon looked more pronounced in the dream, it means that success is at hand and you will savor the fruits of your labor soon.

Moon growing in size

Dreaming about witnessing the Moon growing in size and enveloping everything it touches indicates the possibility of receiving a lucrative offer from business partners or moneyed personalities who believe in your potential. This may be the beginning of a life you have always wanted to live. If you can prove your worth to the people who are willing to bet on your skills and talents, your wildest dreams could actually come true.

Strange dreams about moon falling or dancing in night sky

Light from the Moon

A dream about being illumunated by light from the Moon signifies embarking on an unplanned trip or journey. It could be an unexpected short holiday with family and friends who thought it out on the spur of the moment. It could be an out-of-town business meeting or company conference by a colleague or business partner who backed out at the last minute and asked you to go instead. Despite the suddenness of the situation, this trip or journey would turn out to be one of the best experiences you and your companions could ever have.

Interacting with moon and sun

I had a dream in which I saw the sun. Someone was telling me that the sun touches the earth in that place, so I decided to see it. I and my brother were going to see that place.. Suddenly we slipped from a snow mountain and a huge bright white moon came and we fall on that moon. I and my brother were standing on it. Moon saved us.. and it returned to the sky. And moon said to me that it had been a long time to see such pretty eyes. What is the meaning of this dream, can you please tell me?

This dream vision you had about celestial bodies appearing in the sky and interacting with them means that you are about to start having long periods of time filled with senseless and useless duties and responsibilities that would take a lot of time and effort to complete. Dreaming about the moon in general, for instance observing its shape, brightness, and motion patterns, symbolizes an invisible power or force which holds significant control over your life. It could be your parents whose principles and values you have followed throughout your entire life or someone of great authority to you. At the same time, the vision of talking to the moon and being complimented on your appearance indicates your strong resolve and persistence which, combined with those who stand by you, would help you overcome anything appearing in your way, big or small.

Moons and exploding houses

Five blood moons followed by houses exploding.

Seeing multiple blood moons is an ill omen regarding your relationship with the significant other. Specifically, more than one moon in the sky suggests you have recently been indecisive. This inability to decide on anything has put a lot of stress on your partnership. It may have even already resulted in some distance or a separation between you and your partner. The blood moons, however, have a more sinister interpretation, pointing toward your lover being involved in some deadly conflict which is likely to result in permanent injury or death. This vision does not give a solution for this problem, but does suggest that moving him away from the conflict or inviting him back could get him out of harm's way.

Bad weather and several moons

I am a female. I had this dream on April the 13th. My dream started off with a lot of rain and lights flickering and hail falling rapidly from the sky and then I went outside and I looked up to the sky and saw 5 full moons, 3 in a row and 2 at the bottom, and then I hear someone say "They are coming". That's where my dream ended.

Dreaming of experiencing heavy rain accompanied by hail denotes frustration, periods of boredom as well as dissatisfaction about the current state of your life. For wealthy people, this can indicate big, financial losses, while less fortunate individuals can expect success and additional income from this dream symbol. Meanwhile, the full moon is a fairly auspicious sign often associated with strong and dependable relationships, especially with the people with whom you have gone through a period of growth. As such, 5 moons stand for your closest friends and loved ones who would help you navigate the difficult time or period you are about to enter.

Dreams containing images of moon and night sky

Moon reflection on the water

To dream about seeing a reflection of the Moon on the water surface symbolizes dashed hopes and failed expectations. You could soon experience the most painful upset of your life brought to you by no other than the person you have expected to help you turn your life around. This dream vision is a warning that the person in question could betray you to advance his or her personal interests, and it does not matter whether you are in blood relations or both belong to a religion or organization which supposedly values loyalty and brotherhood above all.

Moon during the storm

I dreamed about my friend that I'm not talking to for a while because of his choice. We were talking on the phone about the awakening of humanity that is happening right now. I could see stormy clouds coming as I was walking on the road in nature. I turned around because I thought it would be too dangerous to walk in the storm. Then I saw the moon was in symmetric geometric mandala-like patterns. I knew then that the awakening of humanity is just starting now! Wanted to be with my gf after in the dream.

The stormy clouds in your dream suggest a gloomy disposition. This could be a projection of your pessimism because of the things happening around you. Talking to your friend represents your readiness to forge a connection again. Perhaps not with this specific person, but you are yearning for the company of friends due to a growing sense of isolation or loneliness. The approaching storm signifies a health condition. The gloom could have an adverse effect on your well-being, so make sure you take care of yourself. It could also be a societal malady that we will all be forced to confront. Finally, the mandala-like moon indicates unity and healing. Despite the somber tone of the dream, there is hope in achieving enlightenment for all.

White Moon

If you are a young woman or a widow, dreaming about observing a white moon signifies marriage. Someone might soon enter your life at just the right time and make you believe you could have a bright future together. Moreover, this dream vision indicates giving birth to a baby girl for some women. For single men, it could also mean finding their one true love and getting married soon, whereas for men who are already married, it is a prediction of an addition to the family in the form of a baby boy.

Crescent moon as a symbol on the hand

Had a dream of an old woman dressed in a black dress and hood. She touched my stomach and then a crescent moon appeared on my left hand.

All of these symbols present in your dream are negative in their nature. Meeting an old woman dressed in black in your dream tells of problems or troubles coming your way. It can be due to old issues from your past that continue to hound you or existing issues inside a very close relationship you have with someone at the moment. Crescent moon appearing on your left hand is symbolic of your weaknesses related to being indifferent, uncaring or arrogant toward the other half in this relationship or other people in general. The notion of this sign showing on your left hand is also an indication of upcoming betrayal coming from you. The outcomes of these negative circumstances may cause a rift in the relationship or physical separation, which in turn could lead to a period of time filled with loneliness and heartbreak.

Fading Moon

Having a dream about the Moon slowly fading before your very eyes is like asking for trouble in wake life. You might soon have a hard time dealing with someone from your own family, your circle of friends or your workplace. This person may have a strong personality like you do and would not be willing to go your way, and this could affect your immediate plans and goals. This episode in your life will serve as a test of your character and determine the kind of person that you are. If you are able to survive the challenge and succeed in changing this person's mind in your favor, you will succeed in virtually everything you would undertake or deal with in the future.

Worshiping the Moon

Having a dream about worshipping or praying to the Moon symbolizes the likelihood of falling victim to an obsession with a person. It is not a wrong thing to devote time, effort and resources to an object of your affection, but if the devotion turns to fixation, it could spell disaster. People exhibiting this type of behavior tend to be consumed by their jealousy and want to have full control of the person they are fixated on. The question is whether you are one of them, as this dream vision seems to indicate.

Several half-moons and one full moon

Several half moons followed by a full moon represents a number of successes and setbacks leading to the ultimate accomplishment of one of your most desired goals. In many cases, it refers to something outside the home, like a romantic relationship or a business endeavor. For example, you may have started unsuccessfully to launch a blog or YouTube channel in the past. While those initial forays into the realm of social media may not have led anywhere, the lessons you learned have primed you for success in a related or similar area.

Evil-looking Moon

Having a dream about the sight of an evil-looking moon causing the hairs on the back of your neck to stand on end, such as the sight of a wolf's silhouette howling with the full Moon on the foreground, brings out an opposite effect in waking life. Contrary to the frightening scene in the dream, your life would be characterized by happy relationships and material blessings. The future also holds a lot of promise not only for you but for your loved ones as well.

A moon-lit path

To dream about walking along a path and being guided by the moonlight travelling and illuminating the section ahead is a symbol of upcoming significant changes in wake life. These changes could either break or make you in terms of your career or personal life. How you would handle the situation after experiencing these changes could make you a succesful person or a miserable one.

The moon colliding with the sun

I am female, and had a dream of the moon rushing into the sun, and then coming out of the sun later to its normal place. It was evening and the sun was about to set.

Looking at the sky is often associated with spirituality and enlightenment in the dream universe. The unusual position of the sun and moon is likely related to some troubling period you have recently gone through or some tragedy from your past. You may tend to blame God for what has happened or resist using religion to cope with your feelings, forcing your life into a tailspin of sadness and despair. The image of the sky returned to normal at the end shows that continuing to trust and rely on your spiritual traditions and prayer would help you find peace and understanding.

Moon in general

Dreaming about the Moon in general, for instance looking up and observing its shape and brightness, symbolizes an invisible power or force which holds significant control over your life. It could be in the form of humans, such as your parents whom you have obeyed virtually your whole life, or someone of great authority or with an ace up his or her sleeve who can make or break you at a whim. It could also be in the form of life's circumstances, such as being born poor and having no means to have an education or a better way of life at the moment. Traditionally, the vision of the Moon has always been associated with the female figure, and as such its symbolic meaning may vary according to the dreamer's gender and sexual orientation. In many cultures, the Moon in a dream symbolizes the mother figure. The mother is viewed as someone whose power or authority is balanced with tenderness, care and compassion. Interestingly, this same dream vision could indicate that a female member of your family or circle of friends may be having a baby.

The vision of the Moon in your dream could also symbolize your interest in space travel and space exploration. Conversely, the Moon could represent your desire for spiritual growth and your attempts to leave your daily routines for the time being in search of inner peace. Some interpretation sources would take this vision of the Moon with its artificial light to mean that your fixation with the past prevents you from enjoying your present and keeps you from planning ahead.

A pet in the field under the moon

My pet Snowy was in the middle of a field. He was under the full moon and he went away on the crescent moon.

Symbolically, seeing the moon transforming from full to crescent is not a very positive sign to see in a dream. The crescent moon portends alienation, separation or having to say goodbye. In the light of coming across this imagery in your dream, you could be sensing upcoming separation from your pet, either because of losing him temporarily, or due to some more serious circumstances or causes.

Looking at the Moon

Dreaming about looking at the Moon up in the sky symbolizes an upcoming proposition for a date or a night out with a likable person. If things go well on your first meeting, it could be the start of a series of romantic trysts which could lead to a more serious relationship with this person. If both parties work to nurture the budding relationship, it would not be surprising to see both of you eventually ending up together in marriage.

If the Moon had a bright and smooth surface in the dream, you would have great memories of your fateful encounter with the person in waking life. Even if you decide to call it quits in the future, you would remain friends on account of your good times when you were still together. However, dark spots on the surface of the Moon are grim representations of your aversion towards this person. In other words, your encounter would end in disaster.

Moon of an unusual color

Dreaming about observing the Moon with an unusual color indicates some cracks in your current romantic relationship. You may be having problems at work which you cannot handle at the moment and which could be therefore affecting your personal life. Some external factors may have to do with your crankiness and agitation at home. If you do not know how to find a balance between your career and your personal relationships, you could lose one or the other.

Moon split in half and bright stars

I saw a moon split in half and so many bright stars and also some people were flying?

The moon as a dream symbol often symbolizes a mother figure in your life. It could also be anyone or anything that holds significant power or influence over you. As such, seeing the moon split in half means you may be questioning the methods or motivations of an authority figure. Something this person did or a recent discovery could tarnish your impression of him or her which means their influence over you would be diminished. Meanwhile, the bright stars and flying people reveal an open mind. Once a long-held belief or loyalty to someone is shattered, other perspectives and possible role models would appear as options. Maybe you are exploring new ideas and points of views with your newfound freedom.

The moon falling and rising

I dreamt about the moon on a cloudy night and the moon fell from the sky, rose back up and fell again.

The vivid and mysterious image of the moon on a cloudy night portends the sudden illness of a close family member. This symbol predicts you would have to put some of your own personal plans on hold in order to care for or support this individual either out of love or duty. The moon falling from the sky but rising again, then, suggests that while things may seem dire for some time, eventually your relative's health would improve and things would return to normal.

Moon of a crimson color

Observing a crimson-colored moon in a dream signifies the likelihood of getting entangled in a civil war, an armed conflict or a deadly shootout in the neighborhood or community. As soon as you notice first signs of such a scenario developing, you might consider moving out of the place on a temporary or permanent basis to ensure your utmost safety. For female readers, this dream vision could be a sign of saying goodbye to their romantic partner or spouse, who might soon be deployed to a war zone.

This same dream vision could also be a precursor to a looming ecological disaster or catastrophe, such as a great flood or a volcanic eruption. If something of this nature and magnitude ever happens, it could decimate the world's population and alter the existing landscapes. Life may never be same again in the aftermath of a natural calamity such as this.

Moon in a clear sky

Dreaming about marveling at the beauty of the Moon on a clear, cloudless and star-filled night is a positive sign of being lucky in love. If you are currently romantically involved with someone, you should expect the relationship to grow even more deeply so as to make you believe this is for keeps. If you are currently looking for someone you want to spend the rest of your life with, you could receive the sweetest answer to your wish starting from the day after you had this dream vision.

Moon in a nightmare

Having a nightmare with the Moon hovering over the horrific scene and adding to the frightening details, such as falling victim to a serial killer in a deserted place with only the Moon and the eerie surroundings as the silent witnesses to the crime, is an ominous sign indicating a painful separation in waking life. It could pertain to a divorce, a falling out with a loved one, a legal decision over child custody or a death in the family. If the Moon in the same dream morphed into something else and began to talk to you and console you in your state of horror, it indicates that despite the sufferings you would endure as a result of the separation, you would overcome these difficulties and be able to get on with your life with the help of your family and friends.

Moon on the horizon

Observing the Moon slowly descending into the horizon in a dream symbolizes wealth and prosperity. What is keeping you busy at present or what you may be planning to do in the near future could serve as your vehicle to making a lot of money and getting rich in a relatively short period of time. All you need to do is invest all your attention and effort in this endeavor, and the rewards will surprise even you.

Moon in a haze

Having a dream about observing the Moon in a haze is a subconscious reflection of the same behavior in waking life. Your sense of good judgment could be easily clouded by precarious, cheap thrills. You tend to let your hair down and go all out in situations which would give you immense pleasure, whether or not your actions would put your moral standards into question. While it is your right to express yourself and do whatever you want to be happy, freedom entails a certain degree of responsibility which you should always be aware of for as long as you are a part of society.

Moon hiding behind clouds

Dreaming about the clouds obscuring your view of the Moon and denying you the opportunity of basking in its glory is an unfavorable sign indicating struggles and difficulties involving a project or undertaking. There is a possiblity that you may not be able to complete what you have recently started. You would feel disppointed in yourself and grow resentful towards people who you thought would guide you along the way but were nowhere to be found in your times of need. Your superiors and co-workers might question and cast a doubt on your capabilities. You can still turn the situation in your favor if you reconsider your priorities, change your directions and surround yourself with people who will stand by you without expecting much in return.

Talking to the Moon for females

If you are a young woman, having a dream about talking to the Moon, as if asking the Moon to predict the future, is a favorable sign indicating a fateful meeting with a man who could be "the one". If everything goes well after this meeting, it could lead to a more serious relationship and culminate in a marriage which would last a lifetime.

Moon with dark spots

Dreaming about observing the Moon with dark spots indicates the grim possibility of a catastrophic event which could seriously damage a huge portion of the earth, if not totally annihilate it and wipe out every living and non-living thing which inhabits it. The massive destruction could be caused by a meteorite or comet slamming into the face of the earth, destorying everything in its path and causing the inevitable extinction of life as we know it.

Moon peeking through a cloud

Dreaming about observing the Moon peeking through the clouds or through the haze serves as a warning that a close friend or family member could get seriously ill anytime soon. You might be forced to set your immediate plans aside in the meantime to lend support to this person. It could mean postponing a much anticipated out-of-town or out-of-the-country trip or rescheduling an all-too important personal or business appointment.

Moon on a sunny day

Dreaming about seeing the Moon on a sunny day, or observing both the Sun and the Moon sharing the sky at the same time, is a prediction that someone would soon enter your life and become romantically involved with you. Obviously, the Sun and the Moon in the dream represent two persons uniting and falling in love with each other.

A half moon, a microscope and a blue box

I had a vision of half moon and it moved in an unusual way, then it changed its shape and I felt something being ripped in my left rib, and I also saw a small blue microscope and a blue box on top of it and I heard a voice saying to me that this is your life.

The image of a half moon is a two-sided coin. On one hand, it represents dreams coming true or wishes being fulfilled, indicating happiness and success. However, its darkened half and subsequent transformation suggest there is still work to be done. You can still improve and grow in your chosen field and in life in general. While you may have already accomplished a lot, it is not the time to slow down and take a break. The blue microscope and the blue box can be interpreted in a similar way. While the color blue by itself represents achievement and triumph, the small size implied by the image of a microscope indicates it is just a small step on your journey, meaning you still have a long way to travel.

The moon colliding with the hotel window

On Monday night I dreamt that I was booked at a hotel and I had a full moon outside my bedroom window. I was excited to have such a view, as you can imagine. As I was about to put my son to bed, I noticed that the weather had changed outside, as there was a huge wind which caused the moon to shake around. The wind blew so hard that the moon bumped on my window, but the window didn't break. When I peeped through the curtain again, the moon had drifted away from the window, what does this mean?

The moon which seems to have blown straight into your window might suggest an upcoming conflict between you and your partner or inside your household in general. This unusual situation is likely brought about by a surprising, unexpected event, causing those involved to act on emotion rather than rational thought when they react. While they may be hurt or in a bad mood for some time, the fact that the moon moved away from the window (and presumably back to its original position) indicates this situation is unlikely to last long or cause any permanent damage.

Symbolic images of moon

Namaste. I had a dream about two triangles with a half moon between them. Then two rectangular forms with half moon inside each one and above them a pyramid on each. Please explain to me the meaning. Thanks.

Dreaming about a moon that is neither full nor new suggests that your prayers are about to be answered. Whatever you have been wishing and hoping for is likely to be decided in your favor, giving you much relief and happiness. The shapes you saw in this dream can indicate one of two things. On one hand, they could represent how important this was for your basic wants and needs. However, it may also indicate that, now that one want has been satisfied, another may take its place.

Moon growing in size and losing gravity

Hi! I was wondering what is the meaning of dreaming about the moon growing in size and it touching the roof of the house. Then I saw there my father who is dead long ago and my grandma. I saw my loved ones and we are holding tight as the gravity on earth is slowly vanishing and all around us is flying into space.

Gravity, as its very characteristic suggests, denotes being grounded and humble. Your quality of being rooted is largely attributed to your family. Hence, the presence of deceased loved ones seems to suggest that you are missing them or longing for the comfort and security that they once provided. Without the pull of gravity and your family, you tend to wander and get lost in space. Perhaps there is a sense that you are losing your bearings and unsure about the direction or path you are taking. The growing moon is a symbol of femininity and even mystery. There may be a side to you that you are not aware of and it is slowly manifesting itself. This characteristic or hidden desire may be what is confusing within you, it may be the reason why you feel you are losing your way. Introspection may be necessary to pin down the details and motivations behind the symbols in your vision.

Multiple moons and resulting cataclysms

I was with my sister and when I looked up at the sky, I have seen a normal full moon, but on top two red moons collided and became multiple full red moons. I would say about six of the red moons, but the normal moon was still there. Power went out everywhere but then it turned to daylight and the sun became so bright, that everything started to melt.

The full moon is a fairly auspicious sign associated with strong relationships and it suggests that you have gone through a period of growth with the people you rely on most. This is opposed to the images of the multiple red moons, which represent an upcoming, large-scale conflict, such as among family members or within your social circle, that could result at the end of one of your closest, most cherished relationships. To determine your course of action in this difficult, trying time, the symbol of the sun implores you to look at all the facts under the sun and make a careful decision based on the evidence before your eyes.

The moon on fire

I saw the moon in the night sky moving from one side of the sky to the other. I saw it on fire, then blowing up. It would reappear again in another place. I was with my husband. I was also calling my son to come see.

Traditionally, the moon is associated with the female figure, usually the mother, as well as intuition. In the context of your dream, the moon may be a representation of yourself. As such, seeing the moon set ablaze and blown up could point to your inner fire and passion. You may be at a point where you want to pursue certain dreams you have. This yearning to indulge in your passion may be making you restless. It would probably take you away from your family as you search for some sort of fulfillment for unmet needs. The distance may not necessarily be physical, it could be a form of mental and emotional detachment. Search within yourself whether the benefits outweigh the sacrifices that have to be made.

The Moon exploding into pieces

In my dream, while out with my family, we were returning home from an event. I looked into the sky and saw the moon breaking apart. Small explosions were causing pieces of it to hit the Earth. It interrupted gravitational pull as people struggled to remain grounded.

Dreaming about the Moon shattering into pieces or breaking apart is a forewarning of the arrival of a new religion with tenets that contradict and reject the name and existence of the God you have known since time immemorial. Your reaction to your sudden awareness of such a religion would be that of shock and disgust. If your own spiritual convictions are to be believed, the fact that people are subscribing to what you would call a blasphemous and evil faith would be a sufficient reason for God to unleash His wrath by making people suffer through wars, catastrophes, calamities, famines, and things of a similar nature to teach humanity a lesson and to bring it back to His fold.

A colorful moon

I see the full moon with colors dancing up in the sky.

A vision of a full moon with colorful patterns points to success in romantic relationships and business enterprises. This could be the time to step out of the kiddie's pool and explore the unchartered territories. While the possibility of failure is always there, you should learn to improvise while being guided by common sense and sound reasoning.

A moon making family disappear

My family started to disappear one by one in my dimly house, everything was black and white and as my family disappeared, I noticed a malicious aura and ran upstairs as darkness consumed the living room and followed me. I cornered myself upstairs and the (full) moon in full detail (craters) and silver white soft aura surrounding it. Anyways, it stopped the thing for a sec. But it then shattered and I was consumed or something, the rest after the moon shattering was lost to me.

Envisioning your family disappearing one by one from your house could represent your guilt from a serious mistake you have recently made. You may not even be aware that what you did has resulted in something so terrible yet, but the news is sure to reach you soon. The dark malicious aura which follows and corners you suggests you have many questions now, such as how you can make up for what has been done. The full, detailed moon you saw in this dream could signify your interpersonal relations suffering while you struggle with what to do. It would be wise to dedicate your efforts to rectifying the situation before you turn your attention elsewhere.

Praying to God and a big moon

Hi. I am female single. One night I had a dream I was praying to god from the open window of my room. I asked god for my wish to become true. It was night, suddenly I turned my head to the right and saw a big bright full moon in the sky very near to me. There was a shadow of a branch with leaves on the moon. I felt good in the dream. That's all I remembered. Thanks.

Praying to God in the dream world is often associated with needing forgiveness in waking life. You may have recently done something which inconvenienced or hurt a friend or family member while pursuing your own wants and desires. Given that you asked God to fulfill a wish of yours, it seems you may also be ignoring the needs of others while you try to make your dreams come true. The big, bright moon with a silhouette of a tree branch further reveals a feud or misunderstanding that would occur because of your actions. You may need to reconcile with someone close to you and spend more time following moral principles while trying to advance your personal agenda.

With someone special under a moon crescent

I am a female. My dream was short, yet vivid. Imagine, shortly after sunset there was a waxing crescent moon in the deep, royal blue sky, directly above the horizon the sun had just disappeared at, so, it was West. It had just been through its full moon phase, barely a waxing gibbous. The landscape was rolling, with short, perfectly green hills, and all I could remember about myself was someone who I've become romantically inclined towards.

The rolling green hills of your vision are a very auspicious symbol to behold. They suggest your current goals and dreams could become a reality in the near future. Although you are not likely to face any setbacks, the journey to that point would have some obstacles you would have to overcome. This is supported by the waxing crescent moon, a symbol commonly associated with both patience and success. It seems your positive outcome is repetitively assured, provided you continue to put effort towards it, however, you would need to let time take its course as well. The end goal manifested in this vision may be related to the individual you have feelings for. If you are interested in becoming more than acquaintances or friends, it is possible now is the time to pursue that course of action.

Blood moon

The esoteric symbolism of a blood moon in the dream realm carries multiple interpretations depending on your situation in reality. Focusing on the reddish hue, for instance, may portend stress or stress-related issues brought on by working too hard and not having the necessary help or rest. On the other hand, perceiving the lunar eclipse in relation to the world we live in may represent spiritual growth or improved spiritual health.

Moon falling to earth

Seeing Moon falling to Earth from the sky as a dream conveys both fortunate and unfortunate interpretations. The dreamer is experiencing a shift in their emotional or spiritual balance, as the falling moon is a sign of the heavens coming down to Earth. The crashing moon is a deeper part of the subconscious that is coming to the surface, leading to a profound realization or a change in perspective. In essence, the dream is a hint that you should make yourself free from negative thoughts and stay positive toward your desired goals.