Dreams Related To Yourself

You're not yourself

Many Muslim and Christian dream workers speculate what dreams where you're not yourself mean. The most common consensus is that this symbol alludes to a version of yourself that you have not recognized or acknowledged yet. In some cases this is a good thing. For instance, you may live a hedonistic lifestyle when you are actually destined for holiness. In most cases, however, the dreamer is usually hiding away their darker selves or tendencies. Feelings like suppressed rage or jealousy are usually the trigger for this symbol in the dream realm.

Watching yourself die

Seeing yourself die in the dream world is symbolic. Your death in this vision suggests that you are going to fall ill or contract a severe disease that will significantly affect your overall well-being. As ominous as it is, it might be your psyche telling you to prioritize your health more than anything else. Additionally, having this dream also reflects the animosity you feel toward some people in your life. These individuals may have done something negative to you in the past that makes you have a hard time trusting them again.