Dreams Related To Yellow

Yellow color

The color yellow as a dream symbol often represents envy. The more yellow you see in a dream vision, the stronger your envious feelings in reality. You could be prone to social comparison and consequently dwelling on your desire to have whatever someone more successful and happy may have. The appearance of this dream symbol also means you may be fixating too much on a specific individual you envy in the waking life. Maybe you have been checking out their profiles or posts too much, wallowing in negative emotion instead of doing something productive to get what you want.

Yellow also symbolizes negative developments in reality. Oftentimes, these unfortunate circumstances are a direct result of your attitude or cowardly personality. Being too evasive of healthy competition could make others undervalue or underestimate you. As such, you could get passed over for a promotion, get cheated on by your partner or betrayed by someone you trust. Perhaps you need to be more assertive so you do not make it easy for others to walk all over you.

Yellow color in general

The yellow color is generally a negative dream symbol. Often, the appearance of this color in dream visions is an indication that someone in the waking life is taking advantage of you. This person may have gotten your trust and affection overtime so you may not notice the subtleties of their questionable motives, hence your subconscious could be urging you to be more observant. Alternatively, yellow can also symbolize cowardice. You may be afraid to confront your fears and weaknesses even though you know this is essential for a positive transformation. Maintaining this kind of attitude could lead to personal stagnation.

Yellow clothes in a drawer

I opened my drawer and found various t-shirts and athletic shirts in the same yellow-gold color.

Dreaming about finding yellow-colored clothes signifies upcoming success and good fortune. It predicts a period of great happiness for you and you would be able to share the joy with the rest of your loved ones as well. The notion of finding athletic clothes could also indicate that you would enjoy good health and vigor, which would allow you to live life to the fullest. Keep yourself prepared for new opportunities and be sure to welcome enjoyment into your life.

A dim yellow light

Dreaming of observing or seeing a dim yellow light, like something emanating from a lightbulb, can reveal the dreamer's tendency towards self-blame. You could be giving yourself a hard time due to past mistakes or even recent incidents. Being too self-critical and your inability to forgive yourself for errors and bad decisions may keep you from learning lessons and achieving happiness in reality. Perhaps you are a perfectionist which is why more than anyone else, you tend to beat yourself up for missteps and failures. While this is a natural reaction, eventually you may need to temper self-criticism with acceptance and make it a constructive experience instead of a negative one.

Yellow cars

Seeing yellow cars in your dream could foretell disruptions in weather patterns. These fluctuations could have significant effect on your mood. For instance, quick shifts from sunny to cloudy or rainy weather could dampen your mood due to inconveniences caused by foul meteorological conditions. Even the overall atmosphere could make you prone to melancholia. If the yellow cars in your vision are passing by on the street, then perhaps the mood swings would not last. However, if the yellow cars are parked, then there is a possibility that you would be feeling down for days or weeks.

Elements of clothes being yellow

Wearing yellow accessories or pieces of clothing in a dream often reveals your desire to renew your faith. There may have been a time when you let cynicism and anger take over due to bad experiences. However, this dream vision means you are ready to strengthen your faith and religious beliefs in order to guide your path in life. This sudden shift may be triggered by an important encounter or an enlightening moment. It can be negative or positive, but ultimately this would make you realize the healing powers of faith. For example, you may survive a particularly bad accident without serious injury or you may bear witness to an inspiring act of kindness and compassion.

Frequent dreams with yellow color

Recurring dreams involving the color yellow convey optimism and drive. You are likely an ambitious person who enjoys being in a position of power and influence. Your ability to persuade others to join your cause or follow your footsteps make you a natural leadership figure. However, you assertive nature and straightforward communication style could be misinterpreted by others as being insensitive or even vindictive. Your high energy and enthusiasm could turn off certain personalities, so perhaps you need to temper your emotions and approach to be more palatable to a more diverse group.