Dreams Related To Wrist

A broken wrist

I had a dream my right wrist was broken and it hurt bad. I was sitting on my bed and holding it in my left hand looking at it and people where jumping on my bed.

A broken wrist in the dream world is a highly negative symbol to perceive, especially if your right hand is dominant in reality. Losing the ability to use your main hand and the associated pain reveal the hopelessness and danger you would soon find yourself in. As beds are normally associated with home and rest, the imagery of people jumping upon it while you are suffering could indicate that the danger would arise from some great upheaval near you, such as in your neighborhood or at your place of work.

Cutting your wrist

Slitting your wrist and seeing a pool of blood if you are a woman brings a fortunate interpretation. For one, it implies that your husband is experiencing a stroke of luck in his career. The act of committing suicide is also a signal that you will have an affluent life. Yet, if it is your husband cutting his wrist, then it is a warning that he will be separated from you for a long time.

Someone cutting their wrists

Someone cutting or slitting their wrists with the intention of committing suicide in a dream often reveals that the dream is an empath who is on the outside looking in. You probably feel fortunate to be able to connect with people on a deep level in certain situations, but you also may feel helpless when you see discord and pain around you, such as a husband cheating on his wife or a woman giving up on her dreams because of societal pressures.