Dreams Related To Wood

Wood log

A wood log, such as timber that has been cut and prepared for a fire, is often considered a sign of desire being sparked in reality. You may currently be single or fortunate to be in a good relationship. In either case, now there is the potential for growth and the deepening of emotions if both parties put their effort into the connection.

Swallowing wooden cubes

Dream of two wooden cubes in my stomach.

This vision is a warning to get your act together before it is too late. Wood, by itself, symbolically represents failing to make progress or get things done on time, usually due to procrastination and lack of concentrated effort. The fact that you seem to have eaten or swallowed this wood suggests that your inability to finish even minor tasks could lead to great setbacks shortly.

Wood burning next to deceased mother

Deceased mother sleeping on bed, I asked her if she wants anything to eat, she says yes, but eventually some wood block is burning besides her and fumes all around her. She couldn't sense it for a long time. I go to her and take away that partially burning wooden block.

Envisioning your dearly departed mother can be both a sign that you miss her and that better things are yet to come. Traditional sources suggest that seeing this symbol portends upcoming periods of happiness and good fortune, especially after times of trial and strife. Additionally, the wooden block of fire may be the manifestation of your obsession with the unhappiness of your current situation. Perhaps you dwell on the fact that you are not as well off, happy or in shape as you want to be. This vision should be considered a reminder to look forward to how things could be rather than dwelling on what they are now.