Dreams Related To Wonderland

An old house leading to a wonderland

Dreams about visiting the old home of my aunt and uncle who have since moved. Going into a bedroom and jumping into a trap door under the bed landing in OZ from the Wizard of Oz. Oz was now a town being rebuilt... Looking for the yellow brick road it had been painted over in some places. The yellow brick road had also been moved. Every time I would step on it, the song "Follow the yellow brick road" would play. There were many people there but I didn't recognize any. Eventually, the road led me into this semi-dark room with a stove in the middle.

Dreaming about visiting an old home that once belonged to your relatives is symbolic of soon being able to resolve issues which you may have had with someone from your past or for a long period of time now. This could be someone whose existence you had almost forgotten about, although they had once been an important part of your life. You will find it important to mend whatever it was that set the two of you apart, and rekindle the relationship that you had before. Based on the imagery present toward the end of this dream, you may not fully realize the damages or heartaches this breakup had caused to the other party. But your subconscious mind seems to be guiding you in the right direction to start the healing process for everyone involved in this situation.