Dreams Related To Witch

Witches attacking you

To see a witch attack you in the realm of dreams and visions is almost always a highly ominous symbol. It means your attempts to do business or put certain plans into action would lead to sadness and disappointment. The cause of your troubles would be some sort of damage, either to a part of the schedule or the resources required to make your vision a reality.

A witch putting spells on you

A dream that contains the image of a witch casting a spell upon you, whether it seems to be good or bad, may reveal a lack of self-confidence or absence of certainty about your own power and ability to affect your own future. This vision suggests that instead of looking inward, you would look to other powerful, confident or knowledgeable individuals to take care of things for you.

A witch with a dead person

A witch standing with or near a dead body is a highly ominous dream symbol to perceive at night. Whether you recognized the person who had died or not, it means death for either yourself or someone close to you. For example, your spouse may soon pass away or you may find yourself facing great peril and deaths in reality.


Envisioning yourself practicing witchcraft or watching someone performing black magic reveals your interest in the occult. Your could be learning about crystals and other New Age practices to broaden your understanding of the world. This also means that you could get spellbound by a charming individual who ultimately has bad intentions. You need to be more discerning to avoid becoming an easy target of fraudulent people.

Many witches around

In the context of a dream vision, seeing multiple witches may shed some light on an internal wish to be more outgoing and boisterous at large social gatherings, such as parties or events. However, overdoing it and forcing yourself to be an extrovert may lead to a regression where for days following the event you would feel depressed, lonely or embarrassed.

A witch in general

The general image of a witch in a dream vision can represent some ominous, unfavorable forces working against you in reality. As such, you should soon expect to be on the receiving end of some terrible news or learn of some disappointing turn of events for something with which you were involved. You would not be able to anticipate or even consider such a horrible outcome, so it would be impossible to prepare yourself either physically or mentally.

On the other hand, the presence of a witch in your dream may reflect a sort of affinity for or connection with the natural world, such as plants and animals. In that sense, the witch represents your inability to conform to society's standards and expectations. Rather than following the crowd, you were made to stand out and be different.

A witch touching you

Feeling the cold, sinister grasp of a witch's hand upon you predicts soon becoming the victim of someone's vicious campaign against you in reality. Someone, a long-time enemy or a one-time friend, has made it their mission to spread the worst gossip and rumors imaginable in order to completely drag your reputation through the dirt.

A very ugly witch

A witch whom you perceive as being particularly ugly and homely may be seen as the manifestation of a recent interaction with a woman in reality whom you consider to be ugly, at least on the inside. Maybe this woman was particularly shrew or sly, making you feel annoyed or uncomfortable in her presence. In some cases, this symbol is seen before becoming involved in a particularly damaging scandal that could put your reputation at stake.

Being scared of a witch

Feeling fear or apprehension at the sight of a witch while dreaming could reveal an upcoming journey or adventure. While this may seem exciting, the end result would leave its physical scars upon you, like cuts, bruises or other injuries. Beyond physical damage, you may also feel that your pride is bruised as well.

The age of the witch

The general perception of a witch's age can also provide some clues in the dream realm. For example, an old and ugly witch can reveal bouts of poor luck for men, while for women it can reflect some unfulfilled sexual desires that she secretly wants to partake in. A young, beautiful witch, however, means you could be in danger due to a love gone bad. Whether you are male or female, you should watch out for past lovers who might be out for revenge.

Witch laughing

The image of a witch laughing can have positive or negative connotations, depending on the context. A witch that appears to be laughing with genuine mirth is a fortunate symbol that represents receiving spiritual guidance or tutelage in metaphysical matters. However, a witch that seems to be laughing at you or laughing in an evil way may mean that your attempts to succeed in something involving numbers would be met with mediocre results at best.

Being chased by a witch

I am stuck in a house that has a lot of traps and secret places and in the meantime of trying to find my way around I am trying to get killed by a witch, but I find an escape route.

To dream of seeing yourself being stuck in the house and not being able to get out for some reason is a sign of negative circumstances happening soon, or it could be a sign of an unhappy life because of the rumors and slandering being deceitfully done behind your back. Dreaming about being chased by a witch is a sign of not being able to succeed in business plans or it could also mean some minor issues happening around your household.

A witch urinating

I had a dream of a witch and she came up and pet my hand and then walked over to the corner of my bedroom and urinated.

Dreaming about being touched by a witch has a negative meaning. It suggests that you are or believe to be a victim of an unfortunate event in your life. The symbol of urine indicates that you have a pending issue you need to solve regarding your career or social life. The petting by the witch means you try to convince someone not to gossip about you. All in all, your vision indicates that your reputation is in danger, which is bothering you even at the subconscious level.

Chased by a witch in a cartoon world

My reoccurring dreams are about waking up to cartoons Tom and Jerry, which I never watched growing up. I'd go into the living room and I knew I wasn't allowed to, but I'd watch the cartoon. Then suddenly a green-faced witch would chase me around the pool table with a knife and randomly wind up chattering teeth would be next to the bar table and scare me awake in real life where I'd wake up in my dad's room. This dream was reoccurring and still happens occasionally.

This dream about watching cartoons that you were not allowed to watch in the first place means that you want to participate in some fun and pleasurable activity or event, but for some reason feel guilty and inhibited about doing this. It could be that you recently heard someone talking about it or inviting you to join them, but because of your lifestyle or personal values, you may feel reserved and find reasons to be unavailable. Similarly, the symbolic vision of a witch chasing you around the house represents your fear and hesitance to enjoy yourself in the company of other people because of your elevated sense of responsibility and personal integrity, perhaps in relation to or fueled by your parents or peers.

Your mother-in-law as a witch

Seeing your own mother-in-law as a witch is usually considered a general warning to be more discerning of the knowledge, information or advice you receive from members of your family, be they direct relatives or more distant relations. They could be, intentionally or otherwise, giving you bad information and putting you on the wrong track. You should take what they say with a grain of salt or at least fact-check anything important before you repeat it or act on it.

A seductive witch

A sultry, sexy witch is often thought to reflect a tendency to daydream and entertain elaborate fantasies, possibly while you should be doing something more important, like studying or driving.

Your wife as a witch

Seeing your own wife as a witch or sorceress should be considered a warning that you are letting things slide in your relationship. Things are becoming cooled between you, but with a little attention and romantic inspiration, you could melt her heart and turn the heat back up.

A witch with a spoon

A witch who is holding or using a spoon during the course of a dream vision could reveal that natural, homeopathic remedies would be beneficial for your health and well-being. Medicinal plants, essential oils or crystals may improve your immune system or your general mood.

Staying with a witch and a black bird

In my dream I was trying to escape from someone, I entered an apartment of an older black woman (a witch), she helped me, but I was not trusting her. She allowed me to stay the night and gave me the guest room. I was afraid to go to sleep cause I didn't know if I could truly trust her. But I did go to sleep. In the night a dark bird flew into the room, (came in from where I don't know) I heard it fluttering and it landed on me on top of the blanket. It wanted to go to sleep and I tried to shoo it away. It cried out and squawked, several times it fluttered on me, eventually, I got it to fly away.

Dreaming about being intimidated by a woman who looked like a witch is a negative sign of not being able to succeed in your current plans or projects, mainly because of some trust issues with the people you have to deal with in order to make progress and move ahead. The image of a blackbird landing on top of the blanket is also an indication of some minor issues happening around your household that you are not fully in control of at the moment. If you felt in this dream that the bird was touching your body, it could also indicate some upcoming minor injuries or insignificant, short-term illnesses affecting your body.

Witches and running from a rolling rock

It's a 2-part dream, it starts off with three witches cooking something in a big black pot and laughing, not your typical witches, OK? Now the second part where I'm running from a big boulder rolling down a hill. This has been bothering me for a very long time.

Dreaming about witnessing witches performing their rituals is closely related to the idea of great disappointments following a big social gathering, such as a party with friends, which you may soon be invited to or have been waiting to take place for quite some time now. This is further supported by the image of a rock rolling down the hill. You could end up making enemies or get into a serious confrontation with someone who would be present at this event and who could make you feel extremely uncomfortable in your own skin.

Being pulled by a witch's hand

I actually hadn't had this dream but my dad did and we have been trying to figure out what it means exactly. Okay, so he was asleep in bed and he said just before he awoke he had this weird vision (dream) of what to him seemed to be a witch's green hand with long yellowish ugly fingernails coming out of the electric socket which was located right next to the bed he was asleep in AND which his hand happen to be next too also. He said she had ahold of his arm and was trying to pull him into the socket.

Your father's vision should be considered a warning of misfortune to come. The witch reaching out to grab him suggests someone close to him is attempting to ruin his reputation through gossip and misinformation. The green color of her skin alludes to why this would happen. First, green in dreams is often attributed to prosperity and happiness, suggesting your father has something of value his enemy hates him for. Second, green is a color often associated with envy, pointing toward a reason your father's enemy would stoop to dragging his name through the dirt. Finally, the witch's ugly yellow fingernails mean your father would be put in an awkward or unpleasant situation due to this individual's meddling.