Dreams Related To Wing

A deceased boyfriend with big wings

Boyfriend that passed away two weeks ago. Dreamed of seeing him with really big white, feathery wings.

Seeing someone grow wings in a dream denotes freedom and independence. Perhaps in your mind your boyfriend is in a better place, free from the pressures and expectations that may have been weighing him down while he was still alive. Maybe this is your mind's way of helping you cope with his passing. In a sense, his white, feathery wings symbolize the purity of the memories you shared with him. You wish only to remember the good times and pay tribute to the kindness and generosity he showed towards you and your peers. This is your way of keeping his memory alive.

Black wings

Black wings, particularly on an angel, is considered both a fortunate symbol and a warning. This is because you are getting advance notice of an upcoming hardship, usually with enough time to mitigate or completely cancel out the damages if you work quickly enough. The trouble in this case would be with a relationship in wake life. A power struggle regarding rules and regulations could result in the loss of some freedoms if you do not act quickly. Heed this warning to avoid getting your wings clipped!