Dreams Related To Wine

Drinking wine

This vision symbolizes the healthy nature of the relationship you have with people in your close circles. It means that the friendly ties you share with your mates are long lasting. For a lady, the vision signifies tying the knot with an influential man who is well off.

This dream also signifies the big role that alcohol plays in your intimate relationship. Sometimes you may be finding that your sex drive relies on some form of stimulation from alcohol consumption. Choose whatever works for you as long as you get to loosen up and not overdrink or make it a habit.

Wine in general

This dream reflects your calm and easy going personality. It could also be a sign of a properly looked after home that is clean and arranged in good order. Wine in general could also mean your perverse desires towards achieving sexual satisfaction. You should go for what works for you when it comes to satisfying your sexual desires.

Spilling wine on your clothes

This vision is a bad sign that shows discord between you and your financier as a result of poor judgement. A wrong decision will influence your working relationship with your boss or client. You should make wise decisions before deciding to do something that might affect your job.

Clear and high-quality wine

Clear wine or wine that appears to be of a very high quality is a highly auspicious symbol to perceive in the realm of dreams. It means you would soon enter into some sort of contract or agreement that would be very beneficial to you or your goals. Alternatively, this same symbol is often thought to reflect robust health and an aura of positive energy that surrounds you in reality.

Pouring wine into several glasses

This vision shows the likelihood of being paid generously for your hard work. Serving wine to your dinner guests indicates your current project will pay off. Expect good compensation which should motivate you to work even harder.

A bottle of rare or expensive wine

A bottle of wine that you perceive as being either extremely rare or particularly expensive is a positive symbol associated with rest and relaxation. You would soon be able to go on a long holiday or insert a weekend getaway into an otherwise jam-packed schedule. For men, this symbol is also occasionally thought to reveal an upcoming tryst with a powerful, successful or wealthy woman.

Unable to see and wine

I dreamed I wanted to go see my sister. My husband already left to go see her, I got in my car, but I couldn't see to put the keys in, my eyes would not open as hard as I tried. It was blinding light. I tried dialing my cell phone, but couldn't see the buttons. Then my son came up, and he had a bottle of wine. It was very ruby or red color. He was going to have a glass, so I was thinking I would too.

Wanting to see or visit your sister in a dream may be a sign of needing extra physical, emotional or mental support in reality. You are probably dealing with a stressful situation, likely something to do with your family life considering your son's presence and the fact that you knew your husband had already left to go see her. The blinding light that prevents you from seeing clearly suggests you have tended to look at things with rose-tinted glasses. While looking on the positive side is generally a good thing, in this case you may be putting yourself or others at risk by not following the rules or carefully considering the other side of an argument. The wine you considered drinking at the end of this vision, then, reflects your desire to return to a state of normalcy and peace.

Dropping and breaking a bottle of wine

This dream is a good sign showing that your present connection with your lover is sentimental and venturesome. You probably feel enthusiastic and excited about your partner because the bond you share is of benefit to the both of you. Your relationship is highly likely to thrive due to the strong ties that bind you.

Wine in barrels

Dreaming about wines stored or sold in barrels shows the improvement of your earnings. Your will be able to purchase things that you once considered expensive. Wealth and an affluent lifestyle are coming your way. Expect financial stability and a life of comfort.

Transferring wine between vessels

This dream signifies exciting experiences that would be as a result of a trip. Taking a tour to different holiday destinations allows you to meet new people and try out fun activities. You can make reservations to your favorite tourist attraction site for a fun adventure. You can mingle with the locals as you try out the various native dishes.

Spilling wine

Dreaming about spilling wine is an indication of increased earnings from a new employment opportunity. You should follow your dream career by doing something you love, which could lead to higher productivity and better income. For instance, you can initiate a particular project which you have always been interested in doing but never really found the time.

Entering the wine cellar

This vision shows the coming of exciting experiences which will bring you great joy. You should probably find some time to go out for an adventurous experience. It could be an outdoor activity or just wining and dining at your favorite location with a friend or two.

Rose wine

This vision signifies a warning of being in physical danger. As a dream symbol, rose wine in a wine glass suggests exercising caution towards imminent deception. You should be careful and watch out for anyone who seems untrustworthy. Avoid being in dangerous situations like visiting secluded places during dark. A female character will be involved in the deception or injury.

Male winemakers making wine

The dream vision represents your lineage from a German decent. This might be a sign showing your interest in visiting Germany maybe due to your connection with the country. You might be interested in moving to this country and starting a new life there. You can start by identifying the reasons that make you want to visit this country. You will finally be able to put your mind at ease once you travel to Germany and experience the life there.

Ancient amphoras with wine

This vision shows being occupied with a particular query. You will be lost in thought trying to find a solution towards the issue at hand. You will however be able to solve the problem by taking advantage of the connection you have with your relatives and lineage.

Someone poisoned by wine

Dreaming about someone poisoned by wine signifies positive results in your activities. Good fortune is coming your way as you begin to make progress in your life's projects. You should plan your activities accordingly because they are highly likely to bear favorable consequences. For example if you were planning to venture into a certain business partnership then this is a good time to start.

A river of wine

This vision signifies the good fortune that comes with a warmer season such as summer time. Business owners and salespeople should expect increased sales during such a period. This is because potential customers are highly likely to accept the sales offers during this time unlike during a chilly season.

Drinking wine from a gold goblet

This dream shows your susceptible nature of paying attention to the unrealistic world hence losing sight of what is real. You should try and look at the world from the present instead of creating another scenario that is theoretical. For instance you might view life as a simple fairytale with happy endings whereas life is much more than villains and princesses.

Drowning in wine

Dreaming about drowning in wine foretells forthcoming time in your life when you will be alone. Those around you will abandon you and leave you in a state of isolation. You will have to enjoy your own company and not base your happiness on others. For instance, you can find out fun activities which you can do on your own.

Being treated to a glass of wine

This dream is warning to be careful of what you make public. Your poor skill of keeping secrets will place you in a terrible situation that will allow your competitors to win. Be cautious when talking to people so that you do not let anything confidential slip. There are people in your life who should not be trusted with sensitive information.

Drinking wine alone

This vision is a warning sign of impending terrible news. You should be prepared to receive dampening news of the demise of a family member or friend. It could also be the loss of your job or a terminal illness. There are situations in life which are unavoidable so you should find a way to cope with them.

Selling wine

This dream is an indication of an upcoming disagreement between you and somebody else. The quarrel might get physical and someone might even get hurt. Be careful not to worsen the situation by avoiding arguments. You might simply decide to walk out in case things get out of hand.

Red wine

This dream vision signifies a positive state of mind that is content and in high spirits. You feel like your life is headed towards the right direction and so nothing is out of order. The dream also means that you should prepare for a forthcoming party or a social event. You need to dress up and look your best as you will be meeting different people.

White wine

This dream means that you are soon going to be in a celebratory mood. The results of your actions will be gratifying so you should appreciate the efforts you are making towards a given activity. You can take yourself out for a treat as a way of acknowledging your success.

Apple wine

Dreaming about apple wine shows that you will soon be in a happy mood as a result of upcoming success in your life. You will experience some amount of progress though not on a large scale. Success does not happen overnight, it is as a result of numerous steps towards a certain goal.

Thick wine

Dreaming about thick wine in terms of taste signifies your involvement in a romantic affair. Open your heart to the possibility of sharing unforgettable intimate moments with someone new. Be on the lookout for a love prospect whom you have always had an eye on.

Your reaction to drinking wine

This dream could have two meanings depending on your reaction towards the drink. If you enjoyed the wine then it signifies being in a good shape healthwise. Your energetic nature will allow you to work on a current project more efficiently. If you disliked the wine then it is a bad sign of impending deception from someone close to you. Your spouse might be involved with someone else so watch out for anything unusual.

Bubbly wine

Dreaming about bubbly wine such as champaign is a good sign showing positive outcomes in your current endeavors. You should be in a celebratory mood knowing that your goals will be achieved. For instance, if you were working on a client's project then you are highly likely to succeed in providing quality work.

Cloudy wine

This vision signifies a sorrowful period in your life which will be full of despair. Longing for what has already passed will leave you feeling downhearted. You can brighten the mood by being around close friends and relatives.

Sweet wine

This dream vision portends upcoming achievements in your life. You will be pleased by the results of your work as your plans fall in place. You can enjoy this moment by inviting people over to celebrate with you.

Drinking wine with someone you know

Dreaming about drinking wine with someone you know foretells an upcoming conflict with this person. You should be careful not to bring up sensitive issues that might make the situation worse. You might try some calming techniques to help you stay in control when arguing with this person.

Being invited to drink wine

This vision is a positive prediction of your long life. Tasting different brands of wine signifies that your body is in good condition and hence you should continue to take good care of it. Long life is dependent on your present activities so you should eat healthy and exercise regularly.

Wine of a young age

Unaged wine or one that was made not so many years ago represents a need to temper your emotions and hold back some of your passionate feelings toward someone you are pining after in reality. Your loving or lustful behavior toward this individual is probably unwanted, and you may get in trouble or even push them away if you do not control yourself.

Homemade wine

A homemade wine, particularly if you or guests drank it during the course of the dream vision, is often interpreted as a sign that you would soon entertain friends and family. You might soon host a party or gathering at your house that would be attended by those you love and adore. Alternatively, you may be invited to a formal event, such as a gala or prom.

Sound of wine bottles being opened

Hearing the particular pop of a cork being pulled out of a wine bottle means you may soon be betrayed by someone you once trusted whole-heartedly. While the outcome of this betrayal is unlikely to be seriously damaging to you, the hurt and disappointment would still sting for some time.

Opening a bottle of wine

The act of opening a bottle of wine in a dream vision, particularly a sparkling variety, predicts soon receiving wonderful, uplifting news. This information would come as a great surprise and bring you much satisfaction. If you happened to spill the contents of the bottle upon yourself when you opened it, it suggests that your deepest, strongest wishes may soon become a reality.

Drinking church wine

Drinking church wine, whether it is part of a ceremony or not, reveals that you would soon feel some guilt or regret over something that happened in the past. Most likely you would be worrying over something you said or did recently, causing you some anguish for the time being.

A wine seller

The image of a man or woman selling wine, whether they are casks or individual bottles, is a harbinger of danger and destruction. You would soon make the acquaintance of someone who would try to take advantage of you or get you involved in some dangerous going ons. You should be suspicious of those who try to get on your good side, especially if what they stand to gain from your companionship is unclear.

Being inside a wine cellar

A dream that takes place in a wine cellar suggests that the dreamer would become the subject of malicious gossip and slander. They would be hurt and humiliated by the rumors that are spread behind their back.

Looking at a wine cellar from outside

Viewing a wine cellar from outside, such as from the doorway or through a window, means that you would be able to put away some money for a rainy day. This could be a special fund used for a specific purpose or a lucrative investment that provides income for the future.

Drinking wine mixed with water

Drinking wine that has been diluted with water, whether it was tap water or from a bottle, predicts soon becoming ill or experiencing bad health. If you are currently in good shape, you might find that your energy levels and strength are waning. Alternatively, those who are already sick could seen their condition worsen.

Being drunk on sweet wine

Finding yourself drunk on a sweet wine in the dream realm represents a budding friendship with someone powerful, rish or influential. You could soon make the acquaintance of or be introduced to someone who is able to open doors for you and get you things you never dreamed of before.

Washing with wine

The act of washing up with wine instead of soap and water means that you would soon experience financial loss or ruin. Just as using wine to clean up is both wasteful and inappropriate, so does this vision suggest that poor behavior and money management would be the causes of your monetary distress.

A wine cellar in general

The general image of a wine cellar in the dream world predicts a busy, hectic work schedule. You may soon find that you are inundated with a variety of tasks that seem to both take forever and never end. You would have to drop everything at a moment's notice to get things done in time.

Binge drinking wine

Binge drinking wine is often considered a negative symbol in the dream world, as it is associated with arguments and conflicts in reality. You may soon have a serious disagreement with someone, and both parties would be unwilling to compromise, leaving too much tension and distress.

Being at a wine drinking party

For business people or those who work in the corporate world, dream vision that takes place at a wine-drinking party could reveal the closing of a successful deal, the winning of an important contract or an introduction to someone whose expertise would be beneficial to you.

Someone buying you wine

Dreaming that someone has bought you a glass of wine, such as at a cafe or bar, could mean that you need to be wiser with your hard-earned money. In some cases, it suggests you are not making the best choices when it comes to your budget and financial goals. Other interpretations, however, can predict the return of someone to whom you owe money from the past.

Making wine

In the context of a dream, the act of making wine reflects the dreamer's tendency to take small, careful and deliberate steps toward the achievement of their goals. You are likely the type of person who, once they decide on a goal, steadfastly works toward it until completion.

Treating someone to a glass of wine

Treating someone else to a glass of wine in the world of dream visions reveals your internal desire or active attempts to seduce someone in reality. You may want to engage in an illicit affair with a married co-worker or hit it off with a much younger partner. If the individual from your vision accepted the offered glass of wine, you are likely to be successful in your attempts to woo them over and draw them to your bed.

Giving someone else a glass of wine is also sometimes associated with funerals and the passing of someone you know in reality. It is unlikely that this individual's death would cause you much grief, however, and you would quickly recover and move on.

Unable to remember the kind of wine

Being completely unable to recall the type of wine you were drinking after waking up from a night of dreaming may reveal an upcoming episode of bloodshed in reality. Someone you know may get seriously hurt, or you could see some terrible, violent crime during the course of your day.

Drinking sour wine

Drinking wine that you perceive as being particularly sour in the dream world may carry a warning to be more suspicious and watchful of those around you. As this symbol is associated with deceit and betrayal, it would be wise to carefully look at the actions of your friends or your romantic partner, as someone close to you may be plotting against you.

Fortified wine

During a night of dreaming, the image of fortified wine may reveal that your current method of earning income involves some shady behavior or less than honest tactics. You may want to reassess your techniques and behaviors so that you can live life with a clear consciousness and light heart.

Watching someone pour wine

In the context of a dream, watching as someone pours a glass of wine could reveal that they are about to present you with a lucrative offer or beneficial agreement in the near future. If you did not recognize the individual from your vision, it is possible that this offer would come from an unexpected or unusual source, like a rival company or a friend of a friend who you have not yet met.

Unable to become drunk from wine

Drinking large quantities of wine in the dream realm but being unable to become drunk suggests that you have a large ego or an inflated sense of self-worth. While you may think that you are a big shot or hold an important place in the minds and hearts of others, this vision reveals that most people consider you to be relatively unimportant and egotistical.

Colorful birds and wine bottles in a nest

A vibrant bird sitting on a nest, very brilliant yellow feathers, size of a pheasant, the nest was on a shelf to the right of my bed. Then, a small brown bird sitting on the nest, the yellow bird had gone to the back of the shelf. Next, 2 bottles of wine sticking out of the nest, then a yellow-feathered bird flies into the room breaking a wing, woke up with the yellow bird staring intently at me, creepy.

The yellow bird in your dream represents optimism and ambition. You likely have a lot of goals and aspirations. Unfortunately, a broken wing can mean obstacles that may either slow you down from pursuing your passions or make it more difficult for you to go after your dreams. For example, there may be an incident which would obligate you to take care of others and put your dreams in the backseat for a while. In that context, the small, brown bird symbolizes domestication and practicality. In relation to the first symbol, you may have no choice but to set aside your own wants and needs for the moment in order to attend to more urgent matters. Perhaps you are getting married soon or a family member would need care and support from you. Finally, the wine bottles allude to either hedonism or refusing to settle. While your responsibilities are clear to you, you cannot help but feel like your freedom is being smothered and you are not able to realize your full potential because of your present circumstances.

Wine glasses and a cake

Red wine glasses nicely arranged on a table in a hall and there was a red velvet cake.

The dream symbols in your vision all point to auspicious developments. In particular, red wine indicates a celebration of success. Your current projects and undertakings will therefore bear excellent results. Wine glass also suggests luck, prosperity and good health. Fate will be on your side, so you can fully enjoy the fruits of your labor. Although, there is also a cautionary message symbolized by the red velvet cake which alludes to indulgence. Instead of being wasteful with your blessings, take time to also share your wealth and channel it into productive pursuits.

Receiving a bottle of wine

If someone happens to buy you a bottle of wine in your dream and you gladly receive it, then this is a metaphor for awareness that is mainly concerning your finances. You need to be extra careful in your expenses, for failing to do so would lead to being penniless and heavily indebted. It would be wise to check your finances from time to time. On a positive note, this dream indicates that someone would pay the owed from you, so it is best to take note of its relevance to real life.