Dreams Related To Wind

What does it mean to dream of strong wind or tornado

A strong and gusty wind

Feeling strong and gusty wind blowing on your face and body, maybe during stormy weather or by the cliff of a mountain you are hiking, means someone is likely trying to sabotage you. This person could be creating obstacles for you in the office so your bosses would begin to doubt your abilities. Or he may also try to create conflicts between you and your friends or allies. Alternatively, this could be a reflection of your concerns and worries about your future. Maybe you feel like you are no longer on track with your life plans.

Trying to hide from the wind

A dream wherein you are trying to shield yourself or hide from the wind, perhaps by staying indoors or using huge trees to block the full force of the wind, is usually an indication of your struggle to deal with a difficult problem. For example there could be a big roadblock in your project. Progress or developments may be on hold until you resolve this issue. This could also be a metaphor for your personal issues that are likely holding you back from full embracing your future or moving on with your life.

Wind as a breeze

The dream symbol of the wind as a breeze, whether it is just a feeling like a soft kiss on your cheeks or a cool, light wind entering a room, points to the quick and unexpected arrival of a piece of news or gossip. Whether or not you are interested in the subject of this news, maybe a person or an event, someone likely thinks this would catch your attention and share it with you anyway. You could be one of the first ones to learn about this information which means you could either spread it around or keep it to yourself.

Wind in the trees

Seeing the trees swaying or their leaves rustling because of the wind, such as coconut trees moving back and forth from the ocean breeze, portends your possible separation from your special someone. It may be be for a brief period, perhaps some work-related travels would keep you apart, or it could be something more permanent if your relationship has been on the rocks lately. In some cases, this dream symbol also signifies rejection. You may turn down a suitor or decide not to reciprocate someone's affection because you do not feel a connection.

Your clothes ruffled by the wind

Clothes that have been ruffled by the wind, such as your wind breaker or lightweight shirt and pants, represent the downside of your generosity and kindness. When it comes to your friends, family and relatives, you may easily give in to their requests, such as lending them money and giving them generous gifts. However, providing for the needs and wants of your loved ones may drain your resources too much so that you may not be able to provide for your own needs. Sometimes you also need to prioritize yourself.

This dream symbol can also point to potential health problems or disease affecting you or someone you love. As such, the ruffled clothes may be a metaphor for a weakened immune system or susceptibility to a particular illness. Meanwhile, the wind that ruffled the clothes likely refers to environmental factors, contagious viruses or changing weather patterns, that may prove problematic for your well-being. Perhaps you and people you love would have to take extra precautions to safeguard your health.

Wind direction

The direction of the wind in dreams can have different interpretations. For instance, wind coming from the north is a negative dream symbol implying losses and challenges that would test your character in reality. On the other hand, wind originating from the south holds more positive dream meanings particularly when it comes to your career. You may experience a significant improvement in your chosen profession perhaps with a promotion or a raise. This is a good time to take some risks while fate is on your side.

Wind clearing the sky

To dream of wind clearing the sky or blowing the clouds away to reveal a brilliant blue and cloudless horizon means you may be prone to slacking off in reality. Instead of taking care of household chores, a relationship or other responsibilities, you may prefer to ditch your duties to do something fun and reckless. You would be held accountable soon enough. Alternatively, this may point to an inevitable reunion with a friend from long ago. Life may have led you down different paths, but those roads would cross again soon.

Wind blowing behind you

Wind that is blowing behind you, not necessarily hitting you but causing disturbance or havoc in the surroundings at your back, bears a message of warning in relation to your significant other. The location of the blowing wind means this could catch you off guard. Maybe you have not noticed the clues that your relationship is turning sour because you are too focused on your own needs and concerns. Unfortunately, if you do not change your attitude or learn to be more sensitive towards your partner, it may be too late to work things out.

Landing on the ground with the wind

Landing on the ground from being carried off by wind, maybe with the wind breaking your fall, suggests a quick recovery from an ailment. So if you have been feeling a little under the weather, you would be happy to know that this dream vision means you would bounce back pretty quickly. If you are healthy and able, then it means you would remain healthy and energetic during the coming weeks. This vitality would allow you to accomplish a lot more that you would usually accomplish.

Wind with summer showers

Wind that is accompanied by summer showers, perhaps a nice refreshing drizzle to balance out the heat from the summer sun, portends an upcoming meeting with someone who would take care of you and be a constant source of comfort. This person may be a stranger to you now or it could be someone you only know in passing. Eventually this person is someone you can fully trust because he or she would never betray you, deceive you or desert you especially during trying times.

Wind from behind

Feeling wind blowing from behind you, as if a fan is blowing air in your direction, means you would find a group of people who would be instrumental in your success. They may be followers, fans, well-connected individuals or just a supportive circle of people who would not only give you the confidence to follow your dreams, but would also help open up doors of opportunities which you cannot find on your own. You may even find a mentor from this group who would provide invaluable insights to help you achieve success in your chosen career.

Wind ruffling your hair

A gentle wind that is ruffling your hair, inside your summer home or while on a leisurely stroll, is an indication that you need to learn how to be accountable for your actions. Taking responsibility is part of growing up and it also keeps you from making careless choices or thoughtless decisions. This dream symbol also encourages you to pay attention to the important things in life instead of wasting a lot of time and energy on pointless projects or unproductive pursuits.

Wind ruffling pages of a book

To see the pages of a book being ruffled by the wind, as you are struggling to read the contents of a book underneath a shade or tree during a breezy day, means you may soon move forward with a task, mission or assignment which may have recently stalled. People in charge or proper authorities may finally be available and able to accommodate your requests allowing you to push this project to completion. Or perhaps a well-connected acquaintance would help you expedite this undertaking.

Wind carrying trash

Wind that is carrying trash, and just trashing the surrounding areas with the garbage it is flying into different directions, is usually a warning about friends turning into enemies. Typically, the trash in this dream symbol points to gossip that may become the root of your conflict with a friend. Someone may intentionally or unintentionally spread inaccurate information that would drive a wedge between the two of you. This friend may completely turn on you and even further damage your reputation.

Wind gusts inside your house

Wind gusts inside your house, especially if all shutters are closed and there is no particular source of wind, denotes wrongful acts or irresponsible behavior from others that could cause a lot of inconveniences for you. Being the responsible one in your social group means you may have to bail them out of trouble. Alternatively, this could also represent the growing aggression and unrest in your circle of friends or your own community. Things need to calm down or more damage could be done.

Wife caught in a wind tunnel

I was in a house, it had 4 rooms. I was standing in what looked like the dining room and kitchen living room area, the front door was open as well as the back door. I saw a wind tunnel in the room not touching the other areas just from door to door. I saw my wife walking in the wind with her arm over her chest and her hand over her eyes saying "I can't fight against this. I need help!" I was reaching to her trying to help her. But the wind area stayed in a z pattern.

Seeing your wife being swept around by strong gusts of wind points to stressful situations and changes in the waking world. You could be moving to another place or a new job opportunity would present itself that could affect your daily lives. Fortunately, these drastic changes and stressful transitions have positive consequences. The wide open doors of your house are positive symbols predicting lucrative opportunities for you and your family. Blessings and rewards for you industry and hard work would come pouring into your household which would make all the challenges worth it in the end.

Wind while at sea

Sensing the wind blowing while at sea, such as while you are sailing or on board a cruise ship, has a positive dream interpretation related to current projects and tasks. For example, if you are struggling to complete a difficult project, then this vision means your suffering is about to come to an end because a very capable person or group of people may help you successfully accomplish unfinished tasks. This may also refer to the speedy resolution of a workplace conflict because of proper intervention or arbitration.

Wind bringing you something useful

Wind that carries or brings you something useful, such as an umbrella blown your way when you are starting to get soaked by the rain or a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from the glare of summer sun, denotes eventual success mostly due to your patience and outstanding work ethic. You may also have an uncanny knack for detecting or predicting upcoming trends which allows you to capitalize on them before they become mainstream. So the combination of professionalism and talent could get you far in life.

Moderate wind

Moderate wind in dreams, one that is strong enough to ruffle your clothes without necessarily causing trees to bend or windows to rattle, is an indication of a stable and comfortable existence. You likely have a steady stream of income which affords you not only your basic necessities, but also the occasional splurge and leisure trips. This is a good sign because it means you would have a relatively peaceful and carefree period ahead of you, with no major problems. Although this also means that you would also not experience euphoria or bliss, just satisfaction and contentment.

Resisting gusty wind

A strong resistance to gusty wind, to the point that your items of clothing may be flying off or the pressure of the wind may be causing you pain but you still continue standing and holding your ground, means that a lot of people look up to you in reality. This may be because you would get significant attention and media coverage over impressive deeds or because people generally approach you for your expertise. This could also be a sign of your popularity, whether it is because of your abilities or your innate charm.

Wind calming and darkness

Sensing that the wind in your dream vision is calming down coupled with darkness, like the aftermath of a storm against a bleak backdrop of darkness and destruction, symbolizes an imminent threat to your life. There is a possibility that violence and aggression is building in your place of residence or local community. You could become the target of violence and hate crimes, so perhaps you need to be more vigilant and learn how to defend yourself from possible attacks.

Sound of the wind

The sound of the wind, like a hum, a whisper or a howling sound for much stronger gusts or air, refers to learning about or receiving fake news, false information or propaganda. This could be something more political or related to the government which is meant to mislead citizens, including you, so authorities would be able to advance their cause. Or it could be on a much smaller scale, like your workplace, in which certain bosses or superiors may try to confuse you or manipulate you into getting what they want.

Wind in general

In general, the wind as a dream symbol represents an outside factor or external force that may seem harmless at first, but when it intensifies, it could cause a disaster or catastrophe. Perhaps bad behavior from a colleague or loved one which you have been dismissing as benign could lead to more serious or destructive habits that would not only ruin their lives but could also affect you in negative ways. This is also a reminder to be extra sensitive to other factors that may be influencing you negatively so you can make necessary adjustments, such as a messy workspace or a friend who is a bad influence.

Hanging clothes to dry in the wind

Hanging your clothes to allow it to dry in the wind, such as clipping them on the clothesline in the backyard or hanging them on a rack by the balcony, is a reflection of your unflagging attempts to climb the corporate or career ladder to get you to your desired way of life. Unfortunately, this also reveals the lengths you are willing to go just to achieve your goals, even at the expense of your colleagues. This extremely competitive side of yours could alienate even your close friends and loved ones in the long run.

Walking against a strong wind

Going somewhere which requires you to walk against strong wind, like getting inside your house or walking towards shelter, speaks about your strong character. Most people would bend, break or run away when things get tough, but you almost always choose to hold your ground and persevere in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. This kind of attitude would take you a lot farther in life and propel you to a level of success which you have never ever dreamed to be possible.

Wind that comforts

Wind that is comforting, as if it is enveloping you in a warm hug or relieving you from the hot and humid weather with its cooling effect, depicts favorable events or developments regarding your current undertakings. If you have been feeling lost or confused about how to proceed, do not worry because this dream symbol means everything would start falling into place. Maybe someone, like a friend or colleague, would provide the help and support you need to complete a project or accomplish a task.

Resisting wind

Trying to resist the gust of wind, when moving towards the blowing wind from a wind machine or actual forces of nature trying not to stumble or get blown away, means no matter how much you try to fix an error or mistake, it would backfire. The current predicament you would find yourself in may be due to your carelessness in the first place. Maybe you were distracted or you had too many things on your plate, so you were not as thorough with your work as you would like. Unfortunately, once the damage has been done, there is not much you can do about it.

In some cases, this dream symbol can also represent a long and arduous journey before achieving your dreams. It would also take a lot of patience and waiting before you get to where you want to be. A lot of things would not come easy for you, but this just means that the reward would be so much sweeter once you get what you want. Ultimately, you would have a real appreciation for your blessings once they come and you would do your utmost to take care of these blessings.

Strong wind during rainy weather

The presence of strong wind during rainy weather, particularly if parts of your house are being battered and about to be blown off by this onslaught, unfortunately points to someone's untimely death. If anyone stands out in the dream, like the presence of a loved one, then this may be a premonition of that person's death. It could be a grave accident which would result in instant death or a sudden heart attack which they would not be able to recover from. Perhaps the only thing you can do is to make sure you spend quality time before they suddenly pass away.

Wind bending trees

Wind able to bend trees in your vision, from palm trees to pine trees and even the willow, portends upcoming unfortunate events and developments in your life. In particular, these unlucky occurrences may serve as roadblocks to your current plans. Like trees blocking the road to your destination, these pesky occasions may require you to make a detour. So perhaps you need to take some time to attend to other tasks and projects before you can get back to your original plan or venture.

Being lifted by the wind

Envisioning yourself being lifted up by the wind, perhaps sweeping you off your feet and making you float mid-air as you drift off to some undefined destination, symbolizes hurdles coming your way. If you happen to fall on the ground with a thud after being lifted, then you may not triumph over those obstacles. They may even lead to more complications. Even worse, this dream symbol can also point to a fatal accident. So you may need to lie low for a little while to avoid serious incidents.

Watching wind from inside

Watching the wind blowing debris and making trees sway from the comforts of your own home or inside a building is a strong reassurance that no matter what obstacles get in your way, you would find a way to overcome them. You may even be lucky enough to avoid serious problems or possible complications. Maybe it is just your luck or maybe you have a good head on your shoulders so you would be able to make good decisions both in your personal and professional life.

Unexpected wind

Unexpected wind, such as a gust of warm wind that comes out of nowhere taking you off guard, refers to a big public announcement in your community or the area you live which would cause quite a commotion among the residents. The nature of the wind is that it created disturbance in the environment, in varying levels, so you can expect the same sort of sudden change in your community. Maybe it has to do with new rules and regulations that would inconvenience you at the start or it could be an even bigger issue which requires cooperation from all residents.

Sultry wind

A sultry wind or hot and humid air that is making you perspire a lot and you feel sticky in the process is a bad sign for your health. You could catch a cold because you are neglecting your well-being due to having too much on your plate. You could be pushing the limits of your body, spending overtime at work and the working out afterwards, without allowing it to recover after a particularly strenuous day. You may need to sleep more and take in more substantial nutrients to ensure that you are in top shape.

Chilling wind

A cold and chilling wind, similar to winter temperatures that could cause the flu or hypothermia when exposed for long periods, denotes a major obstacle that would not only stress you out, it may also affect your health. Perhaps you would soon work with challenging individuals whose personalities are either completely opposite to yours or they may give you a lot of trouble because they refuse to cooperate. The stress and frustration may end up lowering your immune system, so take care of your health no matter what.

Wind making waves

Wind that is making waves, or creating disturbance like ripples on lakes that turn into waves crashing to the shore, means you may soon reconnect with friends or family members whom you have lost touch with. Maybe they were simply too wrapped up with their problems or adult responsibilities, but once they find some free time, you would likely be able to hang out again and catch up. All the experiences and lessons from the years you spend apart would make the reunion even more meaningful.

Strong wind destroying everything in its path

Dreaming that strong wind is destroying everything in its path, such as hurricane-level winds or destructive wind from typhoons that can rip houses apart, is an auspicious prediction of your quick ascent to success. You are probably entering a period of concentrated luck combined with your natural talents which would result in your accelerated career growth. This is the time to grab opportunities as they come and learn as much as you can because your professional life is headed for a steep upward trajectory.

Flying with the wind

Dreaming that you are flying with the wind, as if a layer of air is keeping you afloat and drifting you from place to place, portends positive events and changes to your life. The wind in this dream version symbolizes the various people and factors that help you remain focused and motivated. In this sense, this could refer to friends and family members who are providing different kinds of support in your various ventures, be it emotional support or the more tangible form of financial support.

Wind that feels fresh and cold

Wind that feels fresh and cold, like the sea breeze or the cool air during springtime, points to potential psychological and emotional issues. This could be a side effect of an illness. Being stuck indoors and unproductive during your recovery period may bring out a lot of stressful memories or insecurities. You may also butt heads with the person taking care of you. So perhaps you need to learn how to relax and take care of yourself or else you may end up making yourself and your loved ones miserable.

Seeing a windmill in a distance in my dream interpret meaning

A windmill

Seeing a windmill in your dreams, during your travels or as part of a rural landscape painting or picture in the vision, means your efforts at your chosen career or job may be futile at this point. Maybe you mistakenly assessed your skills and capabilities which is how you ended up in your current path. However, you may have to be more realistic from now on if you want tangible results and income commensurate to your true potential. Try to be more honest about your skills and perhaps you would find the perfect project.

Gentle gusts of wind

Gentle gusts of wind that is refreshingly cool and mild, like light to moderate breeze gently messing up your hair, is an auspicious dream symbol in terms of acquisitions and career breakthroughs. You could land a very important project which could fast-track your career path and open more opportunities for you. Alternatively, you may find success in recent or upcoming ventures because you would discover a hidden strength or talent which would make this business or project very viable.

Being frightened by a strong wind

Being frightened by a strong gust of wind, maybe a sudden intense force of air that almost topples you over, suggests imminent challenges and obstacles which would occur after this dream vision. This is more likely related to personal relationships, including with your significant other. The strong wind means this would cause an imbalance in your life, especially if a break up comes out of nowhere, or you suddenly part ways with a good friend. So the fear would likely mirror your feeling of being unsure how to move forward after certain relationships fail.

Feeling wind on your face

The feeling of wind brushing your face, from a wind machine or the wind that is circulating while you are outdoors, points to the arrival of some unexpected news or information which would most likely be welcome or encouraging on you part. This could also mean that whatever errors or mistakes you have committed in the past, you would likely be forgiven for it or you would find a way to correct it. Once this is behind you, then you can finally start fresh with no emotional baggage.

Extremely loud wind

The howling of extremely strong and loud wind, such as during a hurricane ravaging your town or a big storm descending, is actually a positive sign that things are going to get better for you. So the loud sound from the wind is actually a harbinger of a blessed future for you. And instead of destruction, this would mean great success and fortune both in terms of romantic prospects and your career path. So you can look forward to bigger and better things in store with the right kind of attitude.

A very weak wind

A very weak wind, almost as if someone is blowing air your way or a barely discernible movement in the atmosphere, is actually a very auspicious sign about a significant boost in your money and assets. You may close several lucrative deals or find a very profitable niche which would augment your personal wealth by several notches. It could even take you by surprise so you would initially be unprepared to deal with that level of wealth and prosperity. So if you manage your money wisely, you may even be able to afford early retirement.

A gentle or pleasant wind

A dream scenario which involves a gentle or pleasant wind caressing your skin, like the soft breeze you feel while strolling along the seashore, points to upcoming triumph especially with your current undertakings because of your strong abilities and healthy self-confidence. This could also indicate positive developments with your children or close friends. In a sense, the presence of the gentle wind represents the giddy feeling you would get when you hear about the blessings or good news happening to you or the people you care about.

A destructive wind

A destructive wind that is tearing off the roofs of houses or causing a lot of objects to fly around and damage the surroundings is a bad omen for your children. They may be in danger, so keep a close eye on them or remind them to be cautious to avoid any untoward incident or accident. However, if you are childless, then you may witness a violent or aggressive encounter which would harm children, like bullying or even a school shooting which would result in a lot of casualties.

Using wind power

Using wind power, in order to harness energy like wind turbines or to travel at sea such as sailing, points to the possibility that you would land a highly coveted contract or project. While this rare opportunity may land on your lap almost effortlessly, it is still up to you to make the most of it. If you do your best and you play your cards right, this could lead to more opportunities for you that would significantly improve your way of life. If you are lucky, it would be an upward trajectory from here on out.

Wind lifting up dust

Wind that is lifting up dust or blowing dirt and particulates your way means you could figure in gossip being spread in your social circle. Since the wind in the dream vision is carrying dust, this may suggest that the gossip is aimed towards smearing your good name with information that may not be entirely true or wholly fabricated by your enemies. So perhaps you sensed something negative brewing in the air or poisoning your relationships with friends, colleagues and loved ones which is why your subconscious is warning you about it.

Wind knocking you down

Wind that is strong enough to knock you down, like strong winds or gale winds capable of breaking off twigs and small branches from trees, signifies ill-wishers or rivals who would employ various tactics to block your efforts at work or even in your community. You may unwittingly overshadow them which is why they would try to take you down in subtle ways. This could happen soon or sometime in the future. So long as you play fair and not stoop to their level, they would not have enough dirt to throw at you.

Wind with rain

Wind accompanied by rain, whether it is a light rain or a full on thunderstorm, suggests major complications in your life that would encompass all aspects of your existence, be it personal relationships or professional duties. It may even affect your close friends, family and loved ones. This gloomy weather also points to possible depression or emotional instability due to your inability to regulate your emotions whenever there are difficult issues or complicated situations you need to deal with.

Wind stripping off your clothes

A strong enough wind that manages to strip off your clothes, like a trench coat, a jacket or even headwear, refers to serious financial setbacks. A volatile economy or unfortunate circumstances may significantly lower the value of your assets, investments or other material possessions. It is also possible that you could get scammed or your bank accounts would get hacked because of poor security. This may be your subconscious telling you to be more vigilant when it comes to safeguarding your wealth.

Being carried by a strong wind

Being roughly lifted off and carried by a strong wind, possibly making you dizzy and nauseous throughout a long journey to an unspecified location, signifies a potential career change. This is generally a better career path for you. Maybe you have been feeling demotivated or unproductive at work so you would come across this interesting job opening, or this opportunity may present itself unexpectedly through your connections. There may be a period of adjustment, but eventually you would fare better in this new position or job than your current one.

Wind blowing away wedding invitations

I dreamt of wind blowing away my 3 wedding lists and people were saying god knows why it happened.

Dreaming that problems arise during your wedding or while preparing for someone else's wedding because of unforeseen circumstances represents a warning. You may soon encounter some problems caused by misunderstandings that could become difficult to handle. As long as you maintain a positive attitude and keep your wits about you should be able to overcome such issues in the end.

Being anointed with the wind

I was in the dream and I saw the founder of my church was late telling the general overseer to anoint me. And to anoint me with the wind. That is the anointed me by stretching forth his hand towards me and the wind was blowing towards me while he was anointing me. And I also heard the founder saying that it is the way the general overseer was anointed. Please I need the meaning.

Getting anointed in your dream alludes to transitional events in the near future. You may be prone to indulging in excessive and unhealthy activities and the anointment reveals your awareness of the destructive nature of your harmful habits. The wind represents your energy and vitality. Hence, being anointed with the wind symbolizes a renewal or revival of your well-being through enlightenment and personal discoveries. Alternatively, you may be slow on the uptake and pass-up opportunities because of procrastination. Perhaps the wind is meant to get you moving to bring you closer to achieving your goals.

Wind blowing through window

A strong wind blowing through an open window is synonymous with the idea of "winds of change" according to John Paul Jackson and his works. The energy force that comes with this change in weather represents building energy that is pushing towards a positive change. Alternatively, it may be a symbol of your generous, amiable nature. However, this interpretation suggests that your good deeds, while greatly admired and appreciated, may be a bit overdone and opulent compared to what those around you feel comfortable doing.

Wind blowing down trees

According to ancient scripts of Hinduism, seeing strong wind blowing down the trees in a dream symbolizes that an opportunity for a positive change has come to knock on your door. However, you will be met with small opposition. Some people who strongly oppose the beliefs and values that you love and hold so dear may try to sabotage this opportunity. Regardless of the cabal of people against you, you must keep faith and take a solid stand for your beliefs, for fortune always favors the bold.