Dreams Related To Wilderness

Space in the wilderness

Encountering an isolated area or space in the wilderness, like a patch of habitable land or a piece of grassy space for stargazing and picnics, means you may soon embark on a long journey to an exotic country or destination. You could be assigned to a faraway location or country which would require a lot of adjustment on your part. Or perhaps you are planning to go on an extended vacation or a backpacking trip to somewhere far and outside your comfort zone. It would ultimately be a great learning experience for you.

Being pursued while in the wilderness

The dream woke me up a few minutes ago, so I remember it well. There was a huge forest, and there were wolfs everywhere, I soon ran into my parents. Here's where it gets weird. We ran into a man and we all decided to get inside from the wolfs. We saw a cabin with open doors and the lights were on, so we went inside. Then we met a man whom the other man knew. While sitting, the first man started talking about how there is no escaping "him". Then bullets came through the window and killed my parents. I pointed a gun at the first man because he was smiling. The second man said "no psychopaths" and I woke.

The beginning of this vision focuses heavily on your life and a need for change. Finding yourself in a forest represents some aspect of your life getting a major overhaul, while seeing wolves everywhere points toward a desperate need to improve a specific area in order to move on to the next stage of your life. But the part of your life that needs help is explained more fully in the second half of the dream. Being led to a cabin indicates a health concern or growing problem. This could be some illness that is becoming more serious or, more likely, some lifestyle-related disease that requires you to lead an overall healthier lifestyle (e.g. eating well, exercising more, etc.). Both seeing your parents being killed and pointing a gun at someone predicts imminent danger, so it would be wise to monitor your health and take actions to prevent any serious complications or illness.