Dreams Related To White

White socks

White socks in dreams usually allude to health issues. Envisioning yourself or someone else wearing white socks portends possibly catching a contagious disease and being incapacitated for a period of time. If you are the one wearing the socks, then you are most likely going to catch an illness. On the other hand, if it is someone else donning the white socks, then you may need to urge them to lead a healthier lifestyle to avoid getting sick.

White car

A car in dreams is a metaphor for success and social mobility. The white paint of the car could be an indication of your integrity and commitment to working as ethically as possible. You do not believe in stepping on other people just to get what you want. The white color could also symbolize your aura which refers to self-actualization and purity. Depending on the context and events surrounding the dream, this is usually an auspicious symbol indicating fulfilment and a clear purpose in life.

A white cat chasing a white bird

I had a dream of a white cat chasing a white bird around in my kitchen. The bird was trying to get out a hole in the kitchen light but the cat caught it and they both fell "into" the top of my head.

A white cat symbolizes misfortune, while a white bird signifies good news. As such, this dream means you will soon receive news, both good and bad. Since the white cat was chasing the white bird, then the bad news will unfortunately dampen whatever blessing will come your way. You need to be able to balance your emotions and act appropriately as you grapple with conflicting pieces of information.

A white bull

Dreaming of a white bull is a very auspicious indication of eventual success. The image of a white bull likely reveals your unique vision and penchant for innovation. Your tendency to think outside the box would open up a lot of opportunities for you, even the possibility of establishing your own business. Fortunately, your knack for unconventional methods and razor-sharp focus would pay off in spades. If you play up your strengths, you would have a very prosperous future.

Specifically seeing a white bull in your dream visions represents the things you have achieved through your self-sufficiency and grit. Even though others may have tried to discourage you from following your dreams, your consistent effort and dedication is sure to yield positive results no matter how crazy or far out your ideas are. You would be an inspiration to others who also feel underappreciated or trodden upon, so that they can be encouraged to keep doing what they do best.

White ink

Using white ink to write something in a dream often portends disappointments and possible failure. Writing with white ink on dark paper means your instincts could kick in when you are facing a dodgy deal, yet you would still push through despite the uncertainty. On the other hand, white ink on white paper reveals your tendency to trust too easily and this would be a significant factor to your downfall. Your mind could be telling you choose your friends more carefully because they would be the ones you would turn to in times of need.

White unsewn fabric

The image of a seamless or unsewn white fabric in a vision usually symbolizes a significant encounter in the near future. This encounter is generally negative in nature, such as financial or personal loss which would usher in a period of struggle and depression. Specifically, you may butt heads with a superior at work that would cause a lot of conflict and put your job status in peril. Alternatively, there is also a chance you would have a falling out with a loved one due to personal differences.

Elements of interior white in color

Identifying white elements in an interior, such as the inside of a house or apartment, is typically associated with personal issues and apprehensions. The white elements could be a piece of furniture, a painting or other design accents. The bigger and more pronounced the white elements, the more the dreamer is fixating on worries and apprehensions. As such, the symbol of the item itself when it appears white would almost always carry a negative connotation. You are probably unable to focus on the positive aspects of your existence because you keep on seeing the stuff which is currently in disarray.

White tame snake

A white snake that you perceive as being tame or trained in the dream world suggests you would soon be led to or happen upon some interesting information, possibly about someone close to you in reality. What you choose to do with this data may have a drastic effect on your relationship with this individual, either for better or for worse. If you choose to do nothing at all, things may remain as they are unless an outside source reveals what you have learned.

A white color in general

In general, the color white represents purity, cleansing and a clean slate. As such, seeing the white color in dreams often alludes to a period of transformation which is usually associated with growth and personal development. In some cases, the dreamer could expect significant events to occur that would cause a shift in perspective or renewed motivation. For instance you could be promoted to an important role in your company or you could be given a chance to commit an act of generosity which would earn you the respect and admiration of your friends and colleagues.

Putting on white clothes

Getting dressed or putting on white clothes in a dream vision is an allusion to getting a brand new start by ridding yourself of negative emotions and questionable actions. You may be prone to self-deception, telling yourself lies and projecting a fake version of yourself to others in order to satisfy your own misguided beliefs. Hence, this vision points to a cleansing and personal transformation characterized by honesty and self-awareness. Alternatively, this same scenario can also represent your triumph over wrongful accusations and false impressions.

A man in white clothes

I saw a man putting on white clothes from head to toe and riding a white horse.

Dreaming about a man wearing white clothes has ominous connotations. It must be considered a forewarning that someone who's very dear to you might suffer severe health ailments or the fact that you might hear the news of their demise very soon. An image of a white horse is also not a very positive symbol. In the context of this particular dream, it could signify either the need to travel in conjunction with these events or someone arriving from far away to stay with you following these unfortunate circumstances.

Boyfriend wearing white

Boyfriend in a white suit.

The prominent white color in your dream points to unpleasant but significant changes which are going to happen in your life in the near future. Dreaming about your boyfriend from real life in a white suit indicates that you may face some problems in your relationship resulting in some undesirable outcomes for both sides of this equation. The events that you are likely to experience would have negative and lasting effects on your present relationship with him.

A white object descending from the sky

If you have a dream seeing a rectangular white object descending from the sky entering into an open right palm?

The rectangular object you saw in this dream seems to suggest that you are feeling dissatisfied with some aspect of your life even though you technically have all you could desire and more. In this case, the white color may represent either marital and relationship problems, or it could point to a desire for companionship. You may be going through a rough patch with your partner or, if you are single, you may be finding it difficult to meet the right person. Envisioning this white, rectangular object descending into your right hand, however, is a sign of overcoming existing or potential adversity. This means you would find a way to make your current partnership work or meet someone who understands you on your deepest levels.

White animals

The appearance of a white animal or a group of white animals in a dream vision is an allusion to self-awareness and introspection. You may have been experiencing emotional and psychological turmoil lately because some of your recent behavior probably goes against your personal beliefs and values. This disconnect in your actions and your sense of morality could be bringing out negative thoughts and feelings. As such, this particular symbol may be urging you to reevaluate the path you are currently taking by strengthening your faith and allowing the higher powers to guide you into the right direction.

Yourself dressed in white

Envisioning yourself clad in white clothes bears negative connotations.The presence of this symbolic image portends a period of grief and misery. You may have sensed the rapidly declining well-being of someone close to you. As such, the time of mourning ahead would be a result of a personal loss. A loved one could pass away soon either due to their bad habits and careless actions or a long battle with an illness.

Bed with snow-white sheets

Snow-white or immaculately white sheets or linens symbolize good luck in dreams. This particular dream symbol portends success in professional plans and passion projects. Your boss may start to notice your valuable contributions at work and promote you or give you a hefty bonus. Alternatively, if you have been thinking about pursuing a business venture or diversifying your work experience, then an exciting opportunity could prove to be a worthwhile investment.

A white kitten

Coming across a white kitten in a dream vision conveys a warning. There could be rivals in your midst scoping out your weaknesses and exploiting your generosity. Your mind is likely telling you to be on guard, especially when it comes to personalities you have not known for a long time. While first impressions do not always last, it could still serve you well to be a bit cautious when dealing with new faces to prevent anyone from abusing your good graces.

A dream in which a white kitten strikes you as an important detail could be a warning that in the upcoming future a cunning and dishonest person could try to use you for the sake of his or her own good. This individual would not necessarily be someone from your closest surroundings, but such a possibility still exists. It is recommended to pay careful attention to everything happening around you in order to minimize the chance of falling into a trap or mischievous scheme prepared for you by your adversaries and rivals.

A white bear

Encountering a white bear in a dream serves as a warning to the dreamer. Someone close to you could betray your trust because of personal ambition or pure envy. On the other hand, seeing the white bear up close, especially if you focus on the bear's white fur, means you would soon see through the seemingly nice facade of a dishonest friend and call him or her out on their two-faced nature. This individual may have dished out one too many lies, hence your suspicions would be confirmed.

A white donkey

Seeing a white donkey is often an auspicious sign in dreams. It is an indication of continued success in whatever field or venture you would pursue. This vision portends an even brighter future for you, especially if you are looking at the white donkey up close. Perhaps you would come across a brilliant strategy or insight that would allow you to gain more profit from your current work. Alternatively, women who dream of a white donkey can expect to become accepted to an elite group of individuals or social circle which they always wanted to join.

The peculiar dream of seeing a white donkey, regardless of whether it was an albino or just painted in white for some reason, is considered to be an incredibly favorable sign. This vision foretells the beginning of a prosperous and fortunate period in life, which would be marked by financial wealth and interpersonal harmony among your family, your friends and yourself. The described idyll could be a fleeting one or last for years to come and as there is no way of being more specific on the matter, make sure to enjoy every moment of this dream coming true.

Snow-white hair

Having snow-white or platinum blonde hair in dreams, or even if you just see this snow-coloured hair, alludes to great fortune. Luck would be on your side soon, so much so that whatever project or deal you want to get involved in would turn out successful and profitable. As such, this would be the perfect opportunity for you to pursue long-held aspirations and what seemed like impossible dreams before.

Snow-white teeth

The image of snow-white teeth in dreams refer to satisfaction and contentment. If the immaculately white teeth are your own in the vision, then it means your current existence is exactly what you hoped and planned it to be. Meanwhile, seeing others have snow-white teeth means you are surrounded by supportive and well-adjusted individuals who provide sound advice and guidance when you need them.

White roses

White roses in dreams generally convey a warning about upcoming health issues. You may suffer through an illness which would leave you incapacitated for a while. Perhaps you have been neglecting your well-being because you have a lot of things to deal with on a daily basis. This piling stress would soon take its toll on you. However, if the white roses in your vision were seen in a garden with drops of dew on them, then you would only get sick for a brief period of time.

In the context of a dream vision, white roses could reveal an upcoming illness or period of infirmity. This is especially true if the white roses were seen in dim light or lacked dew drops on their petals. Those who observe this symbol should seek medical advice for any minor ailments quickly, as they could quickly develop into something much more serious.

Dead white fish

The death of a white fish in a dream vision usually portends upcoming troubles or misfortune related to snow. Your area may soon be hit with a snowstorm, or you may find yourself in a snow-related accident. It is also possible that someone you know would be involved in the incident, causing you sadness and distress.

With brother and dressed in white

I am a female, I had a dream of me with my brother that I haven't seen in years because he's been missing for so long. We were both dressed in white, what does it mean?

Seeing your missing brother in a dream is an ominous portent of important news coming your way. This information could have a significant impact on your life and may be related to the disappearance of your sibling. It is unclear from the vision of wearing white clothes, however, whether you will find some degree of comfort in this newfound knowledge, but you should not give your hopes up entirely.

A female friend dressed in white

I am in 2-yr relationship but I keep seeing a female friend dressed in white holding out her hand, but when I touch it I wake up sweating and thirsty. What does it mean?

There are two possible interpretations for this vision depending on your feelings toward your female friend. The main symbol, your friend in a white dress, has the same meaning in both versions. This sign suggests upcoming nuptials or romantic feelings leading to a marriage proposal. The notion of reaching out and having the vision end suddenly, however, can have different meanings. On one hand, it can reveal an unfulfilled desire to have a relationship with this woman, meaning because of your friendship you have chosen not to pursue something deeper and more meaningful with her. On the other hand, you could be completely true to your current relationship but are not yet fully able to commit to marriage. In a sense, your subconscious mind is using your friend as a stand-in for your current partner because you are not ready to face the possibility of a committed relationship yet.

A woman in a white coat and hat

I dreamed of well-dressed woman in a white coat with leopard print collar and matching hat standing over me.

Dreaming of a well-dressed woman predicts receiving malicious news in the future. There may be individuals spreading rumors or gossip that may involve you. The woman's white coat represents your fear of being judged. You try so hard to control your image, so being talked about, accurately or otherwise, causes you a lot of stress and apprehension.

A dead person dressed in white

The image of a deceased person wearing white clothes or garments often has a fortunate symbol according to Islamic dream interpreters and Muslim dream traditions. This symbol appears to those who are in dangerous situations or are experiencing strong emotions in reality. It is a fortunate symbol that often acts as a warning, letting you know that you need to slow down, take a break or take stock of what is really happening in your life. Stepping back to create a clean slate would allow you to see everything clearly and make the best decisions possible in your situation. This is especially true if you saw someone you were close to in this vision, like dearly departed grandparents.