Dreams Related To Whisper

Whispering instead of screaming

My dream was about a loud screeching sound that seemed to be coming out of a shadowy figure by my bed. I am in the same room as my mom, so in my dream I tried to wake her by screaming her name but it only came out as a raspy whisper. I have actually had lots of dreams that something bad or scary is happening to me and I try to call for help, but I can't scream. My voice is always a raspy whisper. I wanted to know what this means. If you possibly could tell me?

The struggle to speak in a dream vision is often considered an allusion to your insecurities and possibly hints at an identity crisis. You may be having trouble expressing yourself to friends and family in reality, and this is causing your subconscious to become cloudy and burdened with self-doubt. Wanting to scream, in this case, actually reveals pent up anger and frustrations that you are trying to express. The emotions are piling up inside, and they are looking for an outlet. The evil, shadowy presence by your bed could represent past attempts to tell others how you really feel that have turned out poorly. Perhaps your confidants did not believe you or reacted badly to what you shared. You may need to temper your feelings slightly to improve how others react to your true feelings.

Unable to move after hearing whispers

This dream is reoccurring since childhood. I am lying on the ground with a canopy of trees above me, leaves rustling in the wind. Suddenly, there is a whispering. I can't understand it, but it begins to get more and more aggressive. I can't move, but I desperately want to.

The canopy of trees in your dream implies protection. The rustling leaves of the trees symbolize abundance and wealth, both in knowledge and aspirations. You could be in a comfortable place in your career and personal journey. Hence, the whispering that is getting more and more aggressive in this recurring dream scenario perhaps is your subconscious reminding you not to rest on your laurels. This period of stability and wealth may end at any time, hence you must make conscious efforts toward continuous growth to prevail.