Dreams Related To Wet

Getting wet while others do not

I saw a dream in which I was getting wet and my friend only few distance away was just looking at the rain and was not getting wet.

This vision contains two fairly ominous symbols and, as a result, should be regarded carefully. First, getting drenched by rain in a dream vision means you would have much trouble in the near future. This symbol is often associated with both conflict and failure. The other image, your nearby friend being unaffected by the rain, can have one of two possible interpretations under these circumstances. On one hand, it could simply represent your friend being unable to help and support you during this trying time or, more disturbingly, that your friend has somehow played a part in your misfortune.

Getting wet with water

Getting wet with water at some point during a dream vision, whether you were lightly splashed or soaked from head to toe, likely means you are on a spiritual journey of some kind and are on the verge of making a change or breakthrough. Being covered in water so that it forms a puddle around you may explain larger changes like a redirected focus or new desire, while a drizzle or sprinkling of water could suggest making progress working through certain thoughts or emotions.