Dreams Related To Well

Fetching water from a well

Fetching water from a well with a bucket or scoop reflects your desire for clairvoyant or psychic powers to assist you. You are the type of person who greatly desires to know what the future holds, partially because you have difficulty dealing with surprises or unexpected occurrences. Knowing what is to come would give you some peace of mind that you are on the right track or that you are prepared for any unfortunate situations. However, learning to go with the flow and stay calm in spite of hardship could help you grow as an individual.

A well with a stranger swimming

I was standing near a well, near to well Lord Hanuman and Krishna are kept, and nearby inside the well I can see bright and very clear water looks like an unknown stranger is swimming inside.

Based on the context of the dream you had, the well represents your spiritual world, faith and beliefs. And even though you have values and spiritual wealth, you, for some reason known to you, are either reluctant to share it with others who want to open up to you, or you feel intimidated, if not threatened to welcome them into your life as far as your spirituality and religion is concerned. The dream suggests building bridges and connecting with people who share your values and, even perhaps more important, with those who may differ in opinions and views.

Being on the bottom of a well

I had a dream that I was in a very wet place in that place, it looked like a bottom of a hole or a very underground place, in that place there was a hole full of water, and that hole was the only way out as the water there would go down taking anybody sitting on top of the water by the hole with, and then in the same dream there was my late grandmother and my late grandfather, and my late pastor. One of them showed me a church and he said I want to give you a gift, at that time I felt this spiritual feeling I cannot describe, what does this mean?

Envisioning yourself in a wet, damp place indicates having feelings of concern or being uncertain about some aspect of your future. This is also seen in the imagery of being underground, which points to dark and possibly repressed emotions. It may be that you have been keeping some things to yourself that you need to share with others in order to lighten your emotional load and improve your well-being. In addition, seeing people who have passed in a dream vision may also represent some sadness in your life, though receiving a spiritual non-material gift from someone you once knew often means they are still trying to help you, even now. This is further seen in the appearance of a church, which usually symbolizes protection and hope.

Saving a friend from a well

A friend of mine suddenly fell into a deep well which had considerable amount of water. I pulled him up with a rope easily.

Falling into a deep well in a dream alludes to an emotional breakdown. You probably have a strong empathy for your loved ones and you feel responsible for looking after their safety and well-being. So in this scenario, the rope as the lifeline represents the strength of your bond with your friend. Perhaps you feel like your friend is distant or lukewarm in your waking world interactions, hence this dream reveals your yearning to reconnect and strengthen the foundation of your friendship.

Catching fish and a turtle from a well

I was trying to fetch water from a well in my dream for bathing and suddenly I caught a fish, a tilapia fish, in that dream it appears as if the fish was not big enough, so I gave it to someone else and I catch another one from the well. In the process of trying to catch another one I caught a very big turtle from the well, and I was doing everything possible to keep it from escaping. In fact, the turtle tried to escape, I caught it again and was preparing a place to keep it before I woke up.

Dreaming about catching a fish in a well could mean that you may soon face a possibility of relocation or changing place of residency due to unexpected demands or circumstances, while dreaming about catching a turtle could mean that you are struggling with uncertainties over your current romantic relationship. This could be due to your love life being exposed to emotional stress or dilemmas that can endanger your bond or you could be apprehensive regarding your current status in life. Either way, this dream shows that you are in an unstable place and that your life can potentially become even more problematic unless you address these issues.

A well surrounded by trees with snakes on it

In my dream I saw my teacher giving me a white jerrican, he sent me to fetch water from a well located in the swamp. When I reached the well I realized it belongs to my aunt. There were thorny trees surrounding the well and their branches were bending into the well. I saw 3 big green snakes sitting on the branches of those thorny trees. One snake had 1 big and 1 small breasts. I got scared and went back with no water. The well was in the shape of a pond.

This vision seems to reflect the position you find yourself in in reality. Being asked to draw water from a well speaks of your desire to control your own fate, even as other forces, like your parents and teachers, desire to shape you in their image. In a sense, your youth and lack of experience have conjured up this scenario in the realm of dreams. The swampy waters with their thorny trees and branches match with the three green snakes you perceived, a symbol that sheds light on how manipulative and controlling you think these individuals are. While it is sometimes good to assert yourself and stand up for what you believe in, this vision also may be a warning not to dismiss the advice of your elders so hastily. It is true that you are your own person, but everyone needs help and guidance, especially when they are on the road to becoming an adult.