Dreams Related To Weight

Weight scale

Seeing a weight scale in a dream is an indication that you are faced with an important decision making situation in wake life, however you are unable to decide due to certain past experiences. While this dream might look like an allegory of a seemingly tough situation, it is in fact an omen to guide you towards taking a leap of faith and going ahead with what your gut tells you. Time would be of the essence, so you might fall off balance if you do not act.

Lifting weights

Working out and lifting weights in the dream realm symbolizes a desire to improve one's strength and power in waking life. It represents the aim to achieve a specific goal or target, requiring discipline and dedication akin to regular exercise and training. This dream also suggests that you are performing hard to enhance different aspects of your life, not just physical fitness. On the other hand, these visions are metaphors for the challenges you face in waking life, requiring you to develop resilience, perseverance, and a strong mindset to overcome obstacles. Finally, this dream encourages you to keep working towards your goals with a focus on self-improvement and personal growth.

Not allowed to play and being weighed

I was at my youth group and everyone except me and my youth leader went out to play a game, and she kept trying to get me to weigh myself and I finally did and then I woke up.

A dream in which you see yourself being disallowed a physical activity, such as playing a game outdoors, may represent some negative aspects of your personality. It is possible that you sometime, perhaps even inadvertently, manipulate people around you into doing things for you. Furthermore, if this happens to be the case, the dream portends the possibility that this characteristic of your personality may cause some friction between you and the person affected, such as a good friend or a family member.

Afraid to be weighed

My youth leader wanted me to weigh myself so she could see how much I weighed, but I was afraid to because it was low, so I didn't tell her.

Dreams about being underweight reveal your fears and insecurities. You may lack confidence in your abilities and would rather stay in the background to avoid scrutiny. It is also possible that the weight represents your frugal nature. In particular, your frugality could manifest itself in your interpersonal relationships. You may have a tendency to treat others in a thrifty and stingy manner. Retaliations and discontentment on their side could follow.

Weighing yourself

Weighing yourself on large and heavy weight scales in a dream has several different interpretations. It could either mean that you are doubting your ability to do good and attain prosperity in life, or you are avoiding an inconvenient yet beneficial activity by being lethargic and careless. It can also be a forewarning that you are about to experience some mistrust from your close ones. Thus, you must take stock of your attitude towards other people and all the opportunities coming your way.

Someone losing weight

Dreaming of someone losing weight, after going on a diet for example, can have various meanings, one possible interpretation of the dream is that if the person is a friend or a significant other, it represents a change in your relationship or a desire to see them achieve their goals. Alternatively, the dream may be more general and express a desire to lose weight or achieve your own personal pursuits. This nocturnal vision also projects shedding negative aspects of yourself or letting go of things that weigh you down. In a nutshell, the dream is a reminder to focus on self-improvement and making positive changes in order to succeed and achieve your desired objectives.