Dreams Related To Wedding

Seeing someone getting married

If you are dreaming and you see someone getting married, then it is a good sign. It could mean good news is coming your way, which may indirectly have an impact on you in your current life situations or some future events.

Being a part of a wedding

Dreaming about being a part of someone's wedding ceremony is a sign that you will have the opportunity to attend a big gathering or party either arranged by or including long time good friends of yours. Also, you may get an opportunity to become associated or acquainted with a person who will eventually become a great influence in your life long after this party is over because this person will have become your soul mate.

Your own wedding

Dreaming about your own wedding ceremony indicates you will soon encounter a life situation that will require you to make an important decision. Once this decision is made, it will significantly influence the course of future events.

Dreaming about your own wedding could also be a sign that you will experience some sort of surprise or unexpected news, which will require a lot of sensitivity and patience from you in order to make the situation an advantageous moment.

Sister with art about wedding

My sister presents me an art piece by her of my wedding moment with the groom.

Dreaming about your sister showing you an image of your wedding can be interpreted as a warning sign in the dream realm. A picture of your own wedding symbolizes soon experiencing a set of circumstances that would challenge you to make an urgent decision. As you consider your options, you would need to be prepared to make a big change in your life. The image of your sister should be considered a warning to be alert and more cautious than usual. This is because there could be someone attempting to ruin your relationship with your husband. It would be wise to avoid sharing personal information with people you do not know well or those who have not earned your trust, as this may be the error that forces you to make the difficult choice.

Wedding for a married person

To dream of a wedding for a married person means you and your significant other will embark on a new journey that you both never expected to have to endure before. You will have to work together through this new experience.

Being a guest of honor at a wedding

Dreaming of being invited to a wedding or being a guest of honor at a wedding means you will need to provide help or advice to someone who is very close to you like a friend or family member.

It is to your advantage to help this person when they come to you with the request because you will be needing their advice and help later. So it's important not to ignore or refuse people who may be needing help from you right now.

Uninvited guest at a wedding

If you dream you showed up as an uninvited guest at a wedding ceremony, it may represent a very negative sign. It could mean you will soon have a life filled with loneliness, illness, or death.

Wedding of a close friend

Being at the wedding of a close friend in a dream means you and that person will eventually engage in a conversation that will ponder the nature of your friendship.This conversation will determine whether you and that person will have a more romantic or continued platonic relationship.

Wedding gone wrong

Watching a wedding go horribly wrong because of unforeseen mishaps, internal conflicts, or scandalous wedding events during the wedding is a warning that you are going to encounter some misunderstandings or conflicts in your life that might be hard to overcome.

Wedding of a loved one without you

Seeing your loved one's wedding without you as the spouse in your dreams is a bad sign. It means that you and your significant other will start to travel in different directions in your lives and will never see each other again.

Dancing at a wedding

Seeing yourself or someone else dancing at a wedding ceremony portends unhealthy competition. This means you will encounter some people who have intentions to compete with you, and they might get very close to gaining the upper hand because of their intellect or some other kind of advantage over you.

My wedding

Attending your own wedding, watching yourself get married or from a first-person perspective, means you are approaching a life-changing moment. This dream scenario is a metaphor for a significant milestone, such as an actual wedding or a career change, which will alter your current path in life. You may even decide to move to another country or somewhere far from your current residence. As a result, this prediction will set off a series of events which will lead to a new chapter in your existence.

Being the center of a wedding

If you dream of seeing yourself as being the center of a wedding or very close to the bride and groom, then it is a good sign that you will have success beginning a romance with someone you have been trying to get connected to for quite some time now.

Being at a wedding with an unattractive man

I'm at someone's wedding with another man (unattractive and unfamiliar man). As I sit down at the table I can hear family gossiping how I'm with this man and not my fiancé.

The dream you have had about attending someone's wedding and being approached by a man you did not find attractive or worth being around could be revealing that you are presently being influenced by or becoming excessively absorbed in some negative developments or a worrisome situation in your waking life. This circumstance could be related to either something you are not happy to be a part of or associate with, however, at the same time, your everyday life depends on you being involved. You are also expressing obvious concerns, reflected by your subconscious mind, that your involvement is not approved, welcomed or understood by those around you. If you are starting to feel stressed or overwhelmed with your current situation - it is definitely the high time to reassess your priorities and goals you are currently pursuing.

Preparing for the wedding

I saw myself in a wedding dress and I was preparing for my wedding, I saw the groom but didn't see clear his face. And that's all.

Dreaming about trying a wedding dress on while getting ready for your own wedding signifies upcoming significant life events. You could be worried and concerned in anticipation of their arrival. However, this dream vision suggests that the outcomes of these future events or circumstances would be positive and beneficial for you. You also had an indistinct glimpse of your groom's face. The groom might represent someone from your actual awake life. Subconsciously, you believe that this person would be responsible for your life's positive changes. Try to think of someone of the masculine gender with whom you presently have a close relationship. This individual might potentially act as a catalyst of these new impeding developments. Alternatively, the dream could mean you implicitly know that the future events will be fortunate. However, you are unsure about the outline or exact nature of such events.

A fight during a wedding

If you dream that you participated in or witnessed a fight during a wedding, especially a physical fight, then it is an omen that you will soon be receiving news of a loved one dying.

Attending a wedding

Attending a wedding is often thought to predict large scale gatherings. If you see this symbol during a time when you are unable to meet with others, it suggests a desire to be with family or see those you care about most. Alternatively, you may be subconsciously aware of an upcoming opportunity when you can indeed safely spend time with your loved ones, such as at a party or reunion.

Being invited to a wedding for unwed

Being invited to a wedding for unwed couples is a sign your relationship is growing.This also means there is a strong possibility you and your significant other will discuss and start planning your own wedding together.

Secretly getting married

Dreaming about secretly getting married or without letting anyone within your family know about these plans means your behavior is being discussed at length by other people and is becoming the focus of people's attention when they mention you.

Stopping the wedding

Stopping a wedding ceremony or interfering with the possibility of a wedding occurring is a bad sign that someone close to you is secretly harboring feelings of hostility towards you, and this person wants to gain an advantage in life at the expense of your demise.

Wild wedding party

Dreaming about a wild wedding party or some other celebration is a bad sign. It means there is going to be a series of negative and annoying circumstances emerging within your household.

Also, it is possible that this could mean a family member of your own family or a friend's family member is going to face some kind of hardship or find himself or herself in inevitable danger.

Being the groom at a wedding

Dreaming of being the groom at a wedding ceremony is an omen. It indicates an upcoming bout of depression and also means you will be spending your life alone while feeling rejected by other people.

If you are already suffering from a condition of depression, this dream could be a sign that you are about to have complications from your illness, or you may be experiencing a worsening of your current condition.

Being invited to a wedding for married

Receiving an invitation to a wedding in your dream, particularly for a married couple, can be interpreted as a symbol of fresh beginnings and potential growth. This dream may suggest that you and your spouse are on the verge of welcoming a new addition to your family. It carries a positive message of renewal and the expansion of your family unit.

Anxiously waiting for your wedding

Dreaming about anxiously waiting for your wedding to occur is a warning about false accusations.There is a possibility you will be accused of doing or saying something you did not actually say or do, and you will have to experience repercussions from the false accusations despite your innocence.

Getting married without a groom present

In my first dream I was walking through a dark hallway until my fake father tells me "Go!". So I ran through a small opening and I was greeted by cheers of dozens of people, the main spotlight was on me while I ran through the hall. In my 2nd dream I was a bride and walking down the aisle, a familiar lady pointed behind me, 3 groom's men - one was a guy who had a crush on me, the other was his friend, the third was someone whom I didn't know. The groom wasn't there.

To dream that your are under a spotlight in front of a cheering crowd alludes to your need of acknowledgment. You could be yearning for people to pay attention to you. Maybe you think that you are being neglected or overlooked. Meanwhile, the dream of your wedding represents an upcoming life situation that will require you to make an important decision. Once this decision is made, it will significantly influence the course of future events. Overall, it seems that you are caught in a crossroad and the choices you make based on your current disposition will have lasting consequences on your life.

Wedding involving your secret lover

If you dream of a wedding which involves your secret lover getting married to you or someone else in the ceremony, then it is a sign of failure. It means you may experience a lack of success in the current plans or projects you are pursuing.

My wedding preparation

Preparations for your own wedding suggest you are planning to make a big move. You could find yourself in a plateau or yearning for improvement in your living situation, so a life-changing decision is on the horizon to add some movement in your existence. It could be a career shift, relocation or making a big commitment. Regardless of the nature of this decision, it will be memorable with long-term repercussions. You need a healthy level of self-awareness to make a decision which you can live with.

Being at a wedding and wanted by other men

I'm a guest at a wedding and 3 different men all want me to be with them.

Dreaming about being a part of someone's wedding could be a sign that you will have an opportunity to attend a big gathering or party arranged or planned by good friends of yours or people you know closely. Also, seeing yourself being wanted by other men in the same dream means you could get an opportunity to become associated or acquainted with a person or people who may have a big influence on your life and for a long period of time.

Being a wedding planner

Dreaming of yourself in the role of being a wedding planner is a sign that you need to let go of that carefree lifestyle that you are living right now. Instead, you need to start concentrating on establishing and achieving goals in order to have success in your business or other projects you are trying to accomplish.

Welcoming wedding guests

If you dream of seeing yourself as a part of the crowd that is welcoming wedding guests to the ceremony, then it means you will see a change in your family life. Expect you and your partner to have a life together that is more fulfilling and filled with happiness.

Somebody interfering with your wedding

If you find yourself dreaming about a situation in which somebody interfered with the progress of your wedding, then it is a sign of trust issues. It means you lack the tolerance to deal with the jealous actions and accusations that come from your significant other, who is getting fabricated information about your behavior from people hanging around you.

Deciding to have a wedding

If you are dreaming of deciding to have a wedding ceremony and are discussing the plans to go ahead with the wedding with your current lover, then it is a positive sign that your personal characteristics and talents will be widely accepted by people around you, such as your and your lover's family, friends, or employers.

Wedding with a guest dressed in black

If you are dreaming of being at a wedding ceremony with a guest dressed in black as if at a funeral, then it is an indication that there may be some potential negative consequences if one of your family members or close friends is planning on getting married sometime soon.

Wedding of an older couple

If you find yourself dreaming of being the guest at a wedding of an older couple you may or may not know, then it is a sign that you are about to experience a serious illness that will last for a long time.

Being the best man at a wedding

Seeing yourself being the best man at a wedding is a good sign. It means there are going to be some quick changes in your life that will definitely be designed to produce some positive outcomes in your current life circumstances.

Being in a male or female crowd at a wedding

If you dream of finding yourself being immersed in a male or female crowd at a wedding and have now separated from the rest of the wedding guests, then it is a sign that you will experience indecisiveness and confusion whenever you try to make important life decisions.

Sick friend getting married

Having a dream about one of your sick friends getting married to someone you may or may not know is a warning. It means you will be coming to your own demise and departure from this world real soon.

Wedding at a church

Dreams of having a wedding at a church might symbolize a temporary period of despondency or lingering negative emotions that affect your mood. However, dreams are highly subjective, and their meanings can vary widely from person to person. It's important not to jump to conclusions based solely on a dream. If you find yourself in a low mood or experiencing negative emotions, it's a good idea to seek support, talk to friends or a professional, and work through the issues that might be causing these feelings.

Being invited to a royal wedding

Being invited to a royal wedding means great things are afoot for you and your significant other. If you are not yet married, then this means you and your partner are ready to tie a knot. The wedding of your dreams will come true. If you are already married, then you and your spouse may soon welcome a new member of the family. It will be challenging and many people may interject about how to raise this baby, but in the end all the fuss and stress will be worth it. Alternatively, a royal wedding represents your grand ambitions. You refuse to settle for anything but the best.

A wedding party and a funeral afterwards

I dreamed that we are celebrating a wedding party and later on that we are on our way to burial of someone and I saw a friend of mine. She is dead for one year now. She is also escorting the dead body.

Seeing yourself celebrating a wedding event means that in your waking life you are about to be invited to a gathering, but based on the rest of what you are describing, this dream could be related to a gathering arranged in the loving memory of someone's departure. It would not necessarily be a person you are closely related to, but the vision of your now deceased friend escorting the body of another person who passed away speaks of the possibility of having to attend services in order to say farewell to someone who may pass away soon or whose wake you would be invited to attend.

Having multiple weddings

I dreamt of having a wedding several times with the same guy. I first saw him on stage with another woman, she was wearing a gown and I was also wearing mine. The woman disappeared and he held my hand, then I went on the stage. We wedded.

Dreaming of repeatedly marrying the same person could be an indicator that you may soon face an important decision. You could unexpectedly find yourself in a situation where a decision you make could have long-term ramifications for your life. Thinking carefully about the repercussions of the choices you are presently surrounded by could be really helpful in the long run.

Not ready for the wedding

I dreamt that I was getting ready for my wedding. I was having problems with my hair and could not get anyone to help me. My sister was being mean and would not help me. I arrived at the church without my wedding dress on or hair done. I was able to fix my hair.

Watching a wedding go wrong because of unforeseen mishaps, internal conflicts or wedding-related events during the wedding is a warning that you are going to encounter some misunderstandings or conflicts in your life that might be hard to overcome. If you find yourself dreaming about a situation in which somebody interfered with the progress of your wedding, then it is a sign of trust issues. It means you lack the tolerance to deal with jealousy and accusations that come from your significant other, who may simply be getting fabricated information about your behavior from people whom you usually socialize with.

Former lover at own my wedding

What is the meaning of seeing the person I loved helping around during my wedding.

Seeing your own wedding in a dream, whether you are expecting to get married or already committed in reality, is a symbol associated with difficult decisions in your future. No matter which path you choose, you are unlikely to be able to go back or change your mind, so this may have a great impact on your future plans or projects. Seeing a man you once cared about deeply suggests you tend to dwell on past events, particularly ones that did not turn out in your favor at some point. This tendency could negatively affect any decisions you are to make unless you can change this aspect of your personality.

Looking through a wedding album

I was at some place and I was seeing someone's Indian wedding album. I only knew the people in the dream, but in real life I don't know them at all.

Seeing a photo album containing wedding photos suggests you are about to have an unexpected relationship developing with a married person in the near future. This relationship could cause problems for both of you in the form of gossip or jealous spouses. Unless you are interested in such a troublesome situation, you should steer clear of this person.

Deceased father absent during wedding

My deceased father did not turn up to bring me into the church on my wedding day. The groom was there and all the guests.

Dreaming about your own wedding ceremony predicts you may soon encounter a situation which would require you to make an important choice, likely between two close options. Once this decision is made, it could significantly influence the course of future events. Your deceased father's absence during this special day in the dream may suggest that he wants you to choose the path which would fulfill something you had both looked forward to, for example visiting some special place, taking on a big project or even getting married. Fulfilling this unfinished business for him could bring you great happiness and peace of mind.

Photographing people at a wedding

I am photographing a couple, they don't cooperate, I get annoyed and the wife leaves without posing, I get angry and start breaking coconut shells and then I start dancing alone, later the couples are getting married, I even though angry, run to get my camera and start shooting the wedding.

Taking pictures in a dream could be symbolically connected to your ideals or what you consider to be model behavior. In this case, the couple does not cooperate, making it impossible to take a beautiful picture. This represents your frustration with others. You feel that there is no one you can look up to in terms of love and commitment, possibly because most of your experience has been with broken families or partners facing multiple challenges. This leads to the wedding ceremony that you take pictures of at the end of the dream, which predicts getting involved in an affair with a married person. Given the idealistic view of matrimony, you seem to hold in the first half of the dream, it would be wise to steer clear of this guy to avoid hurting yourself and his marriage.

Strange feelings before own wedding

I'm a girl. I had a dream that I was getting married and my cousins were helping me change into a strange pink dress. Once I was ready, we headed outside to a seating area. My entire family was at a picnic table looking up at the night sky. I looked up and saw a light. Then there was an explosion in the distance and my entire body felt painfully tingly (I actually felt it!). I blacked out and started seeing real memories from my past. It was scary because I woke up with a gasp thinking I had died.

Getting married in a pink dress could be associated with falling in love. After all, pink signifies love, happiness and affection. As such, getting ready for this wedding ceremony indicates some concern or anxiety on your part about an upcoming important life event. Meanwhile, the picnic setting during the evening alludes to domesticity and the challenges that come with it. Perhaps you are thinking about settling down, hence your dream could be related to your current partner or someone you like, even if they do not know it, causing you some level of apprehension and anxiety. Finally, getting knocked out by a distant explosion means you could be blindsided by an unexpected turn of events about to unravel.

Missing daughter's wedding

I was preparing for my daughter's wedding. It is the day of the wedding in my dream and then it seems like hours go by and I have totally missed the wedding. I felt horrible and can't understand how this happened.

Weddings in dreams usually signal new beginnings, transitions and changes. Preparing for your daughter's wedding, especially if it is happening soon in reality, reveals your excitement for the upcoming event. At the same time, you may be feeling some anxiety about losing her as she enters a new chapter in her personal journey. This could be the reason why during the actual wedding day, you ended up missing the ceremony. Furthermore, it could also be an indication that you are overthinking things and stressing yourself out over outcomes and eventualities that have not even happened yet. Perhaps your subconscious is telling you to enjoy the moment instead of getting lost over details because you may end up missing important moments in your family's life.