Dreams Related To Weather

Trying to get to husband in bad weather

My dream was about serve weather going on and me trying to make it to my husband, but I couldn't cause of the weather and he was in need of my help.

Stormy or severe weather patterns in dreams allude to difficulties and obstacles in your professional and personal life. You may have too much on your plate right now that you could end up neglecting some of your duties at home. In particular, trying to help your husband but being slowed down by the bad weather means you are no longer in control of your responsibilities. You may need to delegate some of your work to others and learn which ones to prioritize for you and your family's sake.

Being able to control bad weather

A thunderstorm with lightning and being able to prevent it by my hand to strike me.

Thunder and lightning amid a storm suggest you are bored with life as you know it. Maybe you seek something new or want to go on an adventure to break up the monotony of day-to-day living. Your power to avoid being directly struck by lightning, then, predicts finding some hobby or yet undiscovered skill which may become a source of entertainment in the future or the beginnings of a new passion.