Dreams Related To Waves

Big waves

Dreaming about menacing sea with big waves moving in your direction can be a sign of events and circumstances which could be both positive and negative in their nature. The best way to protect yourself from possible complications related in this case to the members of your household or colleagues at work is to carefully consider steps you take or words you speak.

How to interpret a dream about ocean waves or tide

Big waves coming at you

A succession of huge waves barreling towards your direction is a sign of upheaval. This allusion is generally negative, but there could also be positive developments in the midst of difficulties ahead of you. For instance, the huge waves could indicate enormously emotional events like a fallout with a significant other or even getting the opportunity of a lifetime. Good and bad could come in hand, like using rejection to fuel your dreams. The waves here are mere projections of your capacity to feel deeply about life-changing situations.

Big waves while on the church roof

In the deep sleep, I and my friend both are standing on top of the church roof and enjoyed the view of the sea in front of us. Suddenly, the waves rise so high like Tsunami and start coming towards us. But while there is a gap of only 5 feet, the waves don't hurt us nor do any damage and it just goes off by themselves. At this point, we are still standing on top of the roof of the church and praising God.

This vision sends a powerful message about your future and should not be taken lightly. Standing atop a church can have several different meanings, but the context of this vision seems to suggest the need for strength, endurance, humility and kindness. These attributes are likely necessary for what the future has in store for you. This is supported by the image of both the calm sea and the sudden waves which, albeit near, do not harm you. This means that your future contains several important events and opportunities which, while challenging, could also prove to yourself and others that you are ready for the next level.

Caught in big waves

I dreamt I was stuck under a bridge during an end-of-the-world event with a few strangers, where thousand-foot-high waves were approaching the city. The city was black, very dark, almost black and white. The waves that were approaching were a deep navy blue and were so high I couldn't see the sky. I remember feeling complete fear and despair, trembling inside as it gained speed and height. I turned to face a wall as it finally crashed into us. Oddly enough I had the ability to breathe and wasn't crushed to death. It happened three times in succession. The strangers disappeared. I was alone.

Having to face strong sea waves in a dream is a bad sign of being exposed to losses and sadness caused by negative circumstances or experiences while living through some perilous times. Finding yourself sitting or standing underneath a bridge is a reflection of your inability to solve issues or overcome obstacles standing in the way of accomplishing things that are important to you personally. The main reason for this to happen is the way you communicate and build relationships with others. The image of strangers disappearing at the end of this dream also points to the fact that people in your waking life may be turning away from you or ignoring you because of these deficiencies.

High tide waves

Seeing waves with a high tide implies you would have huge and overwhelming success in a particular area of your life. Paying attention and developing good habits would allow you to take advantage of certain situations and regulate your emotions. As a result, instead of acting on your feelings, your sense of calm and composure would allow you to use persuasive language to get exactly what you want. Your personal well-being as well as your career would be positively affected by this.

Waves crashing over me

The vivid image of waves crashing over you in a dream vision is often thought to be an indicator of being overwhelmed or overcome with emotion in reality. According to Jungian philosophy, this symbol is often considered a precursor of major events that evoke a strong emotional response. However, this image alone cannot determine if the circumstances would be positive or negative in nature. This dream portent is seen equally for both extremely happy events, such as marriages and the birth of children, and negative ones, like the passing of a loved one or a natural disaster.

Tidal waves

A tidal wave can predict small amounts of social unrest and dissatisfaction, particularly among the youth and disenfranchised. You may notice an uptick in political speeches, rallies, sit-ins, protests or online campaigns after witnessing this dream symbol. You may also be swept up, finding it difficult to remain neutral even if you want to. The amount of trouble or damage caused by the tidal wave in the vision is directly proportional to what you might expect to occur in reality after the public's voice has been heard.

Watching waves from above

Watching waves from high ground, such as from a cliff overlooking the ocean or a fjord, is often interpreted as a sign that your future would be relatively stable and consistent. You would probably have a schedule that is followed day in and day out and enjoy the companionship of loyal, constant friends. Also, you would have the free mental energy to carefully consider the wisdom and advice of your betters, be them relatives, friends or famous figures.

Interpretation of dream about big waves in ocean

Seeing waves

Watching waves as they bob up and down on the water represents some challenges that are affecting your current tasks or plans. In a sense, this vision is the manifestation of the ups and downs you are going through in reality as you meet obstacles and slowly but surely overcome them. The bigger the waves in this vision, the more difficult it would be to overcome whatever stands in your path. You would have to exert much time and effort to push forward and make your dreams a reality under these especially difficult circumstances.

Being swallowed by a wave

Being completely swallowed up by a large wave, such as when you are swimming in the water, predicts misfortune and bad luck in reality. You would soon experience a series of terrible events which will try your patience and wear you down to the bone. This is especially true if the water appeared to be dirty or murky. In order to improve this situation, you may need to think carefully about how you deal with others. If you improve your communication skills and are more sympathetic to the feelings and circumstances of others, you may find that others are more accomodating of your situation as well.

Someone drowning in waves

Seeing someone drown in wave-filled, unsettled waters represents your current state of internal turmoil and disquiet. In a sense, seeing someone else go under the water reflects your own fears of much the same. This pessimistic, negative state would be a drag on your psyche, making it difficult to act and feel happy. If you happened to see many people drowning in your vision, it is possible that it means individuals from your reality are planning to betray or harm you through deception. You should be on your guard around those whom you consider less trustworthy or suspicious.

Waves and water

The combination of water and waves in the dreamscape portends upheavals. Even if you see the waves on a body of water or as a surface disturbance in a glass of beverage, those symbols mean the same thing. Your immediate future will not be smooth sailing and you will have to learn to adapt or risk getting overwhelmed. Traditionally, a wave can also symbolize significant change. Your life will be different because the situation calls for it. You may shift from arts to a more practical career path for stability or you could choose to leave your current partner to enjoy more freedom.

Waves in general

Waves, as a general dream symbol, predict suddenly having to travel or go somewhere unexpectedly. This would likely happen on short notice, without any warning or indication beforehand. Such a sudden travel necessity would probably elevate your already heightened worries or anxieties because having to go somewhere without planning already would make you nervous. If you are not careful to relax and take care of yourself, you could have a panic attack or some other nervous breakdown either before, during or after your journey.

A person carried by waves

Envisioning another person being carried a distance by waves, such as a surfer or a boogie boarder, may represent your path to success and the rewards you would reap for your hard work and effort despite opposition. Even though others may have criticized your ideas or mocked your attempt thus far, you would come out on top. This would greatly surprise and shock all your enemies and the doubters, like you pseudo-friends and co-workers. In some cases, their lack of faith may even be the fuel that allows you to achieve so much.

Waves of clear water

Specifically envisioning waves on crystal clear water is thought to be the manifestation of your growth in the ethical or philosophical sense. It represents your expanding knowledge about different aspects of the world that surrounds you, be it cultural understanding, religious tolerance, ideological changes, etc. The more you know and grow, the happier and more content you would become.

Waves of unclean water

Picturing waves in dirty water, be it a polluted ocean or minor flooding during a storm, suggests you would soon make a mistake with far-reaching consequences. Whether you simply omitted some important information or were mistaken in some news you possess, this vision predicts you would have to suffer the results of this error for a very long time, possibly years. You may be able to mitigate some of the damage by rectifying the mistake immediately, but it may only have limited effects in the long run.

Swimming in high waves

Swimming in water that has high, perilous waves portends becoming involved in a movement or event that is related to social unrest or political conflict. This interpretation looks at the height of the waves as an indication of the precipice you would metaphorically be standing on. Having control as you swim under these circumstances may reveal some degree of power and influence at this time, while being pushed and pulled by the current suggests you are a follower. If you were only able to hear the waves during the vision, it represents hearing news of the event or seeing images either online or on the television. However, you would not personally get involved or know anyone who does.

Swimming in warm waves

Swimming in warm gentle waves is often interpreted as a positive symbol in the dream realm. It represents going through a period of time marked by stability and general peace. This means you are unlikely to experience anything troubling or emotionally disturbing. You would be able to rest comfortably at night and feel secure in your position in the world. You may even have the opportunity to grow through either further education or the development of a talent because of the lack of conflict during this time.

The sound of waves coming ashore

Hearing waves as they break upon the shore is a neutral symbol associated with resolution and forgiveness. When seen in a dream vision, this image suggests the dreamer would make amends with someone they have wronged or forgive someone who has wronged them. The resulting peace and tranquility of spirit from letting go of this guilt and negative energy is what is represented in this symbol. Alternatively, this same sound can also indicate coming to a conclusion or understanding more about a topic that has weighed heavily on your mind for some time. You could finally realize something that has eluded you for a long time or come to a decision that was a long time in the making.

Waves washing away a sand castle

Dreaming about waves that wash away a sand castle, particularly if you built the castle yourself during the vision, suggests your unrealistic dreams or expectations may suddenly reveal themselves to be completely unattainable. In a sense, the washing away of the sand is a metaphor for the bubble bursting and the truth making itself known, namely that what you hope to achieve is a pipe dream. Perhaps this vision should then be interpreted as a warning to focus on more manageable goals or to be practical and realistic about the potential for your various endeavors.

Watching waves battering the shore

Waves that seem to batter the shore violently or relentlessly refer to your path towards enlightenment, understanding and skillfulness. In a sense, the waves represent each trial or task that gives you knowledge and experience, much like how waves wash over the shore. If the waves were dark, murky or otherwise unclean, it is possible you would make many mistakes on your journey. You would need to repeat certain errors or tasks multiple times until you achieved competency. However, clear, clean waves suggest most of these lessons would be pleasant, and you would find moderate success relatively early on, especially if you are actively pursuing an apprenticeship.

Waves on the river

Waves that are seen in relation to a flowing river are thought to symbolically represent the outflowing of some money in reality. You may have to pay for something unexpected in reality, such as a car repair, new set of clothes or extra food. The item or service you need would be absolutely necessary, so if you do not have money set aside it could cause you some headaches or discomfort.

Waves during nice weather

Seeing waves during particularly nice or pleasant weather is considered a positive symbol in the dream realm. It predicts making good decisions in business, such as striking good bargains while out shopping or requesting services, or having successful networking opportunities with those who could be useful to you in future business situations. You would certainly profit and succeed due to the outcome of recent circumstances.

Watching waves with others

Watching waves with other people, be it a small or a large gathering of many individuals, portends attending a large-scale event or gathering. This vision has positive connotations, suggesting the event would happen under happy circumstances, like a wedding in a church, a national athletic competition or some performance of music or theater. You would surely enjoy the time spent in the company of others at this special event, strengthening your connections with others and enjoying the festivities immensely.

Birds flying over waves

The combination of birds and waves in the dream world is related to some minor troubles or difficulties in your place of work or business. This symbol implies that poking the bear and making a mountain out of a molehill could have terrible consequences for you and your team. Instead, you should either ignore the issue or take small, discrete steps to rectify the problem. Otherwise you may find yourself in hot water with your superiors or shareholders.

Completely washed by a wave

Becoming completely drenched in the water from a wave, such as when sitting or standing on the shoreline, is a highly auspicious symbol to perceive in the realm of dream visions. It is connected with the idea of wealth and prosperity, often indicating a sudden increase in wealth or a drastic positive change in your financial situation. For example, you may suddenly win a large sum of money from a lottery or prize, or you may find that an investment that you made a while ago suddenly increases in value.

Waves of a strange shape or color

Waves that appear to be off for some reason, be it because they seem to be an unusual color or form an unusual shape, suggest you have some dissatisfaction with one or more of your relationships in reality. In a sense, the strange appearance of the waves is the manifestation of your unsettled feelings toward this individual or group. If things continue as they are now, you may become increasingly unhappy and stressed. This could even lead to a complete breakup or ending of the relationship.

Waves moving in slow motion

Seeing waves moving across the water in slow motion is a positive symbol to perceive in the world of dreams. It means you would find that your luck would improve in the future and more positive, beneficial circumstances would appear in your life. This new situation would greatly improve your chances of success and prosperity, giving you the boost you need to make your hopes and dreams come true.

Massive wave

Seeing a massive wave during the course of a dream vision represents civil unrest stirring around you. This is especially true of those in certain categories, like the young people and those in ethnic minorities. After seeing this dream symbol, you may become more aware of certain forces at work, such as online campaigns, petitions and protests. You may also be inspired to join or support a particular cause if enough momentum is created.

Sea waves and bright sky

This was a vision in which I saw a large body of water with the seas calm and bright color sky. At one moment then waves would appear very heavy at times coming and beating towards the shore and then the calmness would show up again. Please explain.

Dreaming about sea or ocean water is a symbol of new and unique experiences ahead. You might have an interesting encounter in the near future or become involved in an advantageous situation or experience. Looking at an enormous body of water with a bright sky above foretells being offered great opportunities in the near future. From these, you will be able to choose the one that is most suitable for you. The second part of your dream about waves alternating between stormy and calm states is coalescent with this interpretation, but adds some negativity to it. You could encounter possible obstacles created on your path by people who might dislike or be envious of your accomplishments along the way, but you would successfully manage every hardship or obstacle appearing in your life's path.

Observing sea waves from a balcony

I was standing on my balcony with my sister and an old classmate of hers. It was heavily raining, but the balcony position didn't allow us to get wet. In front of us, there was the rest of the town and the sea at the end. The waves of the sea weren't high, but when the waves crash on the shore they were a lot closer to the land side than usual. I felt a bit frightened and asked my sister and her old classmate to go inside, and they listened. We went inside and closed the balcony window. Please tell me what does my dream mean and what does the rain and waves mean?

Rain symbolically represents a tendency to distance yourself from others, both physically and emotionally. This could be directly related to your sister and her friend, especially if they have tried to help you in the past, but you were unable or unwilling to accept their support. Seeing a view of the ocean in a dream vision is commonly interpreted as a sign of opportunity. You could be on the verge of receiving numerous offers or being able to choose a new path for yourself. However, feeling frightened suggests you may not feel ready to break out of your shell. In this case, this vision is likely a message from your subconscious, trying to show you how much freedom you have and encouraging you not to limit yourself.

Hit by ocean waves while dining out

I am a girl. At night, we were all sitting (my family and some friends) at a table on top of a large hill where the restaurant we were eating at was. Our cottage was a few blocks away and you can see the ocean clearly from where we were. It was very close. The ocean was very calm and dark. Suddenly there was a very big wave that was big enough to go up some of the hills. Then a way larger one came that was able to get up to our ankles wet, and we ran to the cottage that it wouldn't reach.

Being on top of a hill in your dream suggests wealth, success, and being in a respectable position. It seems like, despite your status, you remain grounded and humble, preferring a simple lifestyle to an extravagant one. However, the fact that you were eating in a restaurant reveals a yearning for some sustenance for the soul. Perhaps you have been feeling overwhelmed by decisions and issues in the waking world, or maybe you are looking for something or someone that is missing. In any case, the incoming wave represents emotional turmoil. If you are not careful, you could get swept away by your own misgivings. Fortunately, you have strong support inside your family circle.

Sonic waves

In the dream world, hearing sound waves or some sort of tune reveals your emotions and social dispositions. You might be a very easygoing person, which makes it easy for others to get close to you. Alternatively, this might be a representation of some unwanted circumstances that you might soon face or something that is already going on in your life. These events might result in depressive feelings if you do not think of ways to handle them properly.