Dreams Related To Water

Carrying water

Carrying water in your dream such as fetching water, is a symbol of being triumphant over problems. You will finally be able to win over all the negative things in your life that have hounded you for some time.

Clear water

Dreaming of clear water whether it is running or inside a container, tells of experiencing pleasures in the near future. Your life will also be prosperous and you will be able to enjoy the fine things in life.

Bathing in water

Bathing in water in your dream signifies being successful at resisting malicious attempts against you. You will be able to dodge successfully any attempt done by someone trying to put you in a precarious situation.

Drinking clear water

Dreaming of drinking clear water tells of fulfilled dreams. You will be able to realize your dreams and plans in life, whether in the near or far future, and this will bring you much contentment and happiness. It will open new doors for you and new experiences in life.

Spilled water

Having spilled water in your dream tells you that you are on the right path. The plans you have right now are the right choices for you. This will keep you interested and preoccupied for some time.

Water flooding your house

Water flooding your house in your dream signifies there is a battle going on between good and evil, whether in you internally or around you. Receding flood water symbolizes you might lose in the fight against a powerful, dangerous influence or an undesirable circumstance.

Pouring water on someone

Pouring water on someone indicates being involved in an embarrassing situation. You may put yourself in a situation that might cause you embarrassment or lead to a mistake that will place you in a compromising position.

Flowing river water

Flowing river water in your dream symbolizes wealth. You will be able to acquire financial assets and great gains which will make you a very prosperous person. This will also make you independent and self-sustaining.

Someone giving you water

Dreaming of someone giving you water when you are really thirsty means that you will have a long and fruitful life ahead of you. You will experience a lot of things that will make your life truly colorful and meaningful.

Rain water

Dreaming of rain water surrounding you in your dream is a promise of success. You will soon gain popularity due to the accomplishments you will make either through your career or in your personal life.

Water dripping from a tap

Water dripping from a tap refers to wasting your energy on worthless projects that do not deserve your time and attention. Moreover, these are the source of all your disappointments and undue stress.

Washing hands with water and dropping water

I saw two dreams, in one I saw myself washing my hands with water and in the second one I saw my water jug is dropped.

The image of water is strong in both of these visions, so the connection between the visions is very clear and easy to recognize. In the first dream, you were washing your hands, a symbol associated with blessings from a higher power or force. You likely have been blessed with luck and good fortune, making some aspects of your life much simpler than they otherwise would have been. However, the jug of water that is dropped in the second vision suggests your luck might be about to run out. This is because you have relied to much on your natural luck and have not done enough to sustain your good fortune by yourself. Unless you put more effort into improving yourself and taking your responsibilities seriously, you may find a series of unfortunate events is about to unravel.

Walking on water

Dreaming of walking on water is a highly auspicious symbol, signifying your exceptional ability to overcome obstacles and challenges that may arise. This dream foretells the promise of significant success in your life due to your adeptness in navigating hurdles. Your resilience and determination pave the way for achievements and accomplishments, making this dream a positive reminder of your potential for greatness.

Someone helping to carry water

Dreaming that my water is too heavy that an old friend I don't talk to had to help me carry.

Meeting an old friend represents the reappearance of old issues or problems. Carrying water, on the other hand, represents triumph in the face of adversity. In essence, this vision predicts overcoming a past trouble and moving on past it. This would bring you peace of mind and great happiness.

Boiling water

Observing or boiling water in your dream indicates unforeseen expenses. You could soon be faced with great financial losses because of the way you manage your finances. You tend to overlook the way you spend and save, and this leads to overspending.

Black water

Water that appears to be so dark and murky that it is black may represent upcoming misfortune and depression as a result. You may feel completely isolated from others, even in a crowded shopping center or in a sea of online friends and followers. The negative emotions you are about to experience may even be strong enough to disrupt your normal daily activities. For example, you may feel too depressed to post online or communicate online with others like you used to just a few days or weeks ago.

Drinking water

Drinking water to hydrate yourself in the dream realm is traditionally considered a symbol that is associated with the fulfillment of dreams or goals. However, the state of the water may reveal something more about your journey or path. Clear, clean or fresh water refers to realizing your plans for the future with little to no opposition, while dirty, murky water could mean you would experience a setback that would cause you to put your plans on hold, like an illness. Warm water refers to others trying to interfere with your plans, while particularly cool or cold water may mean you would receive aid from someone unexpected.

Water gushing from ceiling

Observing water gushing from the ceiling in your dream means that somebody you least expect will interfere with your life. This person would disrupt your peace, intentionally or unintentionally, and it would catch you by surprise. You might be unprepared to face this situation and would find it to be a challenge to deal with.

Washing in water

Washing in water, such as rinsing your face or other body part, symbolizes going in the right path. Your life is in the right direction and because of this your plans are coming true. You will be able to achieve the goals that you have set for yourself.

Dirty water

Dirty, unclean water, such as what is left over in a bucket after mopping, is a fairly ominous sign predicting danger and disruption in your life. You are likely to find yourself in a troublesome or life-threatening situation which prevents you from living your life to the fullest or from enjoying peace and tranquility.

Running water

Running water is symbolic of wealth and prosperity, and it is often considered a highly auspicious sign in traditional dream interpretation. You may soon make an important deal or acquire money that would allow you to have financial independence and peace of mind.

Diving deep in water

Diving deep in water or being submerged in water for a long time, means that problems or difficult situations will not affect you or your family in any way. You will be able to shrug off any difficulty you will face and because of this, you will be able to live a happy, contented life.

Being afraid of water

Being afraid of water, especially while entering a river or a lake, is a sign of feeling regretful. You may soon realize that actions you have done in the past may have undesirable outcomes that can affect your future.

Toilet overflowing with water

A broken toilet with overflowing water is a metaphor for bad finances. This could be a moment of enlightenment for you, especially if you have been living beyond your means and spending needlessly on superficial things. You may soon face a rude awakening when your credit card company or your accountant tells you that you are close to bankruptcy. Fortunately, this is a warning which means you still have time to straighten out your finances even it means a major lifestyle change.

Water overflowing

Overflowing water, such as a tub with open faucets, indicates overwhelming emotion. A break up or a death in the family could send you over the edge. Your grief or profound sense of loss will send your spiraling into depression. There is a risk of self-destructive behavior or self-harm, so seeking psychoanalysis or professional help would be strongly recommended to manage your emotions. Getting in touch with your spiritual side might also prevent you from succumbing to your darkness.

Dirty water and clean water

The opposing imagery of dirty water and clean water in dreams suggests confusion. You may face a dilemma in the near future which would require you to go down a path that would lead you to vastly different outcomes. Or perhaps it would force you to confront your light and dark sides. The dirty water could refer to questionable and dishonest actions, while the clean water depicts your conscience and general moral compass.

Water splashes on your body

Dreaming of having water splashes on your body means that you will meet someone special. This person will spark your emotions and bring you love. He or she will make your life more colorful and satisfying.

Water drops

Seeing water drops in your dream indicates that you will be involved with a big financial transaction. It can either be for your own gain or for a deal that you will become responsible for executing at your workplace.

Fetching water

Dreaming about fetching water.

Dreaming of fetching water is an auspicious sign which means you are soon to be triumphant over problems that have been bothering you for some time. You may suddenly find an answer that was not apparent before or learn a skill which changes the situation in your favor. You should take advantage of this success to make as much progress as you can.

Calm and smooth water surface

Seeing calm and smooth water surface such as a lake or pond, speaks of your unique ability to manage things well. This leads to success in your life because you are able to handle situations and turn things to your advantage.

Swimming in cold water

Swimming in cold water foretells of a pivotal event that will transpire in your life, and this will be instrumental in helping you avoid a potentially dangerous situation. This can also be helpful in steering you away from a conflict caused by a chain of events.


Watching a waterfall or observing rapid waters flowing at a great speed warns of a frightening encounter. You might soon be faced with an unpleasant experience that might have a profound effect on you.

Filling containers with water

I found myself filling jars with water. I always dream about this repeatedly. I'm a female... Thanks.

A jar being filled with water in a dream represents the skills and experience you have that help you accomplish work-related projects and personal endeavors quickly and efficiently. With this interpretation in mind, your dream vision seems to suggest you are currently working toward or should be putting more effort into improving yourself, either by learning new job skills, quitting bad habits, or doing activities that expand your horizons. By working hard at these things you can achieve success in the future.

Seeing someone underwater

According to modern dream workers, seeing someone else underwater at some point in a vision means that an aspect of your subconscious mind is in tune with the suffering and uncertainty in others. This clairvoyant tendency means you are in the best position to assist this person by helping them reflect on the pressures that are making them feel overwhelmed. The interpretation of this symbol means you are fortunate enough to be blessed with the gift of sight, so you should use it to confront the troubles in the lives of others and make significant improvements in their lives.

Standing water

Observing standing water in your dream, such as in a ditch or a pit, tells of being faced with unfavorable events. You might have to deal with scandals or unfortunate events in the future. It can also mean that you could have conflict either with people who are close to you or with someone you just met for the first time.

Someone throwing water on you

If you dream that someone drenches you with water, it means you will be humiliated in real life. Hinduism associates water with purification, hence the embarrassing situation could serve as an important lesson in sensitivity and humility. Perhaps this imagery means you will speak out of turn or behave inappropriately and someone will call you out for it. Instead of getting defensive and denying your mistakes, a little humility and empathy could help you avoid this situation entirely.

Sea or lake water

Dreams of lots of water in form of rivers, seas, lakes etc.

Dreaming about sea or ocean water is a symbol of new and unique experiences ahead. You might have an interesting encounter in the near future or be involved in a pleasant situation or experience. Looking at an enormous body of water that stretches along the horizon, tells of being offered great opportunities or ventures in the near future. From these, you will be able to choose the opportunity that is most suitable for you. Looking at sea water blue or dark blue in color foretells a possibility of meeting with someone you have known for a long time, which will bring joy and happiness as a result of the time spent together.

Murky water

Seeing murky water in your dream is a warning that there may be danger coming your way in the near future. It can take many forms, but it might cause enough disorder to disrupt your peaceful and happy life at the moment.

Pouring water on fire

Pouring water on fire or putting out the fire with water, tells you that you might soon be faced with difficulties in life. This could mainly involve material losses, leading to financial problems or hardship.

Waves on water surface

Witnessing waves on water surface indicates major changes that are about to come your way. You will be able to handle these changes positively by using your strengths to your advantage while balancing your priorities at the same time.

Stepping into sea water

Dreaming that you are stepping into sea water symbolizes being faced with a unique experience. You might have an interesting encounter in the near future or experience an unusually pleasant situation.

Sinking into the water

Sinking deep under the water can be considered the manifestation of trials and tribulations in wake life. Your present reality may soon be filled with multiple hurdles that you would have to overcome in order to accomplish something. This may involve trying to cut through the red tape of the government bureaucracy or dealing with the work your boss and co-workers have piled upon your desk. Despite the stress and annoyance this may cause, success would seem all the sweeter and well-earned.

Water leaking in house

Since a house is typically a metaphor of your current state of body and mind, water leaks inside the house depict vulnerabilities that may erode your normally solid resolve. The water leaks leading to water damage projects a possibility of falling apart or an emotional breakdown. You are probably languishing in melancholic thoughts and emotions due to factors beyond your control. It may help to carve out some time for introspection and self-care. This way, you can figure out the root of your melancholia and resolve this issue before it takes a deep hold in your psyche.

Sweeping dirty water off the porch

I dreamed I was sweeping water off the front porch. The water was dirty....cloudy.

Murky water is usually a symbol of danger or chaos in your life. Sweeping is also a negative sign associated with death, so it's possible that the death of someone you know may throw things out of balance in your life. This might be because of the grief their loss causes or because their physical presence disrupts your way of life. You might want to take precautions with your schedule and plans to avoid trouble if it does arise.

Falling into dirty water

A dream about falling into dirty water signals depression. The murky, dirty liquid represents a dark and disturbed mind. You could be immersing yourself in unsettling and provocative content or spending too much time on the dark web. While this could be initially a journey for your curious mind, the images may eventually seep into your subconscious and start negatively affect your mood. Some lighthearted content could balance things out or more time away from your computer and devices would do wonders to your state of mind.

Water pouring out of everywhere

I was in a room and water starting pouring out of different things, I especially remember it coming out of a wooden clock sitting on a table. I wasn't feeling afraid in the dream. I remember thinking it was weird.

Dreaming about seeing water pouring out of things in your room could be an indication that you have been a witness or participant in an ongoing conflict, contradiction or disagreement. This vision is warning you that if you wait longer, procrastinate or do nothing to take measures towards solving it, you could face some undesirable circumstances (as envisioned by the image of the clock on the table). You could also be blissfully unaware that your role as a bystander could threaten someone else's welfare, peace of mind and safety.

Water rising everywhere

The water all over the world started rising. It became a huge event with news crews, announcers and souvenir shops all over the place. Everyone found a spot to watch the water rise and see the sea animals closer than ever. Suddenly the sea animals started trying, and some succeeding, to eat the people trapped too close to the water. I watched as people tried to move quickly to safe ground, but got eaten instead. My friend and I were never in harms way, but I could never shake the feeling that I was next.

Witnessing rising water with all the attention given to the consequences of this event in your dream could mean that you may be experiencing feelings of panic and hopelessness because of an event or a situation presently occurring in your life and which is beyond your control. The large-scale, global nature of this disaster could also be a sign that some real-life catastrophic events may have been captured by your subconscious mind, not necessarily close to home, but anywhere in the world where this devastation may have occurred. The visions of sea creatures devouring people who happened to be closer to the water could also mean that you may be dealing with individuals who tend to make you feel uncomfortable or inhibited in some way, which in turn could render you helpless and alienated. These feelings could be contributing to the overall hopelessness you may be experiencing at the moment.

Drawing water from a well

Drawing water from a well and seeing salt inside the water l drawn.

Drawing water from a well represents an aspect of your personality which wants to control the uncontrollable and know what has yet to occur. This desire to have complete command of a situation makes it difficult for you to deal with surprises or uncertainty, although that is likely the situation you find yourself in now. The results of your trying to make things go your way could cause some friction among the people you are working with. If you do not yield to the reality of the situation, you may find yourself without allies in the future.

Hot water being turned off

I was in my house and turned on hot tap water and everyone kept turning it off. I would turn it on and ask that it stay on and it would be turned off every time I turned it on.

This dream vision could have two possible interpretations, one of which could be related to incontinence issues or concerns about the possibility of having them. If this is not the case, you may be entangled in a situation when you try to express your urges or get your points across in front of other people, but end up facing a wall of indifference and rejection.

Falling in murky water

Falling in murky water symbolizes committing mistakes. You might make some decisions or engage in behavior that you will regret later on. This mistake may cause you a lot of pain and distress later on.

Sound of flowing water

Hearing the sounds of flowing water foretells being treated unfavorably by other people. Some people may place you in a precarious situation or spread rumors about you. You might find it a challenge to free yourself of this false information about you.

Drinking warm water

Drinking warm water is a warning against a malicious attempt from someone. This person is jealous of you and may try to jeopardize your situation in an unexpected way. You should be careful of any negative outcome that will arise from his or her action.

Drinking unclean water

Drinking unclean water or consuming water that appears dark and dirty means experiencing illness or health issues. It can either happen to you or to someone in your family, but you will be faced with problems related to physical health.

Watering plants or lawn

Watering plants or the lawn in your dream, tells of your social nature. You are very people-oriented and put a lot of time and energy in being around others. This brings you a lot of friends resulting in your life being abundant with social activities.

Sound of water falling into a container

I just heard the sound of water. The sound was of the sort of a line of water or tap water falling on an already filled vessel of water. I don't know whether the vessel was filled or not, but I did not hear the overflowing of water. It can be assumed as tap water (neither narrow nor wide opening) falling into a bucket which is partially or near full. Please tell me if it was glass instead of a bucket or rather any other small container. A Muslim.

Hearing the sound of water pouring into another vessel in a dream vision is symbolic of standing on the figurative precipice of a situation in your social life. More specifically, this sign predicts the occurrence of some event which causes you to be treated poorly by others. While this could include physical altercations, it more likely points toward verbal abuse and the spread of ill rumors which may be difficult to disprove. Without proof, your ability to maintain your good name could be compromised.

Drowning in water

Drowning in water is a symbol of being resistant to everyday issues that you face. Instead of admitting there is a problem, you tend to deny its existence. This may be causing you much stress physically and endangering your health. Try to look at problems differently when you face them, so their effect is lessened.

Waterflow knocking you off your feet

Having water flow knocking you off your feet in your dream tells of a highly significant event that will transpire. This will happen in the near future and will bring about a very profound effect on you.

Facing a wall of water

My dream last night was that I am standing in front of lots of water to go at me. I don't know what kind of water it is, but so very clean and white.

Dreaming about menacing sea with big waves moving in your direction can be a sign of events and circumstances which could be both positive and negative in their nature. However, if by white water you meant foamy sea waves coming to you in your dream, it is a bad sign of some unfortunate events or disastrous circumstances you are about to experience after having this dream. Images of clear water approaching you could also mean you are about to witness your plans or projects being put on hold because of existing hard-to-control obstacles appearing in your path.

Food in clear water

Lots of food in clear overflowing water going downward.

Both an abundance of food and clear, running water are auspicious signs pointing to both wealth and happiness. They indicate the collection and enjoyment of material possessions, as well as the peace of mind that accompanies financial security, especially from hard work. This dream is a sign to relax and reap the benefits of your labors.

Dripping water

The leaking water in the dream realm is a spiritual sign symbolizing wanting to let go of some aspects of your life. It might be a past relationship you are still clinging to or an attitude that you want to change for the better. The symbolism of dripping water also has something to do with the uncontrollable things around you. Having this dream suggests the need to put your energy elsewhere and accept that some things cannot be changed.

Wading in water

Wading in water or getting your feet wet in a stream or puddle indicates facing problems and unpleasant situations in the near future. There may be sickness, conflicts, or troubles whether at work or in your personal life that will arise.

Being aware of and alert to these kinds of troubles right from the beginning will help you avoid potential problems later on or minimize the effects of these kinds of situations. By acting on the problem at its onset and focusing on working towards the solution, you will be able to avoid any unwanted consequences that could potentially arise.

Enormous body of water

Looking at an enormous body of water that stretches along the horizon, tells of being offered great opportunities or ventures in the near future. From these, you will be able to choose the opportunity that is most suitable for you.

Clear overflowing water

Overflowing water that is particularly clear suggests that trouble is on the way. The water that spills over the edge of a container or floods the land represents the difficulties in one area of your life affecting other parts. You would be well aware of the growing storm, however, as the clarity of the water points toward full awareness of the challenges at hand. On one hand, it is good to have prior notice of what is to come, especially as it gives you a chance to mitigate some of the possible damages. On the other hand, seeing what is brewing on the horizon could increase anxiety and stress.

Clearing debri-obstructed water

I was caught in fast-flowing water with three people behind me. I kicked debris that had a path blocked and opened the path, we all got through and were talking and laughing the whole time. I always dream of fast-flowing water with debris while I'm in the water, but OK and laughing.

Fast-flowing water in a dream tends to represent better wealth and the ability to afford more things compared to other people in your waking life, such as your friends. You could be an independent, self-sustaining and, at the same time, generous person. It also seems that your friends do not think of you as someone superior to them because you share your wealth with them in a lighthearted way, without asking for much in return.

Being underwater

Finding yourself underwater at some point in a dream means you are feeling strong negative emotions in wake life. The water and its depths represent uncertainty, especially given that it is easy to not know which direction is up in dark, murky waters. The pressure you feel from the weight of the water also alludes to being overwhelmed and implies a need to break free. The best thing you can do in these circumstances is to find a way to get away from everything that is bothering you and take a breath. Once you have a moment to slow down, the feeling of drowning would dissipate and you would be able to redirect your actions to improvement rather than survival.

Water with traces of blood

Witnessing water with traces of blood, such as that coming from a sink or a bathtub, refers to your uncanny ability to manage your life. You have the potential to work towards being successful and famous in your field.

Sprinkling water and salt on land

I had a dream vision about myself trying to sprinkle water and salt on land that I was proposed to buy.

it is unclear whether you were buying the land for yourself or trying to sell it to others. So we are going to provide you with two answers for each possible case. If you envisioned buying land for yourself or your family, sprinkling salt and water on it means you should postpone or refuse any dealings with others, because there is a strong indication you would feel dissatisfied, if not sorry, for making things appear what they are not. If you, however, were offering the piece of this land to others, it means that there are things you hide from the others and try to make it sound too good to be true without revealing much information or additional details. Most likely, these are everyday dealings, like providing for your family, getting ahead of the competition, or establishing new connections.

Being underwater with someone

Being underwater with someone else in a dream vision has multiple meanings depending on your circumstances in reality. Some dream workers suggest that you and others are overwhelmed by a higher power, like a boss or teacher, leading to feeling suffocated by the pressure. Another interpretation of this sign alludes to needing to reflect on your actions due to emotions ranging from anger to uncertainty. The best thing to do in either case is to breathe deeply before you do something rash.

Exercising in water

Dreaming that you are exercising in water, such as water aerobics or maybe doing laps, foretells a reawakening of your romantic life, You will be able to revive an old romance and find renewed passion in your intimate affairs.

Controlling a body of water

A dream of being surrounded by walls of calm, tranquil water...but I controlled the creatures that went into the water, the color I wanted the water to be... Dark shades of blue ocean to crystal clear water. The dream switched and I was with my mom. We were at this fence, we were on land but beyond the fence was the ocean. Strangely, there were a group of about 40 people that would repeatedly climb this fence and hold hands, forming like a lattice pattern and fall backward into the ocean. I told my mom I am not doing that, I felt afraid. But when they fell I saw that the water was shallow.

The opening of this dream sets the stage for the second half. Large bodies of water are most commonly associated with opportunity, and the peace and calm of this water suggest a similar serenity in your life. Dark water symbolizes problems, while clear water indicates happiness and pleasure. Therefore having control over this water means that you have the power to make your life whatever you want it to be, good or otherwise. The second half of the dream is very telling. Seeing a fence indicates there may be something standing between you and your destiny (again, represented by water). Shallow water symbolizes the good and bad in life, and seeing people dive into the shallow water may be a manifestation of your fears for the future and where your opportunities might take you. Being with your mother, however, is a positive sign associated with hearing good, beneficial news. While the future and the unknown may cause some feelings of discomfort, it is most likely in your best interest to take the chances presented to you and to do your best with them.

Turquoise water

The beautiful color of turquoise water represents a variety of positive emotions manifesting in wake life. The most common emotion associated with this symbol is tranquility, but inner peace, good fortune, happiness and contentment all play a role. In general, this symbol is seen by those who are going through a period of smooth sailing in life.

Refusing to swim in shallow green water

I saw myself in a place consisting of a large water body, some people were swimming at some distance away from me. The color of the water was green. Then I saw a friend of mine flying in the sky calling me to swim and I refused gently as the water was shallow there and remained at the place where water wasn't that deep. I wasn't scared and meanwhile, I wondered how did I land without a parachute as I saw my friend flying.

Large bodies of water in dreams are considered powerful symbols. They indicate the vast amount of opportunities and options available to you which can lead you to discover your true potential in life. Seeing your friend flying, however, indicates you may be too preoccupied with jealousy over what others may have achieved instead of focusing on your blessings. In essence, this vision is telling you to look around for chances to grow and become a better human being (physically and emotionally) instead of constantly comparing your life to the lives of others.

Water turning into flowing gold

Water was flowing down the hill and it turned into flowing gold as I was looking at it. I then started to pick up pieces of gold and one of the pieces was a written message about God. I was happy in the dream.

Water which flows steadily down a hill in a dream is a highly auspicious symbol associated with wealth and financial security. It usually predicts that you, the dreamer, are about to come into some money that allows you to live a comfortable, independent life. This is supported and enhanced by the idea of the water turning into gold. Not only does this represent wealth, but also suggests your influence and authority may grow in tandem with your prosperity,

Being sprayed with water

Being sprayed or splashed with water in the dream realm, such as with a hose or bath water, carries a very positive and fortunate interpretation according to modern dream workers. People who see this symbol should have confidence because their worry, fear and numbness would be transformed into control, strength and spiritual peace. It is important that you use this time to refocus and start connecting yourself with people and causes that bring out the best in you.

Water being poured on me

Having water poured on you in a dream calls attention to problems and stress in your life and the need for purification and spiritual strength to deal with them. According to the evangelist Joshua, the dreamer can interpret this symbol as a sign to offer up or redirect their tension because someone or something else is in control. Instead, you should offer up your love, fear and mind to a greater being in exchange for their affection and guidance.