Dreams Related To Watch

A wrist watch

A wrist watch in dreams is often an urgent reminder that time is running out for important decisions. It can also mean that a significant event is drawing near. If you are wearing the wrist watch, then you may be anxious about a long-anticipated happening. Perhaps you have been preparing for a presentation to close a deal at work or a project is about to reach completion. Overall, this is a positive symbol. Despite the urgency, it means your subconscious is aware of your priorities and the matters that need your immediate attention.

Regretting selling a gold watch

I saw that I had a gold watch. It was really beautiful and looked extremely expensive. I decided to sell it because I wanted my own money. I went to a jeweler with my son and she really liked the watch and she gave me $15,000 in exchange for it. I came home but as soon as I got home I was thinking that I should have asked her for more money because the watch was really beautiful.

A gold watch is oftentimes interpreted as a negative symbol in the dream world, as it tends to predict loss of property or declining value of property in reality. In essence, the beautiful, expensive appearance of the watch conveys the opposite meaning, namely upcoming troubles with money and your valuables. However, selling the gold watch could mean you are removing such a possibility. This could be either through proactive means, such as buying insurance or selling off high value items for cash, or that you are no longer attached to those physical objects. In either case, your second thoughts are clearly a manifestation of your mental state, suggesting you are not sure whether you should give up those items or feelings. It may take time to come to terms with your decision, so you should go slow and only part with the items you feel most comfortable giving up.

Trying to fix a broken watch

There were three watches that I found. Two of them broke by my little sister and aunt. One of them worked. I was going towards where someone I liked was but he was in the shower about to get out of the shower to help me figure how to work it.

To understand this vision, we should extrapolate from the two main symbols, which are the watches and the person in the shower. Watches often represent poor time management skills, so seeing two watches broken by others could mean you allow other people to get in the way of your schedule rather than being strict and moving on if others are late. The last watch that you took to your crush in the shower could mean that, beyond letting other people dictate your schedule, you may also allow yourself to be derailed by unimportant side conversations and chit chat with people who do not really add value to your life. You should take this vision as a sign that you need to improve your time management skills.

Finding a watch

Finding a watch in a dream, in whatever context or situation, likely reveals your lack of time management skills. You may be prone to lateness and making others wait for you. This lack of respect for time and schedules could gain the ire of even your closest friends and loved ones. As such, perhaps your mind is telling you to be more disciplined and punctual to avoid damaging relationships and sabotaging your potential to succeed.

A gold watch

A gold watch, unlike the immediate impression of high value, actually conveys a negative message. It portends the likelihood that you would get robbed, burglarized or lose something valuable in reality. Unfortunately, in this particular situation, there is no one else to blame but yourself. This time, your gullible nature, careless decision-making or inadequate self-defense skills could put you in a vulnerable position.

Losing a wrist watch

To lose a wrist watch in a dream is a bad omen. Usually, the symbol of discovering that your wrist watch is gone portends broken relationships and missed opportunities. You may have neglected the needs of a friend, family member or partner and this would ignite arguments and conflict between the two of you. Similarly, becoming complacent and neglecting your duties could get you in trouble at work. There is also a possibility of brewing issues in your household. You may have been avoiding tackling the issue hoping that it would go away. Unfortunately, the problem would only get worse the longer you put it off.

Silver wrist watch

Seeing a silver wristwatch in a dream symbolizes a heightened awareness of the passage of time and the need to awaken to one's purpose in life. The dreamer is experiencing a fortunate period in their life, where opportunities for growth and personal development abound. Alternatively, it represents the importance of valuing friendships and cultivating spiritual connections to live a meaningful and fulfilling life. Overall, the dream is encouraging the dreamer to stay mindful of the present moment and to use their time wisely in pursuit of their goals and aspirations.

A pocket watch

A pocket watch in dreams is a symbol of healing and resolution. Whether the pocket watch was given to you or you saw one in a dream vision, it suggests finally tying loose ends with your family or at the workplace. For example, if you have been estranged from family members or relatives for a while now, expect opportunities to talk things out and resolve your ongoing issues. There may be compromises, but at least you would start being civil to each other again.

Adjusting a watch

Adjusting or resetting a watch in dreams alludes to a return on investment. You may have been working on a project for a long time without gaining anything from it. Fortunately, this vision is telling you that you would soon reap the rewards of all your commitment and hard work. These rewards may not necessarily be monetary, but they would certainly open up a lot of opportunities for you to pursue the career path or vocation you have always wanted to follow.

Looking at a watch when late

To dream that you are anxiously checking your watch, knowing that you are already running late, means that you are apprehensive about your future. There may be some regret involved once you realize that you let a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity pass you by. Alternatively, there could be an upcoming chance for you to realize your dreams and you are stressing yourself out worrying about not letting it slip from your grasp.

Finding a fashionable watch

I found a lost Movado watch, but there was no owner.

Dreaming about coming across or accidentally finding someone's watch, for example, while walking on the street or inside your house after someone's visit, could serve as a hint of not being punctual. You could be the type of person who makes others wait for your arrival, which renders them very annoyed, if not angry.

Black wrist watch

Dreaming of a wristwatch whether it's black or silver symbolizes the importance of time in your life and the need for stability. The black color is mainly associated with a sense of formality or seriousness, while the silver accents suggest a touch of fashion or style. As a derivative of a clock, it also means that you are conscious of the passage of time and the need to make the most of it. On the other hand, these metaphors are a reminder to take control of your life and make deliberate choices that will help you achieve your goals.