Dreams Related To Wall

Being on top of a wall

Sitting or standing on top of a wall is a positive dream symbol. It means your hopes and dreams would eventually come true. Being on top of the wall means you had to somehow climb it, but the fact that your vision focused on the results of your efforts means you keep your eye on the goal and often do not worry about the hoops you have to jump through in order to achieve it. For instance, if you are currently hoping to start a relationship with someone, then this vision alludes to the fulfillment of this desire.

A wall crumbling down

Seeing a wall crumbling down in your dream vision could refer to events that are beyond your control. These unexpected circumstances would force you to make a choice or decision as quickly as possible for yourself and the well-being of your loved ones. Unfortunately, each choice would entail downsides or bad repercussions. As such, whatever choice or decision you make would inevitably have lasting negative effects on your life. It may even change the course of your existence.

A wall in general

A wall as a dream symbol generally symbolizes male power or a dominant presence in the dreamer's life. This domineering individual may have influenced your personality and psychological state. On the one hand, you may have developed a taste for dominating others by using your power and influence as a result of your first-hand experience in this type of a relationship. On the other hand, there could be psychological trauma, especially if you have had a dominant father figure during your childhood.

Jumping over a wall

Jumping over a wall in a dream usually reveals the dreamer's resilience and ability to perform under pressure. This is likely a testament to your unwavering focus and determination to achieve your goals. Instead of getting frustrated or giving up, you see obstacles as challenges you can overcome. As such, you have a high likelihood of success and accomplishing your goals because of you positive attitude and a strong fighting spirit.

Hollow walls

In general, hollow walls in dreams symbolize disappointments. You may have to deal with failures and doors closing in relation to your dreams or aspirations. In a sense, the gaping hole or space inside the wall represents weaknesses and a lack of qualifications. Perhaps you need to improve your knowledge and capabilities in order to become more qualified and able to deal with the challenges you have to face on the way to achieving your goals.

A white wall

Dreaming of a white wall reveals your fixation on specific dreams and ambitions. You have probably been focusing on those goals for a long time now, though you may have not taken concrete steps yet to actually accomplish or achieve them. If the wall is intact and in pristine condition, then this means you have not made concerted efforts to realize your dreams perhaps because you have a fear of failure. On the other hand, if there are imperfections, then you may have faced disappointments along the way but you are still trudging on.

Decorating a wall

Envisioning yourself decorating a wall means you are avoiding an issue in reality. Instead of finding a resolution to this issue, you may be focusing on taking on inconsequential tasks and distracting yourself out of doing the actual work. As a result, you would have to contend with the negative consequences of your procrastination and indecision. The more you delay tackling this concern, the more work you would have to do to make things right again.

Being chased and hiding behind a wall

I was running and hiding behind a wall. Someone was chasing me. I saw who and why I was being chased. After running and hiding they finally cornered me. They threatened to hurt my mom and an aunt who passed away a few years ago. To save them I let them take me.

Dreaming of being chased by individuals with ill intent usually means that a nemesis or enemy is gaining power over you. You may have made the mistake of belittling this rival thinking he or she is not your equal. Hiding behind the wall reveals your tendency to isolate yourself and perhaps this personality trait would be your downfall as your enemy ingratiates himself or herself to your social circle. Your sacrifice in the end depicts your ultimate surrender and recognition of your rival's authority.

Building a wall

If you dream of building a wall, then perhaps you are in the midst of planning important events or taking concrete steps for your goal-setting. Building a strong and impenetrable wall requires carefully laying out a strong foundation as well as meticulous attention to details. Similarly, you may currently be mapping out all the steps to get to your desired goal. It could also be possible that you have been consciously thinking about being more deliberate with your planning and visualizing your life's course.

A stone wall

A stone wall in dreams often alludes to insurmountable obstacles existing in reality. Specific details about this dream imagery may provide more specific interpretations. For example, standing behind a stone wall could be an indication of your persistence and strong character which would make people respect you for it. On the other hand, if you see seemingly endless stone walls in your path, then it means you would likely encounter serious challenges on your way to achieving an important goal.

Furthermore, climbing a stone wall depicts your excellent chances at achieving your current goal. Building a stone wall could point to a series of failed projects or goals because of your own mistakes. If the stone wall is collapsing in your dream vision, then you may need to get your guard up because an accident or misfortune could fall upon you or someone you love.

A wall in your path

To dream of encountering a wall in your path while you are walking or driving points to the presence of enormous pressure. This pressure or controlling force may be embodied by a boss or a similar character who could be forcing you to do things differently or adhere to their point of view. Unfortunately, blindly following their advice or orders may be counterproductive. Although going against them or refusing to be pressured could spell more trouble for you. You could risk losing everything you have worked to get to where you are now.

A clean wall

A clean wall, regardless of its color, is a dream symbol associated with choices or an important decision in reality. You may soon face a crossroad in your life which would require you to decide on a significant matter. This is well within your capabilities and control, but this would ultimately have the potential of drastically changing the course of your life. In a sense, the clean wall may symbolize a clean slate or a chance to start again.

Surrounded by walls

Being surrounded by walls in a dream is usually an indication of health problems. You may already be feeling under the weather, so if you continue straining your body and pushing yourself despite the onset of illness, you could face a longer recovery period. On the other hand, for women, this dream symbol actually points to a major development in your personal life. Perhaps you would get married soon. Unfortunately, there is also a possibility that this marriage may be against your will or unplanned.

Trying to climb a wall with smooth surface

Dreaming of trying to climb a wall with a smooth and slippery surface could be an indication of anxiety and insecurity. Perhaps you are about to face a large audience or make a presentation which is making you feel apprehensive. Your stage fright and fear of public speaking likely stems from your insecurity about your appearance as well as a fear of being judged. A lack of practice and exposure could also contribute to your anxieties. Perhaps you can calm your nerves by practicing with people you are comfortable with.

Climbing over a wall and walking through a house

A dream where you find yourself climbing over a wall of a residential place and then walking through a house could signal the end of your current problems. Perhaps you have been dealing with threats in reality or sensing some danger lurking in your surroundings. If this is the case, then this dream vision means you would finally find a way to end this dangerous situation. This ideal solution to your problem may dawn on you soon enough or someone else may help you resolve the issue.

Water leaking through walls

In a dream, water that appears to be leaking through a wall or multiple walls may symbolize a variety of negative emotions from reality. In a sense, this symbol has a connection to the fears or overwhelmed feeling you are experiencing in wake life. As such, getting your emotions under control is the best way to deal with this situation. For instance, where leakage in the home may represent an uncontrolled outpouring of emotion, deep breathing or meditation may allow you to metaphorically repair the leak and maintain peace of mind.

Demolishing a wall

Demolishing a wall in your dream, such as with the help of heavy duty equipment, is an indication of your triumph over your enemies. The wall itself represents obstacles and rivals who stand in your way as you try to accomplish your goals. The characteristics of the wall seen in the dream could mean these obstacles are not going to be easy. Fortunately, you also possess impressive skills and capabilities, including a strong will, that would enable you to defeat your rivals.

Your significant other behind a wall

Dreaming that your significant other is behind a wall, especially if you are unable to get through to the other side, depicts serious obstacles and issues coming between the two of you. In a sense, the wall separating you and your partner symbolizes a gap in communication or failure in understanding each other. Alternatively, this dream symbol could also refer to other individuals, such as friends or family members, who are holding you back or preventing you from reaching your dreams and finding true happiness in this relationship.

Hiding behind a wall

Dreaming of hiding behind a wall could be an indication of the disintegration of a romantic relationship. This may be a present partner or someone in your future. There could be telling signs about the declining quality of your relationship, yet you choose to ignore them. As such, your subconscious may be forcing you to face the reality and start recognizing the signs of a toxic bond. Even after your eventual breakup, you may still have to contend with regrets and disappointments. Maybe you would even blame yourself for the separation.

Someone helping to climb a wall

To dream that someone is helping you climb a wall portends happiness in your future. This joy may stem from finding your partner in life. Your fears and anxieties would dissipate once you finally find someone you can trust and would like to spend the rest of your life with. The dream symbol, thus, represents a partner who would support you and help you overcome whatever challenges coming your way. This partnership could also refer to a business partner or a mentor.

Walking on the crest of a wall

Walking on the crest of a wall or the top of the wall in a dream refers to danger in reality. Perhaps you are trying to get to a safe place or less precarious situation in this dream vision. Similar dream scenarios like this mean you may get involved in something where you have to navigate risky circumstances and dangerous situations. The good news is, if you were able to reach your destination or get down from the wall, then it means you would successfully overcome these possible obstacles.

A wall collapsing on you

Envisioning a wall collapsing on top of you is an ominous dream symbol. To be safe, you may want to postpone upcoming trips or travels since this dream scenario symbolizes misfortune and possible tragedies. This danger or threat could be a natural calamity or an accident due to human errors. Perhaps you have been sensing something off lately which is probably why your subconscious is warning you to take extra precautions from unforeseen events and accidents crossing your path.

People nailed to the wall

It was just a hallway with flickering lights and in that hallway I saw everybody that I knew from school, online and family, just nailed to the wall and blood just dripping everywhere.

Passing through a hallway during a dream vision is often connected to a single important aspect of your life. In this case, the people nailed to the wall point directly to your social encounters and relationships with them in waking life. The flickering lights which caused these images to perhaps become even more dramatic could represent things turning sour between you and other people. Given that you saw many people in this dream, it could be some habit you have picked up or a group you are currently associating with, which is driving a wedge between you and others. The blood dripping slowly down the walls, while ominous, is only a warning from your subconscious to not act hastily and thoughtlessly, especially if you hope to preserve the peace and harmony in your waking life.

Pacing along a wall

Envisioning yourself pacing back and forth along a wall usually means you are fixating on something inconsequential or superficial. Perhaps you are paying excessive attention to your looks and physical attributes in the hopes of impressing a romantic prospect. However, too much preening and vanity may not be a reflection of your affection for the other person but an indication of your narcissistic tendencies and self-centered nature.

Sitting on a tall wall

Envisioning yourself sitting on top of a tall wall could be an indication of your strong drive and ambitious nature. Your relentless pursuit of your goals and ability to achieve what you set your mind to would give you the greatest happiness and sense of fulfillment. This is also a reflection of your confidence. Not only do you work hard for your dreams, you also trust in your own skills and capabilities so you can back up your words and promises with actual results. Ultimately, this vision points to the heights you can go if you remain optimistic.

Big wall of a town

Coming across a town with a big wall or surrounded by a massive wall in a dream vision is an indication of happiness and prosperity. The town itself may be a symbol of your desired destination or ultimate goal. Meanwhile, the big wall signifies security and stability. As such, finding this place in your dream means you would eventually achieve your heart's desire, perhaps by becoming wealthy and successful. This would ensure the comfort and security for the rest of your existence.

Someone breaking a wall

To dream that someone is breaking down or destroying a wall means you may be dealing with a manipulative character in reality. This person could be influencing or controlling your decision-making process, even when they have nothing to gain from the outcomes of your decisions. Perhaps this dream vision is telling you take some time to rethink your next steps and determine your priorities. Is it really worth it to keep tolerating this toxic presence in your life or do you need to hold your ground?

A wall surrounded by water

The dream image or symbol of a wall surrounded by water is an indication of the presence of a person or a situation that is preventing you from achieving your goals. Perhaps an envious friend or colleague is constantly bringing you down with negativity or blocking your efforts at advancing your career. Alternatively, this hindrance may also be due to your inability to get the attention or interest of someone who could be instrumental to opening opportunities for you or helping you achieve professional growth.

Crashing car into a wall

In the dream realm, the meaning of crashing a car into a wall has a neutral interpretation depending on the outcome in the vision. In general, collisions against stationary objects like walls indicate situations when you cannot move forward because an obstacle, either physical, emotional or spiritual, is in your path. During these times you may feel very vulnerable and exposed, leading to outward emotions such as fear and stress. If you were injured or further impeded by this collision, it is unlikely you would achieve or make any progress on your goals in the near future. Driving or walking away from or around the wall suggests that your decisions would have a greater positive impact on your success that any surrounding circumstances.

A wall made of water

A dream containing the image of a wall of water points to the possibility of experiencing blurred realities especially while you are sleeping. Extreme exhaustion or a similar situation where your mind is more heightened than your physical senses could take you to this place. You could travel to or transition to other spatial or temporal worlds. Alternatively, this may also mean that you could make contact with parallel worlds or dimensions which would open your mind to seemingly endless possibilities. It could also make you question your very own existence.

Breaking through a wall

Dreaming of breaking through a wall, perhaps out of sheer strength and momentum or using equipment such as a truck to help you break through, reveals your strong will in the face of challenges. Your subconscious may be showing you your own strength and desire to accomplish your goals regardless of how difficult it may be or how much you have to struggle to eventually succeed. So whatever issues you may be facing lately, this vision means you would remain on track and fully focused on resolving them.

Brick wall falling

Dreams about a brick wall falling can be intense and alarming. According to modern dream workers, this destruction is a symbol of a significant transformation or collapse in the dreamer's life. The wall represents a barrier that has been keeping the dreamer from achieving their goals, and the tumble of the wall signifies the removal of this obstacle. Furthermore, these visions are a sign of fear of danger or a warning about potential risks that are coming your way. Also, the dreamer's emotions and feelings during the dream can also provide insight into the dream's meaning. If the dreamer feels scared or anxious about something during the dream, it suggests a fear of change or a feeling of vulnerability. However, if the dreamer feels relieved or liberated after the wall falls, it means a sense of freedom or an opportunity to move forward.

An insurmountable wall

To see an insurmountable or tall and imposing wall in a dream denotes major misunderstandings and conflicts that could occur among you and your close family members. The intimidating appearance of this wall symbolizes the difficulty of the situation you have to contend with, especially since there are personal feelings at play so you need to be extra sensitive. Alternatively, salespeople who envision this dream symbol could encounter major losses in revenues because of unfavorable economic conditions.

Writing words of regret on a wall

I am standing by the outside wall of a house, writing lots of words of regret with a pencil in large type, I am copying it down exactly how I have seen it written on paper originally.

Writing words of regret on the wall in this dream suggests that you are trying to free yourself of shameful secrets. You may be feeling guilty and overwhelmed by the burden of keeping regrettable actions to yourself. Whatever it is that you have done wrong, you may be yearning to put it to rest by admitting these past actions to others, so that you would feel lighter and better about yourself.