Dreams Related To Waiter

Enjoying being a waiter

Found myself starting a job at a corner restaurant and I actually enjoyed the job and the people I worked with, the boss kept on promoting me. The thing is I am not a waiter, I am a computer engineer, have no experience in a restaurant nor do I intend on getting a job like that, this was a very unexpected dream.

Your dream about being a waiter does not actually have anything to do with the actual job, rather the purpose it serves. Hence, dreaming of being a waiter reflects your tendency to prioritize the needs of others over your own. You probably like helping your colleagues, maybe even too much, that you would take on little tasks or favors despite having a lot on your plate already. In that sense, the promotion you get in your dream vision means the opposite in the waking world. Instead of reaping the rewards of all your generosity and hard work, you could experience burnout and suffer some health issues because of your eagerness to help. In fact, you may benefit from saying no from time to time, especially when you can no longer accommodate the deluge of favors.

A waiter in general

To dream of a waiter in general, for example when you see yourself dining in a fancy restaurant and a waiter is approaching you, could be symbolic of upcoming reunion or get together with people you know in reality. If the waiter was sloppy or unattentive, for instance when he or she spilled a few drops of wine on your plate, it could mean spending time with people you do not really care about and you would rather be by yourself. If waiter is attentive in the dream and provides excellent customer service, it could indicate spending time with people you love or have some interest in getting to know them.

Being a waiter

If you dream of being a waiter, for instance when you see yourself being trained as a waiter in a newly opened upscale restaurant downtown, it could signify that you would have to do a huge favor or provide help to someone you would rather not deal with in real life. It could also be symbolic of you making some difficult choices or decisions that could alter your life in an instant. The dream may be advising you to carefully weigh the pros and cons before finalizing a choice lest you regret its outcome.

Alternatively, the dream could be symbolic of becoming dependent or being controlled by some older or more experienced people in your life. Their dominance could imply that you would have to follow and do everything they command or say to you without question from your end. You could try to be diplomatic in situations like these so that there would be a win-win outcome from these exchanges allowing you to enjoy more personal freedom in life.

Someone serving you as a waiter

Dreaming that someone is serving you as a waiter, for example when you ordered your usual drink and the waiter served you the specific wine you like, could be a reflection of a person or people in your social circle who is trying to cater to your every whim and request. This could mean that they get something of value in doing so or they depend on you for something thus the special treatment. See if you have these expectations in your waking life so that you can better manage your reaction or respond accordingly.