Dreams Related To WC

Using a toilet in a dream

Often I see toilets in the dream to pass motion. What is that? Please can you answer this dream. I am looking since long for this dream meaning but not yet got an answer.

Seeing toilets or water closets repetitively in a dream is a way for your subconscious to reveal to you that there's a past experience or memory that you're trying to let go of or dispose of in some way but are unable to consciously come up with a resolution. Usually related to something embarrassing or that scared you in your past.

Being exposed while on the toilet

I was inside the toilet room and suddenly when I look up, I saw people and realized that the toilet has no walls and is right in front of a reception desk. I do not have a choice but to wash shamelessly and sit somewhere later.

Dreaming about finding yourself being exposed while using a washroom could portend upcoming material or emotional losses and grief. In particular, you could have, or be about to expose or subject yourself to undeserving, unworthy or ill-intended people. This individual or individuals could discover things about you that you do not wish to reveal to others. They might misuse this knowledge and become a source of future problems and complications. That is, you could be about to trust someone who would compromise your secrets.

Clogged toilet

According to astrology and other spiritual sources, a clogged or blocked toilet is a negative symbol to perceive in a dream. It is suggestive of unhealthy lifestyle choices that would have a bad effect on your energy levels. You may need to look at various areas of your life, such as your food choices, work habits or exercise trends.