Dreams Related To Voodoo

A voodoo doll with bloody shoelaces inside

Meaning of my dream about my mom giving me a handmade voodoo doll with bloody shoe strings inside of it.

Shamans and other traditional dream interpretation sources suggest that voodoo dolls are subconscious manifestations of control. Envisioning your mother giving you such a doll, then, could refer to her encouraging you to take charge of a situation. Perhaps you have been waffling about how to go about a certain task or how to deal with a particular individual. Shoe strings, when tied, are generally thought to connect with the idea of "tying up loose ends." As such, the bloody mass of shoe strings inside the voodoo doll could allude to the convoluted position you currently find yourself in or your conflicting emotions on the subject.

Someone doing voodoo on me

Voodoo can have positive or negative connotations depending on the type of vision you experienced. A happy vision revolving around healing voodoo magic could refer to getting a weight off your chest or exorcising a personal demon. The use of dark voodoo magic against you, however, may mean that someone is cursing you or piling on responsibilities, causing you great stress and worry. Other symbols in the dream may give more direction as to the area of your life being affected or how you might avoid trouble if someone is indeed working against you.

Voodoo practice causing fire

I dreamt that I was at my psychoanalyst's office and he was performing a voodoo healing ceremony on me. It was a bit sexual. A log lit on fire and started to burn the building. We had to evacuate. My family showed up and were interrogating me about what happened. They believed I was having sexual relations with him. I wanted to talk to him but he made me promise I wouldn't say anything about the voodoo and I also had to distance myself from him. I wanted to ask him how to respond to the police.

Seeing a psychoanalyst in this dream likely reveals an inner turmoil. You may be experiencing psychological and emotional distress as a result of an identity crisis. As such, the ritualistic voodoo healing alludes to the process of exorcising yourself of your personal demons, unsavory thoughts and morally reprehensible behavior. Your desires and values may be clashing, creating dissonance in your mind, hence you are looking for guidance and seeking clarity for these feelings you have. The implied sexual intimacy you had with the psychoanalyst could only be a manifestation of your guilt and shame. You are hiding something from your loved ones for fear of being judged. Ultimately, the fire that consumes the building refer to this period of transformation you would go through after you come to terms with who you really are.