Dreams Related To Vomit

Someone vomiting

Seeing someone else vomiting in your dream suggests insults and accusations directed towards you in reality. You may have to deal with some scheming and double-dealing personalities at work or in your social circle. One of those insincere individuals could be a trusted friend or colleague, but his or her lies would soon unravel, allowing you to see beyond the facade.

Yourself vomiting

Vomiting or feeling queasy in the dream world portends ailments and health issues in reality. Your health could be deteriorating due to stress from mounting responsibilities or unhealthy habits. Perhaps your subconscious is reminding you to take better care of yourself. Alternatively, vomiting can also be an allusion to confrontations and arguments. During an emotional moment, you could end up spouting harsh or offensive pronouncements. Your insensitive remarks may put you in a tough spot, leaving you in a huge mess which you would eventually need to clean up. For female dreamers, vomiting could be a warning of gynecological issues or disease they may contract from sexual encounters with their significant other.

Someone vomiting on me

Being vomited on in the dream realm is an ominous symbol to perceive, especially according to Jungian philosophy. It literally refers to being on the receiving end of "word vomit". If you recognized the individual involved, they may soon attack you with insults or accusations, justified or not. On the other hand, not knowing the person who threw up on you could mean the abuse would come as a surprise from an unsuspected source.

Walking in vomit

I was walking in vomit.

Vomit is often considered a harbinger of misfortune. It usually represents suffering and struggles, although it is also associated with shame and poor health. Walking through the vomit, then, can be interpreted as a sign that you would go through a period of time characterized by such hardship. You may be facing this difficulty for quite a long time.

Someone important to you vomiting

Seeing a loved one, or someone close to you, vomit in your dream often alludes to upcoming disappointments and shocking discoveries. You could learn some disheartening news about a family member or a close friend. It would be totally unexpected and possibly uncharacteristic. Your reaction to the vomit reflects your reaction when you hear about the news.

Cleaning vomit

To see yourself cleaning up vomit in the dream world suggests favorable circumstances in your future. If you have recently invested in financial products or a business venture, you may soon reap the rewards of your efforts. Naturally, these things do not always come easy. Specifically, the vomit alludes to getting down and dirty before you can enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Vomit in general

In general, vomit in the dream world alludes to suffering and humiliation in reality. It can be the symbolic manifestation of the dreamer's own struggles, especially in relation to health and wellness. This symbol can also hint at a deeper problem issue which is affecting your overall physical state. Perhaps something in your existence is out of order and you are having trouble resolving those issues, hence you expend so much time and energy into regaining control. Consequently, the piling stress from your responsibilities could make you neglect your health.

Specifically, images and scenarios containing vomit could point to ailments related to the digestive system. Your queasy stomach may be manifesting as you sleep as a way of alerting you about your condition. Alternatively, vomit can also be a reference to the acquisition of wealth and a more stable profession. You may find unique opportunities to augment your finances, allowing you to save up some money in case of emergencies in your future.

Vomiting blood

Vomiting blood oftentimes reveals the dreamer's own deteriorating health and well-being. You may be facing a prolonged period of sickness and a similarly lengthy time to recover. On the other hand, blood can symbolize passion, so vomiting blood in a dream vision can also be interpreted as losing your motivation and sense of purpose. You could be feeling uninspired and just trudging along for the sake of looking productive even though you do not feel fulfilled anymore.

Someone you do not know vomiting

Seeing a stranger vomiting in your dream portends a negative encounter with an individual whom you dislike. This individual could behave inappropriately or invade your personal space perhaps to annoy you. There could be a deeper reason for his or her attitude towards you. Nevertheless, keep your guard up especially during social gatherings and public events.

A non-stop vomit

Continuous vomiting or non-stop vomit in the dream world reflects your seemingly endless struggles to get out of a bad situation. You may have overlooked certain issues when you still had the time to prevent further complications. As such, this oversight would give you a whole lot of trouble and would take enormous time as well as effort to get things under control again.

Vomiting sand

Vomiting sand is a highly visceral symbol seen by those with a special connection to the metaphysical realm. This image of throwing up sand rather than food reveals that there is something standing in the way to your success. However, this is a man or male figure in your life whose nurturance of your abilities may help you come to an important decision that changes the tide of your luck.

Vomiting due to disgust

Vomiting out of sheer disgust in the dream world portends upcoming hardships and difficulties in the waking world. You may lack the constitution to withstand stressful situations or deal with difficult personalities. As a result, you may be overwhelmed by your duties and responsibilities that you end up with unsatisfactory and half-baked results. Perhaps instead of slugging it out on your own, you may benefit from asking for the support of your colleagues.

About to vomit

Feeling nauseous or about to vomit in your dream alludes to wrongful accusations. You could be implicated for something you did not do or have no knowledge of. The sensation of wanting to vomit reflects your reaction to this frustrating situation. You would become stressed out, agitated and restless especially at the start when you would be caught off-guard and unprepared about the issue.

Vomiting white stuff

Dreams about vomiting something white in color indicate a range of emotions and circumstances, but generally speaking, this dream symbolizes a desire for purity and positivity in one's life. The white substance represents a cleansing or purging of negative emotions or experiences. You may feel fortunate to have this opportunity to release these emotions and move forward. Alternatively, this could signify a positive and fortunate event on the horizon, with the vomiting representing a release of excitement and anticipation. In any case, this dream suggests a need for emotional and spiritual purity in your life.

Vomiting flying chicks

A bizarre or surreal dream usually reflects a clouded consciousness. In this case, vomiting flying chicks into the air is likely an allusion to current or upcoming failures and disappointments. You may be hoping for an opportunity or a chance to get closer to your dreams yet your plans may not pan out. Dashed hopes, disillusionment and a lack of motivation may be pushing you towards unproductive pursuits and escapist endeavors in an effort to avoid dealing with real-world problems.

Several people vomiting

Witnessing several individuals vomiting or throwing up in your dream, at the sight of a horrible or tragic scenario, is a bad omen. Be extra careful about the individuals in your social circle because you may be betrayed by a trusted friend or colleague. Several personalities could be conniving in a plot to smear your credibility of prevent you from getting the recognition you deserve.

A remedy for vomiting

Dreaming of taking medication to stop vomiting, or seeing someone else take medicine, bodes well for your upcoming endeavors. The time of struggle and disappointments may soon come to an end. After the difficulties, promising opportunities would present themselves to you. These fortuitous events may give you the confidence you need to step up your efforts towards achieving your goals and ambitions.

Teeth falling out and vomiting

I was at my old house I grew up in. People kept smashing the house up across the street and the car windows. While that was going on I was in the bathroom hiding because my tooth came out and then another one. I was looking in the mirror trying to put my teeth back in. My mom and brother came to check on me. My brother told me it wasn't that bad and don't worry about it like he does with everything. My mom said everything will be OK that we will get it fixed. I started to non-stop throw up and choke they where teaching me to breath so I wouldn't die. Also the throw up was like news paper texture.

Although this is a somewhat complicated dream vision you have experienced, there are certain elements which stand out and which could be significant to reveal what's happening in your real life. Usually the vision of teeth falling out quickly is symbolic of feelings of insecurity. Not having ambitions or lacking proper guidance at the moment could be preventing you from accomplishing the goals that you are working on. You could be feeling overpowered or threatened by people competing for the same goals (and who appeared in this dream smashing and destroying things around you, which is symbolic of goals and activities which are important to you). It would help to have a long-term plan that will push you to work harder and more productively. The vision of throwing up when you family is trying to help you in this dream is an indication of your unwillingness or reluctance to take their advice or accept what they have been telling you to try to do in order to succeed, possibly because you are more comfortable with getting assistance from other sources, perhaps online or printed media (newspaper texture) or TV. Overall, you could be questioning the ways of approaching your everyday projects and goals and seem to be preoccupied with finding better strategies to succeed in life.

Vomiting bugs

Dream of vomiting bugs and flies.

In the dream world, vomiting is often associated with sickness and disease. The presence of such illness is not likely apparent at present, but would slowly reveal itself with time. The flies in your mouth that you vomit specifically refer to issues with oral health. It may therefore be wise to visit a dentist and pay special attention to your daily brushing and flossing.

Vomiting food

Vomiting food in the dream realm has a biblical interpretation, suggesting that the dreamer is purging themselves of something impure or negative. The dreamer may feel unfulfilled in their waking life and this act of vomiting shows a desire to get rid of their problems. You may also be feeling sick and struggling with your health or well-being. However, the act of vomiting also signifies a potential recovery or the start of a healing process. Overall, this dream leaves the dreamer spellbound and contemplating the deeper meanings behind the physical sensations experienced in their dream.

Vomiting yellow stuff

Vomiting yellow substance in the dream realm indicates that the dreamer is experiencing some drama in their life. This could be related to a feeling of unease or discomfort in a particular situation. However, the dream also suggests that the dreamer is fortunate to have supportive friendships and relationships, as they may provide a source of comfort and guidance during difficult times. On the other hand, this act of throwing up could be a metaphor for the dreamer's desire to rid themselves of negative emotions or toxic relationships. As an oracle, this dream is urging the dreamer to take a closer look at their life and relationships and make necessary changes to improve their overall well-being.