Dreams Related To Volcano

Driving and seeing a volcano

I remember driving down a winding road with an ex. We were on a vacation together and we seemed very happy. I remember seeing a hilly background as I drove the car. I then remember seeing smoke coming from a volcano. I remember stopping the car and just looking at the smoke. Strangely enough I remember being at ease knowing the volcano wouldn't erupt.

Going on a vacation with your ex means you are looking back fondly at the happy moments you shared. The sloping or hilly terrain represents the problems and complications in your relationship which likely led to your breakup, but it seems you are looking at it in a positive light instead of being full of regret. Finally, the smoking volcano symbolizes all the negative emotions and resentments that you are finally letting go. Hence, this dormant volcano means you are ready and eager to put this chapter of your life to rest, while taking the valuable lessons you have learned with you. This dream vision further signifies the closure you have been craving, so you can have the peace of mind to face your future.

Volcanos erupting nearby

I had seen a volcano erupt far from me, but many people were surviving and running for help. I ran back to my home (our old home in reality) to warn my family about the volcano, but they responded indifferently and in a cold way. I screamed and was trying to persuade them that it will reach our home and we will die, suddenly there was another volcano eruption in our street in front of our home, which I had seen from the windows. I said to my family that my prediction was true.

A volcano that erupts in the distance is a highly ominous symbol to experience in a dream vision, as it often predicts major negative changes taking place in your life. For example, this sign is often thought to be the harbinger of news about the loss of a job or a cut in salary, actions which not only adversely affect your working situation, but your motivation and self-esteem as well. Your desire to warn your family, then, could represent the subconscious knowledge that such misfortune is likely headed your way. You family's indifference subsequently reflects your denial and unwillingness to acknowledge the harsh consequences of the situation. Now may be a good time to accept the fact that things could go poorly and begin searching for another job or trying to find a way to make yourself more valuable in order not to be disposed of at your current place of work.

A volcano in front of the house

I was waiting on a bus, there were many people around. Each time a bus came, some of us couldn't get on or the bus was being diverted. In the end, I got fed up and went back into my house. All of a sudden I can hear a gurgling sound outside my window and it became louder and louder. When I looked out there was this huge wide hole and it was a volcano. It just seemed to be engulfing and had a whirlpool-like look. I was concerned, but not overly petrified, as I should have.

Waiting for a bus in your dream alludes to hoping for an opening or an opportunity to realize your dreams. It could be related to searching for a partner or trying to get ahead in your chosen profession. The inability to get on the bus or reach your desired destination refers to real-world setbacks and disappointments. As a result, the volcano in your vision reflects your increasing frustration about the never-ending challenges and your possible personal stagnation. It is likely that you are close to reaching your limits and that an emotional outburst is just waiting to happen if you are unable to control your next steps.

Dying during volcano eruption

A volcano was about to erupt, so I ran with my friends to get a few items that are valuable and get to a train so we can escape. I have asthma so I can't run well. I was almost to the train when it left. I died by lava soon after.

This vision can be interpreted as a warning related to your job, school, or other important responsibilities. Experiencing the eruption of a volcano that is close enough to cause you harm suggests some major negative event may be looming in your future, such as losing your job or completely failing a project your were working on. This is also seen in the symbol of the missed train, which predicts you may already be aware that this terrible event is a possibility. Trying to collect valuables before fleeing represents your usual diligent and responsible behavior, but being killed by the flowing lava at the end seems to point toward some growing indifference toward the work you are currently involved with. If you do not find your motivation to continue working hard, though, you are very likely to lose everything you have gained so far.

Escaping a volcano in a minivan

A volcano on a island close to Venice Beach erupted, it was so enormous, went through the ocean water, traveled about 15 miles my way. I got scared and looked for coverage. I jumped on the minivan and saw the lava passing me and popped the tires on the minivan and started to sink it, and as it did that I woke up.

A volcano that erupts in the dream world is a highly ominous message often predicting major negative changes taking place in your existence. Specifically, this vision could be the harbinger of news about the loss of a job or a cut in salary. These events or actions would not only adversely affect your working situation, but your motivation and self-esteem as well. Meanwhile, the popped tires of the minivan reveal the consequences of the looming setbacks, such as subsequent stagnation in either your personal or professional journey, perhaps both.

Falling into a volcano

Falling into an active volcano during a dream may be a very scary and vivid experience, however, it is also very telling about your mental and emotional state in reality. This symbol is a metaphor for your emotions, according to Jungian philosophy. In particular, repressed anger or irritation are often considered the precursors of this symbol, as bottled up emotions upset the natural balance of the mind and have a negative effect on the dreamer's well-being. In fact, if you are seeing this symbol, it may be a sign you are soon going to explode and have an outburst. If you do not find a more productive or mature way to deal with your emotions, you may soon be dealing with the aftermath of your lack of control.