Dreams Related To Voice

A voice of your loved one

Hearing the voice of a loved one points to cracks in your current relationship, the relationship that matters the most at the moment. If you pay attention to what is being said by the voice, then you can get clues about which aspect you need to fix.

A familiar voice

A familiar voice is an ominous sign of impending trouble. Hearing the words loud and clear gives you preparation on what to watch out for, otherwise you will soon receive a warning in reality that might come in short notice.

A male voice for women

For women, the symbolism of hearing a male voice in dreams may serve as a warning sign of forgetfulness. It suggests that juggling numerous opportunities or responsibilities might lead to neglect of loved ones or overlooking other essential duties. The dream prompts a reflection on priorities and time management, encouraging a balance between pursuing opportunities and fulfilling personal and relational obligations. This symbolic interpretation encourages mindfulness in navigating the complexities of life, ensuring that while chasing opportunities, one remains grounded and attentive to the relationships and responsibilities that matter most.

A voice warning you

A voice warning you about something relates to clashes with someone or a group of people. Fortunately, if you do recognize the voice, then you have the opportunity to prepare for the nasty encounter or avoid it altogether.

Screaming voices

The sound of screaming voices is a reflection of your own fears and anxieties which are actually baseless. Unfortunately, this could also denote hardships and setbacks, likely exacerbated by your own pessimistic attitude.

An unfamiliar voice

An unfamiliar voice, or several unfamiliar voices, symbolize your own intuition trying to communicate with you about an important issue. Ignoring or denying the existence of this matter is probably the reason why your mind is confronting you about it in dreams.

Voice of a deceased person

The voice of a deceased person, especially if it is asking you to follow, is a dire warning about fatal consequences. Your past transgressions will come back to haunt you and you will pay the price.

A voice giving you advice

The voice of someone giving you advice is an allusion to an upcoming problem which will be difficult for you to solve on your own. You will seek the help and guidance of a friend or confidante to find a resolution.

A voice in the darkness

I was in a room, then darkness ate me up. Then there was a lady's voice. Her voice was soothing, but it felt like ice stabbing into my heart.

Darkness in dreams points to being thrust into uncharted territory. The darkness in your dream is an allusion to the fear and uncertainty that would consume you as you try to adapt to new situations and adjust to a different environment. The soothing voice likely represents your conscience and personal values. It serves as your guiding light while navigating unfamiliar scenarios. The reason why it is cutting into your heart may be due to conflicting ideals. What you need to do may be completely different from what your conscience is telling you to do, or it could be the other way around.

Hearing someone's voice

Hearing someone's voice in dreams is associated with social connections. A soothing voice denotes resolving conflicts and patching relationships, while harsh sounds point to upcoming issues and disagreements.

A whispering voice

A whispering voice in dreams is an indication of gossip within your circle portraying you as a bad person. The louder the whispers, the greater the damage of this character assassination plot against you.

A voice calling you by name

A voice that is calling you by name alludes to looming life-changing events and decisions you must make. This can also refer to impending danger which could cause a lot of destruction in your life.

Muffled voices

Hearing muffled voices in a dream vision implies nasty rumors circulating around you which puts you in a bad light. Alternatively, this dream symbol can also be a warning about signing misleading contracts. Remember to read the fine print.

A begging voice

A voice begging you to grant a favor, possibly coupled with crying, signifies love-related woes. You and your significant other will face a trying period which could end in a breakup if neither of you decides to back down.

A voice with crying

Hearing a voice muffled by crying reveals your own concerns about recent situations which placed you in a compromised place. The crying signifies your own suffering from these unfortunate events.

Voices telling you what to do

Voices telling you what to do or ordering you around is a bad omen. You must not follow their orders in reality, otherwise tragic consequences will fall upon you and the people you love.

Unable to use your voice

Being unable to use your voice, like trying to talk but only managing to whisper, portends health issues. Your unhealthy lifestyle or stressful environment will take its toll and you will get sick.

A very loud voice

A very loud, booming voice symbolizes financial gain, possibly in the form of a pay raise or inheritance. Dreamers who are strongly spiritual can expect to receive important news and good tidings.

Voices depending on the mood

Dream interpretations about voices can vary depending on the tone and mood. Happy voices unfortunately imply the opposite as this dream vision signifies misery and suffering. In contrast, a pained voice refers to positive developments and improvements in your life.

Utterly excited about hearing the voice

Being utterly excited about hearing a voice, such as an opera singer or a famous presenter, indicates betrayal. Specifically, you will catch a trusted person blatantly lying to your face, effectively ending your friendship.

Liking the voice you heard

If you like the voice you heard in your dream, while talking to someone for example, it means your current wishes and desires will come true. Doors of opportunities will open up, allowing you to fulfill your wants and not just your immediate needs.

A raspy voice

A raspy voice is often associated with financial difficulties. Unfortunately, your investments and ventures will not pan out and you will suffer from the monetary losses, perhaps bankruptcy in the process.

Liking your own voice

If you like hearing your own voice in a dream, then fortune will smile your way in reality. You can expect great opportunities which will lead to a bright future if you play your cards right.

A very weak voice

Hearing a very weak voice, such as that of a sick person, represents your inability to succeed or overcome challenges in your life. A failed career and failing relationships will unfortunately happen to you.

Voices of a lively crowd

Hearing the collective voices of a lively crowd depicts a surprising turn of events. Fortunately, these changes will be pleasant with life-changing effects that would drastically improve your life.

A gentle voice

Dreaming of the presence of a gentle voice can be interpreted as a symbolic representation of an unexpected affair in your waking life. The gentle voice may signify a subtle or alluring influence that draws you into a brief and seemingly meaningless connection. This dream suggests that you may experience a fleeting romantic encounter that satisfies your immediate needs and desires. This dream encourages self-reflection on your current emotional state and the motivations behind your actions, urging you to consider the potential consequences of engaging in impulsive or temporary affairs.

Your own whispering voice

Hearing your own whispering voice means you are not making the effort of showing love and appreciation to your loved ones. Alternatively, they may think you are not treating them right even though you are doing your best.

A rude voice

Encountering a rude voice in your dreams may carry a forewarning that someone in your social circle is silently plotting against you. Despite the apparent trustworthiness of your chosen friends, this symbol hints at an imminent betrayal or backstabbing situation. The dream prompts you to be vigilant and discerning in your relationships, emphasizing the need for genuine connections. Dive into your social dynamics, ensuring that the bonds you cultivate are based on authenticity and mutual respect.

Being able to sing using your voice

Dreaming of singing using your own voice, especially if you cannot sing in reality, means fortune will shine upon you blessing you with wonderful opportunities. You will enjoy a head-spinning success, such as a swift rise to a cushy position.

A voice dictating you something

Listening to a voice that is dictating something to you reveals demonic presence lurking in your consciousness and trying to influence your actions. If you submit to it, there is a consequence of great suffering, even death.

God's voice

Hearing God's voice in your dream is a reflection of your journey to self-actualization. Often, this journey is about spiritual enlightenment driven by your desire to earn the respect of others through becoming a better version of yourself.

Child's voice for mothers

Dreaming of hearing a child's voice contains negative connotations, such as grave danger and suffering, and should be approached very carefully. If you have concerns about your child's safety, it's advisable to assess their current situation logically, ensuring their well-being and seeking professional advice if needed. Discussing your feelings with loved ones or seeking support can provide a more balanced perspective on the emotions stirred by the dream.

A screeching unpleasant voice

Screeching or a similarly unpleasant voice pertains to a disheartening piece of news. If the voice belongs to you or someone you know, then this unpleasant information would involve yourself or the owner of the voice.

A peaceful soothing voice

The sound of a soothing or peaceful voice symbolizes resolution in reality. So, you will finally work out your differences with someone, end a long feud or break up with a significant other.

A high pitch voice

A high pitch voice points to upcoming setbacks and difficulties. The next few weeks or months will require grit and determination because you will be dealing with losses and challenges that will test your character.

A male voice for men

For men, hearing a male voice is a very auspicious dream symbol associated with wealth. Apart from fame and fortune, you can also look forward to gaining the respect of your contemporaries.

Your mother's voice

The sound of your mother's voice, if she is still alive, forewarns a forthcoming parting of ways due to physical distance or her passing away. On the other hand, if your mother is already deceased, then this is reminding you to take her sage advice about turning your life around.

Voices of people fighting

Listening to voices of people fighting or arguing symbolizes deceptive information and rumors being passed around about you. There is a malicious intent to ruin your reputation and good name.

Losing a singing voice

Hi, I love singing. That's what I am praying for if that is what God wants me to do with my voice. I sang in the bar before, but I know God doesn't want me to sing there. I sang also praise and worship songs. I was dreaming that my golden voice disappeared, I don't know if they can still hear me, all I know is I can't hear it myself or let's say I am deaf! I cried because I lost my voice. What does it mean? Thank you and more power.

Losing your voice or being unable to hear your own voice in a dream represents the sadness you feel or the concern you have for the future of your singing career. You seem to have a strong motivation to sing, but your circumstances do not allow you to shine to your fullest potential. In this case, your vision is a warning about falling into despair, perhaps giving up your dream altogether. It may be time to find a new attack plan to achieve your goals and utilize your voice under the right circumstances.

Unable to see but hearing loud voices

When I was younger, I had a recurring dream. I couldn't see anything. I could only hear. It started as one whisper and grew into a thousand people talking really loudly.

Dreaming that you are blind refers to your tendency to ignore the truth even when it is already obvious. You may be experiencing difficulties and problems at the moment and you refuse to acknowledge their overpowering effects. Perhaps you are ignoring the obvious solution because it would involve your own effort and time. The recurring aspect of this dream means you are not learning a valuable lesson. Maybe you need to listen more to others rather than rely on your own ways because a second opinion can offer valuable insights and help look at things from a different perspective.

Something talking with mother's voice

Something was talking to me using my mother's voice, I was terrified. I tried to tell it to go away but could not speak.

Hearing your mother's voice means you are going to be separated in reality. She could move to a place far from you or there is also a possibility of her passing away. On the other hand, if she is already deceased, then it means you are being reminded of the wisdom she imparted while she was alive. This sage advice coming from your mother could help you resolve your current problems. For instance, your inability to speak refers to an identity crisis tied to your personal insecurities. Your self-doubt prevents you from speaking your mind and asserting your rights. Look to your mentors for practical advice and ways to boost your confidence.

Hearing the voice of deceased father

I am female, I am 37. I keep having this dream of my deceased father. I hear his voice from afar and I pick him out because of his voice and I wake up crying. What does this mean?

Dreams related to your deceased father usually allude to unfinished business in reality. Perhaps the two of you made a promise or committed to a goal that has yet to be fulfilled. Your sadness is understandable, especially considering that you would be undertaking this mantle on your own. However, you would also feel pride and peace once the task is complete.