Dreams Related To Visit

Deceased loved ones visiting

Being visited by deceased loved ones, such as a parent or your significant other, is an allusion to a past memory getting triggered by an incident in reality. For example, watching a video about a dog getting rescued may have reminded you of your childhood pet. The memory may be mundane or a life-changing moment. Either way, this dream symbol will help you reconcile past and present in order to give you a clearer picture of who you are and what you value. There can also be a spiritual subtext to this vision. For instance, the passing of your deceased loved ones underscores the ephemeral nature of life and the importance of making the most of your existence.

A visit from an old school friend

I dreamed my deceased friend from school was alive. She came to visit me. It was like old times, she told me to eat just organic food, mostly what I do. Not sure what she died from, cancer or heart attack, but seems in the dream there was no answer or help from family doctor or specialist. Just good to remember seeing her. Then in same dream, I was feeding my granddaughter, organic salad. Didn't think she would eat it, we were all surprised she ate it. I sadly do miss my school friend.

Seeing your deceased friend alive and well in this dreamscape refers to an amazing news coming your way. This dream symbol combined with scenario where you are feeding your granddaughter represents a challenging yet exciting project that would land on your lap. This could be connected to a passion or aspiration you have always held since you were a child and now there is a very real chance for you to fulfill it. Even better, the salad tells you that you have a strong and supportive group of friends and loved ones. You will be able to enlist their help and collaborate to turn your dreams into reality.

Grandma visited me

Many people say "my grandma visited me in my dream". This special and thought-provoking symbol can have vastly different interpretations depending on your grandmother's state in reality. If she has already passed on to the other side, seeing her is thought to be a good omen. It means you would always have a safe haven to return to even when the world around you seems totally chaotic. If your grandmother is alive, this symbol may be warning you of upcoming changes in your circumstances that would require some of the hard lessons she has taught you as you have grown, like counting your pennies or fixing things instead of buying something new.

A visit from husband

I have had a dream about my husband. He surprised me to visit my place were I am gonna live.

Dreaming of seeing your husband in a good mood and being very cheerful is a good sign. It means you may receive an interesting proposition or an enticing idea coming from him which may result in some major positive changes and favorable outcomes for your current relationship with this person.

A visit from ex-boyfriend's wife

I dreamt that there was a large chicken about the size of a ostrich that was laying eggs, and about 7 ostriches inside my house. Then my ex-boyfriend from high school was hiding from his wife inside my house and as I said to him "Be careful..." Then she comes and finds him inside my house and as I said it, she came in with a child on her arm and he looked scared. She and I aren't friends.

This is an interesting dream with several aspects available for interpretation. First, both seeing a giant chicken laying eggs and the symbol of ostriches predict that you may meet a man who exceeds your physical expectations, both in looks and in the size of his endowment. This may seem like a positive sign, but it is coupled with the imagery of your ex-boyfriend hiding in your house. In this case, your ex-boyfriend seems to be a stand-in for this mystery man you are to meet. However, watching him hide from his wife suggests that you might be tempted to let this new man too close to you too fast because of his attractiveness and superficial kindness. While this vision does indicate avoiding any major problems, you should be cautious in giving your affection too easily.

Being unable to visit someone

A person came to me with his fiancé and requested me to take them somewhere and in the dream I see they wanted to go see my mum who in real world passed on. We failed to reach her place because of human waste caused by a broken sewer. On our way back was the guy's fiancé's home. Her young sister initially was excited to see me, but I was talking to an old friend. Afterwards she couldn't answer when I called her back.

Your dream draws a lot of its symbols from past relationships. Your deceased mother and an old friend are aspects of yourself that are rooted in the past. The engaged couple in your vision who are seeking to meet with your mother symbolizes relationships and domestication. Maybe you are thinking of settling down or getting into a serious partnership and you want the opinion and approval of your loved ones. However, the excrement from the broken sewer blocking your way in this dream signifies undesirable situations. Before deciding to make a radical move in your personal life, some things need to be resolved or cleaned up in order to avoid potential complications further down the line.