Dreams Related To Virgin

Giving birth like Virgin Mary

Basically, I was told that I was pregnant with the second coming of Christ because I went to bed at night not pregnant and woke up the next morning 8 months pregnant. Plus I could suddenly walk on water, turn water into wine, and heal the sick and injured, like Jesus. When I was in labor, I was surrounded by my closest friends, some of whom are basically family to me, who were singing and not acting like I was in labor or pain at all, which I was. Then I gave birth (at home) and woke up.

Dreams concerning the second coming of Christ are often thought to predict meeting obstacles or having your ideas challenged, likely by older males who put their institution before what is actually moral and relevant to you. This could make you feel disheartened or even cause pain, just like the birthing process you envisioned in this dream. Despite this, however, you should stick to you guns, explaining yourself clearly and maintaining yourself calm and poised. Eventually, others should come to see things the way you do. Seeing your friends surround you at the end of the vision suggests that, once things go your way, some new and interesting events are likely to occur.