Dreams Related To Vest

Buying a vest

Mother and I looking through clothes in a store. Clothes I was looking at had some holes in them. I saw mother trying on vests.

The symbolic vision of looking for or buying clothes at a store is usually a positive sign of expecting to reconnect with family members, old friends or other people who play an important part in your life, but who, at the same time, are presently not close to you for one reason or another. However, the next two symbols, both of holes in the clothing and an item of clothing without sleeves could contain a prediction of big disappointments or regrets once the anticipated reunion takes place. Perhaps you should protect yourself and your company from any negativity by being more considerate and understanding toward each other.

Ordering a vest at a tailor's shop

I entered in a shop for clothes and asked a designer to create a casual-like vest for me, he started taking measures and I woke up. Any meaning of this?

Shopping for new clothes denotes personal transformation. It points to shedding old attitudes and perspectives to suit your current state of mind. This shift may be for the sake of your career or in support of a personal decision. Perhaps the vest refers to an upcoming commitment, an engagement, or a promotion. Whichever the case, this seems to have a significant impact, as you are more than willing to do your fair share of adapting to the new circumstances in order to fully immerse and commit yourself to it.