Dreams Related To Vending machine

Buying things out of a vending machine

I was depositing massive amounts of money into a vending machine but not making any selections. The vending machine on its own then begins to just release everything in it to me. I begin to pick everything up and the people around me later accused me of stealing.

The vending machine in your dream represents your ambitions. The contents of the machine symbolize your goals, so the items that were released by the vending machine would give you further insight regarding the specifics and priorities of your goals. In that sense, depositing a lot of money into the machine reveals your high motivation and determination to succeed. You are focused and working hard to make your dreams a reality. However, certain envious colleagues or even friends may have a negative view about your attitude. Seeing you trying to accomplish things, for them, could seem overly competitive. Instead of being inspired, they may view you as a real threat or interpret your attitude as arrogance or inflated ego.