Dreams Related To Vase

Flowers in vase

A vase full of flowers, especially if the flowers have vivid colors, means your life is going smoothly right now. The peaceful and harmonious state of your current existence allows you to share your blessings with others and be more empathetic about other people's struggles. Exuding this positive energy will, in turn, give you a type of magnetism that will attract more kindness and generosity into your life.

Trying to put a diamond necklace on a vase

I am a female. In my dream I was told to put a large diamond necklace on a blue vase, but I couldn't find the vase.

A diamond necklace often represents pride and power. Since the diamond necklace was entrusted to you in the dream, perhaps a promotion is at hand or someone influential could open up new opportunities for you. However, this may entail complications, especially in relation to your family, as indicated by the blue vase. Maybe in exchange for your elevated social status or professional progression, you could end up neglecting some of your duties and responsibilities related to your loved ones. As such, your subconscious could be reminding you not to lose sight of your priorities.