Dreams Related To Vampire

Vampires in general

A dream in which you see or meet a vampire is a symbol of upcoming tragedy. Your community, place of work, home, or another place you care about, could be at risk of imminent danger. This danger might come from something large, such as from a natural disaster or widescale violence. These changes could have a significant and lasting effect on this place for the worse and cause much suffering for yourself and others.

Dreams that involve vampires represent deep concerns and consuming worries. This can result in overall mental unease and a disturbed mental state. It can also represent life-consuming ambition, or a toxic, accusatory nature. So, you could already be exhibiting these traits towards others or begin exhibiting them soon in your current relationships.

Attacked by a vampire

Dreaming about being attacked by a vampire represents a violent switch in your life's path. A very close friend or companion may soon be lost to you or you might fail in an important life goal. This sign is nonspecific except in that it usually portends a drastic, negative change with a lasting, powerful effect.

Being a vampire and fighting a werewolf

My dream was about I'm a vampire and I'm fighting a werewolf. The werewolf is my crush.

Being or becoming a vampire in the dream world often represents some careless action in reality. You may have failed to prepare for something properly or turned in work that was rattled with errors and inaccuracies. The result of your actions can be seen in the image of the werewolf, a symbol commonly associated with bad tidings. You may be disappointed by the outcome of some task or not be properly rewarded due to your poor performance elsewhere. The idea that you fought this werewolf despite the attraction could reveal budding acknowledgement of your problems and a desire to fix them, although the exact method for doing so would require more time and thought.

Killing a vampire

Dreaming of successfully killing a vampire is a positive sign that indicates you may soon earn a victory. It represents that you may triumph over a competitor or enemy in the near future who means to defeat you or do you harm. It can also represent that you are about to change or eliminate a circumstance that would have had a negative effect on the rest of your life.

A vampire for a sick person

Dreaming of a vampire if you are ailing or suffering from a condition is a good omen. It symbolizes that your good health may soon be restored and you may even be able to resume your normal life in short order.

Bitten by a vampire

Being bitten by a vampire in your dream warns of sickness or financial doom due to unforseen causes. You could suddenly become very ill, lose property or money because of an accident. Preparing for the worst, or becoming more prudent may be the best course of action.

A vampire in front of a mirror

A dream in which you witness a vampire standing in front of a mirror indicates that you may soon find difficulty in important social gatherings. If you are hoping to use a business meeting to advance your profession, or host a party for fun, you may want to reconsider. Those attending the gathering may ignore you or not take your input seriously.

A vampire in a coffin

Dreaming of seeing or standing near a coffin with a vampire inside carries a negative connotation corresponding with emotional or physical loss. This could mean loss of important posessions, loss of love or friendship or other things. This sign however, does not indicate the severity of the loss, so it could be somewhat trivial, or horribly bad.

Turning into a vampire

Transforming into a vampire in one of your dreams symbolizes a dangerous, deadly accident or situation due to negligence or carelessness. The aftermath of this event may be difficult to deal with for you. If it is an event that includes another person, then the issue could become very difficult to resolve for both parties.

This dream can also be a sign that you should exercise discretion. It warns that you may offend someone dear to you if you try to solve problems. You may want to try to be delicate in how you go about fixing sensitive issues, otherwise your good intentions could backfire and hurt someone you trust.

Encountering a vampire

Dreaming of unexpectedly having an encounter with a vampire represents that you could soon meet a powerful and authoritative figure. This figure may have qualities similar to a dictator at first and make you feel unhappy and controlled. But, if you are able to prove yourself and display your aptitude, this person could become a very useful mentor figure that could help you achieve lifelong aspirations or career goals.

Someone you know as a vampire

Dreaming of seeing or encountering a person with whom you are very familiar such as a close friend or family member being in the role of a vampire serves as a sign of warning. It predicts that you may want to be mindful of your choice of words or behaviors while around this person. If you are not, circumstances may change and turn against you in the near future.

Being chased by a vampire

Having a nightmare about being pursued by a vampire or trying desperately to escape from one is symbolic of fear of a new person. You may experience a sense of unease around them or suspect them of being dangerous to you. This can be especially bad if the chase in the dream lasted for some time. This sign does not necessarily mean that the new person is a hazard, just that you percieve them to be one.

Spending time with a famous person who is a vampire

I had a dream with a famous girl, she was looking very simple with jeans and a top, we went to a room, sat down and she was looking through a window, was day time, and it seemed to me that she wanted me to also look through the window. When I did, it was a river and the water was moving quite fast to normal, suddenly I opened the window and a strong sun light got on her face and she quickly close the right curtain that I had opened and did some kind of face expression, like she was refusing the sun light.

Your dream is packed with symbolism pointing to the direction you are taking in life. The famous girl in your dream represents the qualities you admire and want for yourself or a possible partner. You could also be aspiring for the kind of status she holds or the popularity she enjoys. The window signifies hope and opportunity. When you looked out and saw a flowing river, it reveals a positive view of your future, which involves potentially acquiring wealth, independence and self-sufficiency. However, there seems to be a certain inconsistency in your vision of the future. The qualities and the status you associate with the girl and which you want to attain may not fit into the kind of life you envision for yourself. You could be headed down the right path, but certain people or peers are probably discouraging you or pulling you into a different track. Overall, this is your mind's way of putting things into perspective in order to help you make better choices in the waking world.

In love with a vampire

I had a dream that a vampire took me for his own and we were dating. At first I was scared, but then I became to love the vampire, but was still kind of scared of him. We couldn't be around any of my friends or family and we were living in a house with no roof. The vampire had taken me from my previous boyfriend, at first I was sad about that, but I soon realized that it may have been for the best. I began to take care of the vampire partially for love and partially because I was afraid of him.

Vampires are not usually a good sign to see in dream visions, normally representing sadness and tragedy. In this case, dating a vampire could mean putting yourself in a situation that could turn out poorly. This can also be seen in your initial fear of the vampire and your accepting that your past relationship may not have been the best for you. Additionally, the absence of a roof in the house and your separation from family and friends could point to emotional distance between you and those you should be able to rely on. It may be time to bridge those gaps, as trying to find people to rely on after there is a problem is often more difficult than maintaining a relationship during both happy and sad times.

A vampire sucking someone's blood

Witnessing a vampire feeding on someone in a dream is a symbol of forthcoming prolonged difficulty for you, a companion or a family member. This could mean a lengthy period of being diseased or having a physical injury. This illness is usually very difficult to live with and could easily become a serious issue.

Knowing you are a vampire

If you have a dream in which you are aware or certainly know that you are a vampire, even though you do not display any obvious outward characteristics, you may come to own more realty in the near future. This dream predicts that you could come to acquire more property or land in the near future, which can be a great financial benefit.

A vampire sucking your blood

Having a nightmare in which a vampire sucks your blood serves as an important warning. It urges that you should be wary of confrontations with competitors or competetion, as these peope may begin to use underhanded tactics to achieve victory over you. These tactics could be libel, slander, or outright vilification. You might want to take appropriate steps to avoid being cast in a negative light and safeguard your reputation.

If you decide to take the steps to safeguard your own reputation from your competitors, you may not want to resort to similar unscrupulous methods. If you do so, you could risk losing your best tool in the confrontation. You may find it best to avoid direct confrontation with the individiuals and attempt to use more respectable methods in order to make yourself a better candidate that is more eligible for victory.

Yourself as a vampire sucking blood

Having a dream in which you suck the blood of another person represents that you may soon find a way to solve current financial problems or issues. However, you may have to resort to fraudulent or unscrupulous methods in order to do so. If one chooses to resort to amoral methods, they should be wary that their actions do not harm or drain anyone else directly.

Sitting next to a vampire

If you have had a dream about sitting next to a person whom you suspect of being a vampire, you may want to reconsider a trip if you are planning on taking one soon. This dream indicates the possiblity that any trips you take could become dissapointing or even catastrophic if you are particularly unlucky.

Yourself as a vampire attacking someone

Turning into a vampire and pursuing or attacking someone in a dream indicates that you are dissatisfied with your sex life. You may not be having enough sex or you may find your current sexual activity unfulfilling. Finding new sexual partners or exploring more varied sexual encounters are both options. However, this dream also symbolizes that these new sexual encounters may give you health problems or an illness, so you should be wary.

Being chased by a couple of vampires

I was being chased by a female vampire and a male one. Then I killed the male one and the female kept chasing me. I ran into the bathroom to escape but then I turned into a vampire and then turned into a man. Then I had sex with the female.

Vampires in dreams are associated with mystery and sexuality. Your transformation into a vampire while also turning into a man could be indicative of your desire to explore your sexuality. Maybe you are still grappling with issues of sexual identity and you are just beginning to explore this area. Alternatively, being chased by vampires is likely a warning. Transforming into a vampire has also been associated with upcoming dangerous situations due to negligence or carelessness. The aftermath of this event may be difficult to deal with and you would be forever changed because of it.

Married to a vampire

I am a girl. I dreamt that I was married to a vampire monarch.

Vampires are usually fairly negative images to see in a dream vision. They often represent bad situations or negative outcomes. In this case, being married to a vampire may reveal that you are knowingly getting involved with someone or something that is bound to turn out poorly. Getting acquainted with the wrong individuals or participating in questionable activities could seriously hurt you and undermine your future credibility.

Falling in love with a vampire

A romantic dream of falling in love with a vampire has an interpretation related to the dreamer's desire. In particular, this vision indicates your longing to find someone to share life with. You are looking for a partner you can share a passionate love as well as your sexual fantasies in the waking world. The dream itself seems strange, but it signals that you will soon meet this person.