Dreams Related To Vagina

Your vagina bleeding

A bleeding vagina in a dream, especially if it is your own vagina, reveals deep-seated issues related to sex and intimacy. Perhaps a part of you is afraid of the discomfort or negative circumstances and situations associated with having sex especially if you have limited experience. Alternatively, you may be traumatized by your past sexual experiences. You may have repressed the memory, but the pain and negative emotions are still there and keeping you from finding pleasure in sex and intimacy.

Your own vagina

Seeing your own vagina in a dream is usually an indication of being comfortable in your own skin and acknowledging your sexuality. You are taking charge of your pleasure and sexual desires or urges. Alternatively, this could also reveal your growing maternal instinct. In a way, this symbolizes your nurturing nature. As such, if you are childless, you may finally be ready to have a family of your own. Perhaps you have been thinking about getting pregnant and even planning it with your current partner.

Vagina in general

As a dream symbol, a vagina generally reveals your openness to other people and experiences in reality. It could also indicate your excessive sensitivity to criticism or negative encounters with others. Perhaps you take things too personally and this prevents you from improving. Alternatively, men who dream of vaginas are likely more in touch with the feminine aspects of their personality. Maybe you are learning to be more nurturing to your family or becoming more domesticated.

Vagina for men

For men, dreaming of a vagina reveals your desire to start a family of your own. Maybe you are looking for a long-term partner after playing the field. Alternatively, it could just mean that you have not been intimate in a while so you are looking for a sexual partner. However, if the vagina is bleeding in your dream vision, it could be an indication of your own fears about having sex. It is possible that you had negative sexual experiences before and this has tainted the way you view intercourse.

A bucket with vaginas

I dreamed there was a KFC bucket full of vaginas on front of me.

A vagina generally refers to an open-minded view and an openness to new experiences. So, seeing a whole bucket of them means you are going to contemplate a lot of good ideas and get the chance to experience new things. Although, this could also portend too much sensitivity. You will be the target of harsh criticism which you would take negatively instead of treating it as a constructive comment. You need to become tougher if you want to build yourself up and become better in social respect.

Strangely shaped vagina

A strangely shaped vagina in dreams denotes changes in your romantic affair. You may find another partner with whom you are more sexually compatible. Your current lover could be unwilling or unable to satisfy your needs so you look for excitement elsewhere. If you are married, then this is not a good sign for your marriage. You could succumb to temptation and end up cheating on your spouse because your sex life has either been non-existent lately or you are just not sexually satisfied.

Bright light coming from vagina

Hi, I saw a dream in which bright light was coming out of my vagina. In real life I am still unmarried. My gender is female.

The image of a vagina in a dream, particularly when it is your own, is often associated with sex and intimacy. Oftentimes, it alludes to intimacy issues or concerns of a sexual nature. The bright light that seemed to originate from within your vagina could mean you are worried about rumors being spread about you, possibly related to your romantic affairs or sexual escapades. This vision gives no clue how to deal with this situation, although it may be wise to assess whether or not there is an actual threat to your social standing or interpersonal relations before acting on your emotions.

A locust inside vagina

Female. I had a dream that a locust was trapped inside my vagina. I could feel it. I kept touching my vagina because I could feel it moving. Finally it flew out. It was so nasty.

A locust generally refers to an individual imposing ideas upon you. So, finding a locust in your vagina means you are starting to succumb to this person's maneuverings. After repeatedly trying to get you to agree with them, your defenses are slowly eroding. If this person wears you down even more, you may even be completely convinced that you share the same interests in the first place. Hold tight to your opinions and principles because they are going to be heavily challenged soon enough.

A tiny baby falling out of vagina

In my dream I am pregnant and my baby falls out of my vagina still attached to the cord, not moving. So I wrap it up in a warm cloth as it was smaller than my hand an I bring it back to life.

Giving birth as quickly and easily as you did in your dream means you need to delegate some of your tasks and responsibilities to other people. You are going to be given a lot of workload or tasks soon and you cannot handle all of them. If you force yourself to do everything, the result will not be satisfactory. The baby itself represents a project or venture and the warm cloth refers to team members and colleagues who need to take more initiative if you want a great outcome.

An insect coming out of vagina

And so in my dream, an insect came out of a vagina and stung the middle finger of my left hand.

In dreams visions, insects often referred to negative or pessimistic thoughts. Therefore, envisioning one coming out of the vagina could be indicative of you succumbing to those troubled thoughts. Instead of letting them roll off your shoulders and moving on, you are likely holding on to those unhappy emotions. Furthermore, receiving a bite to the hand in the dream world is synonymous with losing something important to you in reality. Perhaps your unhappiness would spill over into how you treat others. For example, you may be less effective or helpful at work than you normally would be, or maybe you would be more inclined to treat family members with less love and respect than they deserve. This vision, then, may be a warning to be careful that you do not take your own bad mood out on others.